Daniel Caesar - Get You ft. Kali Uchis [Official Video]

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Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar

Hace 3 años

"Get You" ft. Kali Uchis is available now everywhere!
Apple Music: smarturl.it/GetYou
iTunes: smarturl.it/iTGetYou
Spotify: smarturl.it/sGetYou
Google Play: smarturl.it/gpGetYou
TIDAL: smarturl.it/tGetYou
Written by Daniel Caesar & Kali Uchis
Produced by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett
Music by Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, BADBADNOTGOOD, Ian Culley & Wes Allen
Mixed & Mastered by Riley Bell
Director: Liam MacRae
Co-starring/Band: BADBADNOTGOOD
Thanks to 507 Antiques
Follow Daniel Caesar:
Website: danielcaesar.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dannyixxi
Twitter: twitter.com/danielcaesar
Instagram: instagram.com/danielcaesar
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/danielcaesar

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BIGCED I57 Hace 32 minutos
Google my name idiots.
H('^°^')T Dandan WonderThump'^°^'
Geiciene Sales
Geiciene Sales Hace 2 horas
Cara essa música é muito linda,na sua voz Daniel caesar ficou melhor ainda 😍😍❤
Cams -
Cams - Hace 2 horas
Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown Hace 4 horas
This song gets me like all the time.......#love@ffair
Denize Rodrigues
Denize Rodrigues Hace 6 horas
Perfeita 🤗
Manuel Mendoza
Manuel Mendoza Hace 17 horas
Really love this song, hope you succeed being a great artist😚
TrISha MaRKEys
TrISha MaRKEys Hace 17 horas
There’s no way I’ve been in love with this for 3 years now :’)
Trinity _iguess
Trinity _iguess Hace 18 horas
Who’s here from TikTok
does life eat bread
does life eat bread Hace 19 horas
dazol5spk Hace 20 horas
alguien sabe el nombre de la chica del minuto 0:22 ? es modelo? actriz?
Catherine Render
Catherine Render Hace 21 un hora
Love making music 💖💖
XiiHOTSTEPAFTW Hace 21 un hora
1:56 best bit
Desi Diaz
Desi Diaz Hace un día
This person told me that they listen to this song and this is so familiar to me I think I heard this before
Sofia Mauricio
Sofia Mauricio Hace un día
excelente cancion!!!
ChiMon Lam
ChiMon Lam Hace un día
barry manilow would be turning in his grave - if he wasn't still alive
Tomas Vasquez
Tomas Vasquez Hace un día
Really considering this to be my wedding dance song with my future wife
Yawnnnz Ingg
Yawnnnz Ingg Hace 20 horas
This actually seems perfect
Luu luuu
Luu luuu Hace un día
WhereToGo Show
WhereToGo Show Hace un día
this song makes me want to buy a chicken with gordon ramsay
2kthe way Jay
2kthe way Jay Hace un día
2kthe way Jay
2kthe way Jay Hace un día
charlena akosua
charlena akosua Hace un día
hey ! go look at my cover in this song !!❤️
Albertito's Hace 2 días
Song makes my dick cry
Aids And
Aids And Hace 2 días
I forgot where I have heard this song from ik it from somewhere
Tim The Comet
Tim The Comet Hace 2 días
I wanna blow up and be just like Daniel, No Lie
Tele Bisyon
Tele Bisyon Hace 2 días
Not on my recommendation. Just intentionally seaeched for this song. Demn really need this kinda vibe
Stella Amorim
Stella Amorim Hace 2 días
Sergio Pinela
Sergio Pinela Hace 2 días
When You Still Have a lil Bit of Hope to Find Love n This Cold World
Ilhan Muhammad
Ilhan Muhammad Hace 2 días
Aku ganteng aku diam
Ronnell Taylor
Ronnell Taylor Hace 2 días
Yuniva Charles
Yuniva Charles Hace 2 días
Where's Kali Uchis first part?????
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster Hace 2 días
This video is literally the embodiment of "save some pussy for us bro..." Seriously though, mans being real selfish lol.
Yawnnnz Ingg
Yawnnnz Ingg Hace 20 horas
Shut the FUCK UP
Raphael de Sousa Bardawil
Raphael de Sousa Bardawil Hace 2 días
Zaman Lewis
Zaman Lewis Hace 2 días
play on 1.5 speed
Ja Hames
Ja Hames Hace 2 días
Through drought and famine, natural disasters My baby has been around for me Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling None of that could ever make me leave Every time I look into your eyes I see it You're all I need Every time I get a bit inside I feel it Ooh, who could've thought I'd get you Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you And when we're making love Your cries they can be heard from far and wide It's only the two of us Everything I need's between those thighs Every time I look into your eyes I see it You're all I need Every time I get a bit inside I feel it Ooh, who could've thought I'd get you, oh yeah, oh yeah, baby Ooh, who could've thought I'd get you And I'll take some time Just to be thankful That I had days full of you, you Before it winds down into the memories, it's all just memories, la, la, la, la, la Don't you love when I come around (feel something that's right somebody just tell somebody) Build you up then I take you down (If you've got someone you like) Don't you love when I come around (feel something that's right somebody just tell somebody) Build you up then I take Ooh, who could've thought I'd get you, oh yeah, oh yeah, baby Ooh, who would've thought I'd get you This feels like summer Boy you make me feel so alive Just be my lover Boy, you'll lead me to paradise
Phyco_1egend1 Hace 3 días
Who here 2020 🖐🏽😁
Sri Parvathy
Sri Parvathy Hace 3 días
Who seen this after jennie said it is her fav song 👇👇👍👍👍👍
Amira Grant
Amira Grant Hace 3 días
G Code 609
G Code 609 Hace 3 días
Shit so player !!! 💯👍😎
David Jonas
David Jonas Hace 3 días
This version of the song is so fire... the flames couldn't burn brighter...
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace 3 días
Why can’t I play it on Spotify
Biscuit s
Biscuit s Hace 3 días
underrated music
Seantia Kelly
Seantia Kelly Hace 3 días
My friend walk down the aisle to this song ✊
Laysla Araujo
Laysla Araujo Hace 4 días
Daniel Caesar é maravilhoso
denisse chuco
denisse chuco Hace 4 días
A masterpiece
Wanda Myles
Wanda Myles Hace 4 días
My 1st time seeing who sing this song. OMG!!! love it 🥰💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Snuggle Bear
Snuggle Bear Hace 4 días
when im in my fellings
KITKATSx Hace 4 días
This nigga ugly asf not gonna cap
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Hace 4 días
I found this on Genius and damn this is too good to be fucking true.
Jasmine Ruiz
Jasmine Ruiz Hace 4 días
february 2020 and we still here
Luiza Helena Carvalho
Luiza Helena Carvalho Hace 4 días
Amo essa música!
Shanya Fertile
Shanya Fertile Hace 4 días
Tbh this the best music video I seen
Warren Cunningham
Warren Cunningham Hace 4 días
This song is vibes. Need this at the wedding. #TimelessMusic
Melo Matias
Melo Matias Hace 4 días
Omg I’m 3 years late!!!!
Shelly 31
Shelly 31 Hace 4 días
Nem acredito que essa música é de 2016. E eu só agora estou a escutar. E não me canso de escutar.
Javvi Reez
Javvi Reez Hace 5 días
Happy Valentine’s Day all
Lauraleehtx Hace 5 días
Happy valentine's day 💖💖💖
Matthew O'Cadiz
Matthew O'Cadiz Hace 5 días
The way he sang “far and wiiiide” made me cum
But I'm Not A Rapper
But I'm Not A Rapper Hace 5 días
Felt like i loved this type of music for a long time but I never listened to this type
Maria Clara Gonçalves
Maria Clara Gonçalves Hace 5 días
The way he was inspired by bible... It hits different with this beat.
Ekekela Napoleon
Ekekela Napoleon Hace 5 días
Jesus loves you
Kennard Utu
Kennard Utu Hace 5 días
To a Small time venue so it can be a personal with Seattle fams
Kennard Utu
Kennard Utu Hace 5 días
Can you come out to Seattle please?
elliann richardson
elliann richardson Hace 5 días
Love this song
stressedout80 Hace 5 días
If you got someone you like .......
Gonçalo Teixeira
Gonçalo Teixeira Hace 6 días
Here I am again, 3 years later... It's been amazing watching this dude grow
Teihz Hace 6 días
Sung this song with my best friend 2 days before he passed away in a car crash, we vented to each other about how pesky our girlfriends would get haha, spoke about our new jobs as builder apprentices and bragged about who got paid more... smoked a joint listening to music at the beach and this came song came on, an hour passed of us chatting shit then shook hands like we did as homies and said "Later bro, catch ya". This song brings back the last memory i have with ya Jesse, miss ya broskie!
Angélica MaheG
Angélica MaheG Hace 6 días
I'm gonna talk in my english class about this song idk but love it
Joseph Hisfriendfromschool
Joseph Hisfriendfromschool Hace 6 días
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