DEATH MONTAGE - Pokemon Sword and Shield Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke

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This randomizer was BRUTAL.
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► All deaths from my Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield extreme randomizer nuzlocke!
- Nuzlocke Difficulty (One catch per area, fainted Pokemon dead, set mode battles, nicknames)
- Dupes Clause
- Shiny Clause
- All wild Pokemon are randomized! (No static encounters)
- All trainers are randomized, with random moves!
- All trainers have atleast 2 Pokemon
- High powered Pokemon at high levels
- Trainers will have a 10% chance of shinies!
- Trainers Pokemon are all holding items
- Trainers have random moves
- Trainers have perfect IVs
- Reduced EXP - Currently 80%
- As of Episode 9, All trainers level 30+ use fully evolved Pokemon!
- New custom Pokemon model mods! (courtesy of gamebanana)
(Blue Cinderace by ElChicoEevee -
(Minecraft Coalossal by BurgerKingRE1024 -
- Potentially custom music!
- My storytelling!

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Sazzy Joe
Sazzy Joe Hace 30 minutos
5:49 Nessa is a HACKER
Alexs Xaxni
Alexs Xaxni Hace 20 horas
Colin McGowan
Colin McGowan Hace 20 horas
R.I.P. All who died.
Janine Kelly
Janine Kelly Hace un día
The meanest death was voldemort
JOSHUA OTERO Hace un día
Why would he make a vid about this I hated when moody died the most
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Hace 2 días
5:02 voice crack
Cindy Hoomalu
Cindy Hoomalu Hace 3 días
The bewear would not have killed your Pokémon with the choice band right.
Dylan Travis
Dylan Travis Hace 3 días
R.I.P all the pokemon :(
Deirdre O'Reilly
Deirdre O'Reilly Hace 4 días
Cough cough !!!
Deirdre O'Reilly
Deirdre O'Reilly Hace 4 días
R.I.P. Norbert silence music !!!
Charles Eberhardt
Charles Eberhardt Hace 4 días
Poketips get the rare candy near the pokemon research center
Switch Gamer
Switch Gamer Hace 5 días
I would play this if I were torturing someone
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers Hace 5 días
This why Solgaleo teleported away on Episode 2... Because he didn’t wanna die
Thor Hace 4 días
Guess Solgaleo had some powers like Doctor strange to see all outcoming futures -,- #AvengersDaBest
Varkey Chacko
Varkey Chacko Hace 6 días
Not iqluding this one the pokemon died as many times as the series episodes
Twenty One Glaceons! At Tomodachi Life
Twenty One Glaceons! At Tomodachi Life Hace 6 días
an idea for a final episode of a nuzlocke: take the dead pokemon, heal them, even though they are practically dead. Use some of the best pokemon that died and do some max raids with them and do some pokemon camp with them to bring a happy ending to a nuzlocke.
Xiangjin Song
Xiangjin Song Hace 6 días
Let’s just be grateful that cho didn’t die
Twenty One Glaceons! At Tomodachi Life
Twenty One Glaceons! At Tomodachi Life Hace 7 días
i am currently attempting a normal pokemon shield nuzlocke, i caught my 4th favorite galar pokemon, nickit, on route 2. the first time sending it out, it died to a crit quick attack from the first ever trainer you fight. i restarted the game. screw you youngster jake.
CREW Hace 8 días
Y’all ain’t seen nothin extreme till you watch tyranitartubes series he’s on 6th gym and highest mon was level 72 but his are like 50 please go show him love he’s a great you tuber
Rift Raff Rascal
Rift Raff Rascal Hace 8 días
Poketips the person you just traded with was me
Alexs Xaxni
Alexs Xaxni Hace 9 días
Dying Pokemon
Alexs Xaxni
Alexs Xaxni Hace 9 días
Dj Miller
Dj Miller Hace 9 días
You talk way too much
Ravyn Waldroff
Ravyn Waldroff Hace 10 días
His face was priceless when Voldemort Died.
Ravyn Waldroff
Ravyn Waldroff Hace 9 días
At 4:38
Alexs Xaxni
Alexs Xaxni Hace 10 días
I do not like this
Michael magriso
Michael magriso Hace 11 días
How pls??
Kristal Vaporeon
Kristal Vaporeon Hace 11 días
Maria Couto
Maria Couto Hace 11 días
Draga Dragon
Draga Dragon Hace 11 días
How to get randomizer? And can I ha ve it without rules?
Srinivas Aryan Balchukuru
Srinivas Aryan Balchukuru Hace 11 días
Congratulations to Cho the Delta Cinderace, Sprout the Ferrothorn, and Lumos the Chandelure for being the only ones who survived the randomizer nuzlocke.
Dolphin DollarBill
Dolphin DollarBill Hace 11 días
Did you cry any time you lost a pokemon?
Grape Guy
Grape Guy Hace 12 días
Please help me get a randomiser becoause when i use yuzu it crashes when i go on the nintendo switch bit PLEASE TELL ME STEP BY STEP
Kaio What?
Kaio What? Hace 12 días
everybody in the early days died
A normal animal jam player Fan
A normal animal jam player Fan Hace 13 días
Mike: *NaNi??!!??*
Futurecat49 RBLX
Futurecat49 RBLX Hace 13 días
I named all my pokemon servant and name myself god
Bartos Skurski
Bartos Skurski Hace 13 días
Thats so sad :(
Aaron Otron
Aaron Otron Hace 14 días
8:14 why didn’t u just change into cho... u could’ve saved moody
Owen Smith
Owen Smith Hace 14 días
Erin McElhatton
Erin McElhatton Hace 15 días
i think he should get a pokemon exept molly to get shell armor
Nicholas Gabriel
Nicholas Gabriel Hace 16 días
i have level 80 aegislash and i just swoop shield boi
joshua redden
joshua redden Hace 17 días
It was nice to watch his Pokémon get slugged due to my extreme jealousy and wonder of how and in general the fact he has a randomizer. Yep.
gabrie1s Hace 17 días
Pokemon deaths: **Exist** Poketips: *no*
Buzzboy Eternal
Buzzboy Eternal Hace 21 un día
I’m sorry to hear about all your dead Pokémon poketips...
NocturnalXenon Hace 21 un día
Bellatrix and Norbert were my favorite...I miss them the most.
Randy Zhou
Randy Zhou Hace 21 un día
What about Virizion's death
Mary Jane- Caparroso
Mary Jane- Caparroso Hace 22 días
When you have it on your pokemon death pokemon it's going to be foreign
Mew Hace 22 días
TurtleForce8! ashington
TurtleForce8! ashington Hace 23 días
how is he doing he nuxlock
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Hace 24 días
"Oh we're good" - Poketips Mike RIP Ginny
Shotou Todoroki
Shotou Todoroki Hace 24 días
Well I guess Harry wasn't exactly "the boy who lived" 😂😂😂 (sorry)
hunts899 Hace 24 días
O O F 😔
Lix Paleomylites
Lix Paleomylites Hace 25 días
Sorry to every mon on this video
GreenCuber Returns!
GreenCuber Returns! Hace 25 días
13:32 Dumbledore: You can't defeat me. Cobalion: I know, but he can. Torkoal: *w a t e r p u l s e*
Adeline Sexton
Adeline Sexton Hace 25 días
Are the colors randomized as well?
BOEDP 1 Hace 26 días
Moody was my favourite one he had
I’m bullied for being a fish
I’m bullied for being a fish Hace 26 días
hey guys tyranitartube is also doing a sword and shield extreme randomizer nuzlock check it out!
Jonas Bösing
Jonas Bösing Hace 26 días
Night daze was, is and will be overpowerd foreever
supersuperior 990
supersuperior 990 Hace 27 días
Anna Liza de Leon
Anna Liza de Leon Hace 27 días
rest in spaghetti never forgeti
G- Gar
G- Gar Hace 28 días
9:32 You said Pokémon Go
SobbleAqua Hace 28 días
You forgot patronus
sonic johnrex m. CAPARROSOツ
sonic johnrex m. CAPARROSOツ Hace 28 días
shadow ball
sonic johnrex m. CAPARROSOツ
sonic johnrex m. CAPARROSOツ Hace 28 días
sonic johnrex m. CAPARROSOツ
sonic johnrex m. CAPARROSOツ Hace 28 días
ME To R. I.P.
Lane Pellett
Lane Pellett Hace 28 días
why did you take the best pokemon out on the final battle idoit
SobbleAqua Hace 29 días
Norbert's death make my cry for 3 minutes
Lola's Awesome Place
Lola's Awesome Place Hace 29 días
I miss Bellatrix. I named my golisopod in Shield "Bells", just simply Bells after her (don't worry I made sure it was a female)
Lola's Awesome Place
Lola's Awesome Place Hace un mes
What your fave pokemon from this says about you (all jokes don't get triggered) Ron: you only watched a bit of ep. 1 and he's the only one you know Slughorn: you don't exist and you're boring like him Grydfindor: you didn't laugh when Mike screamed the gym battle theme Buckbeak: you were the only one who noticed that they changed genders in ep. 1 Voldemort: you're not a Harry Potter fan Hermione: you like apple pie Willow: you don't like Bewear Barty: you probably love Minecraft Ginny: you hate Team Yell Neville: your fave gym leader is probably Raihan Moody: you're an edgelord Myrtle: you only like her because you like ice cream Snape: you try to ignore the fact he's named after a murderer Pomfrey: you liked Qui Gon from the Let's Go one Tonks: you've called her "Stonks" at least once Molly: you don't defend yourself in arguments Crookshanks: you're a cat lover Cedric: I don't get it. Why? He's cool, but not favorite material. Peeves: you probably despise Cho Dumbledore: you liked Dooku from the Let's Go one Luna: you're a Nom the Snom fan Norbert: you're generic Lupin: you somehow like Martin's solrock Lily: you're hydrophobic Goyle: you never do max raids Harry: you punch walls when you're mad Grindylow: you don't like decidueye Patronus: you probably call Virizion "Verizon Wireless" Sirius: you're OBSESSED with wolves Bellatrix: you DESPISE Zekrom Lucius: Sirius was too cool for you Hagrid: you consider Beartic a legendary Cho: you have good taste (or you're me) Lumos: You only like her because she reminds you of soul fire from minecraft Sprout: you played with those spiky ball thingies when you were little
Henry Dando
Henry Dando Hace un mes
Finn Gaming72
Finn Gaming72 Hace un mes
Actually It’s been a month🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Finn Gaming72
Finn Gaming72 Hace un mes
do the next randomiser already please it’s been like 4 weeks 😡🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
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