Democrats and Republicans Part 1 | Dirty Data - Ep 1 | Cut

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We see political polls all the time, but do we ask how they come to represent the truth? We invite crowds of people to weigh in on politics, and see what a mess it is when they get counted.
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About this video:
We invited a random group of and 60 Republicans to answer a set of yes or no questions in Seattle, WA. These are their responses.
Is climate change a hoax?
Do you have a college degree?
Should children born in the US to undocumented immigrants be deported?
Would Bernie Sanders make a good President?
Would Donald Trump make a good President?
Democrats and Republicans Part 1 | Dirty Data - Ep 1 | Cut

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Lu Hace un día
did Trump do anything that he said he'd do 💩
Emanuel Vazquez
Emanuel Vazquez Hace 3 días
I wonder if the black guy who said Donald Trump would be good president still believes that
deep air
deep air Hace 10 días
is that one white male democrat even a democrat? we know who we're talking about
Olivia Scott
Olivia Scott Hace 21 un día
These videos remind me of Pikmim
khaira ‘
khaira ‘ Hace 24 días
“is donald trump make a good president?” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”
therealcinnimo [Cinzia]
therealcinnimo [Cinzia] Hace 24 días
I need an 'is Donald trump a good president's video..
A girl with a Phone
A girl with a Phone Hace 28 días
Now he is president
Lily Elizabeth
Lily Elizabeth Hace 28 días
at 1:22 that girl in the mask was ahead of her time ahaha
Isra Suleman
Isra Suleman Hace un mes
that one lady wearing a mask was a time traveler
Rose Kavanagh
Rose Kavanagh Hace un mes
2016: People saying Trump would be a good president 2020: get that idiot out
Niamh Dunne
Niamh Dunne Hace un mes
That girl with the mask at 1:26 knew what was coming...
Red Boy
Red Boy Hace un mes
Hey I'm commenting from 2020. Donald Trump is your president. 100s and 1000s of people died from a virus. There is a race war on your streets and your president hid in the bunker. Welcome to apocalypse!
f.i.s.h Hace un mes
Iwhat would the black dude that choose yes for Trump will think now!!
Rita Wen
Rita Wen Hace un mes
Kinda good to know even most republican do not like Trump
Samantha mother of cats
Samantha mother of cats Hace un mes
Wow, i was surprised 77% of republicans dont like Trump lol.. and im so happy my fellow democrats all said no as well 😂.
pizza zombiegirl
pizza zombiegirl Hace un mes
2:21 what the hell is this man doing
pizza zombiegirl
pizza zombiegirl Hace un mes
1:25 homegirl was already PREPAREDDD
Tracy Guerrero
Tracy Guerrero Hace un mes
i want a republican to come to my house and kill me... DAMN REPUBLICANS HATE BLACKS WHY THO???
Priyansh Lakhotia
Priyansh Lakhotia Hace un mes
Why did Donald Trump win even if most of these people think he was not capable
Hooolly W
Hooolly W Hace un mes
Man i got mad at some of these people
Hooolly W
Hooolly W Hace un mes
I love the choice of questions
savanna Hace un mes
We all know who are the loudest people in this video....
Mettalyß Hace un mes
This is amazing, re-do this please !
Jon OC
Jon OC Hace un mes
Seeing this you can perfectly perceive the superiority that democrats feel over republicans, they clap, laugh and scream like children when someone disagrees with them. If I was american I would feel ashamed for those people.
arianna feliciano
arianna feliciano Hace un mes
God bless you, you are so loved by the one above !
andrea carollo
andrea carollo Hace 2 meses
How can you be that insane to want Bernie Sanders? Not even anarcho-killer-comunists from the depth of Siberia want him.
TheGamerPandacorn Hace un mes
Because he has good thoughts and ways...
Maksie0 Hace 2 meses
What in the goddamn hell are you even talking about?
Ethan Burnell
Ethan Burnell Hace 2 meses
That one republican girl wearing a mask was living in 2020 when we were living in 2015
Dominic Brady
Dominic Brady Hace 2 meses
That moment when republicans didn’t even support trump
TNL Sav Hace 2 meses
When everyone went to the no side for trump being a good president they weren’t wrong 😂
TNL Sav Hace 2 meses
People who say climate change is a hoax are freaking morons there’s literal proof all over the world
alissab Hace 2 meses
People that think climate change is a hoax need to do some research.
Ava Baak
Ava Baak Hace 2 meses
Little did they know that one day Trump would ask us to drink bleach
Gezi5 Hace 21 un día
Ava Baak *inject, so even worse lmfao
Buttdreads Hace 2 meses
These are actually very interesting! Thank you!!!!
Alex Mikaelian
Alex Mikaelian Hace 2 meses
These democrats do look dumb now don’t they
Alex Mikaelian
Alex Mikaelian Hace 28 días
TheGamerPandacorn trump has helped African Americans through jobs, healthcare, also cracking down on crime and drugs. Trump has the first step act, gave more funding to historically black colleges, also helping with welfare and food stamps.
TheGamerPandacorn Hace 29 días
@Alex Mikaelian Helping the black community?? He is racist
Alex Mikaelian
Alex Mikaelian Hace 29 días
Thank you for being a friend let me guess, Bc he wants no riots and violence? He’s a bad guy for creating millions of jobs, he’s a bad guy for helping the black community, he’s bad for doing prison reform, and he’s a bad guy for wanting to put America first? If I were u I would worry about fixing all these crappy blue states
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend Hace 29 días
Alex Mikaelian because trump is a terrible man
Alex Mikaelian
Alex Mikaelian Hace un mes
TheGamerPandacorn well my boy trump won and all these dems cried about it. And trump got easy 2020
Whizz! Bang! Boom!
Whizz! Bang! Boom! Hace 2 meses
2:39 sickening
TheGamerPandacorn Hace un mes
What that people thought he would be a good president or that people thought he wouldn't
Felix Hace 2 meses
2:16 that guy is the embodiment of the average American stereotype
jahtso Hace 2 meses
That democrat guy who keeps going for far-right policies doesn't like Donald Trump, looks like that's the only reason he has a blue shirt on.
Riley Jacklitch
Riley Jacklitch Hace 2 meses
Imagine thinking Bernie would be a good president
collonellbenered Hace 2 meses
Honestly, seeing this in 2020 makes me think that there is still hope left for US politics to return to a level of normality....
Doowrednu Bocaj
Doowrednu Bocaj Hace 2 meses
Me today when I see people in videos that close together, 😡😡😡not good social distancing😡😡😡
Omar 90s
Omar 90s Hace 2 meses
- And now who's laughing? Trump is still wining and bernie?
TheGamerPandacorn Hace un mes
@Omar 90s Socialist countries normally provide decent healthcare for people, unlike trump
Omar 90s
Omar 90s Hace 2 meses
@Maksie0 - Not even in socialist countries have better healthcare systems.
Maksie0 Hace 2 meses
Are you laughing as thousands of people die from the coronavirus? Makes you think what might have happened under a Sanders presidency with actual decent healthcare.
Connor R
Connor R Hace 2 meses
now do which % of the democrats have a real degree
CauseEU Hace un mes
Connor Rabold a lot of republicans think the corona virus is harmless
Connor R
Connor R Hace un mes
@CauseEU highly doubt that. good try though buddy
CauseEU Hace 2 meses
Connor Rabold probably more than the republicans considering 20% of them think climate change is fake
Marie-Lynn Issa
Marie-Lynn Issa Hace 2 meses
Well arent you wishing bernie was the president now
Oisin Gibbons Cullen
Oisin Gibbons Cullen Hace 2 meses
Marie-Lynn Issa why? What would he do? Send in mother russia? We fought the communists in the 60s and seventies and well do it again🇺🇸
uhZeny Hace 2 meses
Imagine thinking sanders would be a good president. He would destroy our economy on his first day.
Toby F
Toby F Hace 2 meses
I’m scared that this many people believe climate change is a hoax
CauseEU Hace 2 meses
Toby F not people republicans
SpiceRice Hace 2 meses
The fact that anybody thought that climate change is a hoax is just sad
Coco Peanut
Coco Peanut Hace 2 meses
TRUMP 2020
donald trump
donald trump Hace 2 meses
Well now trump has a 95% approval rate with republicans so I guess he was better than they thought
yusuf zia
yusuf zia Hace 2 meses
So now we know the educated from the uneducated
Weed Weekly
Weed Weekly Hace 2 meses
He still won bitches
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend Hace 29 días
We don’t like him
Olivia Hansen
Olivia Hansen Hace 2 meses
“Would Donald trump make a good president?” Majority of people: no I don’t get how he still got elected in 2016
Kevin Hace un mes
@TheGamerPandacorn he didn't, but ok
TheGamerPandacorn Hace un mes
@Kevin Or its because he cheated..
Kevin Hace 2 meses
because cut selectively samples who they bring on the show so that everyone leans left, no matter what party they say they are. learn when the media is subverting you.
Ryan Leech
Ryan Leech Hace 2 meses
That last question is a perfect illustration of why trump never quite looked like he was going to win. In polls and especially in a public one like this some people were embarrassed to admit they supported him
Commenting Person
Commenting Person Hace 2 meses
...and four years later, the people who answered "No" for the Trump question weren't laughing anymore.
Harrison Andrews
Harrison Andrews Hace 2 meses
right of the bat is not a yes or no question there is a complicated answer.
Im Dumb
Im Dumb Hace 2 meses
Would Donald Trump make a good president? The 0% of Democrats:
English Springer
English Springer Hace 2 meses
The fact that this doesn’t represent the majority of the Republican Party. You need to get people from the country to do this. Hi how these people are not.
Sam-Annoyed • 78 years ago
Sam-Annoyed • 78 years ago Hace 2 meses
That one annoying girl that screams “HUH?” “WHAT?!” “NO!” After each question.
Alejandro Budnik
Alejandro Budnik Hace 2 meses
This is the most fake thing sow far in the internet !!!
CauseEU Hace 2 meses
Alejandro Budnik why?
MrHistory 808
MrHistory 808 Hace 2 meses
wow more republicans did not like trump
Diego Salgado
Diego Salgado Hace 2 meses
And he still won
Derck E Music
Derck E Music Hace 2 meses
Anyone else just got slightly anxious about the fact that they're all so close together because you're used to the corona restrictions now even though this was shot way earlier?
Michael Undis
Michael Undis Hace 2 meses
1:25 she knew what was coming
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera Hace 2 meses
Even as an Apache Attack Helicopter. I am beyond impressed with Donald Trumps ability to win this nation over even without a majority vote, the maneuvering, I'll be dammed, no one thought he could do it.
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera Hace un mes
@Matthew Todd Always a pleasure !
Matthew Todd
Matthew Todd Hace 2 meses
It’s good to see another person with the same sexual orientation as mine!
Kaylee Nguyen
Kaylee Nguyen Hace 2 meses
the fact that 77% of republicans think trump won’t be a good president says A LOT😳
Ari Goldberg
Ari Goldberg Hace 2 meses
GvPlays Hace 2 meses
1:33 the for shadowed almost 5 years ahead, dang.
Tchit87 Hace 2 meses
Epic Lit
Epic Lit Hace 2 meses
Trump 2020 Lesgetit
Epic Lit
Epic Lit Hace un mes
Matthew Todd u good? I do not understand what you trying to say.
Matthew Todd
Matthew Todd Hace 2 meses
But I wanted Shrek as a president fucktard, but people just kept saying stupid shit like “what the hell is wrong with you” and “get out of my house”
Epic Lit
Epic Lit Hace 2 meses
You can keep your opinions I’ll keep mine I just wanna support my president.
Maksie0 Hace 2 meses
Why? Like, fucking why? Is it misanthropy? Why do you want four more years of President Inject-Yourself-With-Disinfectant?
Matthew Todd
Matthew Todd Hace 2 meses
Let’s get what
YTM1000 Hace 2 meses
I'm democratic, but the girl jumping when the trump question was brought up, I wanted to punch her so badly.
Freddy Eason
Freddy Eason Hace 2 meses
A DEMOCRAT that wanted to punch a woman Really hahahahahahaha that woman might have a man that punches back lmao then what
bearclaw the great
bearclaw the great Hace 2 meses
There not social distancing how naughty
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