Did anybody else do these things?

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hello person who reads descriptions - i hope you're having a swell day!

Ghost Drawz
Ghost Drawz Hace 19 horas
ALL of them 😂
Asawari Kapoor
Asawari Kapoor Hace 19 horas
I got 30
Kariss Kaross
Kariss Kaross Hace 20 horas
wtf, I've done like half these things and still do (I thought NO ONE else went up stairs like that...)
- Tranbee
- Tranbee Hace 20 horas
Seyyed Amir IR
Seyyed Amir IR Hace 21 un hora
Hey, your original voice is better.
Cameron Lonnie
Cameron Lonnie Hace 21 un hora
Pokéman Official
Pokéman Official Hace 21 un hora
Does anyone write their lowercase K’s like | / |\ / | \
CKKAT’s Music
CKKAT’s Music Hace 22 horas
I bought the yikes T-shirt last month and I still didn’t get it T_T
RagingCakeMan Hace 22 horas
Limited run you say. Good thing ESwomen decided to tell me you made a new video instead of, oh I don't know telling me a whole month later. Either way thanks for the fun video I relate to most of the things on this list
kit kat
kit kat Hace 22 horas
0:46 i imagined a ninja goat killing bandits
kit kat
kit kat Hace 22 horas
she sounds like shes holding her breath with her mouth open and talking
kit kat
kit kat Hace 22 horas
btw are you ok?
Little Vampire
Little Vampire Hace 22 horas
Wait you dont use adobe animate?
Allyson Lewis
Allyson Lewis Hace 22 horas
Im a professional at running up stairs on all fours. Make banging noises above me and I’ll be up there in 5 whole seconds
JustSimon Hace 23 horas
I am in this video and I do not, actually do like it. Also the blur transition between your illustrations is really throwing me off. Not that its bad.
i have done almost all of the things you have said in this vid
GOLDEN Hace un día
One question are you a furry
ARTHUR7w7 Hace un día
im from brazil i love your channel
•Casual Cozycat• comix
•Casual Cozycat• comix Hace un día
Imagining Giant nives on the side of the car and seeing all the buildings and street lights getting destroyed
Kemastert 247
Kemastert 247 Hace un día
I got 28
Thegameingboi Perry
Thegameingboi Perry Hace un día
I have done the Spider-Man pool thing
cats life09
cats life09 Hace un día
I did the eraser staffing and drawing and the meat packing oh and the riding on the window
Ninja Mirin
Ninja Mirin Hace un día
Hey what up
Super Duck
Super Duck Hace un día
I can only relate to the last one
Alfred Dalaire002
Alfred Dalaire002 Hace un día
I got 5 xD but the lightsaber one..... EVERYBODY DOES THAT XD
Trace Jelws
Trace Jelws Hace un día
Is it just me or did chipflake hit puberty in the past few videos.
ShepardStudios Hace un día
Are you sick? Your nose sounds stuffy....make sure to eat soop if so!
ark stark
ark stark Hace un día
Why does his accent change all the time
Skytiger07 Hace un día
All of them except the nostalgia one
silly _
silly _ Hace un día
i relate to most of these
Spiritz Animalz
Spiritz Animalz Hace un día
Yup I could relate to some of this stuff u just said chip
Penguin _Aarons
Penguin _Aarons Hace un día
I did 27 of them
ivalenki Hace un día
4:52 Is that... CATRA?! Yessss another She-Ra fan! James had Catra to, now every ESwomen animator should!!
UnderFolk Hace un día
I did 1 2 6 8 12 13 14 16 17 18 20 22 26 28 29 30 31 I also would randomly sit on counters. Sit on the sink counter and I would sit on counters JUST TO GET A BOWL FOR SOME CEREAL!!!! I would also enjoy just sitting on counters even if I’m baking or doing nothing
Da Floof bean
Da Floof bean Hace un día
Ive walked up the stairs on all fours enough to develop it as a thing I can't control
Da Floof bean
Da Floof bean Hace un día
*poking meats in the supermarket is a godlike feature we all have in our brains*
Y L Hace un día
I’ve done 100% of these and I still do them lol
Leslie Shank
Leslie Shank Hace un día
All of them
Lumi Halmkrona
Lumi Halmkrona Hace un día
I did 3,5,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,19,21,22,24,26,29 and 31
Lumi Halmkrona
Lumi Halmkrona Hace un día
Also 23
Tran Thi Thu
Tran Thi Thu Hace un día
Yeah um,im litteraly every single one. Except for number 2
Blakey Does Art
Blakey Does Art Hace un día
My superstitious action was every time I sat down and wasn't talking I had to do the whole alphabet in sign language
Toon Link
Toon Link Hace un día
i save worms from people who step on it and i also go to the stairs with my hands and legs i eat cucumbers like a kappa i stab erasers with pens i like to dance at the streets (not anymore...but i did it twice) i get pin-needles from my hands and legs when they stand like it for hours when you sit or place your arm somewhere i ate a leaf. don't ask about it. i also ate paper. don't ask about that too! yeah i guess thats all
SwirlsOhMy Hace un día
Instead of holding B I bobbed my head with the bobs of the Pokéball. Kinda weird but I still do it to this day.
multi_guy AM
multi_guy AM Hace un día
OH CRAP SAMEEEE WITH THE FIRST ONEE lol tho it wasn’t evee for me it was sonic the hedgehog xd. Actually I got all of them except for poking the meat lol
Bamster Hace un día
Why it sound like he lowering his voice?
Weird Dude 4970
Weird Dude 4970 Hace un día
On #22 I use mechanical pencils #23 I salute when I am reminded of my favorite character on my favorite game ( soldier on TF2 ) because his voice actor died.
MasterFuchs667 Hace un día
Are you a furry ???
xOXGacha AikoXOx
xOXGacha AikoXOx Hace un día
I used to do 17 of the things you mentioned (and still do them sometimes)
DakarieaMakesStuff Hace 2 días
Sitting down on the floor.
Sub to Deck of luck on YouTube lol also rinrinabis
Sub to Deck of luck on YouTube lol also rinrinabis Hace 2 días
I did almost all of these lol
Marcus Robillard
Marcus Robillard Hace 2 días
Chip I’ve done it....
Marcus Robillard
Marcus Robillard Hace 2 días
Chipflake I need help making a character design and base cuz now I want to be an animator
Splat Boo
Splat Boo Hace 2 días
Wait..the b button didn't work..?
Poffeen Hace 2 días
i got 14, EPIC number
Kras Silver Fang
Kras Silver Fang Hace 2 días
I bite the inside of my lips to make blister just to taste a bit of blood... Its almost involuntary at this point, not a single day passes by in which I dont have a small blister on the inside of my mouth :/
Felix Yao
Felix Yao Hace 2 días
i actually relate to all of these. especially poking meat. i dont know why, but my 7 year old brain thought it was satisfying back then.
Tikka Masala Production Studio
Tikka Masala Production Studio Hace 2 días
hippity hoppity I have just returned-ity
Hunter Kusibab
Hunter Kusibab Hace 2 días
I was acting like spiderman and running really fast in the pool today and then i saw this video
Obvious_ bro
Obvious_ bro Hace 2 días
I love stabbing erase 😈😈😈😈😈😈 I was just for fun I’m not a murder geez I’m not that crazy yet 😈😈😈 jk jk love you chip
Obvious_ bro
Obvious_ bro Hace 2 días
Basically all expect four but yeah Xd
Popuko Hace 2 días
chip's voice. Chip's voice. C h i p ' s v o i c e . I haven't watched a Chipflake video in quite a bit, but when I decided to watch this video I was instantly blasted with *The Deep Voice*
Moxyz YT
Moxyz YT Hace 2 días
When you open the frigde then you cant find somthing you want so you close the frigde and open it again just to be sure nothing is there dunno why i do this
zello Hace 2 días
When you see the person infront of you die right after you did (ROBLOX)
Dixie Jamaa
Dixie Jamaa Hace 2 días
*I used to love sharpening my eraser*
ıllıllı CoffeGamer ıllıllı
ıllıllı CoffeGamer ıllıllı Hace 2 días
Number 13 made me better at... stuff.
gamer lp
gamer lp Hace 2 días
Hey i would like to say you have a russian viewer
Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson Hace 2 días
I have all of dem
Evee Dremurr
Evee Dremurr Hace 2 días
Everything is me😂🤩👌
snek 99
snek 99 Hace 2 días
idk why but he sounds sick he sounds 12 yrs younger
Jay Glenn
Jay Glenn Hace 2 días
Haven't been here in a few months, did his voice get deeper?
The Golden Fox
The Golden Fox Hace 2 días
(Ok, just trust me, read this PLEASE) HI! I’m gold. (Not my real name. Obviously.) I’m making a ESwomen animation series. Yes I know what you’re thinking. “This guy is a really bad youtuber, no.” BUTTTT I was thinking, I have a couple friends who could voice and I could write the script. But all we need is an animator. I don’t know how, but in any way I can, I’ll pay you back. I have a feeling that this could help out both of our channels. Just. Please consider it. -TheGoldenFox
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