Court Cam: Father of Victim JUMPS on Convicted Criminal (Season 1) | A&E

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A man who lost his daughter to the hands of a serial killer jumps on the suspect in the court room in this clip from Season 1, Episode 2 "Court Cam (#102)". #CourtCam
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From frightening outbursts to furious judges, “Court Cam” gives viewers an in-depth examination of some of the most stunning and emotional courtroom moments caught on camera. Hosted by Dan Abrams, each episode includes interviews with judges, witnesses, and victims who give a first-hand account of what really happened during these intense courtroom moments. This comprehensive look at how the action unfolds allows viewers to sit in the courtroom as they witness crazy courtroom moments from the most high-profile trials to minor court proceedings.
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Robert Reeves
Robert Reeves Hace 7 días
He Hating
Ayoub Sabiri
Ayoub Sabiri Hace 26 días
Frankly, I appreciate the behavior that the victim’s father did against the criminal ... Unfortunately, the meaning of fatherhood will only be known to those who taste it
Ziyozi Marufovajhyy
Ziyozi Marufovajhyy Hace 26 días
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Hace 3 meses
@kevin lee unacceptable
kevin lee
kevin lee Hace 3 meses
yall really like to make profit off of the misfortune of others huh?
blackheartedhatred_tcmx Hace 5 horas
Jacquiece Toomer
Jacquiece Toomer Hace 7 horas
Fluffy man can fly
mini kui
mini kui Hace 10 horas
Does anyone notice that the murderer tried to get the officers gun?
Binx Hace 18 horas
Those officers should of let it happen.
Millicent Thompson
Millicent Thompson Hace un día
Doctor Squidman
Doctor Squidman Hace un día
These videos make me so sad. You can just feel their emotion
Andy H
Andy H Hace 2 días
Feel really sorry for the man you love sister Hope you feel better
James Shirrell
James Shirrell Hace 2 días
Any father would have done that but they have to protect the killer
Gooner Westlondon
Gooner Westlondon Hace 2 días
jedi1967 Hace 2 días
The father of one of the victims would have torn that thug in pieces like a Grizzly Bear....
Lori Kantor
Lori Kantor Hace 2 días
Those poor parents. I can't even imagine nor do I want to.
KingSoup12k Hace 2 días
i think you should think of that poor table that got crushed by that fat man
KingSoup12k Hace 2 días
he missed.
TLS Baran8tor
TLS Baran8tor Hace 3 días
They shoulda let him at least get a few hits in
Valerie Rodriguez
Valerie Rodriguez Hace 3 días
So sad ..... he probably died from a broken heart.
LukLex Hace 3 días
I’m just sorry the father didn’t get a good lock on him. May the father & daughter RIP
J money
J money Hace 3 días
Should have let him tear that piece of trash apart piece by piece.
Graphik Dezigns
Graphik Dezigns Hace 3 días
Real justice would've seen the cops step aside and let him have his way with him.
Pay Triot
Pay Triot Hace 4 días
5 seconds in, yeah, he don't look guilty
chloe poliard
chloe poliard Hace 4 días
*he rlly said solja boi up in this*
Four Hace 4 días
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Hace 4 días
Wish he could've got a hold of dude
No Name
No Name Hace 5 días
That jump is legendary
Angelica Soto
Angelica Soto Hace 5 días
Fathers suffer to the max when they lose their baby girl
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson Hace 5 días
GET EM!!! You Go DADDY!!
T Weston
T Weston Hace 5 días
I wish he would have gotten his hands around that fool's throat!😡😡
Tammy Hodges
Tammy Hodges Hace 5 días
I imagine his heart and mind was broken. I cried over this. How awful for these families
North star
North star Hace 5 días
he said terry 8x
Charlie Hace 5 días
Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry! ! Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry! Terry!
Barbara Hace 5 días
Michael Madison LOOKS evil.
evgeniy nagornyak
evgeniy nagornyak Hace 6 días
So sad that father could not finished the buster
anthony pucci
anthony pucci Hace 6 días
A&K Lovemyfive
A&K Lovemyfive Hace 6 días
What a monster 😭😭😭😭😭😡
Caramel Complexion
Caramel Complexion Hace 6 días
I would have allowed the father to get some good punches in and took my time or at least act like I'm holding him back lol
Mine Finder
Mine Finder Hace 6 días
Look at the cowardly liberal murderer hiding behind the cops.
Helene T
Helene T Hace 6 días
Why did the judge say that the one who had the red hat must leave? He didn’t do anything? Or did I miss something?
Sammi C
Sammi C Hace 7 días
Who can blame the father? What a terrible thing the families have to live with. That mugshot of the killer and that smirk after the attack just say it all. He has contempt for everyone.
Amy Moyer
Amy Moyer Hace 7 días
They should have stepped aside & left that father have just 1-2 mins with this jerk.
Appie Bandz
Appie Bandz Hace 6 días
word my man would have put him in a spliff lol
Idid Yermom
Idid Yermom Hace 7 días
Spare the waiting and let the family members wreak their vengeance on him.
zac Agoba
zac Agoba Hace 7 días
Sad story
Jace_Alb Hace 8 días
Buddy jumped the table
Chef Kevin Riese
Chef Kevin Riese Hace 8 días
Connor Wood
Connor Wood Hace 9 días
"if somebody kill my son that mean somebody's gettin' killed" - kendrick lamar
V8 Juice is Disgusting
V8 Juice is Disgusting Hace 9 días
Jadine Alcide
Jadine Alcide Hace 9 días
F*ck that, let the father have 10 mins with him.
emendatus1 Hace 7 días
It would be real justice!
Jakub Filip
Jakub Filip Hace 9 días
Look as slim Method man :-D
jay shockley
jay shockley Hace 9 días
They should have left the Father and that clown alone in a room for 15 minutes.
Becki Terry
Becki Terry Hace 10 días
This case was 3 years ago
Jo Ellen Williams
Jo Ellen Williams Hace 10 días
jackie alvarez
jackie alvarez Hace 10 días
I felt like if i was a cop i would slowly reacted on purpose so the guy could at least get a couple of hits
Live Lively
Live Lively Hace 11 días
I would too. I just wouldn’t miss.
dnadeau819 Hace 11 días
Should have sentenced him to a day in a cell with the father.
calynnie Hace 11 días
So heartbreaking😢🙏🏽
Ashwin Rishiya
Ashwin Rishiya Hace 11 días
Every African American Family need a father like this!!! This is what it means to have a man in family. Democrats doesn't want see a perfect family. Wake up everyone!!!
Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson Hace 12 días
I would have done the same thing
Delmira vidal
Delmira vidal Hace 12 días
Me Pushing him back And I'm behind the prisoner* Hmmm. Whispers* Get ready | Let's go* 👁👄👁👏
Len Harris
Len Harris Hace 13 días
You can understand the father, i would have done the same What they should do is let the fathers have 5 minutes in the cells with people like this animal . It,s just not fair for a mother or father to listen to what has happened to the kids and expect them to be calm.
Patricia Marie Mitchell
Patricia Marie Mitchell Hace 13 días
Who could blame him? Sad that he at least didn't get in a punch.😥
Kz_Music Hace 13 días
I dont blame this guy for wanting to absolutely destroy the dude. But for one second, at 1:16, this scumbag murderer had a clean grabbing distance to this cops gun, who is obviously trying to protect him so he can get a fair trial. That's a scary thought. Another scary thought, how I ended up on this side of ESwomen...again...
rochelle123ist Hace 13 días
This is why women need guns
Carlos Fines
Carlos Fines Hace 14 días
You really want to give this families justice????? Let them decide what the punishment should be for this heartless man!!!!!!
Jason Messinger
Jason Messinger Hace 14 días
The dude lept out of his shoes 😂
Sveedle Hace 14 días
This is sooo heartbreaking! Oh Van. RIP. My heart breaks for you. May your soul heal now. :(
hoodangie Hace 14 días
He flew 🌪💨
Sebastian Gresala
Sebastian Gresala Hace 15 días
When this happenede nobody was rioting.. Im disgusted
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones Hace 15 días
I saw that demonic smirk on his face.. I would have smacked that smirk right off his ugly face.
Switch Spin
Switch Spin Hace 15 días
reet tron reet
reet tron reet Hace 15 días
And made him suffer
Michael Motanya
Michael Motanya Hace 15 días
This is how many times he said Karen 👇🏽
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