DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, YK Osiris and Lil Mosey's 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher

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Hace 7 meses

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DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, YK Osiris and Lil Mosey bring the heat in their 2019 XXL Freshman cypher. DJ Scheme serves as the 2019 XXL Freshman cypher DJ.
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Video directed by @travissatten.
Beat produced by D-Fresh.
#XXLFreshmen #XXLFreshmenCypher #HipHop #MeganTheeStallion #DaBaby #YKOsiris #LilMosey
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DaBabyMegan Thee StallionYK Osirislil mosey

XXL Hace 7 meses
Which artist killed this 2019 XXL Freshman cypher?
ShaRon Austin
ShaRon Austin Hace 3 meses
Ducky Duck
Ducky Duck Hace 3 meses
DaBaby 👶🏿
Javiero Javiero
Javiero Javiero Hace 4 meses
Shelby Hann
Shelby Hann Hace 4 meses
The Touring Bus FIFA
The Touring Bus FIFA Hace 24 minutos
Yoooo Osiris’s last line is jokes 😂😂 “And gomisammilaaxxkebfn badiinnnt”
Dank Guru
Dank Guru Hace 55 minutos
Lil mosey- gudam ma man feel like da dam
Mahi Madjid
Mahi Madjid Hace un hora
Da baby's vers could be a song on it's on
Francis Quetta
Francis Quetta Hace 2 horas
Da baby and Megan
Jacob Presley
Jacob Presley Hace 2 horas
This might as well be a dababy and a Megan freestyle😂😂
Leo Cadayona
Leo Cadayona Hace 3 horas
1:35 Yk Osiri AKHRO confirm
Dance God
Dance God Hace 3 horas
Mosey rhymed "damn" with "damn" and then called the beat trash.
Laura Michael
Laura Michael Hace 6 horas
I felt like YK orisis should a chorus for Megan and the Da Baby.
Saleh Alghazali
Saleh Alghazali Hace 7 horas
Dababy killed this shit
V3l0C1TY Hace 8 horas
Who things PAPITHBK should be on the 2020 roster?
Wayan Pryandhika
Wayan Pryandhika Hace 8 horas
we must stop yk osiris
Vortexx Thats Me
Vortexx Thats Me Hace 8 horas
only kodak can say this a sorry ass beat
DougTheAutisticDogg o
DougTheAutisticDogg o Hace 8 horas
Why did they decide to put a singer in this cypher and a man that has preschool verses?
sponge bob
sponge bob Hace 9 horas
I disliked when mosey started rapping but then liked it when dababy started
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown Hace 9 horas
Good thing they put baby last because damn🔥
Big Nobux
Big Nobux Hace 10 horas
what happened here
Dragun Fist Gamer
Dragun Fist Gamer Hace 10 horas
Wack asf
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Hace 11 horas
Mosey needa shut his lil ass up he ain’t Kodak “lame ass beat”
Roosevelt Mccray
Roosevelt Mccray Hace 11 horas
2020 we still listen 💯
Carter Pearson
Carter Pearson Hace 12 horas
Yk Osiris has a gun in his holster my boi strapped
Carter Pearson
Carter Pearson Hace 12 horas
Ultimate orisis was strapped
James Cole
James Cole Hace 13 horas
@baby killed that shit! Just did a whole song...🎵🎶🔥🔥
Bee Jay
Bee Jay Hace 13 horas
Megan was feeling DaBaby throughout his whole rap.
xca1ius Hace 13 horas
DaBaby went ham 🐐🔥🔥
Yt-Kim_kar-Ian I
Yt-Kim_kar-Ian I Hace 14 horas
DaBaby just sang a whole song out there
BL Save Games
BL Save Games Hace 14 horas
Dont let dababys part distract you from how lil mosey woke up like the man
Ssparkk Hace 14 horas
Mosey so fire 🔥 he feel like da man
hello my is francisco
hello my is francisco Hace 14 horas
lil mosey bra he ass cheeks
Yung MIKE Hace 14 horas
hello my is francisco for real he talm bout a lame ass beat mane shut yo ass up with them weak ass lyrics 😂
XxwhitemombaxX My duck
XxwhitemombaxX My duck Hace 15 horas
lil mosey could’ve played one of his existing songs and it would be more entertaining than his freestyle
Aaron Emanga
Aaron Emanga Hace 15 horas
Megan three stallions cyper was🔥🔥🔥
derrick robinson
derrick robinson Hace 15 horas
P U F F Hace 15 horas
Yk osiris: a little off tune but pretty good voice Megan thee stallion: damn she did pretty damn well Dababy: 👏 Lil mosey: I wOke uP liKe da maN
Christopher Lawrence
Christopher Lawrence Hace 16 horas
4:18 You can see the death in Lil Mosey's eyes when he realizes his verse was straight shit compared to DaBaby.
Demario McCullough
Demario McCullough Hace 16 horas
Dababy is on 🔥 bro
Deon Jackson
Deon Jackson Hace 16 horas
Schrandy Curry
Schrandy Curry Hace 19 horas
Bro its crazy that there are 4 rappers and dababy alone is half of the cypher👆
Jide Candy
Jide Candy Hace 19 horas
Thank you dababy and Meg for saving this.
Sébastien Levesque
Sébastien Levesque Hace 20 horas
I am now a dababy fan
Edis Alcevski
Edis Alcevski Hace 20 horas
Lil uzi’s ad lips were better than moseys verse
Claudia Medina
Claudia Medina Hace 22 horas
Lil Moses sound like poop
Slipt Marlo
Slipt Marlo Hace 23 horas
Yk shity
LowkeyTrippie 17
LowkeyTrippie 17 Hace un día
Yk wtf are singing a love song bro gtf outta here
Friðrik Björgvinss
Friðrik Björgvinss Hace un día
2:00 when the voice dont match the beat,
strictly House & Amapiano Music
strictly House & Amapiano Music Hace un día
Mosey : The Beat Is lame Dj Scheme : what !!! Nah Ur Verse is lame
Whats Updog
Whats Updog Hace un día
Yk is in shock the entire time
ROBLOX Master Hace un día
Jesus Christ can you be quiet about his freestyle, WE KNOW HE ADMITTED IT, GO ON WITH YOUR LIVES DAMN.
Big Smalls
Big Smalls Hace un día
That girl fire
Gracie Sandoval
Gracie Sandoval Hace un día
Is Lil Mosey part of the KKK? He is literally wearing all white...
sup Hace un día
The beat go harder than lil mosey 🤣🤣🤣
sup Hace un día
DaBaby: The principle Megan: The dean Yk: freshman Mosey: janitor
Omrrion Singh
Omrrion Singh Hace un día
God dam lil mosey is ass
kobe824lebron236 Hace un día
DaBaby threw more money on the ground than what I make in a year
AC-94 Da Rap Arsonist
AC-94 Da Rap Arsonist Hace un día
I thought this was the nickelodeon channel judging by thumbnail
Enrique Medina
Enrique Medina Hace un día
Lil mousey weak af
supernatural .Unicorn
supernatural .Unicorn Hace un día
faisal rahman
faisal rahman Hace un día
That fool in the beginning wack as fuck
LvL Hace un día
*When you blame the beat for your verse*
Shawn Cee
Shawn Cee Hace un día
yk was so off key he cant get back in his hous
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson Hace un día
Yeah Mose, you didnt graduate.
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson Hace un día
3:00. "oh ok. Yeah you hot baby." - Megan
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson Hace un día
3:32. "She gotta wait." - Dababy
Tragikk x13
Tragikk x13 Hace un día
Megan looking badd
Ctrudell13 Hace un día
Dababy was the best and meg the stallion was also good, YK Osiris tried to sing and it didn’t work, although he’s got good songs, and lil mosey is just a talentless mumble rapper with no good songs.
alrightwaves Hace un día
Da baby was the only reason I didn't thumbs down
Melinda Musmeci
Melinda Musmeci Hace un día
Dababy is fire Thats baby on baby
PMC_Dylanallen 78
PMC_Dylanallen 78 Hace un día
Get some ESwomen rappers then it’ll be lit they’re ESwomen one was better then this but Megan and DaBaby
mggg flawless
mggg flawless Hace un día
u welcome mosey god damn i fell like tha man i bee droppin hits theres no thing that mosey cant bitch lookin fine maybe i should date my fans y u keep ignorin me just tryna be ur friend this a lame ass beat claimin up the charts theres no spot i aint peaked ur mom house aint even coast the shoes on ma feet
Dalton Green
Dalton Green Hace un día
Mistakes in the video 0:08-0:54 also hit 0:54 to skip mosey thank me later 🥰
SkinzoTv Hace un día
"Is a lame ass beat" - Mosey, Lil.
Moving Hace 2 días
Got whiplash from the shifts in quality on this cypher. Meg and DaBaby slaughter the beat, but Mosey and Osiris are fucking awful.
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