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Various Artists - Topic

Various Artists - Topic

Hace un mes

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DDLG · ppcocaine
℗ Ashen Inc.
Released on: 2020-06-26
Composer: Bryce Moore
Author: Lilliane Diomi
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•Sophia Chicken nugget•
•Sophia Chicken nugget• Hace 7 horas
how am I supposed to explain the music I like to my friends?
My Life Is A Lie
My Life Is A Lie Hace 10 horas
everyones talking ahout the song, but the art *is very much Adequate*
aev Hace 13 horas
when she said bwubbles THAT WAS SO CUTE
Bella Hace un día
"i might throw a bitch fit" same girl
Bella Hace un día
"clap my ass daddy" i fucking love her 😹
ScubaSteve04xx Hace un día
This song made the top of my mouth itch that only a sawed off shotgun would be able to get too
Wilsonia Hace un día
I’m pointing a cross at the screen and hugging the Bible while chugging holy water Jesus forgive me
*ふわふわ涙 Hace un día
If you're into ddlg you're disgusting💞
All payne no liam
All payne no liam Hace un día
Bratty bottom anthem
Fronkyy Hace un día
If a loli made a song
yucky Hace un día
[Intro] Spain, what you doin'? Lie down (Lie down) Turn off the lights (Turn 'em off) I'm a little cum slut, short and loud (I'm a little whore) Bend me over and I will shout (Push it harder) I'm-I'm a little cum slut, short and loud (Uh, so long) Lay me down and eat me out (Eat me out) Haha, you thought this was your average lullaby? (Average lullaby) No (You were wrong) Really, I just want you to fuck me to sleep (Fuck me so good) Trap bunny bubbles [Verse 1] I want my cheeks clapped, daddy (Clap 'em) So lay me down while I arch that ass back (Back) I need that good pipe, daddy (Oh, fuck) I buss it down cause I seen you had that rack (Blow it back) That good, good sex, yeah, I need some (Need some) Make me arch my back and were goin' dumb (Dumb) Please don't stop, I'm about to cum (Fuck) I'ma pop my shit like bubblegum That good, good sex, yeah, I need some (Need some) Make me arch my back and were going dumb (Going dumb) Please don't stop I'm about to cum (Fuck) I'ma pop my shit like bubblegum [Chorus] When I get on top, my voice goes, "Uh" Look at it drip oh shit you make me cum (Make me) Hit it from the back my voice go, "Uh" Lovin my clit, go clean your thumb (Clean it) Shakin' and screamin', make my voice go, "Uh" That good, good sex gonna make me cum, fuck (Daddy) That good, good sex gonna make me cum [Verse 2] Bet you never had a girl like me Suck on my clit and smoke good tree (Haha) Don’t hesitate to have me on my knees For you, I might let you hit it for free For you (Haha), I might let you hit it for free For you (I probably shouldn’t though) I might let you hit it for free Real renegade shit, daddy, I’m your slut (I'm your slut) Kissin' on my pussy, put your thumb in my butt Won’t stop going 'til I get my nut Babe you gotta go, your Uber's in the cut Babe? Babe (Hello?) Your Uber in the cut [Chorus] When I get on top, my voice goes, "Uh" Look at it drip oh shit you make me cum (Make me) Hit it from the back my voice go, "Uh" Lovin my clit, go clean your thumb (Clean it) Shakin' and screamin', make my voice go, "Uh" That good, good sex gonna make me cum, fuck (Uh) That good, good sex gonna make me cum [Bridge] Lay me on the bed (Lay me down) To see if I can take it (Can i take it?) Please don't be a tease 'Cause I might throw a bitch fit (A bitch fit) Like a two year old I'ma throw a tantrum (Temper tantrum) This pussy's yours So hold it up for ransom (For ransom) [Outro] Daddy? (Oh my God) Did you get to cum too? (Fuck, daddy) I hope so (Oh) Trap bunny bubbles (Don't stop)
Doctor Frankenfurter
Doctor Frankenfurter Hace 2 días
As a 34yo boomer I gatta ask...... what the fuck is this ?
Chiefs fan
Chiefs fan Hace 2 días
Ohh yeeeeeee
Pizza Time
Pizza Time Hace 2 días
This shit goes hard ngl
Alexander Jordan
Alexander Jordan Hace 2 días
Imma just go and clean my ears
Brisa Jauregui
Brisa Jauregui Hace 2 días
cant wait for more songs😌😚
PRODUCT Hace 3 días
This would be a gay version of one of comethazines songs
Lily Rowden
Lily Rowden Hace 3 días
I’ve had this kink for like a year and finally people are finding out abt it it’s literally so hot
JoeMama Hace 3 días
I Came Her From LLS
Josiah Rivera
Josiah Rivera Hace 3 días
Jesus Lord, what has rap turned into... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Dailen Lee
Dailen Lee Hace 4 días
She is not that popular
GamerChris223 Hace 4 días
This girl would've been a lit voice actor ngl
Gabi Urie
Gabi Urie Hace 4 días
Me: *singing to this* My girlfriend: 👁👄👁
mahan zep
mahan zep Hace 4 días
Who is here after watching this in loveliveserve
Devill Aimee
Devill Aimee Hace 4 días
ya'll are so uneducated about ddlg its crazy, ddlg is NOT about being a pedophile, it's only for 18+ aka adults.
rat Hace 4 días
mdlg pls
MrFishy Hace 4 días
Pls kill me
Newnew 323
Newnew 323 Hace 4 días
Dis song bump 🔥🥴
Savana Salaam
Savana Salaam Hace 4 días
Honest af
Honest af Hace 4 días
I wear if i dont hear more from ppcocaine ill kill myself lmao
꧁Joe꧂ Hace 5 días
"Artists" ... What that fuck u have to be kidding me smfh
Chieko Ando
Chieko Ando Hace 5 días
I fucking love her!
SpamZ BlankZ
SpamZ BlankZ Hace 5 días
Sound like a hooker version of princess Penelope off of Wreck it Ralph
King Rowe
King Rowe Hace 5 días
😳 Her Mother Must Be Ashamed
DatKidd Kamanii
DatKidd Kamanii Hace 5 días
im here cuz the video is age restricted
10k subs without 1 video CHALLENGE
10k subs without 1 video CHALLENGE Hace 5 días
My parents when they watch my history 👁👁 👀 👄 👄 👚 👕
john carlberg
john carlberg Hace 5 días
Sounds like eric cartman and a weed whacker
Dr. M0rph
Dr. M0rph Hace 5 días
Lls gang?
TheShowdown Hace 5 días
silver gooble
silver gooble Hace 5 días
Her voice sounds like she’d be in the Danganronpa English dub, I love it
Lil L
Lil L Hace 5 días
This makes me wanna drive a tank threw a elementary school
kitKatkatty Hace 6 días
She sounds like Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph ...
Jamie Peele
Jamie Peele Hace 6 días
Image How The Engineers In The Studio Felt Making This
Krazy .xv.
Krazy .xv. Hace 6 días
What the fuck is this monstrosity
G&B Squad
G&B Squad Hace 6 días
DDLG is not always sexual. It is up to the partners who are doing it. Stop saying ddlg is fantasizing Children because it's not! Please look up the term of ddlg if you do not understand the shit! Second to those who are saying she's lesbian you guys are right. She should've put mdlg instead of ddlg. And third if you don't like what I said before you comment up under my shit have facts before going to war with me
The Maid Marian
The Maid Marian Hace 6 días
the 2020 deepthroat
adam upstairs
adam upstairs Hace 6 días
I swear i love this aaaa
Kat Bot
Kat Bot Hace 6 días
this scares me bc everyone’s gonna think DDLG is this 💀
Go2sleep Hace 6 días
This is now my ringtone; no regrets 😼
Chayanne Goss
Chayanne Goss Hace 7 días
my jaw dropped when i played this
girlcrush! Hace 7 días
literally panty anarchy's theme (..if panty were gay)
LION BOY Hace 7 días
2:21 wow
hoeseok sunshine
hoeseok sunshine Hace 7 días
0:54 tho
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia Hace 7 días
Yo this shit slaps!!! Fire as fuck!
duhhhitz. dymond
duhhhitz. dymond Hace 7 días
Anyone here from tiktok😂😂
julian hicks
julian hicks Hace 8 días
Doja cat+Meghan+Rico nasty= this masterpiece ( ppcocaine)
Dylan Padilla
Dylan Padilla Hace 8 días
This voice sound like Buttercup from ‘Powerpuff Girls.’ (That’s what I think it sound like?!?!) sorry for the edited.
Munif Ahmed
Munif Ahmed Hace 8 días
so this bitch makes fun of me for listening to uzi and then tells me she listens to this and this is multitudes better than uzi. im blocking this bitch i will not have me and uzi disrespected like this.
Nobody is Home
Nobody is Home Hace 7 días
Munif Ahmed inserted my opinion myself. So what, you came here to rant like Uzi or the girl who made this was gonna see? LOL.
Munif Ahmed
Munif Ahmed Hace 7 días
Nobody is Home please locate the time and space where i asked for your opinion. because i, quite frankly, don’t remember asking.
Nobody is Home
Nobody is Home Hace 7 días
No one wants to hear about your problems
xix Hace 9 días
can I kill myself already
SORRY HYEJIN Hace 9 días
This is trash and gross. Fire ur producer
Ares Dominguez Castillo
Ares Dominguez Castillo Hace 9 días
Best song ever
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea Hace 10 días
My friend played this for me and I'm ashamed I would totally listen to this otherwise
ZENTAX GD Hace 10 días
good beat tho
Rüamma Hace 10 días
She sounds like a cartoon character I luv
Jax Quaxks
Jax Quaxks Hace 10 días
Everyone in the comments are like "omg this is pedophilia" like... Anyone elses ddlg Litterally just BEING CALLED DADDY AND LITTLE GIRL???? Like... It's submissive play. It's kinda like... Humiliation play. Basically, the "daddy dom" is in control of your actions and you get punishments or rewards depending on how you've been... Where the fuck are you guys getting pedophilia from?? There are safewords, boundaries, and consent. Age play is fucking different. Age regression is fucking different. This versions of ddlg is a full on SEXUAL KINK. It's just submission guys 😌 Fuck man. Listen to the lyrics or actually check out her tik tok for the lyrics if you cant hear it. Thanks ✌
Sweetlemonsquare Hace un día
It's nice to see peeps from da community
Jax Quaxks
Jax Quaxks Hace 10 días
And for anyone actually in this community, I'm sorry for explaining it so poorly and quickly. If you would like to add anything, please comment. If you're here to just say it's pedophilia, get out.
Chayanne Goss
Chayanne Goss Hace 10 días
im blasting this in front of my 10 yr old sister oops
nosta7gia Hace 10 días
I love this unironicaly.... Kill me.
Elesian Subs
Elesian Subs Hace 10 días
ayanna barrett
ayanna barrett Hace 11 días
Who cares if it’s on tik tok or not? Listen to it or don’t.
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