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Daz Games
Daz Games Hace un mes
My fellow dazzlers who are furries. I support you and these are just jokes. Don’t take it so seriously okay. Its just comedy. You’re all wonderful.
Gēmu Kira
Gēmu Kira Hace 25 días
Kaizuka-san Gaming101
Kaizuka-san Gaming101 Hace 27 días
@Izzy M. if you still need help check out my friend starlord02 he is a furry and he listens to everyone just comment in a video and he'll help you (btw this isn't a advertising thing I'm just saying this truthfully)
Kaizuka-san Gaming101
Kaizuka-san Gaming101 Hace 27 días
@TheFandomTrashbagOfficial same
Kim Dunn
Kim Dunn Hace 27 días
The one thing Daz.... Furries aren’t a sexual thing people think that because furries have a bad reputation
iiamxthyst_x Hace 27 días
I am a furry. BUT LOL
galaxy wolf
galaxy wolf Hace 17 minutos
Im a furriey
Kerry Knaul
Kerry Knaul Hace 3 horas
My abnormal psych professor showed us this video once😂
LittleScientist Hace 11 horas
Imagine being a cop and stopping a furry on the road. *Vietnam flashbacks*
FueledBy Monster
FueledBy Monster Hace un día
Is Video?
Is Video? Hace un día
This cat or whatever scared the shit outta me
#Fam Squad
#Fam Squad Hace un día
#Fam Squad
#Fam Squad Hace un día
No offense but I think it would be every interesting
🌑LesBeAnju🦇 Hace un día
I’ve never laughed so hard at Daz videos tell I saw him role playing furries 😂
jasmine-mazewood Hace un día
FredTheBrony Hace un día
I'm a Furry and I ain't offended Daz! :D Edit: Thanks for the likes!
Sacha Mendoza
Sacha Mendoza Hace 2 días
“I’m going to unpack tack and then I’m going to get in him”~quote of the century ~
Sacha Mendoza
Sacha Mendoza Hace 2 días
I’m dying right now like I can’t even someone take my phone I’m not ok and when the dad was a rat I was like same and then when the mom with the little thing I choked and ran to the bathroom
Topz 34 Gaming&more
Topz 34 Gaming&more Hace 2 días
I’m a furry rn and yes, we can be pretty weird XD
Adam O'Neill
Adam O'Neill Hace 2 días
I draw furry art for people, as a job. When everyone assumes they're sexual, I actually want to bawl. People act like all furries are bad, trust me. They aren't. Suits are super super exoensive and very hard and time consuming to make. Not all furries have suits, but some get super cool jobs helping kids and spreading awareness with the lgbtq+ community, :> no amount of people I guess can change society views on furries.
NeckBeard The Holy
NeckBeard The Holy Hace 2 días
A lot of the not safe for work or weird things in the fandom are always seen as the poster for the fandom because those people for some reason want to put themselves out and those are what people who don't know fandom see and that's what they think is the norm, its actually more wholesome and lovely
Kollin Bishop
Kollin Bishop Hace 2 días
I wanted this on Monday
Maranda Doyle
Maranda Doyle Hace 2 días
Furries are pure nightmare fuel. I came into contact with a furry yesterday. I never thought the day would come. I didn’t know what to do
Julian Hornemann
Julian Hornemann Hace 2 días
Thats scary as shit! 😂😂 a creepy cat furry
kiki van kooij
kiki van kooij Hace 2 días
This vid was released on my birthday
Taycia Roche
Taycia Roche Hace 2 días
furrys should be burnt and daz shall be hit with a clog for the crocks
LittleScientist Hace 11 horas
Why ?
Midoriya kun
Midoriya kun Hace 3 días
Furries kinda remind me of cosplayers.
Neko Kiwi
Neko Kiwi Hace 3 días
Same dude 😂😂😂😂😂 3:38
Neko Kiwi
Neko Kiwi Hace 3 días
React to cosplayers 😂
Spud1210 Hace 3 días
Is no one going to ask why dad had a giant rat costume in the first place
Nova Wolf3
Nova Wolf3 Hace 3 días
Get a new disk lol hahaha
like art
like art Hace 3 días
im a furry
SoulsDestructor Hace 3 días
Skit was so good. U deserve a Oscar fr.
Kya Nomoa
Kya Nomoa Hace 4 días
Even I have many followers then there instagram followers
Tj Harris
Tj Harris Hace 4 días
He likes blowing kisses u can guess what els he blows in his free time
Gacha_L_sisters Hace 4 días
The creepy cat scares the crap out of me
jack game213 blackmore
jack game213 blackmore Hace 4 días
I am a furrie a 🐶 and no furries are nightmares there cute
Lee Hace 4 días
No one: Literally no one: Daz: WhY dO pEoPlE fInD tHeSe RaCcOoN tHiNgS aTrActIcIvE Also Daz three seconds later: JuSt CaUsE yOu’Re DrEsSeD aS a WoLf- Also Daz three minutes later: YoU’rE nOt AlLoWeD tO tExT aNd DrIvE bUt YoU’rE aLlOwEd To DrIvE aS a BeAr
golden toy Bonnie the dark gamer
golden toy Bonnie the dark gamer Hace 5 días
"Creepy ass animatronic fnaf shit" ... and by that daz killed a fnaf fan People will say fnaf died and that is the reason why no one is talking about but YES I KNOW FNAF DIED thats the way every one meets me Being animatronic is different than being a furry "Thats some fnaf shit right there"
Alicia Moroney
Alicia Moroney Hace 5 días
furries do give me fnaf vibes lmao
•.Bakugou Stan .•
•.Bakugou Stan .• Hace 5 días
The “missing” eye is actually not missing fursuits sometimes have sunken in eyes so when you turn your head it looks like your looking at the person looking at you like 3D
Silver Wing
Silver Wing Hace 5 días
Still waiting for the day Daz can go to these places and vlog! It would be interesting to learn more about all these things with him.
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller Hace 5 días
randomstranger Hace 6 días
I was fine until the chicken costume it cracked me up. 😂😂😂
Kray day Alt
Kray day Alt Hace 6 días
Furrys aren't sexuall well 80% of furrys are not there is a small 20% of them r mursuiters
Kray day Alt
Kray day Alt Hace 6 días
Sbut up and stop cyber bullying people for there hobbys
cringe comp
cringe comp Hace 6 días
Why the helll is this a thing
kittie Kramer
kittie Kramer Hace 6 días
Come to fur con california
Fallen Shadow
Fallen Shadow Hace 6 días
*daz walks in on a rat reading the Sunday papers* *rat stares ominously* *daz stares horrified* Naww fuck
Blue nova corgi
Blue nova corgi Hace 6 días
fuckin adorable suits omg lol dazzzz get a fursuit xD
Unicorn Jazzy 08
Unicorn Jazzy 08 Hace 6 días
I like watching daz he makes me laugh and when I’m sad he makes happy
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Hace 6 días
I would love to have a cup of tea with Daz one day.
Stitches Family
Stitches Family Hace 6 días
The fur is fake
Stitches Family
Stitches Family Hace 6 días
Yes furries are not a sexual thing but the fandom is not completely clean but is mostly behind closed doors I have a fursona named stitches
Stitches Family
Stitches Family Hace 6 días
I'm a furry
Stitches Family
Stitches Family Hace 6 días
I'm a furry I will 0^0😭
Raelie Bartha
Raelie Bartha Hace 7 días
Furcon. And can you make a video about your time there?
go c b pop
go c b pop Hace 7 días
Geez furrys don't just have sex 😂 They do roeplays as well while you are a wolf cat or any animal acting like a human 😂
Dreamie the Gragon
Dreamie the Gragon Hace 7 días
I know it’s jokes but legit this makes me kinda annoyed lmao love you Daz but furries are kinda sick of being talked to like they’re freaks
Blizzard The Snow Leopard
Blizzard The Snow Leopard Hace 5 días
I also think it’s funny to see people’s initial reactions. After all, we are still a strange phenomenon.
Blizzard The Snow Leopard
Blizzard The Snow Leopard Hace 5 días
Dreamie the Gragon I don’t really care. Hell, cringe comps are how I found the fandom anyways. Until recently, all attention was good attention for the fandom. That’s how it gained traction. It’s now getting to the point where more people see the fandom for what it really is, and we’re building a more positive reputation as the years pass. Look at anime, for example. A few years ago, it was seen in almost exactly the same light as furries: an odd perversion for weirdos. Now, it’s one of, if not the most mainstream subculture on the planet. Once people discover something different or interesting or strange, they naturally want to learn more. Dax is a perfect example of this. He came into this video only knowing about the sexual part of the fandom, and left it with a whole new understanding and a legitimate interest in what the fandom actually is. He isn’t the only one experiencing this cycle, and I think it is a positive thing for us.
Paul Hace 7 días
Please go to a furry con I need to see it
Shadow Cupcake
Shadow Cupcake Hace 7 días
These furries are creepier that fnaf wtf
RykoltGoesRoyal Hace 7 días
You can always come to Nordic fuzz cons open House here in Sweden, it's free 👌🏻
MelanieMartinezAntiNightcore Hace 7 días
React to Telephone, she is part of the more adorable side of furries
Luna The laxiakoly
Luna The laxiakoly Hace 7 días
Ok Just saying. 1.the bigest part of the fandom is not sexual 2. We wear fursuits not everyday like that girl XD and we waer it only on eavents or cons or for picture u know that kind of shit. 3.fursuits r not furries exactly 4.the cene with furry parentes was Just halerius
Luna The laxiakoly
Luna The laxiakoly Hace 7 días
Thats atleast my opinion
The OwO Cookies
The OwO Cookies Hace 7 días
I’m a furry OwO
FlamencoSinFronteras Hace 7 días
Hey can u pls react to dance moms Love ya
Valeska Willner
Valeska Willner Hace 7 días
Are mascots furries?!
Angelica Aileen
Angelica Aileen Hace 8 días
When it says “666K views” on this video.. “ 👀 “
Nightcore Mafia
Nightcore Mafia Hace 8 días
Ur content is so fucking funny man keep up the good work 😂😂😂😂
Thea Blake
Thea Blake Hace 8 días
i LOVE your mug btw
Stripes molf
Stripes molf Hace 8 días
That are a lot of different fursutes just saying
Stripes molf
Stripes molf Hace 8 días
Yes they are cold furry conventions but just like shops they have Got their wone names like anthrocon
Stripes molf
Stripes molf Hace 8 días
That drunken rabbit is actually cold Dutch angel dragon it's an original speeches
Stripes molf
Stripes molf Hace 8 días
Dazz for the whole time I have been a furry I have learned that the longer you be a furry the more you will learn that's why some people who have not been a furry might not understand some things that furry do
Stripes molf
Stripes molf Hace 8 días
They want the fursuit for as long as they can revived overheating
Laggy Sloth
Laggy Sloth Hace 9 días
We should collab
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