Denny Hamlin talks after Daytona 500, Ryan Newman crash | Motorsports on NBC

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Denny Hamlin discusses his second consecutive win at the Daytona 500 and the horrific last-turn crash that led to Ryan Newman being transported to the hospital.#Motorsports #NASCAR #NBCSports
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Denny Hamlin talks after Daytona 500, Ryan Newman crash | Motorsports on NBC


ronnie King
ronnie King Hace 28 días
Not a Hamlin Fan You Suck
Mark Stinedurf
Mark Stinedurf Hace un mes
Amazing how dirtbag hamlin can knock Newman off the track and morons hand him the trophy, how pathetic! and this is America? really? hand the trophy to a thief!
Aldo Rodriguez
Aldo Rodriguez Hace un mes
Ryan blocked Ryan blaney which why he crashed he was has also greety for the win he didn't let the mustang go to victory lane
Haley Garner
Haley Garner Hace un mes
He doesnt know it but hes the one that caused him to crash he rear ended him
Thotty DaGod
Thotty DaGod Hace un mes
Jordan sponsor?? Cool
Ryan Perry
Ryan Perry Hace un mes
Well I hear him saying is I knew they were going to get into a wreck in their life means nothing but hey I won the race y’all
I Am King
I Am King Hace un mes
Denny Hamlin is the GOAT Nascar driver. He won fair and square.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Hace un mes
Not cool
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Hace un mes
Hate Hamlin
Joel Irle
Joel Irle Hace un mes
poor excuse for dumping a leading car and almost killing Ryan, Denny doesn't deserve the win! 0 respect for Denny!
Rob Hargis
Rob Hargis Hace un mes
I'm just glad a Toyota won because nascar keeps losing audience letting a foreign manufacturer in. Stands are looking pretty thin albeit a Monday.
pawpawdabs Hace un mes
Been a fan all my life but this bump and go faster ( PUSH ) has got to stop it's not safe . Period.
u2mister1 Hace un mes
We used to talk about names not numbers.
Magnan Imus
Magnan Imus Hace un mes
I wonder if others had to die for Ryan Newman to survive.
SearchIndex Hace un mes
They need to use the Fed Ex race car to bring me presents 🎁
xxxYYZxxx Hace un mes
Denny Hamlin is the man. Folks, please stop whining about Newman, this isn't little-league soap box racing.
Frank Delph
Frank Delph Hace un mes
Denny did not cause the wreck. Look at the replay. Lajoie bumped Newman. Get your facts straight ,then open your mouth.
James Sager
James Sager Hace un mes
That was a cheat move Hamlin, we see how you are. Couldn’t care less if Ryan was ok. $ drives you. Takes no skill to pit maneuver a fellow racer.
Hunter Geoghegan
Hunter Geoghegan Hace un mes
Might want to go watch again bud, Ryan Blaney in the #12 is the car that hit Newman's bumper causing him to spin. Denny was already a lane higher than both of them when they made contact
Jah Senor
Jah Senor Hace un mes
Ryan hype. He races dude. He's alive move on.
sh4d0w x
sh4d0w x Hace un mes
in my opinion, I think the other cars should have stopped after Ryan crashed.
WooAk Hace un mes
Thomas Apple
Thomas Apple Hace un mes
People are blaming Hamlin when it’s nobody’s fault. Hamlin pushed Blaney to get him to Newman. No ill will intended. Blaney went to pass Newman, and Newman *will* block no matter what. He blocked twice, Blaney said “I knew I couldn’t pass him, so I was just gonna push him to the win”. Then he bumper hooks Newman into the wall. Not on purpose, and Hamlin makes his move to win another Daytona 500. Hamlin’s celebrating because he’s done something only 3 other people have done. Win 2 Daytona 500s in a row. He didn’t know how bad it was until after his burnout. And he was barely excited when he got to victory lane. So no, Hamlin DIDN’T cause this. Blaney didn’t. Newman didn’t. These bumpers didn’t. Superspeedway (Not plate) racing didn’t cause this. It was an accident that shouldn’t have happened. But it did, and Newman’s perfectly fine, other than some possible soreness and a bruise or two.
Michael Stier
Michael Stier Hace un mes
For you to still be cheering at the end is sickening
Michael Stier
Michael Stier Hace un mes
While Newman isnt coming out of his car
Handyman68 Hace un mes
If you didn't cause the crash, you wouldn't have won!!
G’bye Hace un mes
Sports needs a category of its own on trending!
L A. Gonterman
L A. Gonterman Hace un mes
Newman is such a nice guy! Get well🙏
Tyler brown
Tyler brown Hace un mes
Ryan Newman should have won that race
Shelby Churico
Shelby Churico Hace un mes
They should really just do like 3 laps because at the end of the day it just come down to the last lap. And it pretty much luck that he won.
Nancy and Carlos
Nancy and Carlos Hace un mes
he is up walking with his daughters.....YES!
james bryant
james bryant Hace un mes
God Bless flying Ryan. Our prayers brother. Such a great guy.
Cerena DeFalco
Cerena DeFalco Hace un mes
I don't understand how you can jump for joy and NOT jump to check on your fellow driver. 😡
Trumpster Fire
Trumpster Fire Hace un mes
If Ryan had to spin...Man, I wish he would have hit Hamlin instead of the wall.
Mike Kano
Mike Kano Hace un mes
Cry-Baby garbage
roy dubay
roy dubay Hace un mes
An empty victory,if this ends Newmans career it's Hamlins fault this crash is 100% on Hamlins hands!!
mrkrharris Hace un mes
He caused the crash. He should be stripped of the win.
John Clayton
John Clayton Hace un mes
I’m not a Ryan Newman fan but I’m glad he is okay !!
Dummy Greg
Dummy Greg Hace un mes
I need an engine
Joel Douglas
Joel Douglas Hace un mes
BG J Hace un mes
This DA shouldn't have won. How do the rules allow someone to cause an accident and then let someone else win. This "win" should be contested!!!!
Alan FISHER Hace un mes
Toyota is the best
B B Hace un mes
Cars with restrictor plates aint racing. Its suicide.
Thomas Apple
Thomas Apple Hace un mes
Hate to break it to you, but these things don’t have restrictior plates anymore.
RW Jack
RW Jack Hace un mes
Idk how he or Nascar could be happy after he wrecks, and almost kills someone, his way to a win.. again. He's done this multiple times now.
Billy wayne Huggins
Billy wayne Huggins Hace un mes
Super speedways are life-threatening race tracks I would rather see short track racing where lives are not threatened
iIVI INSTiiNCT Hace un mes
@Billy wayne Huggins dirt is more exciting to me.
Billy wayne Huggins
Billy wayne Huggins Hace un mes
I could no problem but therefore I'm used to racing on those I really like the dirt tracks my asphalt tracks that Iran locally Myrtle Beach speedway and timmonsville speedway
iIVI INSTiiNCT Hace un mes
@Billy wayne Huggins bristol and Martinsville are my favorite but i couldnt sit and watch back to back to back short track races
Billy wayne Huggins
Billy wayne Huggins Hace un mes
You may be right but short tracks or more exciting
iIVI INSTiiNCT Hace un mes
The sport would die faster then it already is. Tracks like atlanta Talladega and daytona bring in alot of fans and alot of money.
Jason Stadtfeld
Jason Stadtfeld Hace un mes
Looks like Eric trump
Tony Kinppenberg
Tony Kinppenberg Hace un mes
Hit and run lol
The Nelson Boys
The Nelson Boys Hace un mes
Glad Newman Is Ok 👌🏼. That Was A Bum Move Spinning Him Out
Yea Hace un mes
The Nelson Boys Yea by ryan blaney
Shawn Strozyk
Shawn Strozyk Hace un mes
This just shows. Nascar not worried .about saftey there only worried about the show .drivers more worried about saftey .an this stage stuff only caused almost another death like dale .an its put more drivers in danger .with the crashes that we seeing cause of the stages . cause of bunching up the drivers . never seen crashes like this years ago in the winston set up .an the speeds where higher .an the cars where not as safe as they are now .why cause did have 25 cars in a pack. Now your seeing this pack racing more concussion .an drivers retiring why cause there seeing they want to live an not put them self in the spots of getting killed just to put on a crash fest .its not racing anymore sad .they made it about how much money can we make off of wrecked cars will it raise are rating .will it draw more people to put money in are banks . it going the way of football basket ball an baseball high priced ticket. Outrageous car fees .not about racing anymore its about who has more money . an who can make more money .all about corporate America .sad not racing anymore .
Questchaun Hace un mes
Oh boy Nascar sure loves to milk these crashes they do.
Brandon Inc
Brandon Inc Hace un mes
Greatest that ever lived.
iIVI INSTiiNCT Hace un mes
Earnhardt would disagree
CtG_Different Hace un mes
Wasnt his fault why he crash ?
Mark Anthony Franco
Mark Anthony Franco Hace un mes
FedEx 🙌
*No where to go ? Nah he had a choice In his head. Fk this guy an win or dont fk him an loose.* 8/
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson Hace un mes
Air Jordan is in NASCAR now ??
Chris Sean
Chris Sean Hace un mes
Hamlin all day!!!!
jlb591 Hace un mes
Denny cheats on his gf on a weekly basis.
fliper Hace un mes
?????? I fail to see what that has to do with anything
mjstory1976 Hace un mes
02/18/2020 #9 Trending Video
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII Hace un mes
Jason Heilman
Jason Heilman Hace un mes
How do you talk this easily after almost killing someone ???
Mamba Mentality
Mamba Mentality Hace un mes
I'm not even a nascar fan but this caught my attention and man I'm glad that dude is alive
senna3 Hace un mes
"Pick up the trash at the end." Poor choice of words, Denny.
I Am King
I Am King Hace un mes
@RW Jack Get over yourself. Denny Hamlin won fair and square.
Penny Wise
Penny Wise Hace un mes
That's how Dennys whole career has been,trash.....In a couple of years Coach Gibbs will let Denny go for a younger driver,then we'll see how much Denny idolizes him when he's scrounging around looking for a good ride......Denny always was overrated.....He always played the sympathy card.
RW Jack
RW Jack Hace un mes
Thats how he races at the end, like trash.
Zeus Hace un mes
Denny “no way to block them effectively” but we all know that Joey Logano would have tried to block
Glazed_donutz_0 Hace un mes
That crash was horrible and when the car was stopped I saw gas pouring out and the small fire could have hit the gas and killed him, this was very scary to watch
Cephalon Skynet
Cephalon Skynet Hace un mes
*Walks up to mic* *Ahem* ... Driving in circles for 20 hours isn't a sport... Thank you *walks out*
glen kepic
glen kepic Hace un mes
so, not familiar with NASCAR,,,,cat who bumped Ryan should be d/q'd. wait, just a loop de loop ;) I hope Ryan makes a full recovery. Horiffic crash.
BFD Mod Hace un mes
He must have eaten his cereal
Rich Hlavaty
Rich Hlavaty Hace un mes
Wish it was this fuckboy and Kyle's bush and every Toyota crash hard assholes
David Talkington
David Talkington Hace un mes
I'm glad Ryan Neumann is doing well but Denny Hamlin should be disqualified... Just saying. You hit someone and flip them out of the way is bad sportsmanship in my opinion!
Blaize Lee
Blaize Lee Hace un mes
Denny didn’t wreck Newman actually it was the bright yellow 12 car there is a difference you must be blind that’s probably why you have glasses
Jeff White
Jeff White Hace un mes
That was awesome!
Eddie Eddie
Eddie Eddie Hace un mes
I predicted he’d win. Wow, the odds were against everyone, over the place. EVERYONE crashed. Good job, Denny!
TJ Florida
TJ Florida Hace un mes
Glad all looking better for Ryan.
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