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WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder delivered the 40th knockout of his career in devastating fashion, sending mandatory challenger Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale flat on his back with a trademark right hand in front of a raucous crowd at Barclays Center.
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Johnathan Lopez
Johnathan Lopez Hace 9 horas
Fuck wilder hes a terrible boxer to wild Joshua would still whoop you and ruiz hes another level
shockalocka hockafocka
shockalocka hockafocka Hace 10 horas
Averagestoner Hace 12 horas
Goodnight mufucka
TheeJeffrocco Hace 13 horas
booooooo show the whole round!
Erik Williams
Erik Williams Hace 16 horas
This is what made me love Mike Tyson so much, he was so humble in his victories.
Miguel tvid
Miguel tvid Hace 22 horas
Chicken legs with another win
Noel Rodriquez
Noel Rodriquez Hace un día
I love jousha...but he has no chance against wilder
b spoon
b spoon Hace 7 horas
Noel Rodriquez facts
Sumo Wrestler
Sumo Wrestler Hace un día
In Foreman's day he was known as a man with no technique telegraphed all his punches and only had power, he's a legend now. Emmanuel steward said before he died that wilder would be the best heavyweight. I see similarities to foreman in wilder
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez Hace un día
New era heavyweight champ
Dexter Speights II
Dexter Speights II Hace un día
Joshua got brain damage watching Wilder on ESwomen TKO Breazeale with one kill shot punch to the Head!
Ryan DeFranco
Ryan DeFranco Hace un día
0:20 - Deontay's making sure that right is locked and loaded.
Ryan DeFranco
Ryan DeFranco Hace un día
@Kakashi Sensei Outstanding.
Kakashi Sensei
Kakashi Sensei Hace un día
Notice he simultaneously throws his so that the right hand is not telegraphed
Ricardo Beggs
Ricardo Beggs Hace un día
I want to see him fight the Mexican 🤔
97ferre Hace un día
Wilder hit his face like he was hitting a arcade punch machine
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy Hace un día
Ruiz would be beat Wilder.
Justin Stevens
Justin Stevens Hace 2 días
*Suspect is a black man, 30 years old, 6 feet 5, believed to be unarmed but very, very dangerous*
Isaac Diakité
Isaac Diakité Hace un día
6'7 and 33 years old, and he is very very armed.
Wayne Cockerham
Wayne Cockerham Hace 2 días
Anyone else catch him scare the camerman hahhaha
TheLibra926 Hace 2 días
Watson was so scared when wilder screamed he didn't know whar to do he's like phuck it throw his hands up! He thought he was gonna die lml 0:48
Fredo Gee
Fredo Gee Hace un día
Just peeped that ha
The Appliance Guru
The Appliance Guru Hace 2 días
AJ saw this and was like "man why yall even bring me out here yall know im not trynna fight this man"
Gio B
Gio B Hace 2 días
What is that commentator’s name he is so funny
RealDjToddThunder Hace 3 días
if you really look at it,,,it looks like a fake hit,and setup before the punch...its like wrestling
Kakashi Sensei
Kakashi Sensei Hace un día
If you really look at it he threw the jab simultaneously to him setting up the right hand so that the right hand would not be telegraphed
James Souza
James Souza Hace 3 días
Imagine what he would do to wonder Joshua never wanted to fight Wilder
G T Hace 3 días
Anyone hear from Breazeale? 🤣🤣
rashad neal
rashad neal Hace 3 días
Whos here cuz joshua got his ass whooped and you want to see another knock out😂
Black Jesus
Black Jesus Hace 3 días
Imagine paying thousands of dollars ringside to watch a 1 round fight.
Fertil Bendjy
Fertil Bendjy Hace 3 días
That punch sounded like the fighter jets hitting a Sonic boom
Frog 9
Frog 9 Hace 3 días
Can they maybe find someone slower and more lethargic next time? Or maybe a weaker game ??
Merciless Moose
Merciless Moose Hace 3 días
He had a 12 second count and he still didn't make it.
Andrew Flores
Andrew Flores Hace 3 días
The camera man got scared when Wilder yelled into the camera 😂 0:48
Joe schmoe
Joe schmoe Hace 4 días
Dumb ass announcer " Despite Brazealle getting up to his feet he's in no condition to continue"... Duh he was fucking counted OUT, His knee was still on the canvas when ref reached 10 count, him getting up after was a moot point.
josh j
josh j Hace 4 días
I like Ruiz I don’t want him to get beat up.. I want him to defend his title but if he fights Wilder smh
josh j
josh j Hace 11 horas
Fredo Gee Ruiz speed+power is insane I agree that it will give them both problems but I don’t think he will win by decision but if anything by knockout
Fredo Gee
Fredo Gee Hace un día
His stamina and work rate will give Wilder problems same goes for Fury .
Paul Gaiter
Paul Gaiter Hace 4 días
Go watch and subscribe to my boxing matches on my page. Up next
Indi Hace 4 días
Is it just me or did it look like Wilder could have hit him even harder? 🤯
b spoon
b spoon Hace 6 horas
Indi yeah i agree
Don Julio
Don Julio Hace un día
Indi he said he didn’t even feel his face hit his pad. He coulda killed that MF
Patrick Monaghan
Patrick Monaghan Hace 4 días
credit to the man for getting back on his feet
Michael Antonio Bagley
Michael Antonio Bagley Hace 5 días
Wilder fought him??. No comp
Kelvin Williams
Kelvin Williams Hace 5 días
Wilder hit him so hard, he look like a snow angel on the canvas with arms and legs spread wide.
BeetsbyDwight Hace 5 días
0:48 camera man got hella shook at first
hyena131 Hace 5 días
Dominic who?
Michael Goldman
Michael Goldman Hace 6 días
Referee started counting from 5 lol's over! SHoves him to make him seem like he wobbled back lol Paid off
C Jackson
C Jackson Hace 5 días
He got it right. Start counting when he hit the floor. It will pick up at 5 when the ref stated counting.
Alpha Hace 5 días
As soon as he gets knocked out look down in the crowd - you'll see another ref start counting with his fingers. That's why he started at 5 instead of 1.
Refs count when the guy hits the ground
Vince Vegas
Vince Vegas Hace 6 días
Most beautiful, loudest shot I can recall. Wilder brings it
Joe The Barean
Joe The Barean Hace 6 días
That looked so fake, he started going down before he got hit.
Joe The Barean
Joe The Barean Hace 5 días
@CHRISTIANNWO would love it hopefully I'll get a couple of mil out the deal
Let Wilder hit you and post it on ESwomen
Cam Crawford
Cam Crawford Hace 6 días
That camera man got scared at 0:48 😂😂😂😂
RealGamer Hace 6 días
I don't think anyone really wants to see Wilder right now. Andy Ruiz cannot take that punch.
Jay Rivers
Jay Rivers Hace 6 días
igfromthe323 Hace 6 días
Man that right hand is deadly!
Depcom Hace 7 días
Iron Knight Mike Tyson in his prime would have chopped down both these cherry trees, and walked over and helped them up afterwards.
Di3go 2k
Di3go 2k Hace 7 días
Till this day
krackerman 86
krackerman 86 Hace 7 días
Wilder does not impress me at all. His number is going to be up soon.
Easy Mon3y
Easy Mon3y Hace 5 días
@deadlyx hes way better
deadlyx Hace 7 días
he aint aj....
Joe Doug
Joe Doug Hace 7 días
Knocked his head completely off his shoulders
Davin Lloyd
Davin Lloyd Hace 7 días
Bring on the Fury rematch! Wilder will do better.
eric williams
eric williams Hace 7 días
Let's not forget 3 years ago, Deontay Wilder put Arthur Szpilka on a stretcher in the 9th round. If that fight didn't convince you Wilder is badass, I don't know what will. That brother is no joke.
SugerHitman 1
SugerHitman 1 Hace 3 horas
@hyena131 Did you see how Wilder set that up? Most people think it was a wasn't. Wilder used his jab hand to nudge Brazil's face right into the path of his right...Wilder also uses that hand to pin down his opponents guard hand (something he learned from Wlad)...Haters like you don't know what you're watching.
hyena131 Hace 4 días
@R&R Society boxing is a skill a science and an art and wilder is nothing more than an over hyped clown with a big punch and a record of rolling over tomato can cab drivers. fact. Like that other over rated clown joshua, wilder would not have even been heard of in the 70's, 80's and 90's... both lucky to be fighting in an era with no decent opposition. Again, fact. get outtah here idiot.
hyena131 Hace 4 días
@eric williams i am aware of that and never said wilder cannot punch and will therefore keep this REALLY simple just for you, in order to be a half way decent boxer you need more than just a big need skill, footwork, technique, ring craft, strategy, a clever boxing brain, a defense and a chin/ability to take a punch..... all things wilder completely lacks. like you with your dumb ass casual comments on youtube, wilder just comes out swinging... hahahahaha!!!! Get back to me in 5 years when you turn 20 and know a little more about boxing, boy,,...:) hahahaha And dont try and bullshit me, you're using the word 'brother' to try and be all 'down' and 'street.' sad really...
eric williams
eric williams Hace 5 días
@R&R Society Amen to that brother. The same dummies who hate Wilder are obviously hardcore AJ fans who either missed out or wanted to deny the Ruiz Jr fight. Like you stated, gifts just like heart, guts, and desire prevailed over technically.
R&R Society
R&R Society Hace 5 días
hyena131 thank you , it seems the dummy above ya comment think technicalities outweighs gifts
Trend Gaming
Trend Gaming Hace 7 días
Wilder is fucking monster lmaooo
Michael A
Michael A Hace 7 días
That dude breazeale sucks. Wth was he doing. Walking towards wilder all lazy.
bartenderzzz Hace 7 días
Dan Pridemore
Dan Pridemore Hace 7 días
this man can hit. wilder is no joke
David Edwards
David Edwards Hace 8 días
That fighter looked like he wanted out of that fight🤔🤔🤔🤔
mello174 Hace 8 días
Wilder is like damien black from ready 2 rumble lol
noname305 its me
noname305 its me Hace 8 días
I rewind this so much and im not sure how wilder caught him like that. Beast Mode
Tone Hace 8 días
Paulie reacted before the impact of the punch. As a fighter he saw what was about to happen fractions of a second before it did I guess that's just what being a fighter gives you the ability to do
Phyoomz Hace 8 días
I'm watching this shit in slow motion and it still looks like his right hand just teleports to Breazeale's face. goddamn!
bboykiddblack Hace 8 días
Scared the camera man
bboykiddblack Hace 8 días
Legend says the sould of angry slave posseses Deontay Wilder's right arm
hyena131 Hace 5 días
bboykiddblack it's boxing not a frederick douglas novel, calm the fuck down
bboykiddblack Hace 8 días
Got hit with the "til this day" punch
Mario Ward
Mario Ward Hace 8 días
has anyone heard from or seen Breazeale????? no interviews , no nothing !! dude just disappeared!!! …
Yavuz Alavi
Yavuz Alavi Hace 3 días
Soul snatched by Wilder
renzoc Hace 8 días
Wilder is the kind of fighter the HEAVY WEIGHT world deserves!
Night Man
Night Man Hace 8 días
That's a type of punch to make you rethink you life choices. 🤣
Draico Storm
Draico Storm Hace 5 días
Damn maybe I should have been a pastry chief instead. As your body hits the ground like a sac of potato’s
TheGreenfield7 Hace 8 días
Why did that ref even count? When somebody goes down like that its over.
Joseph Warnes
Joseph Warnes Hace 8 días
Listen to it with headphones on.
Reko Yt
Reko Yt Hace 8 días
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen Hace 9 días
Bro this fool was twitching wen he got up
Shane Reimroc
Shane Reimroc Hace 9 días
His 40th knockout, holy shit. Greedy Eddie Hearn will probably try to offer Wilder a $50 gift card to Applebees to fight a now defeated AJ. They fucked up, we could have had another heavyweight super fight, but the promoters were too greedy and fucked it up like they do.
Jose A Madera
Jose A Madera Hace 9 días
Anyone else notice how the count was stopped at two the moment he fell, they really gave him 15 seconds to recover, look ringside
Jose A Madera
Jose A Madera Hace 8 días
bayroot510 0:24 to 0:38 c’mon son
bayroot510 Hace 8 días
Jose A Madera no they didn’t. He fell at :55 and he was counted out at :45
LALMCGatorsfan Hace 9 días
He got to this seat at 55 seconds left in the first round... This is when he knew... HE FUCKED UP!!!
LALMCGatorsfan Hace 9 días
A guy that hits so hard you're mama's mama will feel it!
LALMCGatorsfan Hace 9 días
Wilder hit him so hard he going to come back with an after life story.
Carlo DiVirgilio
Carlo DiVirgilio Hace 9 días
Just wish Wilder wasn’t so corny
Carlo DiVirgilio
Carlo DiVirgilio Hace 5 días
vitola1111 you think the “Bronze Bomber” is real??? 😂
vitola1111 Hace 6 días
Carlo DiVirgilio Fury is corny. Wilder is real.
William Ayala
William Ayala Hace 9 días
Ruiz and Wilder will be a SUPER FIGHT . Ruiz has heart if he can avoid that right hand then they can probably go a few rounds and whoe ever gets caught then goodnight . We won’t know who will WIN till that fight happens . Comment all you want but anything happens in BOXING .
R&R Society
R&R Society Hace 5 días
Wilder by a Longshot, He is what the heavyweight division been missing
Bryan Williams
Bryan Williams Hace 9 días
Legend has it Breazele is still on the ground to this day. To this day! To this day!
Hunter E
Hunter E Hace 9 días
hardest knockout of all time
mack diddy
mack diddy Hace 9 días
It’s OVA!!!
Stealth Star
Stealth Star Hace 9 días
Breazeale was robbed! He clearly won that fight!
Leaping Cat Productions
Leaping Cat Productions Hace 8 días
yeah in the Quantum Realm. That's where Wilder sent him.
Delusional Hace 9 días
That man had a family
nba nba
nba nba Hace 9 días
Lol boxing is a joke
Nathan Cox-Reed
Nathan Cox-Reed Hace 9 días
Nobody: Anthony Joshua watching the fight: shit'd let me go on ahead and lose this next fight.. I can wait a couple fights to get punched hard like that.. 😱
Mr. 6377
Mr. 6377 Hace 9 días
Ali, Frazier, Holyfield, Lenox Lewis, Joe Louis, Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard/Robinson, Duran, Hearns, Pacman and the list goes on. To all of the morons who think a loss/KO means you suck or career is over. Go watch dancing with the Stars because you obviously don't know shit about boxing if watching a fighter who has zero technique and only to throws haymakers praying that they connect gets you excited. Yes he hits hard but he is also KOing secord rate fighters. He ducked and came up with every excuse in the world NOT to fight Joshua, no AJ loses and he starts talking shit??? Gtfoh
Kenyan Fleming
Kenyan Fleming Hace 5 días
🤣🤣🤣🤣 you really believe that 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Bama Ed
Bama Ed Hace 9 días
I haven't seen a first round knockout since Mike Tyson.
Piddles McGee
Piddles McGee Hace 9 días
Wilder wasn’t fucking around when he said you can kill a man. He was damn close.
Still I Rise4485
Still I Rise4485 Hace 2 días
@Leaping Cat Productions 😭
Leaping Cat Productions
Leaping Cat Productions Hace 8 días
Yup, because if Wilder would've caught him higher up on the head, that Temple area of the brain. Breazeale would be drooling on himself, eating porridge, and wearing Depends.
Mississippi Boy 601
Mississippi Boy 601 Hace 9 días
wet timguavass
wet timguavass Hace 9 días
Telegraphed punch.
Backto Roots
Backto Roots Hace 9 días
KO of the year
King SavageE
King SavageE Hace 10 días
Fury going to get hurt when they fight again just wait
deontay is the most dangerous fighter in boxing
Bradford Harris
Bradford Harris Hace 10 días
Wilder, go dunk a ball. Ur no champ...fool.💩😵☻💯
Aaron Keyes
Aaron Keyes Hace 10 días
Damn wilder would really lay Anthony Joshua out
Jub Jub
Jub Jub Hace 10 días
Dat boy flipped the # 2 pencil around and hit him with the eraser 🤣😂😭
Kenyan Fleming
Kenyan Fleming Hace 5 días
noname305 its me
noname305 its me Hace 8 días
Lol thats funny
Luis Soto
Luis Soto Hace 10 días
AJ is next
Sydney Robinson
Sydney Robinson Hace 10 días
Referee to Brazil how many fingers, Brazil, Wednesday
eliteoutlaw3210 Hace 10 días
God damn
LION KING! Hace 10 días
Referee: 8,9,10! Breazeale: Look at all the pretty blue birds!
Willie Partridge
Willie Partridge Hace 10 días
He need a pillow that boy sleep 😂😂😂😂
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