Criminal Activity. Vinnie Montez

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Dry Bar Comedy

Dry Bar Comedy

Hace 4 meses

When you're a police officer, you experience all sorts of criminal Activity. Watch "Armed & Hilarious" by Vinnie Montez only at

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Cakes TV
Cakes TV Hace 16 días
Inspired by Dane Cook
React University
React University Hace 23 días
He watches a lot of fluffy :D I can tell by the intonation and pacing. Love the material!
jed Tomczat
jed Tomczat Hace un mes
Dude is an awesome story teller
jed Tomczat
jed Tomczat Hace un mes
Communication goes way further than batons and pepper spray
David Townsend
David Townsend Hace 2 meses
Wait. So was there a burglar or not
Christopher Shreiner
Christopher Shreiner Hace 2 meses
If a man is expected to defend his wife and kids, they're expected to listen to and respect him. If he says "shush", you better STFU.
kingda117 Hace 3 meses
How do you get a woman to talk? Tell her to shut up.
Vash Matrix
Vash Matrix Hace 3 meses
upstairs 1st door on the left... good luck.
Quinn Delonge
Quinn Delonge Hace 3 meses
this guy is very funny
lb8825 Hace 3 meses
"Hey Popo where you guys at right now?" 🤣🤣🤣 Smart kid!
Maria Balderas
Maria Balderas Hace 3 meses
Thank you so much for making me laugh. 😄 Comedy + mental health = work/life balance
Olivia Ann Kirkpatrick
Olivia Ann Kirkpatrick Hace 3 meses
Hey. Not funny. I just think ur evil
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith Hace 3 meses
The world would be a much better place if we had more cops like him... P.S. hes hilarious!
metal mike
metal mike Hace 24 días
We have many good cops. People just give cops a bad rep and there is a lot of edited down videos to make them look bad
BoMwarriorVlog Hace 3 meses
I loved how he pointed out this helps his mental health. 😁 It's important not to be strung up all the time!
kingda117 Hace 3 meses
If you want to hear a woman talk, order her to shut up.
rachelknepper0811 tired
rachelknepper0811 tired Hace 4 meses
Did you just shussssh me lol
Rix Pix
Rix Pix Hace 4 meses
Very funny!
DM Drums
DM Drums Hace 4 meses
2:40 why does he sound like Jack black
Juliann Davis
Juliann Davis Hace 4 meses
UberKrassMann Hace 4 meses
you know its suppose to be funny but this bit unintentionally shows what is so very wrong with murca. the fact that his mind instantly goes to "i may have to kill somebody" when he thinks there's a burglar in the house is why your homicide rate is so out of control. no europeans thoughts would instantly wander to killing in that situation.
Milly Esther
Milly Esther Hace 3 meses
People don't just break in to steal your TV, sometimes they want kids.
Sleeps BanginXV3st
Sleeps BanginXV3st Hace 3 meses
UberKrassMann I don’t know how it works in make believe land but in the real world robbers tend to have guns on them and are willing to shoot
Andrea L Moseley
Andrea L Moseley Hace 4 meses
What? So you just hide and get robbed? What if they go for your kids. What do you do? Frying pan? Tennis racquet? Sic your dogs on them?
UberKrassMann Hace 4 meses
@Ultimita01 my door's never locked when i'm at home.
Ultimita01 Hace 4 meses
or canada, another good social experiment we did was when you ask why one has a gun? in america they say protection, in canada we say hunting. I think I have my door unlocked more than locked bahaha. even leave it unlocked when i go to the store etc.
E K Daufin
E K Daufin Hace 4 meses
Hey Popo!
Mitsuo Mits
Mitsuo Mits Hace 4 meses
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Hace 4 meses
I would have totally kept texting that kid back. Could eventually get him to trust me if he got in trouble or knew of some coming. Could even offer to give him a ride home from the bar lol
Vinnie Montez
Vinnie Montez Hace 4 meses
Mae M
Mae M Hace 4 meses
Vinnie Montez, " Amen ! "
Mugethi Gitau
Mugethi Gitau Hace 4 meses
Martin Acosta
Martin Acosta Hace 4 meses
that kid needs a medal hahaha
Ralph Hace 4 meses
Joann P
Joann P Hace 4 meses
Funny guy!
Nate Minor
Nate Minor Hace 4 meses
Waits for @donutoperator to view this guy
Michelle Dawn
Michelle Dawn Hace 4 meses
I laughed so much. Thanks for that. Now I head into work.
Vinnie Montez
Vinnie Montez Hace 4 meses
Michelle Dawn 💙
Vinnie Montez
Vinnie Montez Hace 4 meses
Thanks for all the support!
InnannasRainbow Hace un mes
Never, EVER shush your wife/girlfriend! You're better off facing the intruder and if you are lucky, the intruder has a wife/gf of his own and you two can swap stories in the kitchen.
BoMwarriorVlog Hace 3 meses
Thank you for your service! 👏👏👍 I hope to hear more funny experiences from your main job! 😅
Ron Taylor
Ron Taylor Hace 3 meses
Vinnie: Romans 13 - thank you for being God’s minister!
picantesworld77 Hace 4 meses
Thank you for you comedy 😊
Mae M
Mae M Hace 4 meses
Vinnie Montez, " Thanks for sharing your sense of humor with your viewers ! " 🤗
Eva Snyder
Eva Snyder Hace 4 meses
So what happened with the burglar?
Patricia Fisher
Patricia Fisher Hace 3 meses
@Mike Now, That's Funny. ( :
kingda117 Hace 3 meses
Vinnie left him living in your head.
Mitsuo Mits
Mitsuo Mits Hace 4 meses
@Mike 😂😂😂
Jimi Prairiefire
Jimi Prairiefire Hace 4 meses
@Mike bah ha ha
Mike Hace 4 meses
They stole his neck.
Grape Ape
Grape Ape Hace 4 meses
Dumb crook news, two burglars broke into a cop's house, after walking pass his patrol car setting in the driveway, later questioned, said they didn’t know it was a cop's house.
Cindy Eckles
Cindy Eckles Hace 4 meses
Mrs 504
Mrs 504 Hace 4 meses
Gosh, he is imitating "Fluffy" the comedian.
BoMwarriorVlog Hace 3 meses
@Vinnie Montez I actually thought the same thing! In another Dry Bar video your talent for impressions reminded me of him. 👍 Btw, you should encourage more officers to do like you; for their health, and also showing society you guys are relatable. 💛😊
carschmn Hace 4 meses
I think he’s just a big Latino.
Vinnie Montez
Vinnie Montez Hace 4 meses
Mrs 504 wow. I’m Vinnie. That’s a compliment if you’re comparing me to the great Gabriel. Aka Fluffy.
Jc JA Hace 4 meses
Hey bobble head!!
Dena Redford
Dena Redford Hace 4 meses
That’s sweet about the random text message .
SS85 Hace 4 meses
Do they even make a hat size for his head lol.
Vinnie Montez
Vinnie Montez Hace 4 meses
ULTRA SaVaGe 8 1/2
Kandi Wolfe
Kandi Wolfe Hace 4 meses
Hilarious! Thank You!
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz Hace 4 meses
You forgot to say what the crash was.
Mark C
Mark C Hace 4 meses
No he didn't because it never happened. It was a fake story to highlight the annoying and stupid behaviour of women
braueral Hace 4 meses
I'm the other kind of Subaru driver...:)
Pronto Hace 4 meses
Jimi Prairiefire so every 3rd person in the Pacific Northwest is a middle aged lesbian professor? I. Never. Knew. That.
Jimi Prairiefire
Jimi Prairiefire Hace 4 meses
A middle-aged lesbian college professor?
Larry Blackmon
Larry Blackmon Hace 4 meses
Samuel Fugatt
Samuel Fugatt Hace 4 meses
Love it lmao
Anita J in FLA
Anita J in FLA Hace 4 meses
Funny.... 😅
The W.O.N.
The W.O.N. Hace 4 meses
Vinnie head is huge
George Isaak
George Isaak Hace 4 meses
His head is normal , the rest frame is small , exactly like Dani De Vito
Zero to Awesome
Zero to Awesome Hace 4 meses
I’ve never been this early, let me think of a joke. Two cowboys are riding down a path, when one spots an Indian warrior with his ear to the road. The one cowboy says, "these Indians are incredible; they can hear things from miles away." They ride closer and the Indian says, "There's a horse-drawn wagon, one black horse, one white. A husband and wife are driving the wagon, and a boy and girl are riding in the back." One cowboy says, "That's amazing! How did you know all that?" The Indian says, "They ran over me 30 minutes ago."
Pronto Hace 4 meses
Last time I heard that one, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur.
George Isaak
George Isaak Hace 4 meses
Joann P
Joann P Hace 4 meses
Zero to Awesome Lol,😁🤣
Marcie Willis
Marcie Willis Hace 4 meses
👏👏👏 Good one
Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris Hace 4 meses
That was pretty good. 😁
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder Hace 4 meses
I know a few cops I call PoPo! They laugh. This was hilarious.. WOMEN DO NOT LIKE TO BE SHUSHED! I dont care what the situation is.
mBabe Hace 4 meses
Yeah ... a d. in her mouth is better than a finger on his mouth.
graceoverall Hace 4 meses
@Angelofmusic Wonder What the heck is wrong with being shushed? If I were shushed I'd take it to mean I was blabbing and should probably shut up anyway, lol.
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder Hace 4 meses
Vinnie Montez 🤣🤣🤣
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder Hace 4 meses
graceoverall it’s comedy.. relax...
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder Hace 4 meses
Samuel Fugatt I’ve never shushed a man... ever..
Shawn Spidle
Shawn Spidle Hace 4 meses
Roflmao. Some funny $#!+
Barbara Hering
Barbara Hering Hace 4 meses
I was in a pizza place and it was when we were at a level orange which meant we were in a heightened sense of emergency so I ask this whole table of cops hey we are in this orange level and the cop says to me well you feel safe in here right!?
Pronto Hace 4 meses
And you said, no because there are 4 men in here armed to the teeth who have forgotten that they are supposed to be "Protecting and Serving" me, their employer, and think that they would be justified in tasing me if I failed to instantly obey their commands.
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder Hace 4 meses
Barbara Hering cops always have a smart answer. I’ve been within ear shot of cops just saying jerk things to people. I guess after all the stuff they’ve seen they not in the mood. Lol
Vinnie Montez
Vinnie Montez Hace 4 meses
jsmexish Hace 4 meses
Hilarious !
Hassan Eido
Hassan Eido Hace 4 meses
Mae M
Mae M Hace 4 meses
Hassan Eido 🎖
Mike From_Space
Mike From_Space Hace 4 meses
Denischa Briddell
Denischa Briddell Hace 4 meses
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