Dierks Bentley - Living

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"Living” appears on Dierks Bentley’s new album The Mountain, available now. Listen and download at strm.to/TheMountain.
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Music video by Dierks Bentley performing Living. © 2019 Dierks Bentley, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


Tony Ochoa
Tony Ochoa Hace un día
Thank you for that song and video made my year , I've had a hard time with my health and this song just makes me feel so much better Thank you .
Craig Rowe
Craig Rowe Hace un día
Now I just want to leave work and give my 3 year old son a huge hug.
Riley Carlson
Riley Carlson Hace 3 días
This honestly melts my heart
laurenlyons632 Hace 3 días
Well Dierks Bentley just got 100000x hotter with this video! Goal: marry a guy that's like this!
Sharon Haas
Sharon Haas Hace 3 días
Good job on the video!
cheyenne reeves
cheyenne reeves Hace 3 días
This mornin' I got up at 6:01 I walked out and saw the rising sun And I drank it in like whiskey I saw a tree I've seen a thousand times A bird on a branch and I watched it fly away in the wind And it hit me It's a beautiful world sometimes I don't see so clear Some days you just breath in Just try to break even Sometimes your heart's poundin' out of your chest Sometimes it's just beatin' Some days you just forget What all you've been given Some days you just get back And some days you're just alive Some days you're livin' Some days you're livin' I went back in and fired the coffee up She walked in the kitchen like she always does In my t-shirt and it killed me And I kissed her like it was the first time She laughed and looked at me like I'd lost my mind I said "baby, I love you, can't live without you, I know I don't say it enough" Some days you just breath in Just try to break even Sometimes your heart's poundin' out of your chest Sometimes it's just beatin' Some days you just forget What all you've been given Some days you just get back And some days you're just alive Some days you're livin' Like you never die Blue's a little bluer up in the sky You're high's a little high You feel that fire you've been missing Some days you're living It'a beautiful world sometimes I don't see so clear Some days you start singin' And you don't need a reason Sometimes the world's just right Your clear eyes ain't even blinkin' Got a heart full of grateful For all you've been given Some days you just get by Yeah some days you're just alive Some days you're livin' Some days you're livin' yeah yeah Livin' like you'll never die Blue's a little bluer up in the sky You're high's a little high You feel that fire you've been missin' Some days you're living Some days you're living
perfectfiresky Hace 4 días
I want my future child to have a father like this 🙈
lourdes Hace 4 días
Awesome! Very sweet! Im crying....
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Hace 5 días
This song is 100% true
Life is Too short89
Life is Too short89 Hace 6 días
OMG!!! Best music video on earth!!! Left me with nothing but happiness, smiles and laughter all the way through!! Having kids is definitely the definition of “living.” My kids are my entire life, I’d be nothing without them and I didn’t realize that until they were born.
sunshine mama
sunshine mama Hace 6 días
Single mom being mommy and daddy...wouldn't have it any other way!!
Lori Cook
Lori Cook Hace 5 días
Keep the faith girl I promise you'll be rewarded. I done it many have.. God bless you💙
Вадим Бабченко
Вадим Бабченко Hace 6 días
мне нравится клип . немного понимаю о чем сюжет. Где мама?
Ashley James
Ashley James Hace 6 días
This song gives me chills every time it comes on
megan colburn
megan colburn Hace 6 días
Sweetest video EVER
Shabomwe Deborah
Shabomwe Deborah Hace 6 días
What an incredible song with such a hearty video
george fothi
george fothi Hace 6 días
loved it
Kelly Stucker
Kelly Stucker Hace 7 días
Had surgery this morning and all I remember before falling asleep was this song playing over the office speakers, and smiling.☺️❤️
Richard Cannon
Richard Cannon Hace 7 días
Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta
Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta Hace 8 días
Airtime more and more
Jennifer White
Jennifer White Hace 9 días
Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta
Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta Hace 9 días
Happy 4 months to this song
Hunter Caskanette
Hunter Caskanette Hace 9 días
Is that his real kid?
Fadil M
Fadil M Hace 9 días
Well I guess you can Still truly live and enjoy life for yourself even if you have a son, you just have to know how...
Mark Schloss
Mark Schloss Hace 10 días
Me and my dad had this type of connection until he found his girlfriend he kinda blocked me out for like 8 months but we started slowly gaining our bond back and now our bond is almost back to where it was 3-4 years ago
Shawn Jenkins
Shawn Jenkins Hace 10 días
This is an awesome video!
Jonathan Mathews
Jonathan Mathews Hace 10 días
All y’all are like look at me and my dad we were besties. Well what if your dad was a fat idiot who cheated on my mom for ten years
Overland Generation
Overland Generation Hace 10 días
I wanna make videos like this!
BLAINER Hace 10 días
What a Great Video! Reminds me of my Son and I!
Michael Mourek
Michael Mourek Hace 12 días
Wow - #1 -- Good Luck -- nice job
Lifeofa Wildflower
Lifeofa Wildflower Hace 12 días
Here's to hoping my son's deadbeat father sees this video someday and it stings a little. We moved on and he has an amazing relationship with my now husband, the man who has been here for him basically his whole life♡
Jonathan Mathews
Jonathan Mathews Hace 10 días
Lifeofa Wildflower thank you my dad cheated on my mom for ten years
Joker Hace 12 días
Like the song but love the video
mark m
mark m Hace 13 días
One of the best videos ever
Ethan Reynolds
Ethan Reynolds Hace 13 días
I love this song.
Suzette Busby
Suzette Busby Hace 13 días
You know this is a great song when you realise you've been grinning the whole song through.
LANCE HOLST Hace 13 días
Just enjoy life
Cassandra Benoit
Cassandra Benoit Hace 14 días
I absolutely love this song great job dierks
Max Power
Max Power Hace 15 días
about to puke
Bruce Joyner
Bruce Joyner Hace 16 días
jessie paul
jessie paul Hace 16 días
i want my dad to be like his dad
GeoFishing Hace 16 días
When I hear this song I’m living. Thank you 🙏
Dereck Ramos
Dereck Ramos Hace 16 días
To the 2.1 k people that dont like this 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Daniel Skora
Daniel Skora Hace 17 días
I've been living for the past three weeks with my boy
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 17 días
I lied your show still on lol. God just live. Thank God he woke u up and gave you Oxygen in your lungs. Christ you could be like millions and have zero home n not know where your gonna lay your head at night. Just be thankful for whatever you have:)) Your fucking family!!
Sil Ennir
Sil Ennir Hace 17 días
Beautiful song, I love the bond Dierks Bentley has with his son Knox. Most important thing is life is family. Spend time with your children, time will go fast. They will remember the time you spent with them forever.
Mark Runyan Jr
Mark Runyan Jr Hace 17 días
Great video
Elizabeth Shelley
Elizabeth Shelley Hace 17 días
This is an amazing song!?!
WrestlingHero1 Hace 18 días
You Know your in love when even ice cream doesn't even phase you.
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee Hace 18 días
this warms my soul. that kids got a wonderful father.
Natalee Woodard
Natalee Woodard Hace 19 días
nick Jaramillo
nick Jaramillo Hace 19 días
Dierks Bentley always has a lot of great songs and this is just another great song is this is definitely one of my favorites it says brand new song he sounds him and Aaron Watson sound a lot alike in their voices in in the music styles
Selena B.
Selena B. Hace 19 días
If thats his son, they produced one cute kid
Billy Mangino
Billy Mangino Hace 19 días
I've listened to hundreds of Country songs over the years to try and understand what people like about it. The only thing I can surmise is that there's an appeal to the simplicity? The same handful of themes, narratives, and stories are played out over and over again in a style that really only varies within a few millimeters of difference from song to song. No disrespect to this guy, but modern country artists just seem to be phoning it in.
PrettyXo Hace 19 días
This is hands down the best video on ESwomen 🙌 beautiful beautiful song. Thank you for the message Mr. Bentley
Clay Ellington
Clay Ellington Hace 19 días
Best video he has great father and son time
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Hace 19 días
Anybody else wish they had a dad like that. 😕
GOO Eagles
GOO Eagles Hace 19 días
Every Father needs to be this kinf of father.
stephanie campbell
stephanie campbell Hace 19 días
this is the fricken cutest video!!! I've loved this song some time now.. but this is the first time seeing the video and I have never found him sexier hahahaha All married women just want a husband like this. Seeing a man being a loving father is the most amazing thing to watch some time... personally didnt have this kind of dad, so maybe i just appreciate it when men are like this. Gives me hope
Dezraneeka Smith
Dezraneeka Smith Hace 19 días
Love Dierks!
Nylah Tv
Nylah Tv Hace 19 días
I don’t even listen to this kind of music but I like thiss💋
Mezer4u Hace 19 días
That was me and my son to a T, now he's 35 doing that same thing with his son to a T. YOU'RE THE MAN! SON, Love you.
External power
External power Hace 19 días
The whitest song iv ever heard.
pamela Hace 20 días
Awesome song and video!!
Noah's Ark Exotics
Noah's Ark Exotics Hace 20 días
possibly the most wholesome music video I've ever seen!
my2cents2u Hace 20 días
If only every child on the planet had a dad like that!
BOSTON Kimberly W
BOSTON Kimberly W Hace 20 días
Auston Douthit
Auston Douthit Hace 20 días
Lol his sons gonna end up driving a squatted 2003 Silverado 😂
Tammy Irene
Tammy Irene Hace 20 días
omg it got me when the little boy give the teddy bear to the little girl 😭😭🤪🤪🤪♥️
Justin Hace 20 días
a 12 year old could write this garbage
nathanael harwood
nathanael harwood Hace 20 días
I think I'm crying right now! 😭. What an awesome video and song!
David Collins
David Collins Hace 21 un día
Love this song
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