DC Young Fly Shuts Eminem DOWN 馃敟 w/ Swizz Beatz | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

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Wild 'N Out

Wild 'N Out

Hace 7 meses

After Swizz Beatz took a couple jabs at Nick, Royce Bell called out DC Young Fly to get a couple things off his chest but it didn鈥檛 work out in his favor. 馃槀
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.

DC Young and Swizz BeatzEminemSwizz BeatzWildstyle

Wild 'N Out
Wild 'N Out Hace 2 meses
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Dominique Perkins
Dominique Perkins Hace un d铆a
Ya whack he yo pennis 馃 jucie
Josiah Anderson
Josiah Anderson Hace 15 d铆as
@Julie's World vy
Julie's World
Julie's World Hace un mes
They should add Eminem then everyone would watch it cause he鈥檚 a God
Nasir Mahmood
Nasir Mahmood Hace un mes
Black squad didn't deserve to win DC killed their ass especially Eminems
m0neyMONEYm0ney Hace un mes
Who ever make the name of this vid is wack it should say eminem wanna be, because em ante there
jame Hace 7 horas
Well that鈥檚 racist but if anyone was to be racist towards blacks they would cry馃槀
AHKMEL PHAROD Hace 10 horas
Justina should really just do porn...
Jose Duarte
Jose Duarte Hace 10 horas
Yo. Get Ali G. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Zach Jones
Zach Jones Hace 13 horas
Why does DC always end up CARRYING
Roro Lei
Roro Lei Hace 18 horas
This bitch Eminem saying hold on like shut the fuck up and say something.
bria Hace 2 d铆as
Hitmans part killed me 馃拃馃拃馃槀 鈥渁nd lil Bobby still sleep in a car bed鈥
Tyler Tracey
Tyler Tracey Hace 2 d铆as
1:32 LOL Eman took a whiff 馃槀馃槀
Pranoy Dutta
Pranoy Dutta Hace 2 d铆as
Will the real slim shady please stand up.
Michael Shane
Michael Shane Hace 2 d铆as
Who Tha heck is DC?
Roro Lei
Roro Lei Hace 2 d铆as
This nigga do d wreck is ass he does not know who won is the red squad.
STARZ NATION Hace 3 d铆as
b etc eminem yes
Paballo Molingoane
Paballo Molingoane Hace 5 d铆as
Am I the only one who CRINGES when the blond "Eminem" impersonated takes the mic? Can he just not come back please
Alex Andrea Davis
Alex Andrea Davis Hace 5 d铆as
Exactly. Who鈥檚 that Eminem impersonator
Diamond Hace 5 d铆as
I think the impersonation was great and funny...y鈥檃ll talking about racism and and all kinds of bs. I鈥檓 sure Em was not offended by this. Y鈥檃ll just racist and are trying to pick at every little thing to deflect on someone else...you still racist
Hace 6 d铆as
Hitman is like that one friend you'd always hang out with.
John Kendrick
John Kendrick Hace 7 d铆as
Lol is this how they getting en to come on the show
Promor3 Hace 7 d铆as
When you buy Eminem off of Wish.
dblock527 Hace 8 d铆as
Wait but who is that really tho?? 馃馃馃
Atreyu Moralez
Atreyu Moralez Hace 8 d铆as
This the first time i seen the dude who plays eminem be funny
Machine Meme
Machine Meme Hace 8 d铆as
It鈥檚 cause nick canons brother got them big ass shoes they lost
Machine Meme
Machine Meme Hace 8 d铆as
Nobody: Nick Canon: clap ya hands y鈥檃ll
Chris Fuentes
Chris Fuentes Hace 9 d铆as
Emmanuel didn't like that last joke.
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Hace 10 d铆as
I should have known Eminem wasn鈥檛 on the show. Nick cannon would be dead. I was hoping Eminem was on the show.
Bumpy Hace 10 d铆as
DC last bar ain鈥檛 make no sense you can see it in Emanuels face馃槀
kedar konepak
kedar konepak Hace 11 d铆as
When u order Eminem on wish.com
Lashawn Craig
Lashawn Craig Hace 11 d铆as
The real eminem would murder everyone on the microphone shit probably himself to
oktaviani Hace 12 d铆as
all of them isnt on any level to roast eminem.. they're on lil pump or sixnine level
Zexifyy Hace 12 d铆as
That鈥檚 not m&m
Maurice Copeland
Maurice Copeland Hace 12 d铆as
Thats the Eminem I saw on Dhgate and the Wish app.
Oscar AC
Oscar AC Hace 12 d铆as
This show starting to be a joke, a fake Eminem lol
Evan Morales
Evan Morales Hace 13 d铆as
If eminem was in your team other team is fucked
BulLeT 165
BulLeT 165 Hace 13 d铆as
When you buy eminem from wish
judie鈥檚 texts
judie鈥檚 texts Hace 13 d铆as
When you buy eminem from ebay
Kick Kick
Kick Kick Hace 14 d铆as
Wish version of enimenw
Greg Taualai
Greg Taualai Hace 15 d铆as
2:50 DC standing there with real sass after that bar 馃槀馃槀
Pretty Tina
Pretty Tina Hace 15 d铆as
No one notice that, Eman smell Bsimone after the juicy crab joke 馃ゴ馃槀
Y4D Hace 15 d铆as
Curious 鈥榖lackface鈥 is 鈥渞acist鈥 but 鈥榳hiteface鈥 isn鈥檛? Can鈥檛 have it both ways... then again Nickelodeon鈥檚 turned out to be far more racist than anyone I鈥檝e met
Nicj Ygjii
Nicj Ygjii Hace 15 d铆as
What's so funny if you pause it at 3:35 or 3:36. DC baby mama in the crowd. Lmfaoooo
Dee Papalii
Dee Papalii Hace 16 d铆as
If Eminem was on the show, then nobody's ass would have a verse or a second to say shit. P E R I O Dtttttt
Slumking 012
Slumking 012 Hace 16 d铆as
Dc is trash
who knows
who knows Hace 16 d铆as
3:33 DC has just put himself on Em鈥檚 hit list.
Troy Goss
Troy Goss Hace 16 d铆as
DC is a monster! Quit playing wit dat man. #star
Roberto Schuster Jr
Roberto Schuster Jr Hace 16 d铆as
It was a shady after math馃槀馃槀馃槀
Natan Lintiso
Natan Lintiso Hace 18 d铆as
I鈥檒l tell my kids this is 8miles
Christian Salisbury
Christian Salisbury Hace 18 d铆as
Nick cannon is such a fucking loser with the tuban he thinks hes Muslim or something
PLEASE -_-SUSCRIBE Hace 18 d铆as
Dc how dows it feel competing against your idol.....
Maria Miranda
Maria Miranda Hace 19 d铆as
Black wow great red great wow
Maritza Bacon
Maritza Bacon Hace 19 d铆as
Eminem from Wish.com lmfao
icon sting
icon sting Hace 19 d铆as
Damn dc馃ぃ
Chris K
Chris K Hace 20 d铆as
1:13 I love how into it DC was until hitman pointed at him and his internal dialogue was like "awh shit"
Bryant Girard
Bryant Girard Hace 20 d铆as
Dark Phantom
Dark Phantom Hace 20 d铆as
He straight flamed his shit!!!!馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Damn dc馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槵
Eddie Tepper
Eddie Tepper Hace 20 d铆as
Notice how nick stays away from Eminem
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez Hace 21 un d铆a
DC last joke.. Emmanuel made a face bc he didn鈥檛 get. I didn鈥檛 either.
YoungJay Tv
YoungJay Tv Hace 21 un d铆a
2:02 when I said I wanted Eminem this is not what I meant 馃槀馃槀
Nehemiah Alsberry
Nehemiah Alsberry Hace 22 d铆as
Should have never asked for a second chance fake slim shady
chris bangert
chris bangert Hace 23 d铆as
Dumbass nick wrote an 鈥淓minem diss track鈥 I mean.. attempted to and like all his music, it sucked. And he can鈥檛 even beat this horrible Eminem wannabe? Dawg, nick you can鈥檛 beat anybody in a battle. Just give music up, you got no talent in music.
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman Hace 24 d铆as
Cheese anyone?
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman Hace 24 d铆as
It鈥檚 not a rap battle they鈥檙e all just clowning and making lame jokes
W S Hace 24 d铆as
Is it just me or does DJ Derek need to get fired
LareeBabee Hace 24 d铆as
I think DC still won that battle with whoever the fake Eminem is, because he basically fed off of DC's bars. He just switched the scenario.
Cameron Ford
Cameron Ford Hace 24 d铆as
馃槶 we don't know him fr ?
devil lonesome
devil lonesome Hace 24 d铆as
He missing some chromosome.
MR MUSTACHIO Hace 25 d铆as
they bought that eminem off the kmart window
zoomzoomfast Hace 25 d铆as
This is some funny foreshadowing.
Joban Singh
Joban Singh Hace 25 d铆as
Eminem is wEaring a wig
Doug Hunter
Doug Hunter Hace 26 d铆as
I dnt get how he "shut eminem down" if anything he made himself look like a retard....
Doug Hunter
Doug Hunter Hace 26 d铆as
N yet who the hell is this platinum haired wannabe???
Chad Freeman
Chad Freeman Hace 26 d铆as
Bobb鈥檈 look like Eli Porter
B simone one joke killed by DC youngfly
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