DaniLeigh - Easy (Remix) ft. Chris Brown

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New visuals featuring me and Chris Brown 馃敟
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Let me catch ya vibe
Lets just take our time
Jus relax your mind
and Take it easy
Don鈥檛 have to decide
You do I do I
Don鈥檛 have to be mine
Lets take it easy
Damn u so fi bae
Whipping thru 305 highway
Loving how u ride in the fast lane
Make me wanna say that鈥檚 my babe ya
Dani gotta behave
Gotta be chill like a Sunday
Never wanna look too thirsty
But ya drip got me feeling wavy
Make u feel lucky lucky
Make u wanna love me love me
And baby when u with me with me
U got no worries worries
I love it when u Touch me touch me
The feeling is so lovely lovely
Make U wanna love me love me
Make me feel lucky lucky
Let me catch ya vibe
Lets just take our time
Jus relax your mind
and Take it easy
Don鈥檛 have to decide
You do I do I
Don鈥檛 have to be mine
Lets take it easy
Never gotta odee
I jus wanna love U like a homie
Make u feel up like that og
It can feel jus like the old days
lets just be real
I can tell u like how this feels
Ain鈥檛 no stress no mistakes
Put in that work u gon misss meeee
Chris Brown
When you pull up on my side babe
Speeding on that 101 highway
Moving too fast can you feel the pace
Cause you see that look in my face
And you know what it is
Pedal to the mental all gas no brakes
Girl I would never get in your way
I鈥檓 gone shut up and let you drive
Put that thing to the floor
One for the ride
Music video by DaniLeigh performing Easy (Remix). 漏 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


ismael Pe帽a
ismael Pe帽a Hace 47 minutos
Darkness Sweet
Darkness Sweet Hace un hora
They are so cute 馃槏鈾ワ笍
Rlaziken Hace un hora
The air jordan 1(2018) is so beautiful tho
Breezy Music
Breezy Music Hace un hora
Esses dois鉂も潳
A G Hace un hora
She wasn't really dancing tho
nilesjr hardy
nilesjr hardy Hace un hora
This song hit different when you watch the video with it
Andre Lamont
Andre Lamont Hace 2 horas
This is really a vibe
Deandra Jones
Deandra Jones Hace 2 horas
That spin at 1:12!!!!!!!!!
WidmoCia艂a Hace 2 horas
Poland fans greetings鉂わ笍馃嚨馃嚤鉂わ笍
Raah Albergoni
Raah Albergoni Hace 2 horas
Priscila Ferreira
Priscila Ferreira Hace 2 horas
Eu so a 煤nica da l铆ngua e Portugu锚s
Caleb Wany
Caleb Wany Hace 3 horas
This song makes me wanna propose to my crush
_ Andin
_ Andin Hace 3 horas
Did they make this on their lunch break?
Mellz M
Mellz M Hace 3 horas
馃檹馃槆馃檹馃檹馃寛馃挏馃挌馃挍馃挋鉂ゐ煃馃挴馃挴馃幎馃幍馃槏 r.i.p to my daughter
melinda horn
melinda horn Hace 3 horas
I like this video because of the natural vibes between the two...馃敟馃敟
Camila Galindo
Camila Galindo Hace 3 horas
Ahhh I fuck with thisssssssss
Nicki Poppington
Nicki Poppington Hace 4 horas
When their voice is in sync it鈥檚 honestly so calming
Ak c
Ak c Hace 4 horas
My skin can feel this song btw jeans twining i like it馃槍
leif wilson
leif wilson Hace 4 horas
fuck you chris stay the fukc outta my recomended asbusibve prick
PitCheR *
PitCheR * Hace 4 horas
00:23- Chris Brown with a proper Cartoon face 馃ぃ
Vic Stone
Vic Stone Hace 5 horas
This is such a vibe馃榿馃榿馃榿
Francy Hace 5 horas
whats the name of the song at the beggining?
Epik Hell Sword
Epik Hell Sword Hace 4 horas
No Limits, but it's only 1:43 like tf?!!!
Eric Githinji
Eric Githinji Hace 7 horas
There's confidence but then there's also Dan teaching Chris how to dance 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Aey-Tee Hace 7 horas
Check this performance eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ZQWrqc7Gd4U.html
Mfaniseni Charles
Mfaniseni Charles Hace 7 horas
jubair Ahmed
jubair Ahmed Hace 9 horas
Not much cleavage, no drugs, sex, guns and no ones daughter being exploited or disrespected Other rappers take notes !
jubair Ahmed
jubair Ahmed Hace 9 horas
Man this is an awesome song!!
Sentoya Walker
Sentoya Walker Hace 10 horas
Summer 2019 Late night vibes馃憣馃徑
lays dreyfuse
lays dreyfuse Hace 10 horas
magic, only word.
fairyette wings
fairyette wings Hace 11 horas
Albert Kim
Albert Kim Hace 11 horas
And he gotta pay fifty by Monday馃槀馃槀馃槀
dv Family
dv Family Hace 12 horas
Awesome songgg
StarBriite01 Hace 13 horas
This video type fire馃敟馃敟
MingoThePoet Hace 13 horas
I鈥檓 a young artist just trying to get heard please check me out eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-9quf7b5mJpA.html
It's me And You
It's me And You Hace 14 horas
that girl sing like rihanna...
Try me Ho
Try me Ho Hace 14 horas
I ship it馃サ
Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein Hace 14 horas
I think i contributed 2 million views
Franklin Auguste
Franklin Auguste Hace 14 horas
What the fuck was they driving
Mili Rodriguez
Mili Rodriguez Hace 15 horas
So no sneakerheads here? UNION LA Black and Blue Toe fire combo for the couple
breezybear1224 Hace 16 horas
I love this
Wendel Lima
Wendel Lima Hace 16 horas
I'm Brazilian, I'm very much your fan, I used the translator.
Lincoln Cesar
Lincoln Cesar Hace 16 horas
eu jurava que era a babe rexha cara pqp, quem tamb茅m achou que era deixa o like!
Casey Young
Casey Young Hace 18 horas
they are so cute together
country city
country city Hace 18 horas
this yo 馃檸馃徔鈥嶁檧锔 is riddin his dick to get famous typical kim k ho out there will do anything for fame 馃檮馃憥馃徏
jkingVEVO Hace 18 horas
People, which song is better? DaniLeigh's remix of "Easy", featuring Chris Brown, or Jhene Aiko's "Sativa", featuring Rae Sremmurd?
regan adams
regan adams Hace 19 horas
Chris Brown was feeling DaniLeigh
Mozerdon VP20
Mozerdon VP20 Hace 19 horas
Teach him how to dance? He bess at dancing
Slices of SIB
Slices of SIB Hace 20 horas
That haircut chris got looks like jumping spider XD
Zero Hace 21 un hora
They need a baby asap馃拃
Blue Yetii
Blue Yetii Hace 22 horas
Wow breezy ain't human..This guy is out of touch.No one is on this guy level of dance and music.Not only that he raps better then mostly any rapper.This guy is on MJ level.Matter fact he's...Wait I'll keep that away lol.馃暫
Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris Hace 22 horas
Love how she got CB doing the dance
Og. Collin!
Og. Collin! Hace 22 horas
I hate this girl she鈥檚 annoying she can鈥檛 even dance good at All
Kay艂a G艂over
Kay艂a G艂over Hace 21 un hora
And what can you do?
off3nc3 Hace 23 horas
wow can't believe i missed this colab , freakin' fire !
Osaro Archar
Osaro Archar Hace 23 horas
Wow teaching Chris brown how to dance is like teaching a mentor how to hold a glass of champagne 馃槉馃槉
vikash nakoti
vikash nakoti Hace 23 horas
I love that move....
Sebastian Andersen
Sebastian Andersen Hace un d铆a
0:24 aint no dancin she talkin bout
yoav amit
yoav amit Hace un d铆a
those union 1's thooo
Blank Thoughts
Blank Thoughts Hace un d铆a
C breezy dont like black girls
Jacqueline Dallas
Jacqueline Dallas Hace 19 horas
Kay艂a G艂over Rihanna black/ Jamaica Karrueche Black/ Vietnamese And Ammeka Black/Cherokee/Asia! Everyone is black case closed!
Kay艂a G艂over
Kay艂a G艂over Hace 21 un hora
@Jacqueline Dallas he doesn't tho
Jacqueline Dallas
Jacqueline Dallas Hace un d铆a
Blank Thoughts Shut Up! You sound stupid!
Glenda Jacobs
Glenda Jacobs Hace un d铆a
Keep up the GOOD work
Julia Vargas
Julia Vargas Hace un d铆a
Noone needs 2 teach him how 2 dance he's a beast at what he does no doubt he's truly talented n so many areas n his life. Nothing but pure talent. Im n love with this song.
Ziggy Hammons
Ziggy Hammons Hace un d铆a
Wake me up
Ziggy Hammons
Ziggy Hammons Hace un d铆a
W was j
Britt Brat
Britt Brat Hace un d铆a
I like this song 馃槜馃憤
Deanna Savage
Deanna Savage Hace un d铆a
This is my favorite song u should do more with Chris brown or other men singer鉂わ笍
Maria In锚s
Maria In锚s Hace un d铆a
Ozuna & Anitta - Muito Calor
CherryPitt Hace un d铆a
馃挄She looks like a young Kim Fields(if she had blonde hair as Tootie馃槉)馃挒
Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith Hace un d铆a
This came out on my birthday!!! I love love this song!!
Josean Weber
Josean Weber Hace un d铆a
Isabelle Montesdeoca
Isabelle Montesdeoca Hace un d铆a
Funny how Chris Brown can go higher than her 馃槀
BYG ZAY Hace un d铆a
This joint way too cold! Instant classic?
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