Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Hace 9 meses

disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Hace 9 meses
Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.
Mayura Gulati
Mayura Gulati Hace 2 días
Why do you sound like theodd1dout 😁😂🤣
Freja Christensen
Freja Christensen Hace 3 días
I just found out you posted this video on my last birthday so I guess I got a real present huh... 🤣👍
Molly MacInnis
Molly MacInnis Hace 9 días
You say everything is weird, doesn't make sense, and all that other stuff, well your making people change their opions, you don't make sense
star fox
star fox Hace 14 días
Alex Meyers you are so funny
Sylvie Duflot
Sylvie Duflot Hace 17 días
Not true you always come plan about movies that little kids like and your making them sad and your being a jerk
Georgia Tune
Georgia Tune Hace 3 horas
Disney channel movies they don't always make sense
Unicorngirl 4876
Unicorngirl 4876 Hace 5 horas
Usually people write random things and get a lot of likes so I’m going to try that Ice cream
Kia Roane
Kia Roane Hace 5 horas
And again why is there so much leather? Who tf was the costume designer????
Kia Roane
Kia Roane Hace 5 horas
Soooooo no one is going to talk about how horrid these wigs are? 🧐
Peter Madsen
Peter Madsen Hace un día
Do Bad hair Day PLEASE🥺
X popsicle X
X popsicle X Hace un día
i really wish he mentioned how jay and gus are TOTALLY in love
Amaya Evergreene
Amaya Evergreene Hace un día
um-aren't mal and ben still 16???
Nya Kitty
Nya Kitty Hace un día
The movie is basically about a crazy ex but with magic
joao ballan
joao ballan Hace un día
The dog is the best thing in all the movies
Jasmine Moreau
Jasmine Moreau Hace un día
Do zombies 2!!!
nao tenho nome :v
nao tenho nome :v Hace 2 días
Sonny 00
Sonny 00 Hace 2 días
To explain the staff Thing. Most of the Things in the Museum ist Well protected, as we See in the First movie with the Wand. But the staff of Malificent can only be used by Malificent or, as we find Out, a Person the staff calls. So they didnt protect the staff because they thought noone could use it.
Quinn Davina
Quinn Davina Hace 2 días
13:45 It's just so... (ad starts playing, a person drifts face-down on the ocean) Me: uhh... okay?
Alessia Afrasine
Alessia Afrasine Hace 2 días
Kari Jefremow
Kari Jefremow Hace 2 días
Do Trolls Pleeeeeaaaaaase like
Srta Simpática
Srta Simpática Hace 2 días
I would totally do Ben with the beard The only good part of the movie is the flirting one
Mekastayfab Steele
Mekastayfab Steele Hace 3 días
Leave some some room Jesus lol
G R A C E Hace 3 días
That ending is the equivalent of opening up a maximum security prison because a few convicts can be rehabilitated. Let's face it, that kingdom is doomed.
G R A C E Hace 3 días
Raised on a steady diet of hairdye and leather jackets, these super attractive misfits will unite with the equally, if not more, attractive theatre kids who ride their parents' coattails of success. Together, they'll save the world.
Mira Hace 4 días
Why do you hate all the series or movies. Pls don't do another hate video
Sierra account
Sierra account Hace 4 días
my cat is starring at screen with a death glare
Annabel Wilson
Annabel Wilson Hace 4 días
1:35 i just can't help but cringe because HOW OLD ARE THESE KIDS?????
Ally R and the milky sqaud
Ally R and the milky sqaud Hace 4 días
There was gonna be a descendents four but since Cameron Boyce died there’s not Miss you Cameron
Ana Whatley
Ana Whatley Hace 5 días
Hannah Abbot from Harry Potter became a trumpet playing random girl that apparently everyone knows
Ana Whatley
Ana Whatley Hace 5 días
Charlie's in the museum I love that😁
Maya Lawrence
Maya Lawrence Hace 5 días
I watched the 1st movie when i was 5 now I just feel like I'm less mature watching it
Cayla Maura
Cayla Maura Hace 5 días
Anyone else think it's kinda dumb they let out villains who they knew were actively trying to take over the world
Molly Grant
Molly Grant Hace 5 días
Ben went from what if Louis Tomlinson(hey there Delilah audition) took a shower to Justin Bieber in a dumpster who hasn’t showered in a week😂😂😂
Aurithemas Hace 5 días
the wigs are wayyy better in this movie
Utkarshadig vijay
Utkarshadig vijay Hace 5 días
It was kinda cringe for me. I mean just the fact that Audrey woke up and suddenly felt bad for what she did? I mean talk about mood swings. The movie went by so fast. I really felt like it required more details and a little more originality. Like some of the dialogues was just plagiarised. It just didn’t give the amazing Disney vibe to me Edit: also, there are some of the best actors that Disney has in these movies, yet the acting is crappy because the script is crappy
Jaslynne Gonzalez
Jaslynne Gonzalez Hace 5 días
Did anyone else realize... That he just called Drizzela Cinderella's......stepmother? .-. LOVELY.
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan Hace 6 días
Mal sounds way too greedy when she is like, "I HAVE to be queen of everywhere."
Gacha Waffles
Gacha Waffles Hace 7 días
D1: Mommy issues D2: Boyfriend issues D3: Daddy issues
¡ imxgion !
¡ imxgion ! Hace 7 días
I KNOW RIGHT it's so weird when they act "cool" with they're poses *they looked like a chawawai trying to hibernate but is looking at trash*
Coffee Jelly
Coffee Jelly Hace 8 días
Nicos sister
captien arv
captien arv Hace 8 días
wwhy did they not just execute order 66 and kill all the evil kids
gaming archer
gaming archer Hace 8 días
This was not supposed to be the end but the actor for Carlos died
Lily Kat
Lily Kat Hace 8 días
I loved this movie and im 13
Madison’s Daily
Madison’s Daily Hace 8 días
my fav movies. This is funny But some sense u explained wrong bc the Ben didn’t get cursed by the septet he had a splinter which made him do that so.. your wrong. And in the other movie using enchanted lake water was unnecessary. So u got some things wrong
Ash-Lyn Sitland
Ash-Lyn Sitland Hace 8 días
Because you keep making me sing the bed Disney everything and I'm just so mad at you so these things
B E A N S Hace 8 días
Wait wait wait,,, so mal and Ben are like 16 and in high school right? If they are then why are they getting married? And I swear that they’ve only known each other for a couple of months?
John_mark Sithebe
John_mark Sithebe Hace 8 días
Anyone gonna mention that umas hair comes out perfectly dry when she's from underwater
Charlotte Walker
Charlotte Walker Hace 8 días
Why does VKs make me think Vikings lol
ALDC Sully
ALDC Sully Hace 8 días
Audrey is my grandma's name-
I Playz MSP
I Playz MSP Hace 8 días
I mean when you watch the movie you can't blame Audrey for being mad because her boyfriend chose a purple colored hair Barney over her so...
Taylar Batchlor
Taylar Batchlor Hace 8 días
7:40 You sound like Gaara from Naruto.
Yuko Johno
Yuko Johno Hace 9 días
Who noticed that ben proposed in highschool HES STILL YOUNG
Ana Hasson
Ana Hasson Hace 9 días
Is it just me or did Mal sound rlly selfish when she said 'I wAnNa Be QuEeN oF bOtH iSlEs!'
Mouse87 Aquarious Syndrome
Mouse87 Aquarious Syndrome Hace 9 días
Nothing beats a good plotline. I was intrigued by Hades I wish there were more scenes with him?. I thought the also thought she had a half brother?.
Abdulnabi Mohamad
Abdulnabi Mohamad Hace 10 días
Its just me or I wich that hades was a villain too that would be awesome even cilia too they could make the movie 2 or 3 hours that we can understand the story more and even not everyone sings that would be awesome
beefburger103 Hace 10 días
If you pay attention you can see that mals hair gets more and more blue as the movie goes on
dead account
dead account Hace 10 días
Audrey did all this....because she can't get over her ex boyfriend.
butter pie UwU
butter pie UwU Hace 10 días
no No NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO flashbacks 7:22 edit: only undertale fans know what im taking about lol
Agito Jr. Blue
Agito Jr. Blue Hace 10 días
7:58 who else thought of thriller
Agito Jr. Blue
Agito Jr. Blue Hace 10 días
5:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ടḥįny ۸nįmaΙ :D
ടḥįny ۸nįmaΙ :D Hace 11 días
Uhm it did make since!!!
Ctubermcf D
Ctubermcf D Hace 8 días
No mal said nothing can break the scepter but oh water can and other things can so why don’t they spray water on everyone huh over in 5 minutes
Maliah H.
Maliah H. Hace 11 días
Celia has the audacity to throw the rock into the water and destroy it and then literally 3 minutes later screams from Mal to help her?
Jonathan G
Jonathan G Hace 12 días
The worst part of the movie was that the new villain kids got little to none screen time.
James Campbell
James Campbell Hace 12 días
5:48 Disney Polnareff Disney Polnareff
Cipher Skies
Cipher Skies Hace 12 días
The only thing keeping me watching the third movie was how many times Jay flirted with the two pirate dudes like omg that was *gay*
DYYMES Animate
DYYMES Animate Hace 12 días
8:01 me running away from any situation that has to deal with emotions 😂
vSpirit 9009
vSpirit 9009 Hace 13 días
I actually hated shows with songs when I was little. The only show I liked that had songs in it was Yo Gabba Gabba.
chey vlogs
chey vlogs Hace 13 días
Mal being cute with Ben Alex: ok mal leave some room for jesus
Traci Bean
Traci Bean Hace 13 días
Imagine is this movie was rated R, the swearing, also why the hell did they leave the shoe squeaks in
PuppyPerson57 Hace 14 días
By the way, since Mal is only 1/2 Hades, that means that Hades' Ember > Maleficent's Sceptre x 2.
Loser_ Liu
Loser_ Liu Hace 14 días
OK did anyone else hear the undertale music or is it just me 7:26 7:28
NONE Hace 15 días
Kurt Russel should of played Hades
cookie cat
cookie cat Hace 15 días
Descendents friendship is magic
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