COOK with ME!! 👨‍🍳 🍏 🥧 (peanut butter apple pie)

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Gama ch4n
Gama ch4n Hace un día
Try a banoclate pie
Tony PAILA Hace un día
What apps do u recommend to use for these cool edits??? please answer
AD TeCh Hace un día
Marko gets married After sometime New video captions "Hydro-dipping my son and then doing giveaway". 😂
Anjali Chettri
Anjali Chettri Hace un día
We want more cooking with Marko He is so awesome 🔥❤️
Ghost Beast
Ghost Beast Hace un día
stick it in your mouth 5;41
Haley Teehee
Haley Teehee Hace 2 días
Parents: Stay safe when you hold a knife Marko: Waving the knife around and pointing it and moving it all around and talking like nothin unsafe happening
Valentin Steiner
Valentin Steiner Hace 4 días
Love this 🚀
elmo Hace 4 días
Marko:are you having fun Me: no because i'm in your Camara
IvvY meaty
IvvY meaty Hace 4 días
Bro last time I wachted him he was at 1m
Smilja Hace 5 días
Are you from Balkan?
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez Hace 5 días
“I Don’t want Your Apple Pie Mama” - Travis Scott
asiya hassan
asiya hassan Hace 5 días
who else got scared by the way marko was moving that knife
Ahmet Čengić
Ahmet Čengić Hace 5 días
Pulaver Ponnampalam
Pulaver Ponnampalam Hace 7 días
Roberto meligrana
Roberto meligrana Hace 7 días
Ma chd schifo la pasta frolla della crostata e cruda e hai messo un kg di zucchero nelle mele Voi americani non sapete proprio cucinare
isaac constantine
isaac constantine Hace 7 días
Can I have peace please 🙏🙏
Matias Ortiz
Matias Ortiz Hace 7 días
Soy el único que se entretiene viendo esto pero no entiendo nada???🤪😺😂
Matija Murić
Matija Murić Hace 8 días
Sarajevo majica, balkanac naš❤️
thedarkside77 h
thedarkside77 h Hace 8 días
make me one
Traihx Hace 9 días
Are you having fun? No. Ok, Ok
Sara Mm
Sara Mm Hace 9 días
It says SARAJEVO on your t shirt are you Bosnian?
Benjamin Fazlija
Benjamin Fazlija Hace 10 días
i am from SARAJEVO Bosnia
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Hace 11 días
I tried your pie and just to say I love your videos and it is discusting
Wynter Williams
Wynter Williams Hace 11 días
Just a genius
Ellen Kelley
Ellen Kelley Hace 11 días
I miss the times when going to the store was that simple
COLTON WALKER Hace 12 días
Nobody: Marco: Swinging knife around like a toy
Eleanor Bostick
Eleanor Bostick Hace 12 días
I want to like it multiple times.
ArDa YıLDıRıM Hace 12 días
it's Xexy
it's Xexy Hace 12 días
Mohammed Amal
Mohammed Amal Hace 13 días
I am scared whenever Marko shakes his hands while his knife is on.... 😳😳
Angie B
Angie B Hace 14 días
Who else thought his phone was a slice of cheese??
Causevic pro
Causevic pro Hace 14 días
Marko jel si ti iz bosne? Ili srbije?
Becky D
Becky D Hace 14 días
Have any of you guys made this? 😅
Leo Villanueva
Leo Villanueva Hace 15 días
Bro the pie taste so good thank for giving me some
iiRose Petalsii
iiRose Petalsii Hace 15 días
I subbed bc ur edits are so good, you are very entertaining, and you git STARIGHT TO THE POINT! You tubers usually have 20 min vids mostly talking but urs are simple and short! I rlly appreciate the dedication and time you put in these vids!
Kiwi McMango
Kiwi McMango Hace 16 días
How did he not have peanut butter already?
Cian woolley
Cian woolley Hace 16 días
Starts dying ‘it’s a little bit hot’😂😂😂
Mustakim Mohammad
Mustakim Mohammad Hace 16 días
Dude he's better than Casey editing* No offence to him tho..
Naksandra X
Naksandra X Hace 16 días
I watching this video many times and now i see SARAJEVO on his shirt
Natan Sanchez Lomas
Natan Sanchez Lomas Hace 17 días
5:10 😂😂😂
Statics Hace 17 días
Alright that’s mad editing skills
Life Tingz
Life Tingz Hace 17 días
My phone fell on my stomach when he paused (: 25 seconds) and I thought I accidentally hit the pause button but then he was like sorry to point my knife at you...
Adam Hace 18 días
who else is watching this during quarantine
UrAvgViewer Hace 18 días
Marko: I’m not a chef but I can be Also marko: holds knife from blade
Suhail Wadee
Suhail Wadee Hace 18 días
I’m fastingggg
Madison Wegerson
Madison Wegerson Hace 19 días
im eating apples and penutbutter rn FYI im allergic to penuts
NOOB BS Hace 19 días
That pie looks so good
Afan Kirlić
Afan Kirlić Hace 20 días
hey marko i saw your t shirt i am from sarajevo
Fabuloso Jay
Fabuloso Jay Hace 20 días
He knows how to do everything
andrew shmiet
andrew shmiet Hace 20 días
i love you marko thanks for vid@
Syed B
Syed B Hace 20 días
5:36 lmfaooo his eyes 🤣🤣🤣
adam lindmark
adam lindmark Hace 22 días
Young Adam Sandler
Cptn Blaze
Cptn Blaze Hace 22 días
The way he’s basically throwing his knife around 😬😂
Aris Nepoose-Crier
Aris Nepoose-Crier Hace 22 días
am I and Marko the only ones that likes watermelon?
Username_Taken Hace 22 días
How long did you cook it? What should we preheat the oven to? What are the measurements? And what did you use the flour for?
Ajna Softić
Ajna Softić Hace 23 días
Are you from BALKANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!???????
kidkovach Hace 22 días
sarajevo t shirt
Snobbie Hace 23 días
It’s Ramadan and my mouth is watering
Thalia singer Dancer tiktoker
Thalia singer Dancer tiktoker Hace 23 días
I ate it and it was so good
Milica Micic
Milica Micic Hace 24 días
Love the Sarajevo t-shirt
Forrest Barnes ツ
Forrest Barnes ツ Hace 24 días
We all have to admit that he is basically a perfect person, he’s nice, cool, smart, funny, crafty as well. Just a great all around person
JaCky Wolf
JaCky Wolf Hace 25 días
Am i the only one who like to watch his edits mostly?
Samson Simwanda
Samson Simwanda Hace 25 días
U can do anything marko
Rocky Roy
Rocky Roy Hace 25 días
Marko is a multitalented person
lucija glavaš
lucija glavaš Hace 26 días
Jesi ti iz Bosne? Imas Sarajevo majicuu
Takuin Hace 26 días
Marko do u even know where is Sarajevo
Alex Mlynarski
Alex Mlynarski Hace 26 días
Why does he have a oven upstairs
Dilakshi Perera
Dilakshi Perera Hace 26 días
Yoo I wish I could eat it
Vaggelis Xindaras
Vaggelis Xindaras Hace 26 días
1:24 his beanie is on drugs
Enrique Lemus
Enrique Lemus Hace 26 días
Dude do you even know how to hold a knife
Yoyonagi 27
Yoyonagi 27 Hace 27 días
Marko is the kinda of guy that will make u smile every second u have a chance to see him or watch his vids :) 👇🏼
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