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Falling (Ft. eSoreni) by Sappheiros
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JoaoK90 Hace un mes
For 3 minutes I forgot all my problems, I am really thankful
Shayaan And Ayaan
Shayaan And Ayaan Hace un día
JoaoK90 e
Peacock Feathers
Peacock Feathers Hace 11 días
I keep seeing this comment on all daily dose vids.
PizzaRollDraws TM
PizzaRollDraws TM Hace 27 días
Same and nice pfp
fudgeisfat Hace 29 días
Sans Epicc ..
shoot shop
shoot shop Hace 12 horas
I think that's my dog 2:22
Donut Guy
Donut Guy Hace 16 horas
1:05 it sounds like Elmo is drowning
NeverTurnOffTheAmp Hace 23 horas
Did he say..."nucular" instead of "nuclear"? :D
Toyadome C
Toyadome C Hace un día
Oh my god.... its the teddybear picnic
Create -Space
Create -Space Hace un día
We made it well.
Banana Salguero
Banana Salguero Hace un día
Me: Welp 1k haters
Darth_Turtle Hace un día
Imagine taking your submarine for a drive and hearing someone knocking on the window
Hellcarver T.V
Hellcarver T.V Hace un día
You might be a badA** but you'll never be Hop on a moving submarine and punch it open bada**
super logan Mario gamer and car fixer
super logan Mario gamer and car fixer Hace 2 días
Like titanic
artiom l
artiom l Hace 2 días
1:44 hamster cat L🤣L
BurningWaterYT Hace 2 días
the submarine thing was on the news a while back
Timmy_the_boi _
Timmy_the_boi _ Hace 2 días
Why didn’t the sub just go underwater
J.B Productions
J.B Productions Hace 2 días
THIS GUY HAS 1 add per video!!!!!! LEGOND
Haffer_ Hace 2 días
LittlePotisMan Hace un día
Haffer_ no its i got you borgor
Fred A
Fred A Hace 2 días
1:19 Beneath the trees, where nobody sees, they'll hide and seek as long as they please. And that's the way the teddy bears have their piiiiicnic!
Weeb Gaming
Weeb Gaming Hace 3 días
the disappointment in their eyes as they realized *the power outlet was a sticker*
J E E P E R S!
J E E P E R S! Hace 3 días
0:53 Modern Warfare vibes
hafy day
hafy day Hace 3 días
*US SEALs lands on the submarine* *sad submarine noises*
Kawaii_Potato YT
Kawaii_Potato YT Hace 3 días
1080 p pupper
Will Price
Will Price Hace 3 días
guy on the left side of the right ship trips at 2:49
A RAT!! Hace 3 días
That boys costume was stupid
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Hace 3 días
Imagine being out in the middle of nowhere and hear banging on the hatch. *mom pick me up im scared*
Caolán is Cool
Caolán is Cool Hace 3 días
bartek calinski
bartek calinski Hace 3 días
0:32 i think the kid wants to make profit out of those ads. at least dollar shave club doesn't sponsor his video
Eggy Boi
Eggy Boi Hace 3 días
Coast guard : *Shouting at a submarine to pull over*
hey_ Eilish_addict
hey_ Eilish_addict Hace 3 días
The bears plan worked. Create an obvious bear meet to lure human and sacrafice them to Other animals as a peace treaty
Some playlists
Some playlists Hace 3 días
The power outlet trick worked on me at the airport. It was on a metal pole I really needed a real power outlet though.
he dresd up as a sam peper apoligy video
The Magic Turtlez
The Magic Turtlez Hace 3 días
Put the video on 025x playback speed when he is talking
Sami Bocharov
Sami Bocharov Hace 4 días
2:33 the strongest ship ,said titanic.....
Thisura Thiranagama
Thisura Thiranagama Hace 4 días
0:48 inspired by jacksfilms
ABlokeof RoyalCheese
ABlokeof RoyalCheese Hace 4 días
Ni🅱️🅱️as really just raided a bloody *sub*
Melih_ Toro_09
Melih_ Toro_09 Hace 4 días
Bastian Skårup
Bastian Skårup Hace 4 días
0:37 jacksfilms fan
Merlin Thatwizardguy
Merlin Thatwizardguy Hace 4 días
All the bears were going to the salmon run!!!
Ivan bankomat
Ivan bankomat Hace 5 días
Why doesnt submarine just go underwater?
CLOROX JUICE Hace 5 días
Me You
Me You Hace 5 días
One bears says to another “hey so I’ve got an idea let’s get all our friends together and have a get together” the other bear says how will we contact everyone” we responded “that will be super easy BEARly and inconvenience”
Me You
Me You Hace 5 días
One bears says to another “hey so I’ve got an idea let’s get all our friends together and have a get together” the other bear says how will we contact everyone” we responded “that will be super easy BEARly and inconvenience”
Cr3tex Hace 5 días
The unsinkable 2.0
JHG 315
JHG 315 Hace 5 días
I love these videos but dude is so fucking annoying
Jacky Boiii
Jacky Boiii Hace 5 días
3:10 Every 6 year old when they see a hill
Camie Sully
Camie Sully Hace 5 días
3:00 i wish i could brush my dogs teeth like that lol
Donevin Frownfelter
Donevin Frownfelter Hace 5 días
I really love your videos
faheem sufi
faheem sufi Hace 5 días
0:36 Oh wow, someone watches jacksfilms
Kirigaya Kazuto
Kirigaya Kazuto Hace 6 días
You Always Make my Problems Forgotten, Thank you for Creating This Channel!
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Hace 6 días
The Bears were waiting to audition for a 'Jacks Beef Jerky' commercial.
Squirrelheart Hace 6 días
thats a good quality windclan cat
Deez_playing#YT Hace 6 días
'’Sorry for filming a TikTok at my grandmas funeral’’
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan Hace 6 días
The thumbnail looks like wildmutt from ben 10 😂
Jazmine Solorzano
Jazmine Solorzano Hace 6 días
1:20 lol secret bear meeting...
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie Hace 7 días
2:15 Why the hell would there be a power outlet on a piece of cardboard????
yung weeb
yung weeb Hace 7 días
Anyone else saw that man on the right ship Trip at 2:48? 😂
Hue Man
Hue Man Hace 7 días
I knew those bears were planning something
Star Slayer
Star Slayer Hace 7 días
how is your voice so calming
Madeline Cook
Madeline Cook Hace 7 días
1:43 "Gotta go fast."
Jason cheng
Jason cheng Hace 7 días
I fast as freak boi
Kex Dump
Kex Dump Hace 7 días
he eat ice to free other ship
TSM_LittleJimmy2 Hace 7 días
1:11 *FBI OPEN UP*
Gillian Marshall
Gillian Marshall Hace 7 días
2:30 Me When I See School
israel polanco
israel polanco Hace 7 días
Literally my favorite channel and nothing is clickbait here thank you for existing
CatPerience Hace 7 días
The apology video kid was wearing a Klondike T-Shirt (not the irl kid, the one that's in the square of the costume video)
Stadtjer Hace 7 días
Have you recently moved rooms? Your audio sounds so different
ITZYONOGGA Hace 7 días
Jacks films
Natalie Gallegos
Natalie Gallegos Hace 8 días
Where the fuck did drug traffickers get a sub?!
Xbox g4mer
Xbox g4mer Hace 8 días
0:53 And they said the Coast Guard was boring
Assemblée Nationale
Assemblée Nationale Hace 9 días
This is a nuclear powered ice breaker it is one of the strongest ships in the world It’s job is to escort cargo ships and rescue other ships that get stuck in the ice
Halleli Gamily Peleg
Halleli Gamily Peleg Hace 9 días
0:32 that right there is a jacksfilms reference
Michael Mercado
Michael Mercado Hace 9 días
SECRET BEAR MEETING? wonder what law they're gonna pass.
James Kim
James Kim Hace 10 días
James Kim
James Kim Hace 5 días
oh someone already said it before me goddam it
Updatesys Hace 5 días
James Kim lololol
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