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Νικος Σακελλαρίδης
Νικος Σακελλαρίδης Hace 13 horas
If that's country then i got you some ocean front property in Arizona to sell ya
Jessica Kabel
Jessica Kabel Hace un día
I have most albums of you,Dierk Bentley, and this new album not yet... I love all the songs.... Wish your girls would also appear in your video.
Bernard Beckett
Bernard Beckett Hace un día
WOW!!!!! That's all that needs to be said about this song :)
James Hace un día
Best music video
Lacie Walta
Lacie Walta Hace 2 días
I love him
Juzboo Oceana
Juzboo Oceana Hace 3 días
❤️loved the song but u hit it Gold with the video.😘🙏🏼🎶
apple54345 Hace 3 días
"..A bird on a branch and I watched it fly away in the wind... and it hit me!" That must have hurt!
Paul H
Paul H Hace 3 días
Carolinablue Bear
Carolinablue Bear Hace 3 días
This is a perfect video for LIVING 🙌💫💯💕 love it!
so touching and cute video
Southerncountryboy1981 Hace 3 días
We spend so much time being over protective of our children that we hardly spend the quality time with them like we should. We need to ease up some and take in life as it comes to us. We should be outdoors more with our kids doing what our fathers use to do with us back in the 70's and 80's. What has happen to us lately. The entire time i did not break a tear but when his son pulled away from his father and he gave that little girl that big ass teddy bear i lost it. wow what a moment.
Juan Varona
Juan Varona Hace 4 días
New song being raved about.
Hampton Bay Clarkson Ceiling Fans 357
Hampton Bay Clarkson Ceiling Fans 357 Hace 4 días
Dierk's Bentley I really like that song. I really like Country Music.
chapmasi Hace 4 días
I love this video
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Hace 4 días
How can someone dislike a video this connected to life
James Armstrong
James Armstrong Hace 4 días
The video is far better than the song.
Jonathan Sidie
Jonathan Sidie Hace 4 días
With all thats wrong in the world this makes life worth living!
Lee Calhoun
Lee Calhoun Hace 4 días
I love this video
NZ Shares
NZ Shares Hace 5 días
Cuntry people write a song about a Ha i gva shit lol
Stephanie Minjares
Stephanie Minjares Hace 5 días
1:27 Dosent she look like Savannah from the labrant fam
Texas Treasure
Texas Treasure Hace 5 días
1:36 wow
Nich Morris
Nich Morris Hace 5 días
As a single dad this is awesome i love this
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers Hace 5 días
What type of sunglasses are those
Makayla Vargason
Makayla Vargason Hace 5 días
LT Punisher
LT Punisher Hace 5 días
Most underrated country artist I’ve known
Carolinablue Bear
Carolinablue Bear Hace 3 días
LT Punisher truth !
B3RK4N Y1LD1Z Hace 5 días
I love your song man
Adilson Domingues de Souza
Adilson Domingues de Souza Hace 5 días
Beatifull song, I loved !!!!
Christine Roscoe
Christine Roscoe Hace 5 días
Absolutely adorable video!
Joshua Greko
Joshua Greko Hace 5 días
Amazing song and video. Thank you thank you!
Destiny Cowell
Destiny Cowell Hace 5 días
This video is so sweet
Man With A Million Names
Man With A Million Names Hace 5 días
Thank you for this ... I'm already dead but u let me live a little
myra zantinga
myra zantinga Hace 5 días
like father like son. great video awesome song.
MoniMa Hace 5 días
Jason Sims
Jason Sims Hace 6 días
shawna patro
shawna patro Hace 6 días
U 0 mmm
Blind Ethical
Blind Ethical Hace 6 días
I watched this and it reminds me of my father when was still around and would take me and my little brother places and have fun with us he died like a year or two ago and I’m currently 14 so when he died it was hard but I think this is what I needed and I’m sure he’s looking down at me telling how good I’ve done.
Salah Eddine Ghamri
Salah Eddine Ghamri Hace 6 días
Canadian music ?!
Kenneth Mckenzie
Kenneth Mckenzie Hace 6 días
great Song Awesome Video
Holli Burns
Holli Burns Hace 6 días
Holli Burns
Holli Burns Hace 6 días
Ada P
Ada P Hace 6 días
What a funny little person. 😍😍
Madalyn Crawford
Madalyn Crawford Hace 6 días
So damn sweet. 💜
GamingWithHybrid Hace 6 días
I would raise my kids like this
Shawn Warn
Shawn Warn Hace 6 días
THthe dudes stuck out the window fixated on a tree...something constant to center himself hahahah
Shawn Warn
Shawn Warn Hace 6 días
Brianna Moynihan
Brianna Moynihan Hace 6 días
this is one of the best music video i have ever seen, open your eyes and see whats right in front of you! amazing!
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark Hace 6 días
Pretty good
cowboy Toby
cowboy Toby Hace 6 días
Reminds me of me and my dad
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Hace 6 días
Sharon Noll
Sharon Noll Hace 6 días
So sweet! Love it😊
Emily Hicks
Emily Hicks Hace 6 días
Love this!!!
Liz Bro
Liz Bro Hace 6 días
I should have waited to do my makeup😢
Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald Hace 7 días
That was a awesome song and video. Thnks for putting me in check with myself I needed to see that video of dad and son hanging out with each other. It's been a hard 5 years since I've seen my little buddy. I'm going to drive 900 miles too make sure he knows I care and love him. Appreciate it Dirkes. 😎😁😇
Texan 07
Texan 07 Hace 5 días
Let us know how it goes
Stephanie Risher
Stephanie Risher Hace 7 días
I truly love this whole album. Love this song even more now! Cutest!!!
Tracie Truman
Tracie Truman Hace 7 días
*Keith I need you here with me
Joyce H
Joyce H Hace 7 días
God bless it. This is beautiful.
Happy the blue cat
Happy the blue cat Hace 7 días
I know we’re that go kart place is
Carol Kolceski
Carol Kolceski Hace 7 días
This is such a fantastic video! Nice to see a Dad just living the dream! Fatherhood! This could have been a video with women, sex, etc. but chose the simple beauty of spending time with your son! This video really captured what this song really means! Just love it and can't wait to see you guys in your Summer tour!
Tracie Truman
Tracie Truman Hace 8 días
Keith is the best thing to me
Mark Quillen
Mark Quillen Hace 8 días
Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, and Chris Stapleton. The three legends
Bear Outdoors
Bear Outdoors Hace 6 días
You got one right, Chris
Luke McCowan
Luke McCowan Hace 8 días
Pure awesomeness!
Izzawsome Hace 8 días
The music video is so cute
Brezz y
Brezz y Hace 8 días
Greatest Music Video Ever Got all the Chills
chuck gardner
chuck gardner Hace 8 días
counry makes this death metal man want to live
Ameen Adham
Ameen Adham Hace 8 días
I just got revived ❤️
Ryan Hace 8 días
If this dont make you love the moments of being a father nothin will
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Hace 9 días
his voice tho.
Steven Dutton
Steven Dutton Hace 9 días
Thanks for the video, nice to see other fathers just being with their sons!
Deresco1 Hace 9 días
And this is why I love country music. It’s not afraid to speak about the things that really matter 👉 Love and family! Absolutely beautiful video. Thanks Bentley 😊
angeljessyka182 Hace 9 días
The tears won't stop!!! I love Dierks so much. This video made me fall all over again!
Ines Barros
Ines Barros Hace 10 días
This the first time I watched this video... And, I really got touched!! Simply adorable!!💕💕💕💕
Koki Lee
Koki Lee Hace 10 días
Dope ass video and song
Ben Settetrombe
Ben Settetrombe Hace 10 días
Being separated to my 11 month old daughters mother this song motivates me to be there more and support the two beautiful lady’s I have in my life more than I ever have before
Aasta Don
Aasta Don Hace 11 días
Such a beautiful loving video ❤️
Christopher Shields
Christopher Shields Hace 12 días
Great Music my friend
barbara walker
barbara walker Hace 12 días
Nice video. Reminds me of you and won't be long, you will b able to do most of these things with Jojo.
keara dougan
keara dougan Hace 13 días
Jo-Anne Squadrilla
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Hace 15 días
What an amazing song 💓🇨🇦
Trooper Campbell
Trooper Campbell Hace 16 días
The video made me smile
AK Bennett
AK Bennett Hace 16 días
Love this video, to cute. Precious moments
Andi Rising
Andi Rising Hace 17 días
This video makes me think of my brother and my nephew... and I miss them 😭❤
steve mingle
steve mingle Hace 17 días
It would be a much better world if more people would care about family like dierks!
Trevor Hyle
Trevor Hyle Hace 17 días
Absolutely love it !
Annie Thomas
Annie Thomas Hace 18 días
I love the truck that you’ve had since you lived here in Arizona. Great detail. ❤️❤️
ptarocks2013 Hace 18 días
The stories you tell just make me smile :) thank you
Adam Hace 18 días
Reminds me of me and my dad😢 This music videos perfect
Phoenix North
Phoenix North Hace 18 días
Cutest video!
Rachel Drietz
Rachel Drietz Hace 18 días
This just makes me so happy ❤️
Joe Pruitt
Joe Pruitt Hace 19 días
Love the video always puts a smile 😀 on my face every time I watch it great job dierks Bentley 👍
Lyric Country
Lyric Country Hace 20 días
My dad and I had this same relationship until I lost him when I was 7 and I'm 14 now. I was at his house when he passed we used to ride dirtbikes and four wheelers and had the best time but, I know the Lord takes everyone for a reason. I wish to see him again someday this song brings back memories thanks Deirk! You sometimes forget how things were and things like this make you sad but, happy and the same time because you know you will never have those moments again but, you then remember having then second by second. I thank everyone who likes this and comments and for everyone who even read it!
Katie's Randomness
Katie's Randomness Hace 20 días
This was such a cute video
Rob Ree Productions
Rob Ree Productions Hace 20 días
great video and im a huge fan
Mk2 Granada
Mk2 Granada Hace 20 días
Love the music video
Tyler Brandt
Tyler Brandt Hace 20 días
Dakota Visage
Dakota Visage Hace 21 un día
Ok who is the blonde girl????
yourboiii. john
yourboiii. john Hace 21 un día
This is the kind of dad I dream to be one day....
yourboiii. john
yourboiii. john Hace 21 un día
This video made me sad because it made me realize my dad never had that kind of relationship with me and I'm 18 and I still try hard to spend time with him and he acts like he just doesn't care sometimes... Great video tho! And amazing message!
yourboiii. john
yourboiii. john Hace 17 días
+Lyric Country np!
Lyric Country
Lyric Country Hace 17 días
+yourboiii. john Thanks!
Lyric Country
Lyric Country Hace 19 días
+yourboiii. john Thanks.
yourboiii. john
yourboiii. john Hace 19 días
+Lyric Country hey I'm really sorry man I will pray for him....
Lyric Country
Lyric Country Hace 20 días
Not trying to give myself pitty but, I lost my dad when I was 7 I watched him die while I was visiting his house. I am 14 now and you and your dad might not have the best relationship but, you have him and that's what matters. I used to have this same relationship with my dad riding dirtbikes and four wheelers man I loved it but, God takes everyone for a reason.
Nathan Espey Vlogs
Nathan Espey Vlogs Hace 21 un día
Reminds me of me and my dad. I miss him so much💔
sarah watson
sarah watson Hace 22 días
Wow Dierks I see you in a whole new light. This is refreshing. I love it.
Lt. Spectra
Lt. Spectra Hace 22 días
Can you be my dad?
Ashley Tuter
Ashley Tuter Hace 22 días
Seriously one of the best videos ever!!! Nice work, dudes.
Moonlight X Fox
Moonlight X Fox Hace 22 días
Such a cute video!!!!
Morris Branch
Morris Branch Hace 22 días
I've never had a kid but seeing this video makes me understand what my friends are always talking about that this is what life is all about
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