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Daz Games

Daz Games

Hace 5 meses

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Daz Games
Daz Games Hace 5 meses
My fellow dazzlers who are furries. I support you and these are just jokes. Don’t take it so seriously okay. Its just comedy. You’re all wonderful.
Cable Wolvesbane
Cable Wolvesbane Hace 27 días
I'm a furry and I'm glad u made this vid cuz we take our fandom too seriously lol we need a good roast to lighten the mood
Imaleena B
Imaleena B Hace 2 meses
Daz Games thanks dad.
Just Peachy
Just Peachy Hace 2 meses
Fizi Fur
Fizi Fur Hace 3 meses
Luv ya daz. I COMPLETELY understand why you'd make fun of them. Im one myself and sometimes the community does some cringy things 😂😂
Matthew Brehm
Matthew Brehm Hace 3 meses
Imma furry tv headed Dutch Angel Fox
Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion Hace un día
The pink fursuit is what’s known as a dutch angel dragon an original species
junga Enoshima-toga
junga Enoshima-toga Hace un día
Furries are cool
Madyson Lambert
Madyson Lambert Hace un día
In the 5th grade a lot of people where wearing ears and a tail it was sacry T^T
The Kayleigh show
The Kayleigh show Hace 2 días
Why does he have a mouse suit and a turkey suit... MMMMMHHHHHHHHH
Patches The Wolf
Patches The Wolf Hace 2 días
Hey daz if you don’t see this I’m not surprised anyway here’s some answers I your questions XD I’m a furry and this is amazing but a tad bit more funny then normal because daz knew nothing about them! XD Also daz furries have a sexual side it’s called murssuiting and I’m I’m not near that side nope I don’t like it! The “dragon rabbit” is called a Dutch angel dragon Daz the conventions have different names most the time so maybe look it up! There’s a calendar
aklove murphy
aklove murphy Hace 4 días
Daz: Tell me that's not scary as shit. Me: That's not scary as shit.
AmCharley Hace 4 días
saw this skit on tiktok lol
Brooke Fulton
Brooke Fulton Hace 6 días
There was a mascot at our school game and people were running and crying because of its eyes😂😂
Dan McKay
Dan McKay Hace 6 días
Yeah furrie porn is a thing
Skullz TheWolf
Skullz TheWolf Hace 7 días
Late comment. But if you want to know more about them. Come to London furs. Thats a meet every 3 weeks in London.
Trainboy WooWoo
Trainboy WooWoo Hace 9 días
Furry walks down the street Me: *OH MY GOD KILL IT.*
Bunny_ Gamer
Bunny_ Gamer Hace 9 días
Deja Porter
Deja Porter Hace 9 días
A Dragon Rabbit 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
sickrandom sickrandom
sickrandom sickrandom Hace 10 días
If I saw him on the street I would think that it was the purge 🤨😟
Lauren Diamonddaughter
Lauren Diamonddaughter Hace 10 días
I love furries
Josh Garza
Josh Garza Hace 12 días
DAZ: "why the fuck ate you dressed like a fucking mouse?" DAD: "Why do breasts provide milk?"
Mason- Blue -WOLF
Mason- Blue -WOLF Hace 12 días
Thanks Daz for not hating us because normal people do hate us
Teo Hace 12 días
4:01 Rahh is my nigga in yellow on ketamine or sum lmao 😂
Leo's World
Leo's World Hace 12 días
6:33 omg
Fluffy Box Huskey
Fluffy Box Huskey Hace 12 días
Ok we furries are not sexual...We are sweet...An we cosplay for children....Anyone who abuses that an perpously uses it for sexual interaction are idiots :€
Ayla MoonWolf
Ayla MoonWolf Hace 13 días
I’m a furry Also if your confused about furries that aren’t real animals that’s just a normal thing in the fandom people even create their own species or combine species like a Folf (fox wolf) and other things like that! Also yes you were right atleast under 20% of furries are into “sexual things” but I sure ain’t one of em! :3 Also fursuits are extremely expensive and hard to make so please be nice and don’t be judging about how fursuits look I’ve heard stories of people and young kids being bullied for their fursuits and it makes me mad People save up years for them made and it could take ages to make one yourself! I’m actually planning to get a fursuit someday soon I’m just gonna get a premade partial Partial (head hand paws foot paws and tail) coz it will be the cheapest option plus if I was gonna get a custom one I would get one of my characters and she has quite a few small details and spots so she would be very expensive
Ethen Marceau
Ethen Marceau Hace 13 días
I am a furry but this is pretty damn cringe. I try to keep to myself and just my friends who dont mind me liking furry art and stuff.
connie behan
connie behan Hace 13 días
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ammmmmmmm addddiiiiiicccteeddd tttooooo ttthhhhiiiiissss ccchhhaaannneeelll i
aztec furries
aztec furries Hace 13 días
If you ever need answers i can help lol also its not all about sex
Sas Vernon
Sas Vernon Hace 14 días
U should react to cosplayers....(I am one)
DeadGirl Walking
DeadGirl Walking Hace 15 días
Ummm why does the dad look like jack black 😂😂
kitteh12 1
kitteh12 1 Hace 15 días
Imagine dazs daughter coming home and seeing him in a ten foot weird Turkey costume 😂😂😂😂
vibeci Hace 15 días
All I hear with the furry name Tak is thanks..thanks....lol Tak in swedish is thanks😂
Vaporeon Vrystal Animates
Vaporeon Vrystal Animates Hace 16 días
Reeee. That's all i'm gonna say.
S.A.A Miller
S.A.A Miller Hace 16 días
Oh and He doesn't know they aren't overly sexual and he doesn't know that's artifical fur he needs to research more
S.A.A Miller
S.A.A Miller Hace 16 días
And Daz thinks he's normal XD
S.A.A Miller
S.A.A Miller Hace 16 días
I see he only heard the lies people say about furries
Billie Eilish’s deformed Llama
Billie Eilish’s deformed Llama Hace 16 días
I subscribed to you daz your so nice to your dazzlers saying “it doesn’t matter if your a furry your all wonderful” I’m not a furry but that made me feel good so god bless you daz ❤️❤️ daz I don’t really like people that swear but you swear in a way that’s not harmful or anything I love it ( the first mission is escaping from the dragon going into the dungeon to windhelm or something I forgot)
Aspen Wolf
Aspen Wolf Hace 16 días
The “dragon-rabbit” is called a “Dutch Angel Dragon” daz! :3
Miss. M
Miss. M Hace 16 días
*when your a furry*
carly oldham
carly oldham Hace 17 días
That Turkey head flick. I. Fucking. Lost. It.
•VirtualAviation• Hace 18 días
camjkerman Hace 18 días
I should really be on my 2nd account to post this but I can't be bothered. So basically I'm a furry and I think I can answer some of the questions you had. On what fursuits are made of; its usually polysynthetic fibres. In other words, plastic. The furry fandom is very conscious about animal welfare and other animal issues, so having a real fur fursuit could be considered rather a faux pas. And also very expensive as fursuits can cost up to and in excess of £5000 due to their being handmade to a custom design sent in by a commissioner. On how long a person can stay in fursuit; it all depends. Some people can suit for hours on end with no cooling packs in summer- one of my friends lasted 6 hours one fur-meet- while others will have a lower tolerance and will have to go with cooling packs and less suiting time. One really cool thing about the fandom is Telegram. It's like WhatsApp, but much more secure and we have stickers. It also has a very furry focus as its pretty much just furries who tend to use it, so it has an addon language pack which changes the text in the app to contain many memes from the furry fandom, with more added when new memes relevant to any particular situation come up. Being a furry has allowed me to really come out of my shell. Furries are generally so open and accepting to everyone that you just feel like you're in the right crowd the moment you join in with furry activities. If you (or anyone else) has any other questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them in due course.
•Peach •
•Peach • Hace 18 días
Me friends when they see me: 3:21
Source of Satisfaction Productions
Source of Satisfaction Productions Hace 18 días
Daz: I thought furries were a sexual thing, was I wrong Me: YES, well there is a sexual side to it but it’s so small that’s it’s insignificant.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 19 días
if you watch furries you are a furry and should be burned
Xavier Wheeler
Xavier Wheeler Hace 19 días
bye bye
Nightslasher Hace 19 días
Hey Daz you should go to a furry con trust me there a lot of fun
NightShade The Wolf
NightShade The Wolf Hace 19 días
Im a furry and i thought this video was actually hilarious XD
Account Account
Account Account Hace 20 días
You know when Daz kept trying to saying "Furries" it came out as "Fairys", well, imagine if the wold turned into Furries, and Daz was the only one who turned into a Fairy. Take a second and think about that.
Mr Bendy
Mr Bendy Hace 20 días
Daz:I’m going to see mum Turkey: *Turns neck* HELLO SON Me:AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Amberclarity Hace 21 un día
*589 furries are typing...*
Noob Girls
Noob Girls Hace 22 días
Ok not all furrys are used for sexual thing ... So yeah I'm a furry my self
xd plays
xd plays Hace 20 días
did u not read the danm pinged comment?
Kawaii wolf Chan
Kawaii wolf Chan Hace 24 días
There called anthro con
Lily Atherton
Lily Atherton Hace 24 días
If you look behind him you can see the laptop
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Hace 25 días
Does wearing cat ears and a cat tail for one day out of the whole year make you a furry
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Hace 20 días
Yes I mean Halloween
xd plays
xd plays Hace 20 días
Random Stuff lol i hope not also i really hope u mean halloween
Sahra S
Sahra S Hace 25 días
Gracie Gunter
Gracie Gunter Hace 25 días
My gf is a furrie yes im las
Carsen Grigaitis
Carsen Grigaitis Hace 26 días
3:40 hello past daz, crocs are now stylish so you can rest assured you will not be ridiculed(until two months later probably) #VSCO?
Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin Hace 26 días
Furry Chris
Furry Chris Hace 26 días
Tittle: "watches furries" Daz: THE DEER
Furry Chris
Furry Chris Hace 26 días
3:11 Yes
Molly Hutchison
Molly Hutchison Hace 26 días
Teacher: what’s your proudest accomplishment? Me: becoming a Dazzler
Fawnleap of temmieclan
Fawnleap of temmieclan Hace 26 días
0.0008% of the world are furries that means we are an endangered species
lps _daisy
lps _daisy Hace 26 días
Daz murrsuiters are the ones who have s.......e........x but fursuiters dont
xd plays
xd plays Hace 20 días
lps _daisy fur suiters do just in there suits
Autumn Miller
Autumn Miller Hace 26 días
Where did he get the furry costumes for the joke...?
Raze_restricted Hace 26 días
The sketch 😂😂😂😂😂
Cable Wolvesbane
Cable Wolvesbane Hace 27 días
Next video he reacts to yiff or all the single furries
Cable Wolvesbane
Cable Wolvesbane Hace 27 días
I'm a furry lol
hello moni
hello moni Hace 27 días
yo the skit😂😂😂😂😂
Callum Morley
Callum Morley Hace 27 días
That cat was creepy as shit
Danielle Beckett
Danielle Beckett Hace 27 días
F*cking dragon rabbit!!!! Pmsl 🤣🤣
Bunowo Spooky
Bunowo Spooky Hace 27 días
I can believe you didn't know what a furry was even i'm one like 25% of your fans are furries
Ashley Wickline
Ashley Wickline Hace 27 días
You need to watch cosplayers Daz haha
agness' unknown work shop
agness' unknown work shop Hace 27 días
Furries aren't sexual ^^ they are simply a large community that has a large soft spot for anthropomorphic animals most make things called fursonas wich is them if they where an animal, and commission people (or make) fursuits! Furries is an awesome community :)
xd plays
xd plays Hace 20 días
agness's unknown work shop seems uv never been on discord
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