Davie504 FAKES Playing the Violin!?

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NJGazz30 Hace 7 minutos
I used to play the Violin in the third grade and I was able to tell he was not playing
Camilla Mela Lelio
Camilla Mela Lelio Hace 2 horas
Me, a pianist, watching two violinist fight against a bassist and enjoying every moment of it. Also Davie: insults Paganini, Brett and Eddie and uses a violin to pick at a bass Me: some men just want to watch the world burn
Kriss Hace 2 horas
I just can't stand him... He even says he speak English instead of Italian in his videos because much more people do understand English... How sad knowing there are Italians like this, who don't even know what does "Music" mean.
Blue Ukulele
Blue Ukulele Hace 4 horas
Shut up
piano rasta
piano rasta Hace 4 horas
Its like 2 religious battle But it on instruments haha
Scarlet Hace 5 horas
Davie: playing bass with a thumb like that is a sin. Two set: ... Two set: would you like me to start complimenting on your BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH AND BLAH. :)
kulkid _
kulkid _ Hace 5 horas
Can you guys react to 2cellos???
Calin novacovici
Calin novacovici Hace 5 horas
Wtf man
Yzrel Gaming
Yzrel Gaming Hace 6 horas
why yall so loud lol?????
Saima Cataluña
Saima Cataluña Hace 6 horas
Every Beginner needs to practice B R U H
KARAN MeNoN Hace 6 horas
Davie504 is much better than u
K. Gonzales
K. Gonzales Hace 6 horas
Bruh! I was in shock when he used the violin as a pick!!
tamara schvorczi
tamara schvorczi Hace 7 horas
When Davie "played" the violin the only thing in my mind was "he doesn't even hit the america's got talent level"
168vfk Hace 7 horas
Davie: This is the first time I’ve ever played the violin, and I didn’t even practice. Well, okay, since we all know that geniuses are born, not created.
FlipFloddess Hace 7 horas
You can’t make a challenge if you didn’t complete the first challenge.
Jimin's Lie
Jimin's Lie Hace 8 horas
*40 hours of practice everyday* me: isn't 1 day=24hrs- .....*me.exe stopped functioning*
Jimin's Lie
Jimin's Lie Hace 8 horas
twoset: *we can't hurt the violin* also twoset: *but we can hurt the bow* 9:30
alejandro moreno
alejandro moreno Hace 9 horas
i got 4!!!!!!! ads wth lol
Doc Acher
Doc Acher Hace 9 horas
Got to say, Davie's violin thing at the end of his video sounded very cool
Fxhim Hace 9 horas
You guys probably cringey
Luca Vitale
Luca Vitale Hace 9 horas
I love how these guys absolutely wail on their bass, and then right after when Davie gently taps the violin on his bass strings they want to tear their hair out XD. I thought they were winning this but I can't let that fly lol. Also as an upright bassist, we slap our classical basses all the time like he did with the violin and it's perfectly fine.
Istiqlal Amirah Sugeng
Istiqlal Amirah Sugeng Hace 9 horas
Even i'm not a musician, when davie playing the Bass... That's disturbing @_@
十代のウサギ Hace 11 horas
You were faking people that you 2 actually have a brain.....SAH MATE!
Srimoy Das
Srimoy Das Hace 11 horas
yeah you say no to violence cause the whole violin will break at one slapp ya doofus
Bronzethelegend36 4
Bronzethelegend36 4 Hace 12 horas
Who the hell is pagininni and is he up there with linguini and fettuccine
sasuke uchicha
sasuke uchicha Hace 12 horas
Hey you that's a bully two sets violin are noob in 1000 million noob
幻·星辰 Hace 12 horas
Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you... Poor violin, viola bow and bass...
Eric chia
Eric chia Hace 13 horas
are you rich?🤔
pranav Hace 14 horas
Who unsubscribed these guys when they fight the best bassist DAVIE504
Amber Spades
Amber Spades Hace 15 horas
literally loving this channel after leaving davie's cuz he's so arrogant and SACRILEGIOUS. while eddy and brett are REALLY cool and legit make me laugh so hard
Aedhel Tuliao
Aedhel Tuliao Hace 16 horas
We respect you two but you need to respect each other
Angad Bassi
Angad Bassi Hace 17 horas
abhey ooh guiyah shakal dekho apni. davie kha mukabla karo ghai.shakal dekhi hain apni
LilWiseCreatorHD Hace 17 horas
Naved Ahmed
Naved Ahmed Hace 18 horas
Violin is always better then guitar.
Emthesage EMM
Emthesage EMM Hace 18 horas
dam it Dave! whe had to fake it becouse he couldn't even try
Zayne1o Roberts
Zayne1o Roberts Hace 18 horas
Davie504 is winner
Omniqwerty4 Hace 18 horas
Nur a Shams
Nur a Shams Hace 19 horas
10:10 violin gets a new flavour...
Анна Люсия - Hetalian
Анна Люсия - Hetalian Hace 20 horas
When you are a Davie504 fan and a TwoSetViolin fan: *sweats*
shumitoalex- -CSGO. CS 1.6
shumitoalex- -CSGO. CS 1.6 Hace 20 horas
i didn't know that violin-chan had 2 necks jssjs
Yolanda Zhang
Yolanda Zhang Hace 20 horas
18K people can't play the violin
Joem VargasX
Joem VargasX Hace 20 horas
Your pp is small
Cman Gaming
Cman Gaming Hace 20 horas
gustavo vieira
gustavo vieira Hace 20 horas
What a fake reactions lmao
Samuel Melchiors
Samuel Melchiors Hace 21 un hora
Poor viola bow
Carbonated Cherries
Carbonated Cherries Hace 21 un hora
rip viola bow
asddfjkkl Hace 23 horas
i want to see a collab vid where davie *l e g i t* plays the violin and twoset plays the bass
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang Hace 23 horas
The second i saw davie's video, i was like "oh he's f**ked"
Cat Knight
Cat Knight Hace 23 horas
painful... Davie504 banned from violin for life!
Solo llámame Diego
Solo llámame Diego Hace un día
I am a Slapper..........
Acid God
Acid God Hace un día
11:08 and jazz was created.
bug! Hace un día
Domestic violin -nce
burr153 Hace un día
Lmao on my 10th year of violin. I faked playing "base" ya know the "tall cello" for a while then went to the violin. No regrets
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee Hace un día
I have a bass friend subscribed to Davie504 and a violin friend subscribed to Twoset Tensions have never been this high, while I, a piano, watches from afar.
Faye Wilbur
Faye Wilbur Hace un día
bruh that poor bow, use a bass bow dude
Rayyan Nasir
Rayyan Nasir Hace un día
I would die to stop this channel
Giovanna Stenzel
Giovanna Stenzel Hace un día
Don't hold violin-chan like this!!!!!!!!!!!
akage tobimaru
akage tobimaru Hace un día
Every instruments is hard if you played it professionally.....
Helen Hebert
Helen Hebert Hace un día
This Davie 504 guy isn't even worthy of playing second violist.
cullot00able Hace un día
Man, Im re watching the series. makes me laugh/ cringe all the time. Thank you Twoset and Davie504. how I wish i could tag them.
pj sadistic
pj sadistic Hace un día
I’m a bass player and a drummer but I think you guys are cool as f*** 🤘🏻😎 it’s Sacrilegious the fact that Davie didn’t completed the PIECE with you!!!!! It would sounded good doing a collaboration, you should get Stevie T on the guitar and Samus66 on the drums!!! keep up with the good work guys! peace!! 👍🏻
badger plays
badger plays Hace un día
French horn gang...?
BeastKIlleR Gameplays
BeastKIlleR Gameplays Hace un día
Hélène Honsbein
Hélène Honsbein Hace un día
Him: You don't play a bass with your thumb. Also him: plays the violin with a bent wrist. Sorry if this will come later in the video, it was just my first thought when I saw him playing violin.
Gasper Poprijan
Gasper Poprijan Hace un día
Honestly who cares whitch instrument is harder cuz no one cares he chose the bass you chose the violin i chose something else and it maybe easier who cares for me its easy for you its even more easy for me its hard for you its not hard who cares for everybody its difrent
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee Hace un día
Davie: “plays” violin Me: I play the viola and I can see your faking...
Nella Penelope
Nella Penelope Hace un hora
Ouch. That hurts. Or WAIT..... Does Davie even know what the viola is!!!??
ֆ1ʟʋ3ʀ Hace un día
Edward Ness
Edward Ness Hace un día
TwoSetViolin: do not disrespect classical instruments... *TwoCello has entered the chat* thunderstruck!!!
Abby Micola
Abby Micola Hace un día
Let's ask ourselves something "why does davie504 even own a violin?" Someone needs to call VPS (violin protective services) on him
Rebekah Lang
Rebekah Lang Hace un día
8:26 you’re being so mistreated you poor violin 🎻😭😢 I hate Davie504. Violin gang rise up and defeat bass gang
kun li
kun li Hace un día
Don't think you are the best
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