Deshaun Watson Breaks Down Reading Naked Routes, Red Zone Plays, & More | NFL Film Session

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NFL Media's Brian Baldinger and Kurt Warner analyze tape with Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.
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Tipfam Hace 20 horas
Dear NFL. I hope you enjoy your money loss and its NOT due to covid, its due to not sticking to sports, if I wanted to hear political carbage and have propaganda crammed down my throat than I would watch cnn fake news, have fun with your low ratings like your woke friends, i'll watch again when you decide to go back to good old FOOTBALL. SINCERELY YOURS, MR. 30YR FAN
Omega8kilo Hace 2 días
Watson’s Career record is 24-13...Stop trying to sell bullshit about this crap. He sucks
Magik Fingers
Magik Fingers Hace 3 días
3:38 Brians pinky looks jacked up, must have an old injury to allow it to be bent so much compared to his other fingers.
Edouard K.P. Germain
Edouard K.P. Germain Hace 7 días
How is it even humanly possible to remember all that stuff
DRock7977 Hace 8 días
Houston gonna destroy Deshauns career they already done a good job with it.
Ray Mercado
Ray Mercado Hace 9 días
@NFL Film Session, Get Dak prescott to come to the Film Room Next , Please
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts Hace 9 días
I love watching these. Deshaun is set to have a mean 2020
derrick washington
derrick washington Hace 9 días
So now when people see a RPO QB they understand how quick they have to read the defense before a play.
Munchie Hace 9 días
Do saquan or Zeke !!!
Zachly-amazing Hace 10 días
Make one about Russell Wilson
Frank Hace 10 días
12:42 he didn't even use laces...
Zachly-amazing Hace 11 días
Helps.I want to be a QB
Rabby Rabb
Rabby Rabb Hace 12 días
I would love to see them bring a quarterback in that struggles to see what they see versus a successful quarterback.
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Hace 12 días
Houston defense choked and gave up the game...
DaGreat Hace 13 días
This game is chess not checkers!
Major Mincey
Major Mincey Hace 13 días
This a 40 million dollar Professional Quarterback
Manuel Sortospino
Manuel Sortospino Hace 13 días
I'm so sorry for him. Great QB. Terrible front office...
SantiiBR Hace 13 días
He gotta get tf out of Houston fr
Countrymusicnumber1 Hace 14 días
Damn I wish Watson was the Bear's QB
StrayDog Bite
StrayDog Bite Hace 15 días
Carson Wentz has missed less regular season games than Deshaun Watson, but has played* in less playoff games.
Alambe727 Hace 15 días
DW that’s a bad boy I watch him play every time every Sunday
Travis Alexander
Travis Alexander Hace 15 días
I wish we could trade dak for watson
Danny Boii
Danny Boii Hace 15 días
Mahomes, Lamar , and Watson are the ones I wanted to get a super bowl.. 1 down, 2 more to go..
NK Maze
NK Maze Hace 16 días
Why did they put on so much make up on him ? are they trying to turn him White ?
NFL Youngboy
NFL Youngboy Hace 16 días
He is an all around good athlete!!!!!!
Andrew Hace 16 días
losing Hopkins is a big deal.
J. C.
J. C. Hace 16 días
@ 16:07 do the chiefs only have 10 on defense? love how he mentions the importance of will fuller. dude's been called injury prone but his speed really creates a disadvantage.
Kenneth Salyers
Kenneth Salyers Hace 17 días
Take a knee. Hey NFL TAKE a hike
Ya Von
Ya Von Hace 17 días
I really enjoy hearing him break down what he thinks
Tyler Prather
Tyler Prather Hace 18 días
yall gotta chill with all these ads
number 30 go krazy go stupid
number 30 go krazy go stupid Hace 19 días
can you guys interview lamar jackson ? really interested to see what goes through his mind
Richard Saettone
Richard Saettone Hace 19 días
Houstonian here. I'm as upset as everyone else about losing Hop, but let's be real: our quarterback makes every top 5 list of QBs currently playing. If his receivers are all at least half the players Hop is, then our offense is truly a threat. Here's hoping we don't lost our NFL season to coronavirus, because it's gonna be fun to watch a Texans-Chiefs rematch.
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy Hace 20 días
Not a Texans fan but big fan of Deshaun Watson. Such a fun guy to watch and he’s great at explaining and teaching the scheme/concepts, you can tell he loves the game the way he takes time to break it down for the media/fans. Sucks that he is stuck with BOB, if he had a real gm to build a team around him he would be closer to Mahomes
X Rivera
X Rivera Hace 21 un día
Top 5 QB in the league right now.
lewchootrain Hace 21 un día
If this was recorded now he woulda been like “before I start, why the hell did we trade away Hopkins?!?!?”
Louie B
Louie B Hace 21 un día
I would put on board tic tac toe
Zhen Qiu Li
Zhen Qiu Li Hace 21 un día
Michael Smal
Michael Smal Hace 22 días
At 3:37 was I the only one to notice the right Pinky finger all messed up
007robotchicken Hace 22 días
Deshaun Watson is the real deal. Absolutely amazing quarterback. I hope he has a long successful career.
Akuma Uzamaki
Akuma Uzamaki Hace 23 días
I don’t watch much football but I know they have to get him a WR like Hopkins hard to do but it’s some talent out there
Manten Brashunno
Manten Brashunno Hace 23 días
I really enjoyed this guys.
D FreeNation
D FreeNation Hace 23 días
All this talking about the plays and how it will work or checking safeties linebackers corners, really reminds me again that playing as a qb is hard asf ...but they make it look easy!
Chiggsy Hace 23 días
Crazy how knowledgeable Baldy is in football, but here he's just like we are. This is why they get paid the big bucks. Next level CONVERSATION between these two guys, incredible.
Carl Rassi
Carl Rassi Hace 23 días
Anyone else notice Brian completely disappears for the entire middle of the video? He only asks one question after the beginning of the video. Usually Brian is so much more active in these.
Dead Channel
Dead Channel Hace 23 días
As a citizen of Houston, I can safely say we need to save this man by getting him to another team before the Texans waste him.
Diablo Casta
Diablo Casta Hace 24 días
G. Money
G. Money Hace 24 días
Intelligent football players. Love to see it!!!
Macabree Hace 24 días
Love it when you hear players especially black players speak well like this
Jaret Donald Patterson
Jaret Donald Patterson Hace 24 días
He giving all the secrets??!!
Macabree Hace 24 días
Some. Pretty sure he don't care anymore because they completely changed his system now since Deandre is gone so the secrets are like ehhh
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman Hace 24 días
19:49 He said D-Hop was open the first time that’s why he threw it his way but on that pass Stills was wide open and he went to D-Hop instead. Lol
Holden Winoker
Holden Winoker Hace 24 días
This was an extremely insightful video. After seeing Deshuan Watson, in the film room, I can see why he is a young superstar in this league. I recently looked at this Texans Outlook here,, and it's obivious that the Texans will be even more reliant on Watson this season, with Deandre Hopkins no longer in the fold.
Macabree Hace 24 días
Agree. Very reliant on Watson now since Deandre is no longer here. Hope fuller can stay healthy
Michael Ezirike
Michael Ezirike Hace 25 días
Deshaun is a Full Class A Veteran now.
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Hace 25 días
It is so cool to watch these guys break down film. Football is a second language to NFL players.
Macabree Hace 24 días
I know. Its beautiful to hear how they break it down
Timothy Western
Timothy Western Hace 25 días
This was awesome I love learning more about how plays work
Callsign Chaos
Callsign Chaos Hace 25 días
Deshaun is one of my favorite players to watch; he’s a badass.
Coded 1
Coded 1 Hace 25 días
Kurt took over the whole Film study, pinky didn’t even have to be there
Orien Facion
Orien Facion Hace 25 días
It was the White Man that said Negros lack the mental capability to play the Quarter Back Position! Now most of the top Quarterbacks are Colors! Lol .. God Bless America !
Ghost Thornton
Ghost Thornton Hace 23 días
@Macabree Ryan Tannhill suck bro take king Henry away and that clown is what we know he is
Macabree Hace 24 días
I know. Back in the day, it was mainly white QBs but Blacks have def took charge but at the same time, they are still not top QBs because most of the black Qbs sole advantage is their elusiveness (lamar, deshaun, RG3, Tyrod, Dak, kyle murray) White QBs elusiveness is secondary while blacks QBs is primary element (Brady, Tannehill, Manning, Nick foles, Garrapeloe etc)
DrQuadmaster4000 Hace 25 días
Please don't waste more of this man's career Bill O'Brien
Willie Mearis
Willie Mearis Hace 25 días
Deshaun Watson NFL breakdown. Cool 😎 detail
Ratus Hace 26 días
Removing hopkins was the element needed to make the texans unpredictable.... If fuller stayed healthy, hopkins probably would have been able to stay. However, as they had to purely depend on him, the play plan became to predictable. What I don't get is fuller, if you are pulling hamstrings maybe not run as hard?
Macabree Hace 24 días
I agree. Now Texans won't be as predictable anymore becuase it was as clear as water that Hopkins was who the centered around. I just don't get why Fuller is soooo injury prone? I agree with you. Maybe its his hard sprint running style idk
Transformers488 Hace 26 días
14:56 what’s up with his pinky ???
Macabree Hace 24 días
well damn lol. He couldn't have it surgerically repaired with all the mone he has
RaiderNationAK Hace 26 días
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Bill O'Brien is a hack
Macabree Hace 24 días
Naw we haven't forgotten bro lol. Pure hack but at the same, the :don't let this distract you"meme sentence is so overused and played out
Deon'Ta Law
Deon'Ta Law Hace 26 días
He got me ready to play madden now lol too bad I'm at work
Doug Less
Doug Less Hace 26 días
Sound Like Wiz he should try music
MoTiioN14 Hace 26 días
the broken pinky makes me cringe
Falcon 1
Falcon 1 Hace 26 días
DW4 taking the squeaks out if offenses all day.
James Williams
James Williams Hace 27 días
Can someone please convince Bill O Brian to give me this guy for Carr. Please.
Macabree Hace 24 días
Mariota should be taking over carr's spot soon because Derek had one good year and then boom
Sean Coonery
Sean Coonery Hace 27 días
Gee wiz that play would work..if d hop was still there 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
TexasBoy Easye
TexasBoy Easye Hace 27 días
If my 49ers drafted him we’d be super bowl champs 😔
Maker Bayfield
Maker Bayfield Hace 27 días
wow seems like having a generational route runner is a great fit for the offense
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Hace 27 días
This makes bill look like a smart coach
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