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The most satisfying video on the internet as we defeat the Queen of Gems!
Rebecca Zamolo recently tried opening a giant candy store in my backyard to trap the queen of gems and Matt and Rebecca had someone that broke into our home while searching for Daniel and his crush RZ Twin. Now we need to gather all of the items we found and destroy them with our Tesla Model X. One of them might have a hidden spy camera inside so we must try doing the most satisfying thing possible and crush them with our car. Which one will create the best asmr noises and which will explode? Do you think we can trust Daniel? Why did the queen of gems escape last time and how can we stop her? Hopefully we find all the hidden spy gadgets and listening devices.
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Game Master Network
Game Master Network Hace un mes
Which item was the most satisfying and who is breaking in? Subscribe to Rebecca so we can figure this out!
Artur Czebotienko
Artur Czebotienko Hace 10 días
Talha khan
Talha khan Hace 13 días
E4 and E3
Tom Hurms
Tom Hurms Hace 27 días
Don't waste food
Moemoe Myint
Moemoe Myint Hace un mes
Kooper Knispel
Kooper Knispel Hace un mes
I think that Daniel was trying to break in. I thought the fruit cups were the most satisfying!
Alannis Avila
Alannis Avila Hace 12 horas
Yes HI ALannis
Toshika Washington
Toshika Washington Hace 16 horas
Jasmin Parker
Jasmin Parker Hace 22 horas
Is wrong is purple and blue
jun guo
jun guo Hace un día
I don’t think that Daniel broke into the cabin on purpose and I think that the Bath bombs were the most satisfying item to crash
Cassidy Truong
Cassidy Truong Hace un día
The poles are where the game master lives !!!!!!
Amy Kelly
Amy Kelly Hace un día
The queen of jems is not old
Heather Rhone
Heather Rhone Hace un día
Heather Rhone
Heather Rhone Hace un día
yep917 Hace un día
Why is Maddie driving a car 🚗
Dino PLAYS Hace un día
Ha, the prank didn't work!!! BOYS RULE!!
Dino PLAYS Hace un día
8:47 - so Matt technically did the same thing to yoi, but your not getting payback on Maddie, told you, sexist
Adina Thapa
Adina Thapa Hace un día
Hi Rebecca and Matt and m’aide
Sam Keuning
Sam Keuning Hace 2 días
Annie huang
Annie huang Hace 2 días
Omg that was so satisfyin aaaaaaaaaa
Mia Li
Mia Li Hace 2 días
In the last vid Zoe tricked you and put the key in the blue one instead
Jasmine Conroy
Jasmine Conroy Hace 2 días
The Queen James is lying about girl I know what she's up to she got into the doll house because her glasses minds by mr. F is for ex was hiding
Lacey Irvine
Lacey Irvine Hace 2 días
I am big fan of your channel!!!!
markai pinder
markai pinder Hace 2 días
Dandoun Elkadri
Dandoun Elkadri Hace 2 días
Bismark Sarpey
Bismark Sarpey Hace 2 días
And the person who was in your cabin was the queen of gem's
Bismark Sarpey
Bismark Sarpey Hace 2 días
This is all the queen of gem's
Indie Stephenson
Indie Stephenson Hace 2 días
Why did
Solomonr4b4j4m Mureen
Solomonr4b4j4m Mureen Hace 2 días
Call Samir what is Matalan dress up
Joan Dalrymple
Joan Dalrymple Hace 3 días
the qeen of gems I spiing on you guys a vido you shod do is last to stop eating
LaFrae Harris
LaFrae Harris Hace 3 días
the queen of gims wanted a candy cane so he can escape the groge, but it was danile?
Milka Rameriaz
Milka Rameriaz Hace 3 días
I don't think that is the queen of gems because she sounds diffrent
OrlaithRoblox Hace 3 días
I just wanna say that’s sooooooooooooo cool when you crush stuff
Dejuanna Hopa
Dejuanna Hopa Hace 4 días
Dejuanna Hopa
Dejuanna Hopa Hace 4 días
Naydelyn Martinez
Naydelyn Martinez Hace 4 días
The poles
Gustavo Manzur
Gustavo Manzur Hace 5 días
wait you now how the queen of gems her weakness is glasses matt has glasses and thats why hes beating the queen of gems all the time!! comment if you agree and like!
Gustavo Manzur
Gustavo Manzur Hace 5 días
if the glasses are her weakness
Auri Elizabeth Dacus
Auri Elizabeth Dacus Hace 6 días
The Queen of gems escaped from the car and broke into your house
gundstylo Hace 6 días
it was in the purple bath bom.
胡灵 Hace 6 días
胡灵 Hace 6 días
Princess Julia Occiano
Princess Julia Occiano Hace 6 días
julia. hi🐰😍🦋😘💘😊🌸🌺🌷🌹🥀💐🥰💝💖💗💓💞
Alexander Schmitt
Alexander Schmitt Hace 7 días
Daniel went to the treehouse in Strawbridge he found a note that said go to where it all started that was in your closet and big in your cabin in Big Bear those little pools with the in your cabin those are lightning rod those are things so that in the game Masters hiding that little tunnel so I can't take his power so he's hiding in that little ton on those metal things you can't take down cuz those are helping the game master he's wearing his old mask not his new one
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Hace 7 días
Lily Zamfam
Lily Zamfam Hace 7 días
I love that cute dog teddy
maisoon dulaime
maisoon dulaime Hace 7 días
I think you found the key last time in the pink bathbom
Sharon Spiteri Lucas
Sharon Spiteri Lucas Hace 7 días
All the sqishies and the wabble babble were the satisfying
Samar Nasr
Samar Nasr Hace 7 días
Ethan Chua
Ethan Chua Hace 8 días
WHO gas Been a zam fan for a year Yes like No comment
Sam Lala
Sam Lala Hace 8 días
Water ball
Lucia Jacquez
Lucia Jacquez Hace 8 días
Maybe you should crash the queen the queen of James
Rose Love
Rose Love Hace 8 días
Game master network are you the bad guy
Rose Love
Rose Love Hace 8 días
Damon Prichard
Damon Prichard Hace 8 días
Where is wokee never seen him yet
Hemradj Raghoebar
Hemradj Raghoebar Hace 8 días
Kissfg guy gxty5 shake 5 ma shake
Amy Peters
Amy Peters Hace 8 días
Don’t give her a candy cane or the queen of gems will ecscape
benita delpech
benita delpech Hace 8 días
Crene. Sneak in. The. Hasn
rey gaetan
rey gaetan Hace 8 días
It’s not gonna pop
Helen Gao
Helen Gao Hace 8 días
I think that Mr.x's weknes is polies.
Eleanor Vega
Eleanor Vega Hace 8 días
The sun is the biggest weakness
Polla Sami
Polla Sami Hace 8 días
The queen of gems is lying in some questions bc she only wanted candy
James Mcfadzean
James Mcfadzean Hace 8 días
I love black jack and peanut rabeca my name is Ellie it is my dad’s iPad
George Cummings
George Cummings Hace 9 días
Yeah splash Matt with the toothpaste
Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez Hace 10 días
? 🤔
Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez Hace 10 días
Lily Batch
Lily Batch Hace 10 días
Finley Griffiths-Williams
Finley Griffiths-Williams Hace 10 días
Eric Klassen
Eric Klassen Hace 11 días
I think it will pop
Eric Klassen
Eric Klassen Hace 11 días
Dont forget
Francisco Castri
Francisco Castri Hace 11 días
Galaxy Eye
Galaxy Eye Hace 11 días
Who al
Lillian Perry
Lillian Perry Hace 11 días
do a face revel on the queen of gems
Peach TT
Peach TT Hace 11 días
She broke in she did everything
Reyana MercAdam
Reyana MercAdam Hace 11 días
Yes it it’s satisfying
nasreen omran
nasreen omran Hace 12 días
Rebecca can you reveal Alice is true name
brada vp
brada vp Hace 12 días
Not pink but blu
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