David Boreanaz Has a Major, Furry Fashion Regret

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Hace 2 meses

After James asks Cam Newton about the genesis of his penchant for fashion, David Boreanaz recalls a coat he once wore to an event that gave off a serious Chewbacca vibe, and James has the visual evidence.
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Jahseh Williams
Jahseh Williams Hace 6 días
I had that 3 parent home 2, i miss waking up to a real southern grandma sliding her feet across floor when walking singing her church song
Ma Ma
Ma Ma Hace 17 días
Ma Ma
Ma Ma Hace 17 días
MMaya Hace un mes
he will always be Angel to me!! and even if I feel old looking at how long ago that was, this man is aging FINE!!! he's sexy! :))
TheFantasylover96 Hace 2 meses
I was in the audience during this interview and it was awesome!
Chelsea b
Chelsea b Hace 2 meses
That "Bruh" was perfect LMFAO
Lucy Morris
Lucy Morris Hace 2 meses
I miss David in Bones !!!!!
cuddles4283 Hace 2 meses
David still lookin good
Isaac Matus
Isaac Matus Hace 2 meses
“Buffy the Vampire slayer”
lalenaaa aaa
lalenaaa aaa Hace 2 meses
“not really too FOUND of it”
jnmklo9 Hace 2 meses
I love the guy with the hat's accent - sounds like a million dollars to me.
Fred Caron
Fred Caron Hace 2 meses
seal team Jason :D
Aqilah Ali
Aqilah Ali Hace 2 meses
Logan Lion
Logan Lion Hace 2 meses
I tried to get into bones series but I watch Seal Team every time the new episodes out . It’s an awesome series
markrager Hace 2 meses
Cam said he couldn’t get embarrassed. The photo I saw of him in the hot pink slides proves his point.
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation Hace 2 meses
I prefer David's style: jeans and a jacket 🔥
Tired of drama
Tired of drama Hace 2 meses
BOOTH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Deyanira Mena
Deyanira Mena Hace 2 meses
Jefferson Leonardo
Jefferson Leonardo Hace 2 meses
Carpool karaokê Chris Brown please
Chidoku Dragneer
Chidoku Dragneer Hace 2 meses
hi guys, i need to find and mv of a song i like, can you help me? if i remember right, in the video, there is a couple, they are quarreling, a daughter was caught by police, and a soldier says goodbye to his family, at the end, the couple come to a place and dance, the daughter hug her father and the soldier leave his home.
Air Land
Air Land Hace 2 meses
OMG You won't Believe joinhoney.com/ref/oxb91kl
CA CA Hace 2 meses
Awww his Angel days 😍😍😍
Behemuth Hace 2 meses
Yeah,man in black xD
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer Hace 2 meses
OMG I love you so much you r so funny 😂 you make me laugh when I am sad and you always inspire me and although i am only ten (eleven in seven days ) I watch you all the time I first saw you coz on you tube here dad was watching you then I realised I wanted to subscribe and watch u all the time love ya u won’t see this although bye x
Marian Cabigon
Marian Cabigon Hace 2 meses
That was during his Angel days! Not Chewbacca at all for me, more like Angelus experimenting on fur and not leather...lol...David B. will always be amazing!
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Hace 2 meses
He’ll always be my favourite FBI Agent 🥺
TOPV Trending
TOPV Trending Hace 2 meses
I love this show ⭕️❤️⭕️
Rlemskfkwlfkggm Emily
Rlemskfkwlfkggm Emily Hace 2 meses
Lucas Vitor
Lucas Vitor Hace 2 meses
Lula Bolaños
Lula Bolaños Hace 2 meses
Is Todd here?!
Daniel B
Daniel B Hace 2 meses
Yeah it's impossible to embarrass a narcissist.
Nomon Munir
Nomon Munir Hace 2 meses
omg the actor from BOnes !
Adriel Entertainment
Adriel Entertainment Hace 2 meses
tototyxxx Hace 2 meses
that hat looks like the hunters pith helmet from jumanji and a baseball hat. fashion
JenJen Ni
JenJen Ni Hace 2 meses
Daaang I had such a big crush on David during the Buffy/Angel era
suzawilo Hace 2 meses
PATTYY L Hace 2 meses
He'll always b a cheater to me..even tho I looooove him in bones
Camilla De La Vega
Camilla De La Vega Hace 2 meses
I’m not feeling that hat lol
Ray Soul
Ray Soul Hace 2 meses
suzawilo Hace 2 meses
ana jones
ana jones Hace 2 meses
"bruh" 😂
あい Hace 2 meses
I LOVE BONES❤from japan
Idunnイドゥン Hace 2 meses
David Boreanaz is looking like a snack! HOT DAMN!
Jose Acero
Jose Acero Hace 2 meses
Bruh! 😭😂
Scrat lives Matter
Scrat lives Matter Hace 2 meses
Move to the 2:02 mark get to Davids part of the video.
Family Friendly Cooking
Family Friendly Cooking Hace 2 meses
2:29 "I kind of looked like Chewbacca...." :D :D :D :D
ASuperCrys Hace 2 meses
David is still fine!!!!
Lina Qassab
Lina Qassab Hace 2 meses
Daniel Cervi
Daniel Cervi Hace 2 meses
Remember him back in the 90's watching buffy the vampire slayer. Fuck I'm getting old
DadsVSgames Hace 2 meses
I remember that coat...christ
Anisha__xo Hace 2 meses
Austin Elliott
Austin Elliott Hace 2 meses
That "bruh" was on fucking point. I thought I had another video on
Honestly WTF
Honestly WTF Hace 2 meses
I really miss bones I used to watch every single episode on tnt during their marathons.
Jessica Brissette
Jessica Brissette Hace 2 meses
Still on Hulu and Prime!
Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine Hace 2 meses
That's where i know him from lol
Dhm Dhm
Dhm Dhm Hace 2 meses
Hey angel 😍 I remember he was my first ever crush
super sonic
super sonic Hace 2 meses
David boreanoz goes to a "local" place called zorbuz on a lake here in Minnesota and it's great to meet him, he will always be Angel and agent booth to me.
Cari Hace 2 meses
David Boreanaz can pull off a trash bag! 🥰💖🤟
vivianne njoki
vivianne njoki Hace 2 meses
I hope those are enough reasons to get them back together.For the sake of humanity.
vivianne njoki
vivianne njoki Hace 2 meses
The boys were more than singers to me.They brought out true friendship togetherness.The love of brother hood.scratch their songs, their brotherhood is what made them a band.
vivianne njoki
vivianne njoki Hace 2 meses
When Simon said they lacked something I am telling you it's not their voices.it was there character,meaning of songs they write, dressing.a lot of things.
vivianne njoki
vivianne njoki Hace 2 meses
James hi?I have been trying to get in touch with you for a long time.you know about one direction getting back together.you kidnaping them like the Jonas Bros and pouring hot lava on them instead of buckets of water.pleeeeeease I beg of you.they need it.i mean seriously they are a mess. Four of my greatest guys destroyed urgh! Harry sings songs that take time figuring out,kiwi what does that mean seriously.lets not talk about judge Louise my God.knock knock whose there Liam the terrible rapper.Then booom Niall what's up with the party animal looks like a dad.
Mai Shaw
Mai Shaw Hace 2 meses
He will always be Special Agent Seeley Booth in my heart ❤️😍
Michelle Huff
Michelle Huff Hace 2 meses
Mai Shaw yep me too!
Kat herine
Kat herine Hace 2 meses
He is Liam/Angel/Angelus to me always.
Denise Hofman
Denise Hofman Hace 2 meses
Angel <3
Captain Muscles
Captain Muscles Hace 2 meses
I miss Craig Ferguson, lads.
Roksana Islam
Roksana Islam Hace 2 meses
I don't
kjdnyhmghfvb Hace 2 meses
In the words and sentiment of Karen Walker: David, honey what's going on, what's happening, what are we going for?
Nina 931
Nina 931 Hace 2 meses
Oopss7 Hace 2 meses
I'd love to see him star on Will and Grace even as himself and just have her hit on him shamelessly
Oopss7 Hace 2 meses
I most definitely read that in her voice. Hahaha
Tommy Doran
Tommy Doran Hace 2 meses
Hey please text me back
super sonic
super sonic Hace 2 meses
What's your number dog? I'll text ya.
Madison Aberer
Madison Aberer Hace 2 meses
It’s 4 AM in the morning here yay
Hasbia Ouali
Hasbia Ouali Hace 2 meses
its lit
Do you like my thight sweater ?
Do you like my thight sweater ? Hace 2 meses
He'll always be Angel to me. My favorite show of all time. The best cast ever.
Robin Rajaonarivelo
Robin Rajaonarivelo Hace 2 meses
@Oopss7 He loved the Buffyverse and Angel and was very sad when it ended
Cantus Animus
Cantus Animus Hace 2 meses
Angel forever 🤣 (team Spike though)
suzawilo Hace 2 meses
@Oopss7 Yeah. No.
Madison Meinhardt
Madison Meinhardt Hace 2 meses
Dj Massey
Dj Massey Hace 2 meses
Ye James cordon is a dream boat
aaron names
aaron names Hace 2 meses
two minutes about the black guy dressing up and then out of nowhere " David do you have any fashion regrets?" man these are cheap scripts
Jen Lee
Jen Lee Hace 2 meses
You really don't know who Cam Newton is??
Weight Loss Dietitian
Weight Loss Dietitian Hace 2 meses
My dream is to get the silver play button
cleyton bolgenhagen
cleyton bolgenhagen Hace 2 meses
suzawilo Hace 2 meses
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt Hace 2 meses
ANGEL and bones
Helgali Hace 2 meses
Good name for a show too. 😂
Oopss7 Hace 2 meses
Argh. He's so hot
Oopss7 Hace 2 meses
There's just so much handsome on this couch, though
VMohdude -
VMohdude - Hace un mes
Dawson doing Stupid Shit oof
Dawson doing Stupid Shit
Dawson doing Stupid Shit Hace 2 meses
Oopss7 yea but accuracy is not on that couch
craft and cook
craft and cook Hace 2 meses
MY ANGEL😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
MizzAndLydz OnFire
MizzAndLydz OnFire Hace 2 meses
Love this, "I just like to be the centre of attention... sometimes"
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