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Cody Ko

Cody Ko

Hace un mes

tattoo has "too" in it that's why its called that haha
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Pamela Nolle
Pamela Nolle Hace 31 un minuto
Not a single person talking bout how at the beginning of the coverup vid she says the dudes name and hes driving...Bro theyre STILL TOGETHER.
Alex Shikula
Alex Shikula Hace 3 horas
Cody wins the "ugliest girlfriend on ESwomen" award
Blvck206 Hace 16 horas
Fun Fact: Stephen won a national championship in College football this year and got drafted to the Seahawks.
Mac N Cheezy
Mac N Cheezy Hace 22 horas
I need another 😂
Summer M
Summer M Hace un día
that tattoo artist was reconsidering fertilizing the egg in vitro
Quorkey Hace un día
Kelsey makes videos better
Leah Mari
Leah Mari Hace un día
no one going to mention the whole video was out of focus??
M Hace un día
Aww it’s so nice how the nurse can tolerate the old man .. respect to her
sqxndal RBLX
sqxndal RBLX Hace un día
Why’s it called couples cringe. Noelle and Cody are already the best couple
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen Hace un día
I'm so glad someone finally made commentary for this show! I can't get over how absolutely insane it is
JetSetRetardFuture Hace un día
the guy just looks like sans
Susannah Bautista
Susannah Bautista Hace 2 días
He denied smoking because he couldn't deny being a butthead
mhakhio kikon
mhakhio kikon Hace 2 días
Cody being sneaky here. I see what you did there Cody 😈
Dalton Cooper
Dalton Cooper Hace 2 días
The ps4 music at the end holy shiz
ito burrito
ito burrito Hace 2 días
she looks like a female version of Nash Grier
Lil Uzamaki
Lil Uzamaki Hace 3 días
Look at my wife. Joined with her exhusband. ✨🙈 heyyy Kelsey lookin beautiful 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Amiana Hace 3 días
my friend was gonna be on this show and the producers choose the tattoos and the story for the show and pay them like 70$ 😂 and yes it’s a real tattoo, the producers like to screw with the people.
ReTheMi Hace 3 días
Cody please do more of this show, with whoever I don’t care I just want more videos of this train wreck of a show
Yazzy Bean
Yazzy Bean Hace 3 días
i’ve been watching this show on Snapchat FOREVER😂
Devon K
Devon K Hace 3 días
I just love Cody and Kelsey, they're so cute together. ^_^
Mori C Con
Mori C Con Hace 3 días
Ya’ll make a relationship look SUPAH FLYY! (With a croaking type of voice when I say SUPAH FLYY!
Kreblz Hace 3 días
Why does Kelsie always look like she just got out of the shower
Kreblz Hace 2 días
Maybe she does it before she shows up in any videos
Bat Jack Attack
Bat Jack Attack Hace 2 días
maybe she showers a lot
KaloianGames Hace 3 días
2:49 - Poggers
Mc Dougal
Mc Dougal Hace 4 días
Every single person on that show was complicit. SHAME!
rectanglethighs Hace 4 días
do a second episode of this
Rocker_Girl_828 Hace 4 días
If I was the girl and he pranked me like that I would have broke up with him that is a toxic relationship
Nashad Mohammed
Nashad Mohammed Hace 4 días
Who sees justin from wild and out 👀
NØFΛCE☿ Hace 4 días
yo, i will kill to have a girl half as cool as kelsey
Robin White
Robin White Hace 4 días
Wouldn’t the tattoo be still raw? Red and shit
Macy Peach
Macy Peach Hace 4 días
Thank you for keeping ESwomen alive!!
Hollie Hace 4 días
You know there's a British version called how far is tattoo far and it's
Cor Ma
Cor Ma Hace 5 días
4:56 same expression to a tee. Hilarious
Michael M
Michael M Hace 5 días
I straight up was expecting an iCarly twist where the tattoo was real but the ink was temporary. Yikes...
EvasiveZak Hace 5 días
I don't know much about tattoos, but shouldn't the text be swollen?
Sarah Hace 5 días
Y'all I stopped breathing when they revealed her tattoo...oh my lorddddd I cannot Jear Desus
Liam Castillo
Liam Castillo Hace 5 días
Cody is a lady’s man
EtherealEscapist Hace 6 días
So fun fact, my sisters neighbor who she went to primary and high school with was on that show with her boyfriend and I can tell you...nobody who goes on this show has to do much to look bad (when it comes to personal experience with a person on the show) 🤣🤣
Tea -_
Tea -_ Hace 6 días
I just found out about this channel and I was lagging out loud the entire time
Jarod Russo
Jarod Russo Hace 6 días
She's totally Cody I love it
crtns. Hace 6 días
12:23 favorite fuckin part
hello kittens
hello kittens Hace 7 días
10:14 me when everybody forgets about me when im with my friends talking
♪ Ebony Rose ♪
♪ Ebony Rose ♪ Hace 7 días
You guys should do more of these tattoo ones oml
Maxharvey13 Hace 7 días
Couple's cringe to Russell Hartley 🤩
Landon Williams
Landon Williams Hace 7 días
please do part 2 cody
Zoe M
Zoe M Hace 7 días
Please please please do a that’s cringe to Classically Abby
伤心theblueboy Hace 7 días
Boys , it’s ok If your simping for kelsey
Madelyn Champlin
Madelyn Champlin Hace 8 días
Y’all need to react to the episode where this dude gets a devil baby tattooed over his entire lower torso and dick
Jeik Romero
Jeik Romero Hace 8 días
tell her to stop pausing every 2mins :)
Sharpsyy Hace 8 días
Just Tattoo of us is wayyyyyyy better...
AceLlamaFace Hace 8 días
Watch the British tv show tattoo fixers :)
twitkh Hace 8 días
the guys tatto would be so much better if it had an old style frame around it coving up the wierd things on the sides and her names
Garrett Jacques
Garrett Jacques Hace 8 días
It is real I know someone who was on the show
Stupor Knockers
Stupor Knockers Hace 8 días
Hey Cody I think you should put a chain on your cat
Kari Esca
Kari Esca Hace 8 días
Very smooth cody😂
Emily Hurley
Emily Hurley Hace 8 días
please do a that’s cringe for russel hartley
cnp53 Hace 9 días
Please do a part 2 lmao
cnp53 Hace 9 días
Omg I love watching these videos and so happy ya are reacting to it lmaooo
Evan Horne
Evan Horne Hace 9 días
scott got em first
Bring back ur best friend reacts not ur gf
Trista Maxwell
Trista Maxwell Hace 9 días
the roses are even worseeee
Philip Knapp
Philip Knapp Hace 9 días
can we talk about the inboundcloser free training ad rq, my mans doesnt look like he worked a day in his life
Sahil N
Sahil N Hace 9 días
how tf am I unsubscribed to this channel
Myles White
Myles White Hace 9 días
Binge watch and record these, they’re so funny lmao, keep it up
Jesse Hace 9 días
Please do more
George Aylott
George Aylott Hace 9 días
The English version of this is way worse
Sunny Chey
Sunny Chey Hace 9 días
nnioop nnioop
nnioop nnioop Hace 9 días
"You mean on your own body" Cha cha real smooth
Lucas Rokka
Lucas Rokka Hace 9 días
you "too" look like your brother and sister
McLean Reid
McLean Reid Hace 9 días
Something was very off about this whole video, from the confirmation of it's realism to the flat out poorly written jokes, this was a miss. I've seen every cody ko video at least 5 times, this seemed like a sellout vid
BanaenaeBoi Hace 9 días
That’s because he’s Mr. Struggle
sebastian popek
sebastian popek Hace 9 días
He won :D
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