Creepy Tik Toks You SHOULD NOT watch at night

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xApplePiesx Hace 22 minutos
i remember i dreamed of something is it actually happened
EARTH WORM SALLY Hace 23 minutos
1:02 I jumped
xApplePiesx Hace 27 minutos
i jumped when he put the lights on and off when she saw a person
Alexander Kasanmoenadi
Alexander Kasanmoenadi Hace 39 minutos
Omg it's so true like when u dream it will come in real life I was dreaming of seeing the ACACT BOOK IN 4TH GRADE IN REAL LIFE it's scary why God doing this to usss
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez Hace 43 minutos
some times i dreame the fiutrer
Alycine Moonlight
Alycine Moonlight Hace un hora
The second one is the only one that scared me-
galixy wolfs
galixy wolfs Hace un hora
I think the won in the middle of the woods in is Jack the killer?
JAYDIN MOORE Hace un hora
Kerry Gallagher Solomon
Kerry Gallagher Solomon Hace 2 horas
so creepy
Zulu Ice Dragon
Zulu Ice Dragon Hace 2 horas
Zulu Ice Dragon
Zulu Ice Dragon Hace 2 horas
wait nvm
Lkater07 r6s
Lkater07 r6s Hace 2 horas
Me seeing a cute puppy: Aaawwwww Me when the dog got up: SHIT WENT FROM 0 TO 100 REAL QUICK
Jay Velazquez
Jay Velazquez Hace 3 horas
When you said don’t show to your grandma I was about to show her
Aiiden Mingo
Aiiden Mingo Hace 3 horas
I feel the pain of those people that does see shadows
Aiiden Mingo
Aiiden Mingo Hace 3 horas
Theres also someone living in a room in my house
ELLEN SHAW Hace 3 horas
I am scared out of my pants
Yvonne Gurley
Yvonne Gurley Hace 3 horas
For me that is true because one time I watch the ring and then like I saw somebody standing in my bathroom and then I just went back to Asleep and then I fell breathing in my face
Juli Jacobs
Juli Jacobs Hace 4 horas
A weird fact that if u sleep with ur closet open u can see the future and demons how do i know because i do that i have dreamed about something then it happens i told my friend she had a friend we both hated each other guts and one night i had a dream we got along but we where in a bouncy house....... i went to her party with a bouncy house and me and her friend got along so well if u see a demon in ur dream u have a bad day coming up........
Clara Sims
Clara Sims Hace 4 horas
The 2nd one was soooooo scary I jumped
wolf pack
wolf pack Hace 4 horas
A dream that hepperd was real life I'm scared
xena Santos
xena Santos Hace 5 horas
Turn your phone around subscribe
xena Santos
xena Santos Hace 5 horas
Make creepy tik Toks
Lidia Sanchez
Lidia Sanchez Hace 5 horas
Omg when I tell you I SCREAMED for the second tiktok, I SCREAMED (and my mom yelled at me lol)
Sambek Gurung
Sambek Gurung Hace 6 horas
and i was like this is normal
Sambek Gurung
Sambek Gurung Hace 6 horas
i got a heart attack
Slime ASMR
Slime ASMR Hace 6 horas
1:00 I screemed but I was watching that a library....
Tessa DeSoto
Tessa DeSoto Hace 6 horas
The second one made me drop my iPad !
SunShine Hace 7 horas
In the tik tok with the coyote, the coyote was chasing one of those aliens from MIB (Men In Black)!
Allen Schroeder
Allen Schroeder Hace 8 horas
Second one that like jumpscared I hate jump-scares so I said d it
galaxy._.berries •
galaxy._.berries • Hace 8 horas
On the second one my heart skipped like 2 heart beats-
Hsk 712YT
Hsk 712YT Hace 8 horas
It may sound crazy but my dreams become reality and I remember my dreams till years. I still remember my dream from when I was three
dani4041 dani4041
dani4041 dani4041 Hace 8 horas
I LOVE YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much
Buchay Lacson
Buchay Lacson Hace 10 horas
When the peolpe came out i just shake
Alexis roars
Alexis roars Hace 10 horas
Xjdhxh ? Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis
Drishen Limbu
Drishen Limbu Hace 10 horas
A lot of dreams back when I was a child came true and im dying.
Bars and Melody Fann
Bars and Melody Fann Hace 10 horas
2nd one i litterally died
kacatriku Hace 10 horas
This video gave me goosebumps
Isaiah Sanchez
Isaiah Sanchez Hace 11 horas
Who else is watching this at five am
[PH]Battlestalle [MEC]
[PH]Battlestalle [MEC] Hace 12 horas
ive got alot of chills
Maplesugar Fluff
Maplesugar Fluff Hace 12 horas
well JOKES ON YOU i started this video no joke at 2:54 AM
Desiree Soliz
Desiree Soliz Hace 12 horas
Dude the second one and it’s ok Ruusu my heart did to :>
Kelsey Forst
Kelsey Forst Hace 13 horas
*me watchung this at 2am reading the title*: cant be that bad *me again*: ight ima head out... I'll come back tomorrow
corbin Brown
corbin Brown Hace 13 horas
I need to see my heart rate rn
Falling_ Starzly
Falling_ Starzly Hace 14 horas
*me watching this at 3 am* **me also feeling like being watched after the video**
Iqram Hasan
Iqram Hasan Hace 14 horas
So so so so creepy 😱😱😰😨
Gacha Khalifa
Gacha Khalifa Hace 15 horas
TAENNIE KIM Hace 16 horas
The second one as soon as you shout i yell and my mom shook My heart is beating so fast OMFG
Rhyanna Goodman
Rhyanna Goodman Hace 17 horas
Not joking but 1:24 in the morning so let’s watch
Nachoz0e Hace 17 horas
The first one i said AWE PUPPY two secs later AHHHH
Akicia Nessia
Akicia Nessia Hace 18 horas
It happen that to me Some part of my dream like short dream happen in real life Like this I remember this 'it was part of my dream
Nishami Herath
Nishami Herath Hace 18 horas
After the second one I just did not want to watch till the next day
Johann Caleb Villegas
Johann Caleb Villegas Hace 18 horas
Hi @Ruusu Ensio are you ok?
Johann Caleb Villegas
Johann Caleb Villegas Hace 19 horas
Agh its mot scery its funny hahhaa😂
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Hace 20 horas
At my dad's dad house there is three girls there and go on the siwgs
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida Hace 23 horas
My dreams are always deja vu. I remember one exact moment in a dream and it happens in real life when I trigger it. My dad also has this. I still get creeped out by it too. I’m 13
kawaii_pennywise 18
kawaii_pennywise 18 Hace 23 horas
The creepy alien thing is a science experiment gone wrong. It is experiment 366. I should know. I was the one who tested on this thing
Soriyah Williamson
Soriyah Williamson Hace 23 horas
The second one I threw my freaking phone at the wall
Chris Afton
Chris Afton Hace 23 horas
I fell of my bed and I screamed so loud it's night at my house I do not lake jump scars
Millie Mystro
Millie Mystro Hace 23 horas
In the mirror
Millie Mystro
Millie Mystro Hace 23 horas
Did u notice the little boys eyes when he looked away.....?
Gianna Lopez
Gianna Lopez Hace un día
The second one scared me so bad
Faith Ongray
Faith Ongray Hace un día
The second tiktok scared me wthhh
Marcy Garm
Marcy Garm Hace un día
Elle & Ethan Hancock
Elle & Ethan Hancock Hace un día
My heart stopped when that man jumped up
Elle & Ethan Hancock
Elle & Ethan Hancock Hace un día
Nicole Mendoza
Nicole Mendoza Hace un día
If I can't awake that mean I am in someone's dream. WHAT I CAN'T SLEEP IN EVERYDAY 0_0
Auvney Marsh
Auvney Marsh Hace un día
I got scared as hell
Ryan Snow
Ryan Snow Hace un día
The jumpscare O.... M...... G
BLAH BLAH Hace un día
The 1:02 one got my leg to my chest and breathed a big breath
Carmen Espinoza
Carmen Espinoza Hace un día
DarkNovirst 05
DarkNovirst 05 Hace un día
Me: picks up my dog and checks him out Also me: “that’s right you better not be anything other than a dog” My dog: if you don’t put me down
Ariana Ibañez
Ariana Ibañez Hace un día
If im not able to wake up im in another perdón dream so.. I get trap in the dream of a maniquí ;
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