Daniel Found Game Master Living in our House! (Searching for Giant Clue in Real Life to save Crush)

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Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

Hace un mes

Matt and Rebecca find GM living under their cabin while searching for clues to save RZ Twin!
When Rebecca Zamolo found best friend Daniel they challenged him to a last to leave the sauna wins challenge but found a giant clue in real life game. That was all after someone broke into our house while searching for Daniel's crush. They thought they defeated the queen of gems but she escaped after the game master network tried crushing soft and crunching things with their Tesla X. Now Matt, Daniel, Maddie and Rebecca need to split up to find clues as to where the game master is hiding. After searching in all hidden and secret hiding places in their house, they realize the clue is that he is under the house. The place where they did the first house tour. When Rebecca and Matt see the gamemaster he is in the old mask. He tells them that they need to find his brother, Mr X to get a list of the hackers to defeat Al. One of the hackers on his list engineered Al to take over our house and is now a super computer. The GM disappeared as if he was hiding in plain site. There are two clues to a new master device hidden at the two tree houses. If we can find them it will shut down Al for 1 hour so we can take it down. Can we find the devices in time to rescue and save RZ twin? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca Hace un mes
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Twlight Sparkle
Twlight Sparkle Hace 4 días
You are the best ESwomenr I kept up watching all the ESwomenrs I think you're the only one I like Matt and made that goes Melo Twin Sister Sister well how to be sick but this is the words I want to say for you and
Low Joanne
Low Joanne Hace 5 días
Game master is back
Kanan Aidasani
Kanan Aidasani Hace un mes
Hi Rebecca plz send ur mail as I have a plan you can use for next party planning. About Mr X talking abt the 2nd ceremony
Taylor Lindsay
Taylor Lindsay Hace un mes
Taylor Lindsay
Taylor Lindsay Hace un mes
Zoe Tube
Zoe Tube Hace 4 horas
Do it
Alexis Willison
Alexis Willison Hace 9 horas
hack saw aka chambers is controlling al al stands for algororithin
Samantha Foulis
Samantha Foulis Hace un día
Marcy Adame
Marcy Adame Hace un día
Thank you for makeing videos i am your biggist fan Matt and Rebecca and i love your dogs peanut and Black Jack my name is Emma and please give me a shout out
Aesthetic Blush
Aesthetic Blush Hace 2 días
can someone tell me whos' recording at 7:51?
Steve Wan
Steve Wan Hace 3 días
lm seven
Niki Burrows
Niki Burrows Hace 4 días
Al hacker into Matt's tedla
Aldo Woodhull
Aldo Woodhull Hace 4 días
Aldo Woodhull
Aldo Woodhull Hace 4 días
Aldo Woodhull
Aldo Woodhull Hace 4 días
Aldo Woodhull
Aldo Woodhull Hace 4 días
Aldo Woodhull
Aldo Woodhull Hace 4 días
stephanie guice
stephanie guice Hace 4 días
Ashley channel
Ashley channel Hace 5 días
Yes 🤣🤣😲😲😲😱😱
maryam walayat
maryam walayat Hace 5 días
Ok for some reason game master...LOOKS LIKE A GIRL. by the eyes...kinda
Nevaeh Kelty
Nevaeh Kelty Hace 5 días
RZ Twin is not safe !!
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth Hace 5 días
Matt already find it
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth
Zamfam and krew fan Duckworth Hace 5 días
I saw the queen of gems
Low Joanne
Low Joanne Hace 5 días
Thanks for the reply
Kaylee Squires
Kaylee Squires Hace 6 días
Queen of gems is at your new house
Lau Anglina
Lau Anglina Hace 6 días
When Daniel say the game master is in the trash can haha
Michelle Nelms
Michelle Nelms Hace 7 días
You swap
Michelle Nelms
Michelle Nelms Hace 7 días
Tell Matt to look in the tree
Michelle Nelms
Michelle Nelms Hace 7 días
Matt like in the tree
david carpenter
david carpenter Hace 7 días
I really love you can I hope I can be like you send me your phone number on my Granny’s iPad please Rebecca I’m your biggest fan
Dejuanna Hopa
Dejuanna Hopa Hace 8 días
4D 12梁進裕
4D 12梁進裕 Hace 8 días
michelle lomas
michelle lomas Hace 8 días
Kaylla Elliott
Kaylla Elliott Hace 9 días
Matt and Daniel have the steaks that you are supposed to look under
Estelle - Lea Coetzee
Estelle - Lea Coetzee Hace 9 días
Lucy Faulkner
Lucy Faulkner Hace 9 días
Yay Harry Potter
Millan Films
Millan Films Hace 10 días
I would like real 👑 is a great time to come see you and see yougood day to come see you and see if I have time I would come over for you to my house if tu you are doing well and I am not doing anything Hey Rebecca thank you you’re the best ESwomen or ever add thank you thank you for everything you did with Matt slays thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for the things you did with Maddy I love what you did with Cel❤️👵🏻 it was super bad and thanks for the game master network thank you
Tahliyah Hixson
Tahliyah Hixson Hace 10 días
The Game Master said one clue leads to the other ask the Boys about the sticks i love you Matt, Danile, Rebecca, and Maddie
Kaitlyn Rose
Kaitlyn Rose Hace 10 días
I subscribe looong ago And.. Your Tesla did say sistum update And... Trust Daniel... If he was himatised than why would he care about RZ TWEEN... ... RZ TWEEN DIDN'T EVEN CARE ABOUT ANYONE WHEN SHE WAS HIMATISED
Mickel Campbell
Mickel Campbell Hace 10 días
Gacha Random
Gacha Random Hace 10 días
I think it’s funny how they call there crawl space a tunnel
Ayla Ahmed
Ayla Ahmed Hace 10 días
I love you Rebecca so much
Ammo Reena
Ammo Reena Hace 10 días
He isa clone
Vidmantas Kasciukaitis
Vidmantas Kasciukaitis Hace 11 días
dont trust al
Sanfa Abdulla
Sanfa Abdulla Hace 11 días
Rebecca you are right queen of gem is watching you
paul hodson
paul hodson Hace 12 días
matt you are very funny by running into the tree
Simon Duerden
Simon Duerden Hace 12 días
I love 💖 you Rbeker
RyahM16 Hace 13 días
ryleigh stone
ryleigh stone Hace 13 días
Some one is following maddie and rebecca and whoever it is has a camera
Melanie Kupec
Melanie Kupec Hace 13 días
Melanie Kupec
Melanie Kupec Hace 13 días
alissa scott
alissa scott Hace 13 días
Hi Rebecca i love your videos
Faith Macherla
Faith Macherla Hace 13 días
Rebecca Matt and Daniel have a pile of sticks at there treehouse. You have to contact them and let them know
Ellie Park
Ellie Park Hace 14 días
The tree house with Matt and danial
Kelly D
Kelly D Hace 14 días
I love you Matt and Rebecca my favorite 💗💕❤️
Vhxrse Vertex
Vhxrse Vertex Hace 14 días
Daniel and the gamemaster are bad the gamemaster is a clone his eyes are red
Katia Malcaus
Katia Malcaus Hace 15 días
You guess have each other clues
Z Wal
Z Wal Hace 16 días
Louisa Eade
Louisa Eade Hace 16 días
The queen of gems is working with Mr. X rebecca
Sis v sis
Sis v sis Hace 17 días
Navita Seenath
Navita Seenath Hace 17 días
RZ twin is my favorite clone
Nayomi Padilla
Nayomi Padilla Hace 17 días
Matt be careful
Elisha Kelham
Elisha Kelham Hace 17 días
Nicole Wong
Nicole Wong Hace 17 días
Is game master real or is it just made up ?
Lily Zamfam
Lily Zamfam Hace 17 días
I saw the queen of gems hiding behind a big tree trunk
Cleona Wan
Cleona Wan Hace 17 días
Cleona Wan
Cleona Wan Hace 17 días
Patrick Mccann
Patrick Mccann Hace 17 días
I love you so much mat and Rebecca and maddy and Daniel and the game master
Ruth Dunwoody
Ruth Dunwoody Hace 18 días
I love you Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays and Daniel and Maddie Grey
Daisy Huerta
Daisy Huerta Hace 18 días
I think the Queen of gems is waching Rebecca and Maddie? I don't even know!!!!!
rizzy girl
rizzy girl Hace 18 días
Don't be scared maddie
rizzy girl
rizzy girl Hace 18 días
Did you say to the game master call you if he's trapped did you
BRAD Kelly
BRAD Kelly Hace 18 días
izzy forman
izzy forman Hace 18 días
Rebecca:it feels like someone is watching us Me:haha we all are!
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