Diddy’s “Black America & Coronavirus” Town Hall With Angela Rye, Killer Mike, Yara Shahidi And More

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Diddy will host a virtual town hall joined by Angela Rye, Big Sean, Reverend Al Sharpton, Fat Joe, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Killer Mike, Charles Blow, Van Jones and more on Thursday night at 11PM EST / 8PM PST and provide the very needed POV of this pandemic that’s unfortunately affecting the black community at a very high and alarming disproportionate rate.
Hosted on REVOLT’s ESwomen platform LIVE! The town hall will connect with the youth and our core audience that need to hear this information. The goal is to help them understand how this disease is not only causing friends and family members to become very sick and or unfortunately pass, but inform them of the economic and community despair that is being projected, while offering solutions as to how we move forward as a community.
Panelist Segments
Opening Statement: Kamala Harris
Sean Combs, Van Jones, Angela Rye (4:30), Rep. AOC (7:48), Rev. Al Sharpton (13:25), Charles Blow (19:17), Camara Jones (30:35), Mayor LaToya Cantrell (34:50), Killer Mike (48:12), A$AP Ferg (50:52), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (53:16), Aaron Betru (1:00:27), Big Sean (1:21:30), Royce Da 5.9" (1:27:56), Fat Joe (1:36:16), Yara Shahidi (1:44:07), YBN Cordae (1:41:38), Dr. Jess (1:50:58).
Closing Statement: Sean Combs & Van Jones

Luly Hace 4 horas
I think that Van Jones IS A PUPPET., he is an infiltrator. Why does he keep cutting off important points coming from the panel discussion? There is still time. the discussion is 2.5 hrs.
Simoine Carrington
Simoine Carrington Hace 2 días
Black people are going through this pandemic while facing multiple epidemics during a genocide
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
Hey what you talkin about black people did not bring covid-19 into the United States
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
Do black people is in the state of emergency that's who's in the state of emergency in America at this point
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
You're right about their state of emergency . you
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
This probably going on way before you was even elected into office
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
Your leaders need to fix the problem that's the reason why you get voted in office
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
Covid-19 don't discriminate against anybody
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
Subscribe to my channel and check out my covid-19 video
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
Bro. And sister white people catch covid 19 to ok
Andrew Goosdy
Andrew Goosdy Hace 4 días
You speaking the truth bro. Diddy
Tiffany Rahim
Tiffany Rahim Hace 5 días
🅿️Facts🅿️ Crossover Diddy, my team has an idea for you. Robotic (motorized)Hotel Luggage Carts. Sensor specific to program and drop inside room(optional) at specific time💎🅿️ Flight times, hotel checkin times never link. That way you’re luggage is stored away and clients can tour the city🅿️💙Shout out Dre, Cube, Snoop, Jay-Z, Mayweather🅿️💙💙💙💙💙
Mïçhäêl N
Mïçhäêl N Hace 6 días
If you put puppets into the Google search engine, this is the first image you'll get.
pacaveli100 thedon
pacaveli100 thedon Hace 7 días
Whoever's beleiving any of this is dumb as a box a' rocks!!!!
pacaveli100 thedon
pacaveli100 thedon Hace 7 días
pacaveli100 thedon
pacaveli100 thedon Hace 7 días
Sandra Kaniki
Sandra Kaniki Hace 7 días
So that's it. What has become of this town hall. Will we do anymore, what was the point.
Angela Jones
Angela Jones Hace 8 días
Lets not for get they lieing about the death toll period
Style Cartel Digital Magazine
Style Cartel Digital Magazine Hace 8 días
Buy when are the rich gonna bail the poor out?
Sunshine Crawford-El
Sunshine Crawford-El Hace 10 días
RAa Hace 13 días
Let’s all MOVE TO AFRICA every nation will fall without us
Marvin Williams
Marvin Williams Hace 16 días
Get Kamala Harris outta here.
sharon taylor
sharon taylor Hace 17 días
Sean Combs, thank you for the platform, good information. Would you ask the people to mute their mic if they are not speaking? There is too much interference. I was just informed about this information and I will pass it forward. Keep up the good work; I will look up more information to do my part . Sharone RN
tyler c. millner
tyler c. millner Hace 18 días
Great education piece for black community ...a real starter for beginning to take personal responsibility. The roundtable gave some good points of things one can do starting today: 1. Assist other family members 2. Cut sugar intake 3. Take better care of yourself 4. Continue to educate yourself on the state of affairs in your local community 5. Become active politically
Will Crosby
Will Crosby Hace 18 días
Jknuckles Hace 18 días
Leatrice Toland
Leatrice Toland Hace 20 días
If we get a hospital, its going to come from people like us, who don't have anymore but a lot of faith. we don't have stars, rappers, great people thinking like this. we got our brothers and sister from africa who come over here, learn and go back to help their people. we got other cultures making money but here in america, every nigga for themselves and god for us all...we can talk all day but are you helping the poor by hiring someone to look out for our older generation, our poor generation...
Queen Aurelia
Queen Aurelia Hace 21 un día
Go mr combs go the rest of them kind of seem like diddy's groupies
Christina Reed
Christina Reed Hace 22 días
You'll are talking about things black know because we live it. Shut up talking mover and shakers and do your part. You all are the one with the money and the people in the arena to do more. You'll give us a break. Not everyone is stupid.
Keeping ItREal
Keeping ItREal Hace 23 días
Young Pharoah is a young genius keeping the world informed on the real about the fear factor and vaccination agenda with legitimate resources. And we are not going to dismiss that brother.
Keeping ItREal
Keeping ItREal Hace 23 días
People had this virus since last year and bounced back. It is a man made contagious virus, like a cold and seasonal flu is a contagious virus. Of course it is expected for someone to get it. Just because you have it does mean it the end. Yes, you need to improve your immune system Vitamin C, D or sun, Zinc, water, exercise. Definitely need a healthy diet. So kudos for yall for educating the public. The problem is y'all giving Bill Gates & Dr. Fauci justifiable reasons to give Blacks that vaccination. A cure for this will not happen because this is a man made virus like the seasonal flu. Their cure is giving yall the vaccinations. Deaths are happening at the hospitals...Stay away from hospitals!!!!!
j m
j m Hace 24 días
Please stop voting democrat at least this time around. These people do nothing for us. This is a lie. These celebrities are pushing the UN agenda 2030. No one is mentioning this. I used to love Obama but other than speaking eloquently and being first black president what did he do for our community? This is not a game anymore. Read the UN agenda 2030. I thought this new world orders was a conspiracy theory...it is not. I'm a nurse....yes corona is real but people r dying from other stuff like medical mismanagement, and other disease and they r reporting it as corona virus( cdc didnt even require us to do testing and base diagnosis on symptoms). Please go read the un agenda... look at their ads. The dems r pushing this. Dont let ur hate for certain politicians fool u into allowing these people to push globalism, socialism for the sake of climate change and sustainable development( pushing the gmo seed, taking us off our rural land and pushing us into cities with urbanization etc.) Dont take my word for it please read. Gather in groups and read/research together. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-RpqVmvMCmp0.html They r sick... I'm all for climate change. But not this way. Take the fossil fuels away. Change big corporations polluting our communities...this is dangerous
patrick whidden
patrick whidden Hace 24 días
And to end with I thought it was about where all in this together diddy like I seen on video clips or are you playing everyone to make money and real trying to say it's all about black people just saying I'm not going there just say th truth and not hide behind the money bro dont make money on something and turn your back and make it racist
patrick whidden
patrick whidden Hace 24 días
One my girlfriend is white and I'm am half white so I dont understand why the hell it's about to be racist you know that everyone is diein from this shit but if yall want to just to let everyone know from whites blacks Mexicans and everyone in the world this is a fucking world thing not a racist thing just saying I deliver bread for a living I'm in the stores and and I'm half white so what the fuck just am I going to die but cause I'm half white I'm not or if your half Spanish and black your going to die just saying wash your fucking hands and dont make it racist
Anthony White
Anthony White Hace 24 días
Man yall got some no count politicians on here
Ty Hart
Ty Hart Hace 25 días
ASAP Ferg totally expected the other ASAP
Com Tech
Com Tech Hace 25 días
Here’s another one. Share lbry.tv/covid-19-patients-are-being-murdered--a-nurse-practitioner-speaks-out:f3561f6d3d1724b18c5d6cc061f0d9c5f20f12e8
Com Tech
Com Tech Hace 25 días
40%? Check out this link.Maybe this will help shed more light to this COVid19 disparaging numbers. lbry.tv/@TruthMatters:9/_MAKE-THIS-GO-VIRAL_-Nurse-Blows-the-Whistle-on-What's-REALLY-Going-On!!--720p-:c
D'NYLE/ denial
D'NYLE/ denial Hace 25 días
We see them on CNN,. ? They needed another platform?
D'NYLE/ denial
D'NYLE/ denial Hace 25 días
Juanita Kelley
Juanita Kelley Hace 26 días
Thank you all!! I hope this is not going to be a one time thing. We need these discussions to continue beyond what we're dealing with to the who, when, where and how!! I believe black folk been ready for change but we need specifics. How do we make our politicians be accountable? What can we do to ensure we're eating healthy and have healthy choices? What platforms can our children be reached? Should we focus on saving our HBCU's to ensure we can reach our babies (we need to get the sell out crooks out first)? We need step by step!! It's not enough to say "vote". We need to make the step by step process elementary and plain.
Harris Home IMPROVEMENTS Hace 27 días
Bro Im 52 Son has Life w/out . Has. Cov19 he is scared but hopeful. Thanks Mr Combs
SiMoEsAmBOy Hace 27 días
Ya still trying to buy souls .. shame on yaaa .. da graaas got cut now da snakes are out .. talk about real topics .. fukkkin sell outs .. ya owned by China fukkin pediphiles
Alphonso Anderson
Alphonso Anderson Hace 27 días
Diddy's da man he rich and he still care, MJ I love u but u can't take it w u
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
Hitler. Germany Russia even America were unconscious leaders when it comes to Humanity 😳😣 🗽
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
Artists can do what they have always do write lyrics true to societal issues.. Upward mobility as Artists have been anointed as a Messenger from GOD Never forget your assignment from the Holy Father🐦🐦🏥💒🏦🌉🐯🐨🐘🐫🐨🐦😳💘
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
Love my Florida Black Rep Demo who pushes STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) got to push in a big way! You can search n the local homie communities for students who will amaze Us. 🌉⛺🐯😳🗼🔮
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
Resources: Cory Booker is outstanding for Economic strategies and Redlining. Yet the bottom line wealthier Entrepreneurs to incorporate and build Black businesses to Serve Black Communities. 💰🌉🏦🏦🏦🏦🏥🏦⛺🎉📱📷📹🎋💿💘 yal.🗽🐫🗼🔮
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
The bodies of the deceased since there are so many and families are financially devastated Maybe the deceased should be cremated and can shut down the risk of holding bodies in refrigerated 🚚 and exposing prisoners to infectionous virus.
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
We should stand in Solidarity for sure let our history teach us how not to let past history stop us from healing and move forward with getting and building a Quality Life for Us.. Black Americans. 👊 👊🌉🗽🗼🔮🐦⛺🐯🎋🐦🐦🌅
Daphnes Studio
Daphnes Studio Hace 27 días
Yes we definitely have to produce something. We can "Handcraft at home"....even if it's doll clothes, masks, etc. There are avenues for us to use. Etsy and Amazon offers a Handmade marketplace for hand made products. You can start from where you are. The world is your market.
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton Hace 27 días
Sean Combs you are an annoited messenger... Good to see you use your talents not only in Music but the real reality of Consciousness inside of you 😊🐦😳🗼🔮 Great to see you hang out with one of the best Journalists n today's time alone with other professional Black professionals who shares Consciousness for Black Americans.🌉🗽
Joseph Wooten
Joseph Wooten Hace 27 días
I want to give u the real about this world get with me sometime the poor people need to be heard or is this show just for rich people u want the real I got it
Sku M
Sku M Hace 28 días
Such a panel and not even a million turn up to watch... Black People ...
Kendal Hace 28 días
Thanks, Van, we don't need Carmara Jones to speak on racism. She is an epidemiologist, we need her to speak on the disease, how long this disease will last, will it return in the fall. We need her to speak to the disease. Sorry but she's not saying things we don't already know.
Kendal Hace 28 días
Trump wants to open up the state because he knows that there is a preponderance of blacks that die due to this virus. He knows that many blacks will not vote for him. Its polities for him, he doesn't care if blacks survive.
Kendal Hace 28 días
We need this kind of platform to help black people in times of trouble. Not just for Covid-19 but for other issues. We need a way to bring black and brown people together as a coalition. One black person can do nothing, but a bunch of black people can do lots, we can move mountains and perhaps we can change laws. We need what we had years ago back in the days of the NAACP. We need all black people to surround over racist policies so that we can make change. Thank you puff. We need people like you who have contacts who can bring those places people in power together.
Loria Pete
Loria Pete Hace 28 días
I was Soooo glad to hear Puffy bring in God. We can't do anything without him. Thank u Puffy u do know where urrr help come from. Really enjoyed the forum. 🙏🕊🌹❤
Talk Specs
Talk Specs Hace 28 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-b0YYNnC4eiQ.html This is a story song on ESwomen about Puffy. Please listen to the story of Tupac and Biggie and Puffy.......
Walter Isreal
Walter Isreal Hace 29 días
Dear Black African Sisters & Brothers. Each and every one of us needs to focus. What's the most important thing that you posess your Money or your Life? If you answered your Life, then you have the pass needed to not go to a Job that puts your Life in Danger for being around others. Stay Home. Get the things you need to servive. Stay at home, go back to the ways of our forefathers. Plant yourselves a Garden, stock up on dry goods, Beans, Rice. Fruits, Vegetables, can goods, And anything else you can think of to servive. Most importantly stay HOME.
ymc m
ymc m Hace 29 días
Well i hope DIDDY understands only half of the black community is on the black/brown narrative...For millions of us it will only be about the BLACK narrative.....and this "B" can shut up....she is not black and cannot speak for the black community...she is a culture vulture and be are "NOT" falling for it...Black Only Agenda!!!!!!! this time around everyone will fight for themselves....we know ya'll booty pool is in the brown community now...but they will have to fight for themselves....BLACK ONLY agenda....and white people have just as many cases of high blood pressure...we ain't falling for that lie either....
ericgarner1000 Hace 29 días
Lucius Redd
Lucius Redd Hace 29 días
What's funny is these men have made a livin off of promoting how much better they were than the people who have not made much money or who have made less than them. Not for nothin but I dont believe in nothin these entertainers are dialoguing on. It sounds good but like pac said listen to their music they dont really care. If you wanna be an activist do it fully embody that. Soon as all this shit clears they gonna be back ta their boats and private planes. Back to their mansions and parties. Back to their expensive jewelry and lavish lifestyles. These individuals been in position to establish something greater for the people but instead they invest in liquor fashion weed nothin influential. It's their money they could spend it how they feel. But let's be honest with ourselves for once. This was put out for us and to be honest its disturbing when I think about what it took to force us to have this conversation. We have been takin a beating and beating eachother all around the board. The time has been past due for us to strap down on eachother. Its evident nobody gives a fuck about us what pac said it's still relevant. So let's not get on these podcasts and talk big and talk unifying and then later forget these conversations ever took place. I dont wanna hear talk it's been to much talk. Let's act we need action our leaders were killed and incarcerated for standing for a cause . You entertainers have the money now if you really wanted to you could be the new leaders infact you all should be leaders. What sense does it make to become successful and still contribute to the bullshit to exist with such arrogance. Our people need real leaders not someone playin bothsides.
Tony Hype Promotion
Tony Hype Promotion Hace 29 días
I'm loving this
Joshua Hale
Joshua Hale Hace un mes
AOC is trying to get donations from us while calling Nancy Pelosi "Mama Bear". Fuck out of here.
Joshua Hale
Joshua Hale Hace un mes
"In order for us (African Americans) to vote for Biden we can't just be taken for granted, like we always are. Because we are supposed to be Democrats or other people are afraid of Trump. Biden needs to make it clear that he will improve the lives and quality of life of Black and Brown people or else he can't get the vote. I will, HOLD THE VOTE HOSTAGE IF I HAVE TO." - P. Diddy Puff is tired of being lied to, being told to lick the boot then say thank you for scraps.
Rudoplatinum Ent
Rudoplatinum Ent Hace un mes
We...have to USE communal Economics
Rudoplatinum Ent
Rudoplatinum Ent Hace un mes
Rudoplatinum Ent
Rudoplatinum Ent Hace un mes
Rudoplatinum Ent
Rudoplatinum Ent Hace un mes
We (African-American) have to change our habits!!!!!!
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