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mel Hace 10 horas
Well this didn't age well....
L C Hace 14 horas
But seriously when are the government and the main celebrity’s gunna get exposed ?
Mr Poindexter
Mr Poindexter Hace un día
Funny watching this after everything shane has done.
Cowface999 Hace un día
I find it weird that Shane is calling other people weird.
Bored Very bored
Bored Very bored Hace un día
U should add ur creepy moments to this video u creep
Fuck Off
Fuck Off Hace un día
Can you make other video today
Diaz Buggins
Diaz Buggins Hace 2 días
"dirty old man"
PTRK Hace 2 días
It's the chemtrails in the air. We breath it in and do fucked up things.
Ega Ega
Ega Ega Hace 3 días
huh. that was kinda ironic
arabella elliott
arabella elliott Hace 3 días
Richard dawson
Hydie Perez turcios
Hydie Perez turcios Hace 3 días
well this didn’t age well
Hannah Suker
Hannah Suker Hace 3 días
Green Plants
Green Plants Hace 3 días
your one to talk-
Hazell Vasquez
Hazell Vasquez Hace 3 días
I am here to tell the person that is about to comment on Shane's pedophilia controversy and tell them to stop hating Shane for the decisions he has made like 10 years ago ..... He does not make those types of videos anymore ...... The past is past ....... Hating him won't help you or him , as a matter of fact it makes things much worse .........
Hazell Vasquez
Hazell Vasquez Hace 7 horas
@「Childish Lleva」 Finally someone who gets it ........
「Childish Lleva」
「Childish Lleva」 Hace 7 horas
I agree with you so much on this, the stuff he did in the PAST is extremely gross but he grew up and moved on with how he was in the PAST! People get mad when he apologizes for his actions, but then get even more mad when he doesn’t? That makes absolute no sense, everyone just loves cancel culture.
Hazell Vasquez
Hazell Vasquez Hace 2 días
@Hlabelela Mgudlwa I am not making excuses for him ...... I am aware his content was offensive but it is also quite insane if you think about how everyone hates him for videos he has done when he 20 years old when he is now an 30 year old man who himself said that he does not make that content anymore and wants to move on but people make it hard for him to do so...... Yet he has always devalued himself and has gone through depression but now because of this it is as if people want to purposefully hurt him ...... He has apologized but people still don't care like what is it do you guys want to him to do? Actually hurt himself to prove how sorry he is?
Hlabelela Mgudlwa
Hlabelela Mgudlwa Hace 2 días
Hlabelela Mgudlwa
Hlabelela Mgudlwa Hace 2 días
He should go to jail! Stop defending him, *nothing* excuses his behaviour
PANDA POPS! Hace 3 días
Tatopotato Hace 4 días
“Kelly said how if he got rid of all Mexicans” when she actually said “Latinos” he thinks all Hispanics are Mexican smh
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole Hace 4 días
He literally said I guess you can't win the show cause you wont give me a kiss wtf that's literally a little girl!!!! That's manipulation he's fucking with her head I would have walked over as a adult and spit on his face! How the hell do these nasty perverts find kids attractive these girls look so uncomfortable 😡😡😡 god so help me if I ever have a daughter
Moonlight_Angy Hace 2 días
No kiss kiss for him
Bethsaida Lundy
Bethsaida Lundy Hace 4 días
SwaggerSouls is my dad
SwaggerSouls is my dad Hace 5 días
"you've become the very thing you've sworn to destroY"
All things Hatala/FAN ACCOUNT
All things Hatala/FAN ACCOUNT Hace 5 días
THIS IS SO TRIPPY omg , he’s literally talking About himself 🤭
Hlabelela Mgudlwa
Hlabelela Mgudlwa Hace 2 días
kitten68 mew maybe he *is*
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
Or not...
Was gay until Belle
Was gay until Belle Hace 5 días
If my father was on that TV show and he ended up randomly kissing me my dad would have killed him on the air like right there right there he would kill him right there. He would not hesitate he would kill him.
cloudy mel
cloudy mel Hace 3 días
i would slap him
Will Haley
Will Haley Hace 5 días
Shane worried about the wrong pedos at this point tho
Namxseok Hace 5 horas
kitten68 mew Yesss
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
Or not...
Johanna Reyes
Johanna Reyes Hace 6 días
i was choking on a single grain of rice while watching this i inhaled it and couldnt swallow it shew your food people
Jaxon Thiessen
Jaxon Thiessen Hace 6 días
JustDummy Charles
JustDummy Charles Hace 6 días
When I watch these I feel like I’m being watched
Angie Hace 6 días
“Dirty old man” Lmao that’s literally Shane
Edwin Amaya-Ramos
Edwin Amaya-Ramos Hace un día
kitten68 mew Ok so what shows that he changed from it? Did you forget he was still profiting off of those videos until he deleted them? Did you not see how he had all those videos up for years with monetization? Clearly he hasn’t changed since he bullied a teenager for being successful and rich at a very young age and how he went on Instagram live trying to “debunk” tati’s video by throwing a tantrum and he even had the audacity to roll his eyes and groan at Tati for talking about her own sexual abuse story. This isn’t you’re place to tell others if they have the right to be upset or not, nows not the time for you pick-me’s to defend him with the most basic argument of “he was younger”...he was a grown adult in his 20’s, he was constantly told about how offensive he was and all he would tell the critics is to “fuck off” and still holds no remorse about it unless it takes away his ESwomen money.
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 2 días
@Angie 20 years old isn't old... Just because you don't forgive that action doesn't mean you can't see a person grow and forgive that person. Plenty of shows have pedophilia jokes and more offensive stuff, that are still running currently, and in that case they shouldn't but this is stuff literally in his past. Are you one of those who think criminals can't change either? He didn't commit a crime, he said fucked up shit. He can change just like anybody else.
Angie Hace 2 días
kitten68 mew He was 20 years old. He knew damn well what he was doing. Sexualizing children can never be forgive.
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 2 días
@Angie For making jokes in poor taste doesn't make him a dirty old man and he did it when he was younger so that doesn't apply to him now.
Angie Hace 2 días
kitten68 mew He is though 👁👄👁
Emily Arevalo
Emily Arevalo Hace 6 días
the first part... and now hes cancelled sheesh LMAOAOAOOAOA
holly stirewalt
holly stirewalt Hace 6 días
All of the videos I wanna watch are privated
Emilia Downey
Emilia Downey Hace 6 días
Willow Doabler
Willow Doabler Hace 7 días
Think about,,, how many people have taken pictures of you that aren't your family members and your still in there phone...
Myth D3B1DDO
Myth D3B1DDO Hace 7 días
Imagine if this comment has the same likes as the comment below me, that would be cool right
Stephanie Carroll
Stephanie Carroll Hace 7 días
This didn't age well... 😬
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
The guy actually kissed children, Shane made terrible jokes. There's a big difference.
Drawing With Izzy
Drawing With Izzy Hace 4 días
Stephanie Carroll yep
Razzle Dazzle Gacha
Razzle Dazzle Gacha Hace 7 días
The guy who kissed the little girls sends chills down my spine. That is disgusting
Cassie Cleland
Cassie Cleland Hace 8 días
well this didnt age well
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
So original. The guy actually kissed children, Shane made terrible jokes. There's a big difference.
I am a taco
I am a taco Hace 8 días
This aged like fine wine ....its over shane
Minority Hace 8 días
This is proof enough at Shane has grown up and educated himself. His past does not define him
Gongsun Li
Gongsun Li Hace 5 días
@Chicken Salad being a teen is an irrelevant reason.
Minority Hace 6 días
@Chicken Salad nope. But nice try. I'm old enough to have made bad decisions and people still hold it against me. But please go off. We both watching his old video. 😂😂 You still a fan too🛋🚶
Magical Dildo
Magical Dildo Hace 7 días
Chicken Salad omg how did u know 😪
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad Hace 7 días
@Magical Dildo and you are a teen too lol
Magical Dildo
Magical Dildo Hace 8 días
Chicken Salad assuming you are an idiot who believes everything....
Romanov Hace 8 días
Hazel Walker
Hazel Walker Hace 8 días
Miss this Shane
poopeatr42 Hace 9 días
Gracelyn AB.
Gracelyn AB. Hace 9 días
You know what I find creepy? A 31 yo male being racist, and admitting that he thought a young around 8-year-old girl was sexy. Also saying that he looks up pictures of naked babies to look at them and then saying that they too, were sexy. And yet his career still goes on? yeah, gross.
char Hace 23 horas
Sam Lung so what? it's still not okay.
Sam Lung
Sam Lung Hace 23 horas
Ummm. Shane wasn't 31 when he said that.
char Hace 5 días
then what the fuck are you doing here?? go on with your day, please.
ellarswx Hace 6 días
they were just very shit jokes
Alena Spálenská
Alena Spálenská Hace 9 días
you're a creepy moment, thankfully not on tv.
Bella Campbell
Bella Campbell Hace 9 días
How many times Shane dropped the F-bomb 👇👇
S o f t i e
S o f t i e Hace 9 días
"Do you give out kisses..~" "Mhm!" The little girl: *goes to kiss his cheek* him: *kisses her on the lips* ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SHE WAS OBVIOUSLY AIMING FOR THE CHEEK NOT THE DAMN LIPS YOU LITTLE SHIT
talk moistly to me.
talk moistly to me. Hace 9 días
This didn't age well
Lisa Goff
Lisa Goff Hace 9 días
June 2020 and still loving you Shane 🥰🥰🥰
Mlto41 Hace 9 días
This video didn't age well..
im dumb That one sleepynerd
im dumb That one sleepynerd Hace 9 días
Why did the music sound like family fued. Wait, is that family fued? Like, an old family fued
Sam Lung
Sam Lung Hace 23 horas
It was before Steve Harvey was the host.
yuan roi
yuan roi Hace 9 días
Hi _Boomer
Hi _Boomer Hace 9 días
That didn't age well
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez Hace 9 días
The fact that he chose to show even edited versions of the serial killers victims is an odd choice. That one girl looked possibly underage too. Very possible it’s actual child porn.
exe _ rae
exe _ rae Hace 10 días
This didnt age well for Shane
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
The guy actually kissed children, Shane made terrible jokes. There's a big difference.
Nathalie Rojas
Nathalie Rojas Hace 6 días
@Freya Heslop ya I agree I'm also confused?
Freya Heslop
Freya Heslop Hace 9 días
exe _ rae what do you mean by that? I’ve seen a few comments saying this, what do you mean? Sorry..
Michelle AS
Michelle AS Hace 10 días
This aged like fine milk
mya rocks
mya rocks Hace 10 días
You missed the recent Canadian show Canada's worst handyman 4 starring Andrew Younghusband where one of the older male Brian P. got angry at the other contestants and they didnt say exactly what happened or what he had said but the guy was removed for the safety of the others he was saying some crazy creepy stuff.
SunSet fox
SunSet fox Hace 10 días
me: *one of the men kiss me* Also me: *kicks in balls* HOW DO U LIKE THAT!!!!
El MariaJin
El MariaJin Hace 10 días
No one: Literally no one: This comment section: Well well well, how the turntables
ShadyBeAShooketh Hace 44 minutos
fam he made off colour jokes he didn't try and force little girls to kiss him 🗿
El MariaJin
El MariaJin Hace 2 días
@Eyobe Wassihoun ohh lol fr 😂
Eyobe Wassihoun
Eyobe Wassihoun Hace 2 días
@El MariaJin who do you think 😂, shane ofc...
El MariaJin
El MariaJin Hace 2 días
@Eyobe Wassihoun who?
Eyobe Wassihoun
Eyobe Wassihoun Hace 2 días
😂😂😂😂 such a hypocrite
Kelly Collins
Kelly Collins Hace 10 días
I think my sister has bad taste in men but at least she’s never picked a serial killer.
Zustie Hace 10 días
How ironic
MultiWerewolf1 Hace 10 días
Says creepy paedophilic things. Makes a video about creepy tv shows where one was paedophilic
MultiWerewolf1 Hace 5 días
ellarswx shit jokes? He’s admitted to looking up child porn, finding a 6 year old cheerleader sexy and trying to justify it by comparing it to fetishes. Even if he was joking why would he say such creepy things
ellarswx Hace 6 días
they were very shit jokes, he’s not kissed underaged girls like that man on the tv show
cloudy caila
cloudy caila Hace 10 días
fuck you shane i don’t think people are accepting your apology any time soon fuck you and your past
Infinity Røses
Infinity Røses Hace 10 días
Oof got justifications for this Shane?
Jonathan Gonzalve
Jonathan Gonzalve Hace 10 días
1:47 well this aged well
El MariaJin
El MariaJin Hace 10 días
Right 😂
Leah Doherty
Leah Doherty Hace 10 días
this didn’t age well
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
So original. The guy actually kissed children, Shane made terrible jokes. There's a big difference.
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes Hace 10 días
when he is the creepy moment
El MariaJin
El MariaJin Hace 10 días
Iggy The Dog
Iggy The Dog Hace 10 días
you know whats really fucking creepy the man on my screen
Meme queen
Meme queen Hace 10 días
This aged well..
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
So original. The guy actually kissed children, Shane made terrible jokes. There's a big difference.
Aravind Balaji ROX
Aravind Balaji ROX Hace 10 días
Yo yo i never expect you in this situation
Crunchy Water
Crunchy Water Hace 10 días
The second guy is hitting close to home, right Shane?
Iggy The Dog
Iggy The Dog Hace 10 días
Crunchy Water mhm
Hamza Joio
Hamza Joio Hace 10 días
He should react to himself now what a creepy guy
Iggy The Dog
Iggy The Dog Hace 10 días
Hamza Joio yeah....
Life Life
Life Life Hace 10 días
This video didn't age well.
Sam Lung
Sam Lung Hace 23 horas
@Life Life Lmfao!!!! Keemstar is a joke himself.
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Hace 3 días
So original. The guy actually kissed children, Shane made terrible jokes. There's a big difference.
Life Life
Life Life Hace 9 días
@Molly Rodd Watch KeemStars video.
Molly Rodd
Molly Rodd Hace 9 días
Humair Kayani
Humair Kayani Hace 10 días
I’m literally terrified it’s 3 am
Wendy F
Wendy F Hace 10 días
The silence after he said that - and her eyes got huge!
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