Customizing 30 Airpods, Then Giving Them To People!! (Giveaway)

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja Hace 4 minutos
You are rich!!
Erchin Halid
Erchin Halid Hace 10 minutos
I need to live closer to you
Devalyn 11
Devalyn 11 Hace 11 minutos
My birthday is 10/28!
GL0B3 Hace 13 minutos
When you realise he tried to make himself sound more generous by saying they鈥檙e gen 2 when they鈥檙e gen 1
nathan andrews
nathan andrews Hace 14 minutos
zhc spent 4608 dollars omg!
Queso La Chona
Queso La Chona Hace 15 minutos
Already watched this vid, but I came back because I wasn鈥檛 sure if you were still giving some away...
Will Shepard
Will Shepard Hace 18 minutos
whats the brand of paint they use ?
Princess Cesscess
Princess Cesscess Hace 24 minutos
Who thinks ZHC is a good guy
Chavonda Fiffie
Chavonda Fiffie Hace 25 minutos
Can I please get one cause you never pick me 馃様 I never win
Muhammet Baydu
Muhammet Baydu Hace 29 minutos
Do the airpod 3
Caiseann Benally
Caiseann Benally Hace 30 minutos
I nejghwodntidnwifnrhvisnv
BFF GIRLS Hace 47 minutos
Sorry I can鈥檛 have Twitter or Ig but I subscribed on ESwomen w/ post notifications
Stefano Cencetti
Stefano Cencetti Hace 49 minutos
Tonya Lewandowski
Tonya Lewandowski Hace 54 minutos
THIS IS SO AWESOME! AMAZING 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃槣馃槣馃槣馃槣馃槣馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃悋馃槂馃榾馃榾馃榾
Lulu Aguilar
Lulu Aguilar Hace 54 minutos
Ur not designing air pods ur making custom air pod cases
D Kaster
D Kaster Hace 56 minutos
me pl
Aniyah Burns
Aniyah Burns Hace un hora
This low key satisfying
Blevx Blevx
Blevx Blevx Hace un hora
I subscribe and turned on nonafacations
Saidavey Delien
Saidavey Delien Hace un hora
Omg wie dumm einfach 4.700 Euro 馃挾 umsonst verbraucht vallah Dummheit ist wieder da
Anffy St煤dio
Anffy St煤dio Hace un hora
Are you crazy?
isabel j
isabel j Hace un hora
Who wins anything 馃憞馃従
Dominque Douglas
Dominque Douglas Hace un hora
I will love so of them I never had none of them before
Charlie Reed
Charlie Reed Hace un hora
Were do I get myself a turkey
Iwc ia
Iwc ia Hace un hora
Thum nail/customising 32 air pods Vid/costomising 30 air pods
Fuglies -
Fuglies - Hace un hora
B-but where was the glitter paint from the thumbnail??
Isrrael Quinonez
Isrrael Quinonez Hace un hora
Can you gift me airpods cause i really want them but my mom said no
Catherine Krol
Catherine Krol Hace un hora
This is very cool
Audrey Ho
Audrey Ho Hace un hora
Can you start doing the AirPods pro with this challenge
Jason PlaysRoblox
Jason PlaysRoblox Hace un hora
Am going to give you $1000000000000000
Melt Hace un hora
What spray paint did you use, when I do it the paint just rips off
Marcus Braithwaite
Marcus Braithwaite Hace un hora
Do 100 customize iPhone 11
Tanya Mccarron
Tanya Mccarron Hace un hora
You have a spark me to make drawings so I try to make cold turkey but I failed I really love you videos but I wish I could be best as you
Frenex Gamer
Frenex Gamer Hace un hora
Me me I want one please pleaseeeeee I want a AirPod pleaseeeeee I need one. Just one pleaseeeeee can I win pleaseeeee give me a black AirPods pleaseeeeeee or you can give me two one for me and for my brother pleaseeeee can I have It pleassseeeeeeee
Stella Bush
Stella Bush Hace 2 horas
Your the best ZHC
aisha alishanova
aisha alishanova Hace 2 horas
I just love everything about his videos, it's not only entertaining it's very funny 馃槶
aisha alishanova
aisha alishanova Hace 2 horas
I love everyone's reaction馃ぇ鉂
Nasir Fields
Nasir Fields Hace 2 horas
Hi my name is Kaylee and I love you videos maybe you could do a prank on your friends I would like to do that
Joyce santos
Joyce santos Hace 2 horas
Algu茅m do Brasil?
EasyDragz Hace 2 horas
I never win any giveaway and never will
JIMENA LOPEZ Hace 2 horas
Y si me regalas 1
Lenavlogs dragon
Lenavlogs dragon Hace 3 horas
Pls i never won anything can i have one pair of those
Lale Petrovici
Lale Petrovici Hace 3 horas
ZHC give me one
Jayson Johnson
Jayson Johnson Hace 3 horas
Dang the new AirPods just came out
Vloger Maya
Vloger Maya Hace 3 horas
Plsss I don鈥檛 have air pods and I really love them plsss can u give it to me
xRaNiA X
xRaNiA X Hace 3 horas
賷夭賯 賮賱賵爻 匕丕責
angel valentin
angel valentin Hace 3 horas
Can I get pears
Jessie Stevenson
Jessie Stevenson Hace 3 horas
The people that got the AirPods are so lucky
jamie hill
jamie hill Hace 3 horas
I don鈥檛 have AirPods and I only have an iPad when he has everything Like if u agree 馃憞馃徏馃馃徏
Bibek Pyakurel
Bibek Pyakurel Hace 3 horas
Is there any giveaway for your international fans??
Piyush Atrey
Piyush Atrey Hace 3 horas
Bro just love your art!! big admirer. Love from India!
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez Hace 4 horas
I want airpods
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed Hace 4 horas
Omg amazing I like make colouring Hope win one of the headset
Tom Porter
Tom Porter Hace 4 horas
Yo do AirPod max
sebas Hace 4 horas
New asmr?
XxMellow SidexX
XxMellow SidexX Hace 4 horas
How can a human being be so kind and generous? Simple. *He鈥檚 a TURKEY in disguise.*
Evan Pogi Castillo
Evan Pogi Castillo Hace 4 horas
Hope to win new subscriber here! Goodluck to all of you!
Taloot Majeedi
Taloot Majeedi Hace 4 horas
You just make them very beautiful dude!
LJPlayz 16
LJPlayz 16 Hace 4 horas
Yo my b day is October 16th
Laura Byrne
Laura Byrne Hace 4 horas
Who else feels poor while watching these
Kavitha Sundaram
Kavitha Sundaram Hace 4 horas
Its so beutiful 馃槝馃槝Custemizing
Anime gaca world Gaca life
Anime gaca world Gaca life Hace 4 horas
True love 3786
True love 3786 Hace 5 horas
Shubh Ghosh
Shubh Ghosh Hace 5 horas
I want I want us
Reaghan C
Reaghan C Hace 5 horas
Hey I can鈥檛 follow you on the social media but I really love your Channel and videos mostly your personality please pick me, your best fan 馃槉
Doanh L瓢u
Doanh L瓢u Hace 5 horas
Doanh L瓢u
Doanh L瓢u Hace 5 horas
Can you give me 1
Manessa Alayass
Manessa Alayass Hace 5 horas
I subscribed
Stanislav Bg
Stanislav Bg Hace 5 horas
I love ZHC please gift my airpods 鉂ゐ煒モ潳馃槬馃槬鉂ゐ煒モ潳馃槬鉂ゐ煒モ潳鉂ゐ煒モ潳馃槬馃槬鉂ゐ煒モ潳馃槬馃槬馃槬鉂ゐ煒モ潳鉂ゐ煒
鈥 Edakn 鈥
鈥 Edakn 鈥 Hace 5 horas
I鈥檓 from Turkey and I love you sooo much
Chloe Higgins
Chloe Higgins Hace 5 horas
Can anyone watch my stream I鈥檓 CKhiiggy on mixer please follow to
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