Coupon Addict Breaks The Register! | Extreme Couponing

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Coupon addict Amber heads to the supermarket with her family to show off her couponing skills. But there seems to be a problem with the register...
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SirYarianTheFirst Hace un día
If it was some other obsessed woman, they would been crying over their total not being less than $10 or for it being over what they estimated. At least this one isn’t like that, I’m glad there are sane people in this.... line of work?
Samara Sealy
Samara Sealy Hace 5 días
We were laughing at them but now we begging them
erin w.
erin w. Hace 5 días
Why do all these people pronounce coupons "cyupons"
Emely Barry
Emely Barry Hace 6 días
100 soaps😪, she safe safe from the rona
brian mays red special
brian mays red special Hace 6 días
I'm gonna start doing this
Danny van den Berg
Danny van den Berg Hace 7 días
How can a supermarker make money with people like this?
Luzian el Ingeniero
Luzian el Ingeniero Hace 7 días
do these people know that food has an expiration date?
Abbey Carlisle
Abbey Carlisle Hace 7 días
It took em three hours to get all that but yet it takes me atleast 3 hours to shop for not even half of that, like less I’d say🤦‍♀️
Simone Large
Simone Large Hace 8 días
To bad none of her hall actually has nutritional value.
Slim Gutz
Slim Gutz Hace 9 días
Shoutout to the stay at home dad, he's not being a lazy asshole and keeping the house clean while taking care of his kids.
Esther Florea
Esther Florea Hace 9 días
I mean she could start her own Walmart
dhanna lopez
dhanna lopez Hace 10 días
my math skills are not compatible for couponing 😭😭.
Sarah The Degenerate
Sarah The Degenerate Hace 10 días
As someone who comes from a home with a relatively low income, this lifestyle is looking mildly appealing to me
G Hace 11 días
My theory is that this is all old. Maybe as an audience we feel a bit more comfortable or nostalgic or something watching things which are older to us (instead of new, unfamiliar or scary) so that we can relate and understand fully, and maybe they can't use this footage immediately due to legal issues
Petite Potato
Petite Potato Hace 11 días
She first said i hope its at least less than 1000 and then when it came 180 something she said i thought i would pay less.. what?
Shorouq Tahraoui
Shorouq Tahraoui Hace 12 días
Everyone in the thumbnail has a vague similarity to a rat
chickendinner4 Hace 12 días
she used to have a youtube channel...anybody remember the name?
ibadie Hace 12 días
Wow she could even sell those items if she wanted to make money
belinda laing
belinda laing Hace 13 días
I wish we had these coupons in Australia 😢
Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart Hace 13 días
Wish we had this in the UK!!!!
Latifa Rahmani
Latifa Rahmani Hace 13 días
Wow imagine you being there
PhillyHam86 Hace 13 días
And this is such a waste half of the food etc there gonna end up never using and throwing away no reason why anyone should go that overboard. And she's a nurse so she should know even that medicine is gonna expire
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw Hace 13 días
Sorry i dont need that much dog food rn
D J Hace 14 días
Try this in the uk with one coupon and they make fuss!
Sophy Blackwood
Sophy Blackwood Hace 14 días
MegaNatasha13 Hace 15 días
I hate people like this, they take everything for themselves and leave none for anyone else
Amelia Hernandez
Amelia Hernandez Hace 15 días
Jesus christ loves y'all repent he is coming soon! Believe in him trust in him Jesus christ died for You My Friend becuase he loves You repent!🙏🙏🙏
HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim Hace 6 días
Amelia Hernandez #JusticeForFloyd
Amelia Hernandez
Amelia Hernandez Hace 7 días
@HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim Repent it Will break God's heart to see You in hell My Friend:)
HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim Hace 12 días
Heil satan 666
Charliz Chan
Charliz Chan Hace 15 días
They can sell the products that they dont use instead of leaving it in there stock pile and the products just expire
adriana s
adriana s Hace 15 días
this is too much math for me, I'll just pay full price
Paris Hughes
Paris Hughes Hace 15 días
Fair enough you HVE coupons but this is so selfish
Lucy jules
Lucy jules Hace 16 días
Well shes ready for Corona
Arachnid Hace 16 días
She probably got a coupon for her house
Kimberly Marin
Kimberly Marin Hace 16 días
I like how the nurse buys a lot of hand soap and tells her kids to wash their hands
Christine Pattison
Christine Pattison Hace 16 días
Sports drinks and candy. Great diet.
Kayla 333
Kayla 333 Hace 16 días
Where i live u can only use 1 coupon on an item 🤔
Lucifer Lu
Lucifer Lu Hace 16 días
How many niggas fit in that lil truck?
Eduardo Mendoza
Eduardo Mendoza Hace 16 días
im surprised no ones talking about how the guy at 5:06 looks like mclovin all grown up
JaKe Hace 17 días
its kinda selfish tho
Zoe Podejko
Zoe Podejko Hace 17 días
My grocery stores limit how much u can buy of each item... so how is this even allowed lol. I feel like it’s almost shoplifting?
Rusty Breville
Rusty Breville Hace 17 días
I watch a lot of these videos and Amber is by far the most well adjusted couponer I've ever come across.
Internetuser20 Hace 17 días
I hope one day her and “clayvon” have to pay the full amount
Internetuser20 Hace 17 días
I know this was years before covid-19, but what an asshole. Get a grip
S G Hace 18 días
My head hurts just watching this woman, I think I’ll just continue to pay full price thanks.
Mandy Hart
Mandy Hart Hace 18 días
Wish UK had these sorts of coupons it's shite here!
lulu alaa
lulu alaa Hace 18 días
I’m telling you she’s surviving quarantine
Cheers! 진아 이야.♥
Cheers! 진아 이야.♥ Hace 18 días
This VERY RARE EVENT that happens only every other month
Batman Hace 19 días
I'm surprised stores allowed this. In the Bay Area, they put all kinds of restrictions on coupons. And it's not new, either. They've been doing that for years. So to see stores in other cities and states not being alerted to it is surprising.
Batman Hace 16 días
@Gabrielle Craft Maybe. Smaller known stores would be more sensitive to stacking coupons, but then again, they did need the foot traffic (back before Walmart and other big box names wiped them out).
Gabrielle Craft
Gabrielle Craft Hace 16 días
Batman This doesn’t look like a Walmart or any big name grocery store. Maybe they just didn’t have those types of rules because it was a smaller known store?
Batman Hace 16 días
@Gabrielle Craft It's not like it's from the 80s or 90s. Even 15 years ago they didn't allow this in the Bay Area.
Gabrielle Craft
Gabrielle Craft Hace 16 días
This episode is pretty old. That store probably has regulations now.
AlohaMothafuckaz Hace 20 días
Do yall want my longs recipt lol
Joe Martin
Joe Martin Hace 21 un día
Is that a whit guy named clavon. Amazing
Haniya Rehman
Haniya Rehman Hace 21 un día
Well I am not a couponer but I still have a way more stuff stored than her because of corona
Marichele Jeremiah-Wright
Marichele Jeremiah-Wright Hace 21 un día
They smart a lot of dedication but it works out👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
alice cosby
alice cosby Hace 21 un día
Were do they get all these coupons tho Shirley they have to buy magazine to get them
Superpasi7 Hace 21 un día
She’s the women you read about in math problems
balroop ghag
balroop ghag Hace 21 un día
couponers have it so great from all the supplies they need for corona
Christine Gaviola Jacinto
Christine Gaviola Jacinto Hace 22 días
Their daughter looks like gigi bryant when she was s little girl isn’t she???😮❤️
Rick! G.
Rick! G. Hace 19 días
Laila. Xo
Laila. Xo Hace 22 días
I hope she is still a nurse so she can help fight corona and she still has her stock pile for the quarantine
gongcha leader
gongcha leader Hace 23 días
They can keep cutting and collecting coupons. But those food won’t last long if they wont eat it lmao. It’s almost like they’re keeping it for display nudksbdjdke
Zoe Gribben
Zoe Gribben Hace 23 días
she’s only been couponing for 3 MONTHS???!! wow she’s got a lot of stock
Maria Elizabeth
Maria Elizabeth Hace 24 días
Hang on a sec... Dumpster diving.. to get... coupons!?? 😐
xtian Hace 25 días
I only started watching extreme couponing year 2019 and I need more 🤣
Faina L.
Faina L. Hace 25 días
Covid-19 should be scared of her😂
Metal Church Reverend
Metal Church Reverend Hace 25 días
im sure they dont let one cashier spend all that time with one cx
MonaLisa Collections
MonaLisa Collections Hace 26 días
Her kids are gorgeous @!!
Nora J.
Nora J. Hace 26 días
TwinGaming#1 Hace 27 días
It’s a very good thing she’s getting 100 hand soaps now
Rebecca Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood Hace 27 días
We don't have coupons like this in my country. If we did then I'd also be like them
coolinwitliyah Hace 28 días
so what happeneds when all the food go bad?
haldistained Hace 29 días
I feel sorry for the bagger
Chill With The Dragon
Chill With The Dragon Hace 29 días
all that waste and not a single item is donated to people that actually needs these items .
Soft Gt
Soft Gt Hace 29 días
Go make more kids for more coupons, if Ya know what I'm saying. 😂
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