Dax - "VIBEZ" Freestyle [One Take Video]

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(LYRICS BELOW) To celebrate "JOKER" hitting 7 MILLION in 3 weeks here is my "VIBEZ" freestyle. Did I kill it? Lets keep sharing "JOKER"
Click here: smarturl.it/DAX_JOKER
Soundcloud Only: soundcloud.com/thatsdax/vibezfreestyle/s-zkwOEQMUNfQ
Follow Dax: @thatsdax
Shot By: Damien Sandoval
Produced by: Jetsonmade (Dababy Vibez Remix)
#vibez #dababy #freestyle
For anyone who makes it this far in the description I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a crazy journey so far and it is just getting started. The power of manifestation is real. Thank you for allowing me to put my heart into my music and listening. Lets share this and JOKER everywhere.
I’m in my stride
KARTEL I been fucking wit VYBZ
HOME PLATE so you know ima SLIDE
Don’t even try getting this CHICKEN I’m out in KENTUCKY like it’s getting FRIED
They see the TIDE
Niggas is DROWNING I’m driving the boat wit a bag in Dubai
Nigga I’m fly, like a bird
I’m the SHIT like a TURD
Running FADES like im DIRK
Turn a niggas face BLUE like the SMURFS
Matter fact turn it red like my shirt
In my bag, niggas in they purse
Wanna VERSE nigga go to CHRUCH
Got it out the MUD made from the DIRT
613 left did it first
Ice on my wrist quench a niggas thirst
Straight to the BANK jus like a CLERK
9/5 wit it How I put in work
I got CHICKEN but I eint no JERK
I got FRANKLINS but I eint no KIRK
So fucking SICK might need a NURSE
RIP beat put it in A hurse
It’s a bike how riding it
You hate me but you on my profile and shit
Top 5 no denying it
If the game was a plane I’m flying it
If rap was a bitch I’m wifing it
Don’t miss hit like I’m sniping it
Bring the PAIN u might need a VICODIN
Couldn't mimic my DRIVE if you LICENSED it
Don’t hate though
Niggas soft like plato
Getting cheese like its queso
Rap god peap the halo
They wanna fuck wit me because I got the shine
All my numbers MOVING QUICK just like it's AMAZON PRIME
I got bars like a prison swear a nigga doing time
I’m Tony hawk UNDERGROUND cuz I be always on my GRIND
I bring the HEAT like HIBACH
Concentration be just like nazi
Dip dive dodge duck dip dodgeball when imma see paparazzi
Bout to wake niggas up like some COFFEE
Not even a GOALIE could STOP ME
I be cheffing these beats I be saucy
Eint it funny Corny Nigggas always laugh at me
I run tracks like a mufuking athlete
Do do do do do ya exactly
Red dot on ya head like its acne
I just made 100k in a week spent a K on the sneaks so I know niggas mad at me
And every single time I hop on the beat boi you better think twice you don’t want rap after me
So switch
Niggas be hating me now that I’m rich
Pussy lil nigga get off of my dick
Calling you nose because you getting picked
Lilo my nigga cuz you getting stitched
schoop a niggga through a back door
Dax only spitting facts though
Niggas don't know how to act though
2020 I’m coming for necks I’m like Nike the way I be coming for checks
I be right at yo THROAT like some STREP
Like a STAIRCASE my nigga you best WATCH YO STEP
No gym but im finna flex
killing songs with my nigga LEX


Dax Hace un mes
Do not let this distract you from the fact that “JOKER” jus hit 7 mil in 3 WEEKS! Go get it to 500k LIKES🤍💚💜 KEEP SHARING IT and share this new fire! Soundcloud only: soundcloud.com/thatsdax/vibezfreestyle
Foos3y_OW Hace un día
E_The_Bug boi
E_The_Bug boi Hace 11 días
What happen to you rapping for God?
MD GREENERY Hace 13 días
@Dax out here killin it.. shit changes 1 day to the next.. and this guy out her MAKING shit change 100% respect!! Hard work pays!! its #FACTS! @Dax
Dj Wood
Dj Wood Hace 17 días
Daniel Nwosu is a LEGEND💯💯💯💯
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer Hace 18 días
Let me like dax the best rapper no cap album
Harmony Ngakai
Harmony Ngakai Hace 13 horas
Dax: 613 left did it FIRST , ICE on my WRIST Reactors: MyGuy Got Ice On His Wrist But Holds His Chain ??? Dax: Its A "OneTakeVideo" MyG ! ThaatsThaat #WeAreTheLabel
Orpheus Hace 13 horas
I wonder what the people in the buildings were thinking while witnessing Dax’s finesse
London Javitas
London Javitas Hace 16 horas
Bro u deserve more - this **sh*t ** is coming from your heart . U feel it I can see .
Matrix 7581
Matrix 7581 Hace 19 horas
It's Dax yeah that's FAX!!
Trenton Wilkens
Trenton Wilkens Hace 22 horas
Please put this on Spotify please 😭
Collin Redd
Collin Redd Hace un día
Crazy how good he is at flipping words like a genius
Damian X
Damian X Hace un día
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner Hace un día
Dax already one of my favorite artist even though i just discovered recently keep it up man
ultra47 Hace un día
you did not kill it you destroyed it
Left Eye
Left Eye Hace 2 días
'Concentration be just like a nazi Dip dive dodge duck dip dodgeball when I'mma see paparazzi' love the dance 😂😂😂😂
nick gerr
nick gerr Hace 2 días
our telly
our telly Hace 3 días
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 whoooooo!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 At 2:15 love that little dance shout out to @NLEchoppa lol the more I see from Dax the more I love
Mikey Johnson
Mikey Johnson Hace 3 días
DAX still at it
Mr. Goodman
Mr. Goodman Hace 3 días
Yooo let’s get a Dax ft crypt freestyle. Since you and him are cool now
itsddashrock Hace 3 días
DAX you went so hard on this, you should spit to some more modern beats.. Fucks with the flow.
The Brayan
The Brayan Hace 4 días
Dallas Patton
Dallas Patton Hace 4 días
Need to colab with chris webby, skits kraven, and k.a.a.n my bro. Curious on the way youd rap beside them.
501teyy on IG
501teyy on IG Hace 3 días
Has A song with KAAN already but I want A new one
Samuel Courtier
Samuel Courtier Hace 4 días
Best rapper ever, RAP GOD. The one and only. It’s DAX!!!!!!
Rothey Cahall
Rothey Cahall Hace 4 días
We all start somewhere
Cody Russell
Cody Russell Hace 4 días
That beat holy shit
Miley MB
Miley MB Hace 5 días
Dax you are a legend I don't know why people hate you but just know they made a very big mistake
He used the same word just different form
Zack Atkins
Zack Atkins Hace 5 días
So underated. ppl these days smh...
Spiffy J
Spiffy J Hace 5 días
DawnbladeMainYT Hace 5 días
Dax basically ate this beat. Permanent addition to the "Feeling Hype" playlist.
Red Laz
Red Laz Hace 5 días
It's dax yeaaaah
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Hace 5 días
Put this on spotify already
Go Away
Go Away Hace 6 días
Man everything dad says rhymed no cap 😈😈❤️👏
Gaming Bender
Gaming Bender Hace 6 días
THIS NEEDS to be on Spotify.
John M
John M Hace 6 días
FROM OTTAWA. Keep it up.
Sam.072 Hace 6 días
wtfff 1 month 1.4 million views!!🤯🤯
Jonathan Santos
Jonathan Santos Hace 6 días
Punch lines for days!!!!!!!!!! I fuck with you bro 🔥🔥🔥
vXn Hace 8 días
You guys ever heard of futuristic? This seems... Hmm... Everything so...
افجر مهرجانات جديده
افجر مهرجانات جديده Hace 8 días
SmoKK z0r
SmoKK z0r Hace 8 días
Ur dope, u reached Scandinavia gz!
Ean Chadwick
Ean Chadwick Hace 9 días
Kuzz I have a mind we could pick around
Cayden Chamberlain
Cayden Chamberlain Hace 9 días
Keep it up dax your FIRE!!
NaveNazo Hace 10 días
Here we see a DAX in his natural habitat.
Im Your daddy
Im Your daddy Hace 5 días
You stole my comment from the Godzilla video but I’m not even mad because I made it first
Theirish Spartan
Theirish Spartan Hace 10 días
Keep it up 🔥
X5 Epsilon
X5 Epsilon Hace 10 días
dax: turn red like my shirt me: you mean pants?
501teyy on IG
501teyy on IG Hace 6 días
Its A reversed bar "ice on my wrist" but grabbed his chain and "red like my shirt" but had red pants on. He used the same concept as his bar on the Homicide remix "zero is the amount of gives that I fuck dyslexic I meant fucks that I give"
Teshawn Russell
Teshawn Russell Hace 10 días
"if rap was a b*tch im wifin' it" I'm done
The Video Garden
The Video Garden Hace 10 días
Impressed as always
Jack W
Jack W Hace 10 días
Me and Dax could make a hit
Eustathios Hace 10 días
Spotify??? 🧐🤨
WallyS Hace 11 días
such a great rapper so happy that I find this rapper DAX. in 2020 :) Strange I never hear of this rapper early :S
lil key
lil key Hace 11 días
Dax ft Dababy
SCF CLAN Hace 11 días
Every time he make his own version of songs it s better than the original
SCF CLAN Hace 11 días
This song is better then the original 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jake VanOpdorp
Jake VanOpdorp Hace 11 días
noticed the extra audio layer on the 50th listen...
Riiwhi Td Katu
Riiwhi Td Katu Hace 11 días
i cant keep count n how much ive listern to this track brooo fire fire fire
Music ByZine
Music ByZine Hace 11 días
I love dax 🤣Come on guys, I'm tired of my channel 🙏 I only need 100 subscribers to work with ❤️
Mryan05_64 Hace 11 días
I’m gonna shit like a turd... yeah that makes sense
Blake Welsh
Blake Welsh Hace 11 días
2020-3000 will be this career!!! Legacy infinite!!!!!!
Blake Welsh
Blake Welsh Hace 11 días
Only artist to drop so many perfect "one take freestyle / videos" definitely above varsity
Mark Hardy
Mark Hardy Hace 11 días
Every beat you hop on, its better than the fucking original. EVERYTIME.
Dakota Landon
Dakota Landon Hace 11 días
Dax ft Dsmoke lets hope it happens
gangster life
gangster life Hace 12 días
I love your music bro
Truica Dragos
Truica Dragos Hace 12 días
This song deserves 2M likes you are the BEST!!!!❤️
A H Hace 12 días
1:28 Auditions for Ironman.
J James
J James Hace 12 días
They got to him ....he a clone now
Mason Wilson
Mason Wilson Hace 12 días
I don’t like him he copy’s other rappers music
501teyy on IG
501teyy on IG Hace 6 días
Its A remix not A copy
JTGG GAMES YT Hace 12 días
:) vibez mate vibez factsss
Ivar 072
Ivar 072 Hace 12 días
Why isnt this on spotify
Trapped in Quarantine
Trapped in Quarantine Hace 12 días
Fire 🔥
TWIZTED Hace 12 días
Never seen so many arm movements actually make 100% sense 😍 Even with sound off, i feel it all the way 😄
Matthew LaMacchia
Matthew LaMacchia Hace 12 días
There is nothing jesus and satan can do but lie that's why I'm creating my own word....SCIENCE....
Xrhstos Arkalakshs
Xrhstos Arkalakshs Hace 12 días
kai gamw tga tragoudia bro mou eimai astegos tha mou dwseis kana eurw???
RJ ASHO Hace 13 días
kartel i be f@#king with vybz he talking vybz kartel nice use of words there bruh that makes you one of the best
Jose Ventura
Jose Ventura Hace 13 días
Awesome rapper.. Definitely keep ripping it up.
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