Dating Rules Indian Guys Need to Follow - Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

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Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian

Hace 4 años

In his brand new special "AWENEST" , Indian stand up comedian Kenneth Sebastian talks about how Indian girls face a lot of restrictions especially when it comes to dating which Indian boys need to be mindful of! He breaks down a couple of simple rules to follow from the little experience he has from dating.
After his first two comedy specials "Journey to the Center of My Brain" and "Insides Out", Kenny Sebastian is back with a brand new special "AWENEST" where he explores his relationship with the outside world a little more in detail.
Follow Kenny on Twitter @KnowKenny
SnapChat: @KnowKenny
Instagram: @KennethSeb
Written, Directed & Edited by Kenneth Sebastian.
Produced by OML.
Location : Vapour, Indiranagar. (Bangalore)

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Arsheen Mehek
Arsheen Mehek Hace un día
Perfect tutorial for boys before they start dating .... lmao
Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma Hace un día
7:13 well it really works!😂 the moment you turned back and started walking, if I was there in the audience, I would jump on the stage, hold your hand and would apologize instead😂😂even when its not my mistake but still on seeing your cute acting I would still apologize for nothing 😆❤
Sathya S.P
Sathya S.P Hace 2 días
Are u comitted man
Lakshmi Vijayshekar
Lakshmi Vijayshekar Hace 4 días
The last scene was some movie scene I guess, if yes which movie scene is it?
No Jo
No Jo Hace 7 días
Boring 🥱
suraksha varshney
suraksha varshney Hace 7 días
The sorry part was hilarious.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jar of sorry's..... Lol....
If You Are Watching This During The Pandemic You Gotta Read My Username. Just Do It! ;)
nandini petwal
nandini petwal Hace 8 días
That jealous part was hilarious 😂😂
Minakshi Mahajan
Minakshi Mahajan Hace 9 días
Very good and without using cheap words....
Sahil Qureshi
Sahil Qureshi Hace 10 días
Don't scroll just laugh bro
Vani Agarwal
Vani Agarwal Hace 11 días
And then thr r kdramas that bring our expectations high thanks for reminding abt how indian boys r....high tym i have to get outta my imagination 😂
Kanishthika Krishnakumar
Kanishthika Krishnakumar Hace 11 días
Simply superb!!!!!
Sheffin Paul
Sheffin Paul Hace 11 días
Jenephar Fernandes
Jenephar Fernandes Hace 12 días
Why u give bad words ..all small children r looking your videos and learning bad words ..all r listening to you than why can't you preach word of God ...U r Christian right ...preach word of God . Let us all repent ..for the present situation ..COVID-19 all people r dying ..let us Unite n pray for the whole world ha ..
Shwetha Menon
Shwetha Menon Hace 12 días
Any single girls here please like
kaustubh kharat
kaustubh kharat Hace 14 días
With that sorry you will get laid in a second
Devesh Kumar
Devesh Kumar Hace 17 días
This guy has good humor
Sadiq rocks
Sadiq rocks Hace 17 días
Massbraker 😂😂
Muskan Rathaur
Muskan Rathaur Hace 18 días
This was like😂😂😂😂
Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra Hace 18 días
In the end when Kenny says "wo mera pyaar tha"😂😂😂😂😂
Avantika Tewari
Avantika Tewari Hace 19 días
I really like Kenny's voice
Rajeshwari K N
Rajeshwari K N Hace 20 días
Nice suggestion man
JINI VARGHESE Hace 21 un día
Sangam Rai
Sangam Rai Hace 21 un día
Page 1 n malnutritious....hhaaha
Shreosee Chakraborty
Shreosee Chakraborty Hace 21 un día
Being an Indian girl I really do know the pain of dating someone and u can't tell that to ur family....I just could relate that....😐😧
Shwetha Menon
Shwetha Menon Hace 13 días
Ankita Mukund
Ankita Mukund Hace 22 días
do watch -
Shubham Ganvir
Shubham Ganvir Hace 22 días
I have watched this so many times. i never get bored.
Aliya Malik
Aliya Malik Hace 22 días
This video is so fucking relatable XD
Yash Bhardwaj
Yash Bhardwaj Hace 22 días
i am taking tips
Sanskrati Nema
Sanskrati Nema Hace 22 días
Deeksha Joshi
Deeksha Joshi Hace 23 días
Kennnnyyyyyyy.....U r amazing man..n that sorry section...I just loved it. 😂😂🖤🖤🖤🖤
Rajesh K
Rajesh K Hace 23 días
If you speak about the Tamil girl definitely they made a big issue in the social media and then convey the video to abuse women and finally they sent to prison
Archie's world
Archie's world Hace 23 días
I'm single with no attention from anyone ☹️ Where are those 99% single guys?!
Adarsh Pandey
Adarsh Pandey Hace 15 días
Here, I am
Drsoni Gupta
Drsoni Gupta Hace 23 días
The cherry on top was you singing in a hilarious set. Turned on..
Harini Murugan
Harini Murugan Hace 24 días
Just awesome Kenny 👍
debo dutta
debo dutta Hace 24 días
6:15 is that girl on the left having drinks kept on the stage?
Shrishti Hace 25 días
Oooo god!!!! I can't stop laughing
Carey Hensley
Carey Hensley Hace 26 días
Is Troplusfix Dating Secrets effective to get laid by hot girl? I've read many good stuff about this popular dating course.
Club1percent Hace 28 días
chutiye hindi ni ati kya??
Nom nomjoon
Nom nomjoon Hace 27 días
Bro hes south Indian smh
Urban Productions
Urban Productions Hace 28 días
Didi wo kaun rha
Urban Productions
Urban Productions Hace 28 días
This guy protected manlienss
Tashyab Raj
Tashyab Raj Hace 28 días
"That girl is doing Pooja."
BlueBerryBird Monkey
BlueBerryBird Monkey Hace un mes
I'm lmaoo at " mustache "😂😂😂😂
Anjali Vatsal
Anjali Vatsal Hace un mes
Love u Kenny this is so true ❤️
Jcfern64 Jcfern64
Jcfern64 Jcfern64 Hace un mes
Loved watching u kenny...thanked my monneh for introducing u to us... Hope to see u in kerala one day Am.Malaysian but lots of cousins in Kollam🤩 Love the mallu style of jokes..typical of us but bloody proud of our ways. U mon
helena kina
helena kina Hace un mes
He looks like murderer
Olive Aye
Olive Aye Hace un mes
Yes... we do everything! Except the Moustache thing🤣🤣🤣🤣
AWESANE By Manya Chhabra
AWESANE By Manya Chhabra Hace un mes
girls do believe in Physics!
Karala Suresh Kumar Verma
Karala Suresh Kumar Verma Hace un mes
Superb event bro !!!
Macho Man
Macho Man Hace un mes
😂😂😂😂😂 this was funniest shit 😂😂😂😂
Sharique Nezam
Sharique Nezam Hace un mes
Man great 😂😂😂🤣
akash agarwalla
akash agarwalla Hace un mes
Amazing sense of humorous..funniest person
Tejashwi Kumari
Tejashwi Kumari Hace un mes
Kenny : Ohh He looks like very weak malnutrition, sir sir please come here sir. He'll do nothing . Damn this line😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Meethi Si Jhapki - Software Junction
Meethi Si Jhapki - Software Junction Hace un mes
If it's raining it will be better Xd
sarath babu
sarath babu Hace un mes
That was an awesome tip to say " sorry "
Rajosee Dutta
Rajosee Dutta Hace un mes
And men believes in physics and women don't was such a turn off made me unsubscribe you
@4:32 seems like Russell Peters is mimicking Chinese 😅
Harshit Mourya
Harshit Mourya Hace un mes
3:47 auto😂😂
Shilpa Raheja
Shilpa Raheja Hace un mes
The first part has changed in modern India where iv been with guys who behave like that when their moms call and girls answer in a very cool manner.
Recreated x
Recreated x Hace un mes
Saurabh parmar
Saurabh parmar Hace un mes
Osm bro
IND RaghavGupta
IND RaghavGupta Hace un mes
Hey bro please make a bollywood roast
pr dutta
pr dutta Hace un mes
To much of attitude on u bt .....
V3NOM Hace 2 meses
What is intro song name?
humpty dumpty
humpty dumpty Hace 2 meses
Loved it....
Rounak kumar
Rounak kumar Hace 2 meses
Am I the only one who don't find kenny sebastian funny..not even a single joke... Girls only like him bcoz he is cute and delivers joke in english... and people of south delhi or Bombay can watch anything if it is english to look cool..
Sagnik Bhowmick
Sagnik Bhowmick Hace un mes
You're sick bro Go get some life
Saksham Srivastava
Saksham Srivastava Hace 2 meses
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal Hace 2 meses
Hahahhaa. I had this wide grin the entire video 😂😂
Sanika Bhosale
Sanika Bhosale Hace 2 meses
Amazing I loved it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🥰🥰🥰🥰
സിദ്ധി ധാത്രി
സിദ്ധി ധാത്രി Hace 2 meses
Arjun Krishna
Arjun Krishna Hace 2 meses
@സിദ്ധി ധാത്രി അയിന്...?
സിദ്ധി ധാത്രി
സിദ്ധി ധാത്രി Hace 2 meses
@Arjun Krishna nokku idhuve velaiya potchu😐
Arjun Krishna
Arjun Krishna Hace 2 meses
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