Debbie & Colte Meet Their New Girlfriend Jess 2 of 3

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Master Of BlackJack Channel 2

Master Of BlackJack Channel 2

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It's an exciting moment for Colte to introduce his wife Debbie to their new girlfriend Jess.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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LaQueen B Gaming
LaQueen B Gaming Hace 17 horas
The way Debbie's face change when she mentions sex😂😂then the cut to the car Debbies face🤣
New User
New User Hace 20 horas
I mean the dude is like 35 years old and needs his mom to accompany in his relationships? That's like the movie *Psycho*
mcrzx on instagram
mcrzx on instagram Hace 2 días
The girl is pretty omg
ggonzalez101010 Hace 3 días
They look cute together. Colt, Jess and Debbie . Jkjkjk But yeah But seriously Colt And Jess be cute thoe 😰
chris chris
chris chris Hace 5 días
I am watching this from the other side of the Atlantic and I feel the goosebumps from the awkwardness and cringiness
Peter Hace 5 días
The toad stool of a mom just had to tag along
Djamel-eddine Belmaghni
Djamel-eddine Belmaghni Hace 6 días
Who would want ro have sex with that guy ? This woman is weird ! The guy's mom is weird everything in this video's weird ..
yugiix Hace 6 días
but why did he had to bring his mother? cant he go alone i mean he isnt 15 right?
nsbhater Hace 6 días
Gotta love the title, dude!🤣😂🤣it's brilliant👌 "their girlfriend" 😂
Fadi Zakka
Fadi Zakka Hace 6 días
I just wanna know who gives this guy beard cuts, like they're so fucking uneven man
Sandi Hace 8 días
Jess is immature is what Debbie meant. She proved her right when she declared the names of her future kids with a man she just met...Idk if it‘s just me but these women don’t seem to address Debbie with any degree of respect. They carry on like she doesn’t exist when she’s standing right there regardless of whether or not 3’s a crowd (it is) she deserves consideration.
رواش Hace 8 días
lowkey feeling bad for colt
laceypennies Hace 8 días
O.o ... omg...
Lindsey Van Boxmeer
Lindsey Van Boxmeer Hace 9 días
That look on Debbies face when she said that she and colt want alone time for sex! Lorde
Antisocialbutterfly 97
Antisocialbutterfly 97 Hace 9 días
I can’t stand Debbie. But Jess was kind of trolling her and a bit disrespectful to her. Why tf would you talk about having sex with your bf right in front of his mom.
Belltown Daisy
Belltown Daisy Hace 9 días
Jess is a pro at this! She is very smart! She's very good at dismissing Debbie. She doesn't even bother arguing with her. She just giggles and acts like she's not there.
aarav narayan
aarav narayan Hace 10 días
How the fuck can guy like colty get a girl like Jess, man life is unfair
Cindy Hart
Cindy Hart Hace 10 días
Hang on guys. Debbie isnt the bad guy here. Y'all are just seeing it backwards. Most of us are like "no one is good enough 4 my baby" But most of us dont have that for a kid. Deb knows what a gross worm of a son shes got. How pathetic and neurotic he is. Shes not stupid..No woman in their right mind is going to want that kid and shes doing us all a favor by keeping him. Shes a saint!
Agustin Avila
Agustin Avila Hace 10 días
They're sooooo fng weird....
Nene Loveless
Nene Loveless Hace 10 días
Her and colt look perfect for each other
KGpink Hace 10 días
debiie needs her own vlog in Brazillia
Diana Gr
Diana Gr Hace 11 días
Is Debbie a fascist?
Diana Gr
Diana Gr Hace 11 días
Triangles make me cringe
Dh Dior
Dh Dior Hace 12 días
It's like colt trying to make his mom jealous...weird as fuck!
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Hace 12 días
They don't love each other, they lust for each other 😏 Colt is a 🐖 and so is the new "girlfriend"
U A Hace 13 días
Why she is dying for sex?
Canela Griffihs
Canela Griffihs Hace 13 días
This people not together this episode is 2019
Yanni SwT
Yanni SwT Hace 13 días
crazy mother and a couple of idiots
D Es
D Es Hace 13 días
Colt is like, "mom, can you leave the room so I can have sex?" Debbie, "No, Im tired." 😡 Colt, "But mom, common!!!" Debbie goes in the hallway for 30 seconds and comes back in the room Debbie: "Colt! Are you done yet? My feet are tired!" Colt: "Just a minute mom!' Debbie, "Well hurry up! Geez, its smells like sweat in there!"
How zer
How zer Hace 13 días
Debbie really thinks that Jess will do anything to be able to live in America. Well compared to Jesses parents place Debbie and Colt live in a hovel. Another thing its not like Colt is an amazing catch if he was he wouldnt need to go to a different country to get a wofe because american women realise he's a bum and massive mummys boy.
Isabel Ballesteros
Isabel Ballesteros Hace 14 días
Colt is a big dumb!
madame ovaries
madame ovaries Hace 14 días
Jesus women was about to cry when Jess said the sex thing 😂 Debbie has issues
Mari Addis
Mari Addis Hace 14 días
Why tf is Debbie there?
wong Jamir
wong Jamir Hace 14 días
Omg she so disrespect girl ever seen saying sorry Debbie can't u say mom as respect
Antoaneta Slavescu
Antoaneta Slavescu Hace 14 días
I can’t stand mother and son!!!👎👎👎👎
Naz the Gig Accountant
Naz the Gig Accountant Hace 14 días
Why is colts mom there? Im sure tlc suggested it
Rosanne Cole
Rosanne Cole Hace 15 días
Colt is voluptuous also..deeby is jealous at the airport!!!
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Hace 15 días
What a train wreck.
danna zheng
danna zheng Hace 15 días
“Who is against the queen will die” -Larrisa
Merce N.
Merce N. Hace 7 días
Pitty Martins
Pitty Martins Hace 16 días
tlc is paying jess. It's not possible!! She really said she want to have sex with Colt in front of Debbie?! who does that?! ew! weird and disrespectful
catwalk33 Hace 16 días
debbie needs to find a man. and stay out of her sons love life. its not her relationship.
Kayla Forbes
Kayla Forbes Hace 16 días
Coltee is a whole lil ugly🤭😂
The Shoun Files
The Shoun Files Hace 16 días
" for sex... sorry debbie" debbies face 😂
Sushma K
Sushma K Hace 16 días
Jess is sweet I like her
Veese Hace 16 días
Jess is the best kind of THICC
Sky He
Sky He Hace 18 días
What is she , a parent chaperone? 🤣
Alexander _NO
Alexander _NO Hace 18 días
hehe when is debbies sextime
wcottee Hace 18 días
Oh I hope he didn't model his speedo in front of his Mother....
Red_Orchid 97
Red_Orchid 97 Hace 17 días
Yoo fr tho 🤣
Roxy L
Roxy L Hace 18 días
They actually match eachother.... looks wise
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg Hace 18 días
Where are her flowers?!
Emily Mae
Emily Mae Hace 20 días
Ok Debbie and Colt definitely don't have a healthy relationship but can't Jess say, I don't know "it's nice to meet you", "how was your flight", literally anything except being so awkward lmfao maybe she did and it was edited out...? and who the fuck says "cant wait to have sex" in front of their SO's parents???
Esme Fantasia
Esme Fantasia Hace 20 días
Debbie is a peeping tom.
L Mm
L Mm Hace 20 días
You are extremely discussing mom your son needs his own space to and his own decisions how he want his life to be !!!! What the heck are you doing with him in Brazil probably he won’t get lost or something
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Hace 20 días
I wanna hear Debbie's real thoughts on the Brazilian speedo
Casie Silverman
Casie Silverman Hace 20 días
I think it's a cultural thing. Jess is very open just like most Brazilians, but it was a little too much since the mom was there lol. Plus, the mom is way too traditional
whitecherryblossom Hace 21 un día
Allahu Akbar
whitecherryblossom Hace 21 un día
whitecherryblossom Hace 21 un día
chuuktupo Hace 21 un día
1:04 (the best part)
blackzilla Hace 21 un día
lol at the mother wearing a notorious big shirt
Chloe Young
Chloe Young Hace 21 un día
Holy crap she just said she wants Debbie to f off so she can bang her son lol, Debbie needs to find a partner. Their relationship is weird.
Eastland Partners
Eastland Partners Hace 21 un día
Their new girlfriend !!! Ahahahaha I am dying lol
OblivsicasMTC93 Hace 21 un día
I don't know what's bigger Colts tits and belly or Debbie's emotional instability.
Jay Speakman
Jay Speakman Hace 21 un día
This weirdo gives other weirdos hope.
k p
k p Hace 22 días
Everyone here is wrong xD
Ross Moore
Ross Moore Hace 22 días
Can Jess not go 5 minutes without talking about sex? Who talks about sex in front of your partners mom? Especially when it's the first time she met her...
Shajack Hace 22 días
1:01 Debbie like “Nah man fuck this imma ruin the whole entire relationship”
Noneya Noneya
Noneya Noneya Hace 22 días
Very accurate title for this!
Lalala123 Hace 22 días
Debbie’s not one to be calling people “voluptuous” just saying...
XxMrzBerryxX215 Hace 22 días
If I am meeting a girl my son is dating or a guy my daughter is dating for the first time and she or he says in front of me that they want to have sex, I would know that they have no class, respect and is a slut. I've been married to my husband for 15yrs and we have four children and I would never talk about having sex with my husband in front of his parents. We have four kids and are married. They know we are having sex. I don't need to broadcast it like my parents didn't raise me right. On another note, don't get it confused, I still don't like Debbie 😝 lol. Colt is still a p🐈y.
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