Demun Jones - RedWhiteBlue - Official Music Video

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Demun Jones

Demun Jones

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Directed by: Antonio Pantoja
Produced by: Burn County
Written by: Demun Jones, Greg Shields
Special THANKS to:
Ricky Jones, Ray Crews (FLAG)
Austin Cress (DRUMS)
Doyle Williams (GUITAR)
Woody Folsom & Kyle Hand (TRUCK)
Justin Kelly, AJ McNeal, Dylan Heath (PYRO-technicians)
Jake's Fireworks
John Merry
Dusty Leigh
Todd Proctor
By: Demun Jones
You know if you travel around this country
You'll notice that it ain't all this
And it ain't all that (USA!)
But it is a little bit of everything
All kinds of places and all kinds of people together
We're all equal, right now We the People
Now is the time, we do no see no evil
It's just blue sky, the winds blowing, and the birds fly
In formation, one nation under God
Whether it’s Affliction, Louis Vuitton
That pricey True Religion or straight up camouflage,
From the hood to the city, way out in the sticks
The whole world's only got one country like this
What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
America, throw your hands up
The dream is coming true
We can say what we like, go anywhere we want
We can love who we wanna and avoid who we don't
We can pray every day, get mad and fight
Raise hell and protest to defend our rights
Vote for the underdogs, and still be alright
When they lose, we still win, pursue happiness and life
Start from the ground and build it up on your own
Another reason to be proud, this land’s my home
What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
America, throw your hands up
The dream is coming true
What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
Everybody put your flag up
'Cause this is your land too
Big fields, wheat, corn, Kentucky hills
Detroit mills, backyard moonshine stills
People of every shade, they hustle to get the bills paid
Long days working, family first for certain
But you can have it worse, the soldiers get sent first
Then they come home hurtin’ or rolling deep in a hearse
And they did it for you because that's what you’re worth
So don't forget to tell 'em thank you for the service
What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
America, throw your hands up
The dream is coming true
What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
Everybody put your flag up
'Cause this is your land too
What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
America, throw your hands up
The dream is coming true
(I said) What color are you?
Me, I'm RedWhiteBlue
Everybody put your flag up
'Cause this is your land too

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Jorge Brito MTB
Jorge Brito MTB Hace 2 horas
Qué asco la música americana nada mejor que unos corridos mexicanos 😎🤟🏽
Crispy 5'5
Crispy 5'5 Hace 2 días
Good stuff fam!!
Dennis Plesz
Dennis Plesz Hace 2 días
Reminds me of kid rock a little. Love this. People hatin on usa 🇺🇸 go live in another country . Y'all stay healthy piece
Aj Cooper
Aj Cooper Hace 2 días
This is awesome!!!!
Alissa Swofford
Alissa Swofford Hace 3 días
🇺🇸I'm SO ADDICTED to this SONG!!! I share it on a regular basis!!! 😎 ...I also feel guilty for thinking the guitar player is super sexy at my age ...but he just IS dammit!!!
TheZeppelin14 Hace 3 días
It is a shame that half the country hates this country and they don't realize how good they got it. I would like to see them try the shit they are doing somewhere else and see how many would end up in a body bag.
Heather Jackson
Heather Jackson Hace 3 días
Amen Demun! Keep it up Brother. Your doing Gods work#
Todd Collett. TCFromTennessee
Todd Collett. TCFromTennessee Hace 4 días
Setting here at 5 am in a holler in Bell Co Kentucky loving this blood pumping American song baby Demun Jones you got ya one brother God bless you
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 4 días
Over half a Mill in a month! Hell yeah. Thanks folks. LOVE
Sven Kierdorf
Sven Kierdorf Hace 5 días
This should be Trumps Rally Song!!!!
Mike Harris
Mike Harris Hace 5 días
Love it 100
sularetal987 Hace 5 días
139 ppl are color blind
Tim Hall
Tim Hall Hace 5 días
Right song but not the right time. America needs to put some fires out first.
Shawn Meador
Shawn Meador Hace 7 días
Super Bowl Halftime Show!
ThickSkinIndian Hace 7 días
Rapping on an AC/DC track !! I must be dreaming !!
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong Hace 9 días
Amen brother 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Graydon Carruth
Graydon Carruth Hace 9 días
Red, white and blue or red white and black. Same difference. USA for all!❤
Michael Lyon
Michael Lyon Hace 10 días
YEEYEE!!! Southern Pride!!!
Bret Phillips
Bret Phillips Hace 10 días
Stand United America Trump 2020
Bret Phillips
Bret Phillips Hace 10 días
Trump 2020 keep America great 👍
The Bells
The Bells Hace 10 días
Georgia proud and American Patriots!
Wayne Steakley
Wayne Steakley Hace 11 días
Got that right my man.. .120%/3%er.. .
Vincenzo Esposito
Vincenzo Esposito Hace 12 días
Damn Right Demun! America throw your hands up! Be proud to be here! 🤟
Matt Erhardt
Matt Erhardt Hace 12 días
This should be Trumps new opening song!!!! I love my country!
Landon Hyde
Landon Hyde Hace 13 días
To see this song in concert 😍🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘❤❤❤❤🇺🇸
James Williams
James Williams Hace 14 días
You rock. Being a veteran i love your music
Kandace Couch
Kandace Couch Hace 14 días
Got to say I'm slightly in love with your guitarist. First there is nothing sexier than a man bare chested in overalls. But when he swings that hair around and his glasses end up perfectly on top of his head, then drop back down on his face on a down beat..... All while he is playing the hell out of that guitar. Skills Love the song!!! Must have watched it 10 time back to back
desperate dave
desperate dave Hace 14 días
AND Demun Jones .. I just gotta say You look soo much like my once was best friend.. Hes gone now RIP Nick Altman.. I think hed love your music too!
desperate dave
desperate dave Hace 14 días
OMG Demun dropped another true true!! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER MY AMERICANS!! lets stop the hate.. and realize the 1% ers and corrupt politicians are against the rest of us ALL!!
K J Hace 15 días
Congrats Men.!! FN Awesomeness.!! The most inspirational Music today... Definitely one of my most favorite... I listen eac day. It's REALLY helped today...TY because you're all men. Favorite band bro.. But your going to have to last as long as ACDC.. And yes I recognize.. DON'T EVER QUIT MAKING NOISE......WE THE PEOPLE LOVE YOU..
Nancy Hines Mullinax
Nancy Hines Mullinax Hace 16 días
Love it!! And my fiance got me to listening to this. R.I.P. Anthony Melton AKA TONY
gwblackwell Hace 16 días
Goosebump inducing! More of this and less of what's going on now!
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 16 días
Thank you so much. I’m glad it got you right!!! Spread the love subscribe and stay tuned in for more soon.
Mile High Patriots
Mile High Patriots Hace 17 días
This needs to be played throughout all of sports stadiums in USA USA USA USA...shared to facebook
dj skunks
dj skunks Hace 18 días
Shit gave me goosebumps
Ken juice Krajewski
Ken juice Krajewski Hace 18 días
Love it brother. Carry on. Semper-FI
Robby McCannon
Robby McCannon Hace 18 días
Demun Jones thanks for giving us a song to remind us of who we are during this time! Merica!!!
Hessi76 Hace 19 días
Hello I am from Germany and I love your music keep going so red white blue
Irish lads life
Irish lads life Hace 19 días
love this its a real up beat song
M Welch
M Welch Hace 19 días
I wish all Americans had our mentality when it comes to being a part of this great nation. ONE UNDER GOD! Thanks Demun.
Jeannie Rockwell
Jeannie Rockwell Hace 19 días
I have that same truck. Heck ya!
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 20 días
We got any new folks? If this is the first Demun Jones video you've seen, check in!
Kandace Couch
Kandace Couch Hace 14 días
👋 Love it!!!
Thorne Hace 20 días
Don't ever stop making music, USA till we die 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
dboweezy Hace 20 días
Jody Hace 21 un día
"Twice as many boots to stomp on that ass, with the finger on the trigger ready to blast".. WORD!
Watchdog235 NC
Watchdog235 NC Hace 21 un día
E O.
E O. Hace 21 un día
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard Hace 21 un día
Very good song..
Butt3rz Hace 22 días
Dope Song. 🍻
Nick Riggr
Nick Riggr Hace 22 días
Fucking awesome song the drums sound like crickets
Charlie Had
Charlie Had Hace 23 días
luv when u and upchurch sing together .....just sayin....AWESOME
Charlie Had
Charlie Had Hace 23 días
sooooo true....😊😊😊😊😀😀
Charlie Had
Charlie Had Hace 23 días
luv it ......
Mark Abadir
Mark Abadir Hace 23 días
Yeaaaaah Merica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 if you don't like it then move.
Seamus603 Hace 23 días
Hell yeah 🇺🇸
im red white and fuckn BLUE
TXNShieldMaiden Hace 23 días
Damn Straight! What color am I? Red White and Blue.
MrMilkme1984 Hace 23 días
Love it man I stand for the constitution
Weston Brown
Weston Brown Hace 23 días
This song will make rioters pissed good song. Demun Jones 🤘
Broken Cherry
Broken Cherry Hace 23 días
Play this before a game and nobody is taking a knee.
Mell Bagwell
Mell Bagwell Hace 24 días
made me tear up jones
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 24 días
God Bless! thank you for checking it out! pass it on to ya folks!
White Boy
White Boy Hace 24 días
MURICA 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎆🎇🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇
Dmoweryjeep Fellow
Dmoweryjeep Fellow Hace 24 días
Another awesome song!!
Will Anderson
Will Anderson Hace 24 días
God bless America usa usa usa 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 24 días
Brian Kremin
Brian Kremin Hace 24 días
It's absolutely o.k. to be white
Mike D
Mike D Hace 25 días
The great awakening, God bless America. 😀
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 25 días
Kyle Pirigyi
Kyle Pirigyi Hace 25 días
Red White Blue lives matter
William Mallin
William Mallin Hace 25 días
The 104 people that gave this a thumb down are bunch of butt crusties...
coltin allison
coltin allison Hace 25 días
REAL music demun Jones keep up good work USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Demun Jones
Demun Jones Hace 24 días
nola bratteig
nola bratteig Hace 25 días
right now america sucks. however we need maga.
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