DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V

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DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V
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Neko Meow
Neko Meow Hace 40 minutos
My favourite band from korea♡ and ONEOKROCK from japan♡
Lavendur Aux
Lavendur Aux Hace 13 horas
when i listen to this song of day6 it reminds me of my childhood watching animax lol
Kang Younghyun
Kang Younghyun Hace un día
jaerubeee Hace un día
My sister said she can't jam with this song. I don't know what's wrong with her, I wanna cry!!!
NAISHIXX Tv Hace un día
Soo good to know themmm
Cristy RJ
Cristy RJ Hace un día
I Love You DAY6
ricxxx xxx
ricxxx xxx Hace 2 días
It's my first time to watch this. I just read this on a Comment section . It's like in a anime hhhahahaah i love it.
Agustín Robertito
Agustín Robertito Hace 2 días
Its sad I can't stan because I have a problem with bands and its that I only like or appreciate the singer :(... But it's not only with DAY6, it's same with another bands... :((((B
GEEK대장 Hace 2 días
Day6 is one of the few groups where the verses are so good (better) that you dont even need the chorus
Odalys GR
Odalys GR Hace 2 días
Los amo mis amores ♡♡♡
clarence cendaña
clarence cendaña Hace 2 días
we need a japanese ver. of this
E Crespo
E Crespo Hace 2 días
Fricken love this group 😍
Hyper Panda
Hyper Panda Hace 2 días
I feel like they should’ve used this song in Extraordinary You when Haru and Dan-Oh spent the day together and messed around
Yuuki Nightcore
Yuuki Nightcore Hace 3 días
I'm not really a myday? But I really like their songs its like LiFE
Tiara Haerunnisa
Tiara Haerunnisa Hace 3 días
sonya sahandra
sonya sahandra Hace 3 días
me addic to they music....never bored wach them again n again..
I N F I R E S M A N Hace 3 días
JYP por favor promociona a los chicos
좋은아침줄여서좋아 Hace 3 días
Aminat Kosumova
Aminat Kosumova Hace 3 días
Day6 is one of the few Kpop Bands I really like. Admittedly, their songs ARE damn good.
Serendipity Jimin
Serendipity Jimin Hace 3 días
I was gonna mention something about this sounding like an anime song. But y'all beat me to it :( PS: if you listen to this, I automatically love you
umang jata
umang jata Hace 4 días
i knew about day6 but never really listen to their music. but then, i stumble upon sammy from the rose through jtbc superband, and been following sammy since few months back. then i learn about sammy friendship with jae, then i discover jae's YT channel, which jaesix and been binge watch his videos since yesterday. and now i decide to listen to their music. and here i am about to stan day6 for real!
Army_Myday_Once Hace 4 días
Anyone else sad that these legends did not win as best band in Mama 2019?? Just me? *cries in drum*
Nix Kim
Nix Kim Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who's disappointed in MAMA 2019 after not making them the best band performance with this song
naruto sasuke
naruto sasuke Hace un día
MAMA are snakes u should know that they humiliated exo and exols in both 2017 and 2019 so what do u expect from them
mariela Hace 4 días
I’m a whole gg stan, but day6 is making me think twice🙏
AlanaShardaPersad Hace 4 días
THIS CAN BE AN ANIME joke..thats how amazing this song is
Chewy x Kookie
Chewy x Kookie Hace 5 días
Sorry Day 6 for not be able to give you an award in MAMA.....I'm sorryyyyy....WE ALL KNOW YOU GUYS DESERVE IT.....😭😔
Ftin suraya
Ftin suraya Hace 5 días
It like an anime opening! I like it very much❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lulucat Hace 5 días
xRobijntjex Hace 5 días
SOTY 100000%
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Liz Adrienne Garcia Hace 6 días
all my days are elitists on their superior taste in music because day6 only serves us beautiful, emotional and top tier music. it's day6's fault we're elitists
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Liz Adrienne Garcia Hace 6 días
i don't listen to this song very often because when it plays, i will have to put it on repeat because it's just so addicting
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Liz Adrienne Garcia Hace 6 días
0:15 I love this part so much. my sunflower piri
btstan 14
btstan 14 Hace 6 días
Oh my are you kidding me this is so beautiful ❤️
day6 — novyta
day6 — novyta Hace 7 días
Raihana Jasmine
Raihana Jasmine Hace 7 días
ganteng ganteng banget kenapa sihhh
Allison Langbis
Allison Langbis Hace 7 días
i stan who idols who can sing and play instrument at the same time btw all day6 mv's should be more than the views i can count
ita maemunah
ita maemunah Hace 7 días
I play this song every morning as my mood booster....
Yo Ku Zen
Yo Ku Zen Hace 7 días
Shalie Reynales
Shalie Reynales Hace 7 días
The day this way released was the day I started stanning this wonderful bunch and the only regret I had was not stanning them earlier.
i stoled Jimin’s jams
i stoled Jimin’s jams Hace 7 días
*for the longest time I thought Jae was 18 or 19 but I just found it his actually 26. HOW.*
Emily Jannin
Emily Jannin Hace 7 días
siempre hermosos nunca inhermosos uwu los amooooooo tantooo 7w7
اسماء DAY6
اسماء DAY6 Hace 7 días
This is my page
자두 Hace 7 días
나한텐 이곡이 시간을 달리는 그 속안에서 들려오는 노래같아서 들을때마다 뭔가 마음속에서 뭔가 끓어오르는?피어오르는 느낌이있다 데이식스 최고 좋은노래 들려줘서 항상 감사합니다 팬이예요
Bangtan Shookyeondan
Bangtan Shookyeondan Hace 8 días
Sleep on beds not on day6 smh :
ghina alia
ghina alia Hace 9 días
I need lyrics
Your Angel
Your Angel Hace 9 días
I was listening to this and then my big bro came into the room asking me what anime I was watching haahahah
BIG tiddie matthew
BIG tiddie matthew Hace 9 días
Its official they are added to my list of groups I want to stan. For now I will just listen to their music without know all the inside jokes
Francine Evangelista
Francine Evangelista Hace 10 días
Literally no one... " We're going to make this music like an anime op."
Louisa Buhagiar
Louisa Buhagiar Hace 10 días
the beginning sounds like an anime opening. i am stanning
sya Hace 10 días
i can't get over how amazing wonpil at the beginning is. that head turn tho 😍😍😭💕
nugroho djoyo
nugroho djoyo Hace 11 días
Cocok untuk OP anime
Fauzan Ardiansyah
Fauzan Ardiansyah Hace 11 días
kirain lagu jepang
Ultra_Aksel Hace 11 días
Friends of mine showed me _Sweet Chaos_ and _Time of our Life_ by Day6 and it's amazing 🅱️
Ultra_Aksel Hace 9 días
@amxni.i Eurobeat and city-pop are still my primary
amxni.i Hace 9 días
you have amazing friends btw join the fandom
Kimmy Park
Kimmy Park Hace 12 días
i like day 6 since i was 2016
hyukjae's jawline
hyukjae's jawline Hace 12 días
This sounds like an anime op ajsjdinwkqnansq
Mushfiqur Rahman
Mushfiqur Rahman Hace 13 días
Thanks GODDESSES TWICES for letting me find day6 *_*
Emma Raine
Emma Raine Hace 13 días mean to tell me that DAY6 is a real BAND? And creates GOOD MUSIC? Holy cheese. I cannot believe I did not stan???
Dee Hanna
Dee Hanna Hace 8 días
yup, they used to have Day6 composer, you lyricist on their vlive, write song based on fans comments and did it on spot, live, here is Day6 guide
Doida Nos BL's
Doida Nos BL's Hace 13 días
Eu amooo vcsss❤❤❤❤
Steph C.
Steph C. Hace 13 días
i swear when i first heard this it totally sounded like an anime op
Anni Firanishvili
Anni Firanishvili Hace 13 días
It's feels like am in a Rock Camp
Lara Gonzalez
Lara Gonzalez Hace 13 días
this would be great for an anime intro
m 123
m 123 Hace 13 días
이런풍의 노래를 내는 아티스트가 있구나 진짜 좋다...ㅋㅋ 한순간에 팬됐음 맨날 진부한 발라드만 나와서 짜증났는데 이런노래들 많이 나왔으면ㅠㅠ
brian not brian
brian not brian Hace 12 días
You should listen to their side track more...
Ijeoma Hace 14 días
LOVE THIS SONG ❤️❤️❤️🤟🤟🤟
heyymicaa Hace 14 días
i miss them :
Dung IGOT7
Dung IGOT7 Hace 14 días
Bài này hay quá à
ig : nisnoviani
ig : nisnoviani Hace 14 días
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Shut Up
Shut Up Hace 14 días
watching this because I just had the time of my life last 11.23.2019! Manila loves you so much!
Karyn Joshephine
Karyn Joshephine Hace 14 días
This sounds so much like an anime op. Love itt
Yenbai The Killer
Yenbai The Killer Hace 14 días
No sé ultimamente que me pasa, estoy en un bajón emocional muy fuerte, pero tan solo escucharlos mi corazón se mueve, siento su calidez, siento su amor hacia Myday, gracias a Ellos mi vida es mucho mejor, estoy tan pero tan afortunada de conocerlos. Son una de las mejores casualidades que me han pasado en la vida. Si pudiera decircelos al frente creo que me quedaría sin aliento y palabras, nunca pero nunca me cansare de decir que son lo más talentoso que existe en este mundo. Te amo Day6♡
아가 하트Ahgaheart
아가 하트Ahgaheart Hace 14 días
I'm still listening to this. Came back cause I was feeling depressed. Day6 makes me feel all better. 💚
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