Dave Chappelle Two Weeks After Sticks & Stones

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Dave Chappelle On Broadway | Secret Special | Trans jokes | Donald Trump | The Punchline
I knew something was up when I heard that rotten tomato gave sticks and stones bad ratings. Dave Chappell is way too talented.
Two Weeks After Sticks & Stones Was Filmed in Atlanta, Dave Chappelle Mode his debut on the Broadway Stage.
Capitol Hill weighs in on allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden
Joe Biden can't keep his hands off of Senators' children at the swearing in ceremony.
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Krichnu Hace 4 horas
Fuck people and this generation of offended pussies.
Young Jeezy
Young Jeezy Hace 7 horas
Dope introduction
A T Hace 9 horas
What the hell is wrong with Joe Biden? Ew
Jeremiah Blum
Jeremiah Blum Hace 10 horas
Not sure how Chappelle coverage turned into a Biden and trump clip fest... little weird...
P Nice
P Nice Hace 10 horas
I'm wanting to watch it again tomorrow for a second time. How bout them tomato's
Timothy Perez
Timothy Perez Hace 13 horas
I'm all about being respectful, mindful and sensitive to people's backround, race, ideology and adverse experiences. The ability to stand back and make satirical jabs at "ourselves" once in a while is both the essence of comedy and an indicator of good mental health. In the end we are all just primates with vocal cords existing for a blip in time.
durrell levy
durrell levy Hace 13 horas
People are so pathetic it's ridiculous. If your sensitive, don't go to a comedy club. People do not have to abide by your sensitive issues, if you can't take a joke, fuck you!!!
YouTube Surgeon General
YouTube Surgeon General Hace 17 horas
Lol, read the description. This dude clearly loves Donald Trump. Biden is creepy though...
dik2bik Hace 19 horas
8:31 so much cringy footage of Biden. If he gets past primaries, they're gonna run his ass through the mud with a slew of pervy montages. Congratulations Trump 2020
Kings & Queens
Kings & Queens Hace 21 un hora
Joe rogan face was weird !!
Aronda Jackson
Aronda Jackson Hace 21 un hora
Loved sticks and stones!
Aronda Jackson
Aronda Jackson Hace 21 un hora
Love him
D Hamp
D Hamp Hace un día
This is some slick pro Republican BS
Mike Merc
Mike Merc Hace un día
Yo that footage of joe is creepy AF.
Dom. Allele
Dom. Allele Hace un día
Chappelle isn't talking about what your talking about. He doesn't support the bigoted views of Right wingers like you so you, and that pos Rogan, can keep trying to use him as cover in the hope you fool a few more low iq dumb asses out there.
J.H.P Music
J.H.P Music Hace un día
6:45 "this is how i feeel insiiiiie" 😅🤣😭
Haltlose Gainz
Haltlose Gainz Hace un día
3:10 dave chappelle doing a perfect norm macdonald impression on accident
tranche2pain Hace un día
AAahhh omg, Joe Biden, what the fuck ??!!
tranche2pain Hace un día
Wait, did i misheard or did he call transgenders, "Transformers" ? LMAOOOOOOOO.
Atomic Pressure
Atomic Pressure Hace un día
This is the most stupidest looking video I ever seen somebody tried to do a good job on
BettyAnn Smith
BettyAnn Smith Hace un día
Dave Chappelle ROCKS! He is THE king of comedy hands down!!! 👑🙌☝️
Janjua __
Janjua __ Hace un día
Keep smashing it Dave Fuck these hypocritical snowflakes
Western Adventures
Western Adventures Hace un día
that shit "sticks and stones " aint shit compared to anything being said in the early 90s. Proof the new age is super sensitive
Jzeaser Hace un día
So many Russian bots in this comment section luring about Biden or just fucken trumptard morons
Better health /Better lifestyle
Better health /Better lifestyle Hace un día
Ahaha Dave is the life 🤩
Alok Hota
Alok Hota Hace un día
If Liberals/Progressive/Leftists don't like it, means I have to watch it asap. Liberal hate is a guarantee, a mark of authenticity and quality.
Aurora Arrow
Aurora Arrow Hace un día
Bad times create strong men Strong men create good times Good times create weak men Weak men create bad times. It's a cycle ladies and gentlemen
milchuck Hace un día
Chappelle is funny as fuck...and Sticks and Stones is probably his best special yet.
Rosewood Legacy
Rosewood Legacy Hace un día
I hate Donald fuckin’ Trump but he is getting MY vote.
eyescreamcake Hace un día
Video started out good but then it became a yakety yak juvenile Trump campaign ad?
Warren Moore
Warren Moore Hace un día
Joe Biden is an idiot along with the rest of left....#BLACKS4TRUMP
Simphiwe Ndlangamandla
Simphiwe Ndlangamandla Hace un día
Joe Biden is one touchy old man.
Nix Bronowski
Nix Bronowski Hace un día
Makes 'Delirious' look like a kids party. This is a New Generation of Anti PC. TIMES HAVE CHANGED! God Bless The Chappelle! You have a UNIVERSAL Audience. With u ALL the way!
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall Hace un día
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DAVE!!! HE REALLY IS THE GREATEST COMIC EVER!!! (shhhh... he needs to tighten that tummy a bit to match all those great muscles!) He can say anything and I'd love it!!!
Generally Mexican
Generally Mexican Hace un día
Sadly Dave isn't a Trump supporter. He's kinda liberal.
Kmak Milly
Kmak Milly Hace un día
(Dave Chappelle voice ) - Heeeeeyyyy! They Say That Sticks & Stones'll Break Your Bones!, I exiled and lifted some weights and come back & now Dave Chappelle is "A CLONE?"
Fee V
Fee V Hace un día
RIP Daphne...class act. Xx
tritone11 Hace un día
Oh my god...is the creator of this video trying to (ab)use Dave Chappelle for his own Pro-Republican agenda in some twisted way? The world we live in...
the supreme king
the supreme king Hace 2 días
What gets me is people are upset about his lgbt jokes. He made a fucking joke about Nicole Simpson being murdered? But That didn’t bother the professionally offended? Gtfoh
Riki Vera
Riki Vera Hace 2 días
Joe " I'll molest you on national TV" Biden.
Cwick Yo momma
Cwick Yo momma Hace 2 días
Biden weird ass fuck
matt kokowski
matt kokowski Hace 2 días
did this guy just take a Dave chappelle stand up story and turn it into a pro trump video
Ronin Hace 2 días
if that creep smelt my daughters hair like that I'd rip his jaw off and hand it to him
Urbanfour Hace 2 días
It's all a divide and conquer strategy that too often even the most rational people can't help bit get caught up in. It's why the Left gives Biden a pass while demonizing Trump and why the Right gives Trump a pass while demonizing Biden.
Dre Day
Dre Day Hace 2 días
Imagine if this was Patrice
Freddie Montanez
Freddie Montanez Hace 2 días
To me, in my options, Chappelle is a fan of Trump. Why they have to show videos be of Joe Biden.?.,it was creepy.
Freddie Montanez
Freddie Montanez Hace 2 días
Robin Svab, I agree 💯 with you. He tells the truth and he is funny. Much love ❤️ for you. Chappelle.
shaabo Squeezy
shaabo Squeezy Hace 2 días
🤢The fact that there is even one piece of footage of Biden touching on lil girl is disturbing... However in this clip it shows multiple 🤮😠
Steve Harding
Steve Harding Hace 2 días
Dave isn't a fan of Tump? I thought he was smart.
Richard McGee
Richard McGee Hace 2 días
HOLY SHIT...Joe Biden is definitely a sex offender just look at the way he caresses all the little girl's faces, shoulders, hair and how he likes to smell them and touch them for a super long ass time
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Hace 2 días
That's the bad guy.
Christina Shappy
Christina Shappy Hace 2 días
Great video! Love it! Thank you!
David Burgess
David Burgess Hace 3 días
Wtf? All of a sudden it turned into a pro trump ad.
Wishingtub12 Hace 3 días
KInda weird how half the video is about Joe Biden, Amercian politics are so shit
Wishingtub12 Hace 3 días
Also if you're trying to use Joe Biden to make Trump look good it's a pretty shit argument, they're both terrible, Hillary is terrible, American seems to only appoint terrible politicians to President to be honest
psycho1g Hace 3 días
Am I the only one to notice that this is a high level trump publicity
mariel ramirez
mariel ramirez Hace 3 días
Omg those Biden clips! They where so creeepy😨😰😱 I mean i wasn't voting for him anyway but how can any body say he was just too friendly.
Branon Fontaine
Branon Fontaine Hace 3 días
The Benny Hill soundtrack in the background during the Creepy Biden montage was perfect, well done.....
The Kid
The Kid Hace 3 días
John Donne... This is fucking weird bro.
The Kid
The Kid Hace 3 días
Your name also rhymes with condom
BumNuggetz 420
BumNuggetz 420 Hace 3 días
Grow up people his a stand up comedian who tells jokes JOKES people fucking retards uno
Joe A
Joe A Hace 3 días
Dave Chappelle is one of the best comedian of all time always pushing the limits 🤣😂 let me put it this way dumb ass people go and watch the Trevor Noah show to get there news 😂 nothing against Trevor love Trevor
Deo Martinez
Deo Martinez Hace 3 días
Love you Dave !!!! Where behind you.
Paul d
Paul d Hace 3 días
Ok.. the joe Biden clips just creeped me out, that’s just odd behavior.
Ronny Sy
Ronny Sy Hace 10 horas
first thing on my mind is.... give this guy some pussy.
Justin Yellow Elk
Justin Yellow Elk Hace 3 días
Everybody getting to soft now days!! Dave Chappelle is the fucking shit !! DC4L!!
youstupidideot Hace 3 días
I find he got boring, but most Netflix special are. I wish he would do sketches again. Would be much funnier.
lessonslearned Hace 3 días
“ what about the diversity on the Trump side?” 🤣 I wish all the extremist liberals and all the extremist republicans would all just move to an island together.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Hace 3 días
America: Sacrificing truth and integrity, in the interest of the maladjusted feelings of the few. Celebrate diversity, just don’t ever fuckin mention it.
Vod MacDuff
Vod MacDuff Hace 3 días
Apparently this Daphne person killed itself last week, and the media tried to blame it on Dave.
Abel Hace un día
Good riddance!
oz28km3622kg Hace 3 días
nothing should be off subject. the moment is does, things become dangerous and you get protected groups in society. religions, ideologies and “gender” all deserve to be made fun of because in the end we are all just human just stfu and laugh u dumb idiots.
Lebohang Makgetha
Lebohang Makgetha Hace 3 días
'hey look everybody I'm Chinese!' hahahahahaha
Lonely Driver
Lonely Driver Hace 3 días
We are in different times now. Everyone gets offended by everything. Everyday, people stray further from reality. For those cupcakes that hate this, go ahead keep hating it. Stay blind.
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