Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs with Shane Dawson

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Hace 2 meses

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“Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs” is new style I wanted to try where I can mix conspiracies with real life situations that keep me up at night. I also wanted to focus on one per episode so I could go more in depth. I hope you enjoy “Warning Signs” and if you want me to make more let me know!
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ShaneGlossin Hace 2 meses
Hey guys!! I hope you enjoy this new spin on the conspiracy videos! Obviously my normal conspiracy videos arent going anywhere and Ill do more in the future. This was just something a little different and I was too nervous to put it on my main channel so I decided to put it here haha Let me know if you like this style and I'll make more of them :))
crazy cat 3
crazy cat 3 Hace 2 horas
I dont need to comment I just wanted it to be on 500 comments. I mean how can anyone leave it on 499??? Also great vid Shane! Keeping me not bored in quarantine!
Castiel Novak
Castiel Novak Hace 19 días
This is awesome!
Penna Traeshon
Penna Traeshon Hace un mes
last ✌🏼😚
XxjaysonicxX Hace 2 meses
500th comment please make more
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh Hace 2 meses
Love it!! It would fit perfectly on your main channel. Great job!! ❤ can't wait to see more!!
Alexandra Gorbunova
Alexandra Gorbunova Hace 37 minutos
i live in spain and the ice cream machine works in my local mcdonalds lol
Rance Norris
Rance Norris Hace un hora
I like how most of the people complaining about the ice cream machine being down are fat
Reshun J
Reshun J Hace 2 horas
this just reminded me of the time that I got recorded getting undressed when I was 8 years old. My older boy cousin wanted to use the restroom before I went to shower and I let him. Went back in, undressed(I was hitting puberty around this time), danced around and went and took me a bath with the curtains opened cause I am a paranoid person. Got out. Got dressed. After I left out, my girl cousin went back in after me, showered and came back out after a while asking if we wanted to watch a movie an hour later. We said yes. She hooked the camera up to the Tv and I saw myself doing every little thing that I went in there and came out of doing. Oh, did I mention, that she invited my elementary school friends over?
Reshun J
Reshun J Hace 2 horas
Tokyo my baby😭😂😂😂
StrawHat Erose
StrawHat Erose Hace 2 horas
you guys were all cool and not scared to touch anything until you found out about the murder. i hate that, i hate that all of a sudden you see blood and stains and evidence and think you Sherlock Holmes.
Chenna Hace 3 horas
i shouldnt have watched this in my room....
Kayla Briggs
Kayla Briggs Hace 3 horas
i thought the ice cream machine is always "broken" because they don't want to clean it 😂
Chicabella R.
Chicabella R. Hace 3 horas
I like to watch these in the middle of the night lol just me?
pandamanic445 Hace 4 horas
"bada ba ba ba fix the bitch" is the funiest thing i heard all day
Summer Sounds
Summer Sounds Hace 2 horas
I know it’s literally what I am going to be saying for the next year 😂😂😂😂
Ayla Justice
Ayla Justice Hace 4 horas
7:34 Morgan with the phone “Aaron?? Hi” Haha 😂❤️ Morgan is so iconic
Jae Hatter
Jae Hatter Hace 5 horas
I dont know if you will see this but I found out about something crazy today and I don't know if it is real or fake but I definitely think it is a conspiracy for the ages... just look into adrenochrome from what i understand it is a drug that is created through the death of a body and it is being made by the elites of the world and there is supposedly a bunch of stuff going down surrounding it including covid 19 it is being used to cover slot of the current goings ons I trust that you will find out as much as possible and given us the truth or the theory behind it thanks
Victoria Yenchik
Victoria Yenchik Hace 6 horas
i can confirm the ice cream machine theory. we just don’t wanna use it 😭🤷🏻‍♀️
Justine Asi
Justine Asi Hace 6 horas
“Bara bap bap pa,fix the bitch”
Mr Random
Mr Random Hace 6 horas
Plane ✈️
Cleetus Feetus
Cleetus Feetus Hace 6 horas
This is amazing Shane please do more of this! 💞💞 love you
28lizziebeth Hace 6 horas
@shaneglossin i have no idea about how to feel about #filmyourhospital . I would love a video on it
Vibe Check
Vibe Check Hace 6 horas
Jessica Quiroz
Jessica Quiroz Hace 6 horas
Rewatching Shane love that!
Janeth Bravo-Hernandez
Janeth Bravo-Hernandez Hace 7 horas
Why are they crying it’s ice cream 🍨 dude come on it’s there’s other places we’re they cell ice cream
Kaelin Free
Kaelin Free Hace 7 horas
they should have put peroxide on the “blood” to see if it was real. if it bubbles then it is
Foxy Unicorn
Foxy Unicorn Hace 7 horas
Madeleine Sooy
Madeleine Sooy Hace 8 horas
Imma start stabbing the inside of every screw I see with a pen..
Teagan Kelleher
Teagan Kelleher Hace 8 horas
Am I the only one with anxiety about cameras in public places now
Punziis Hace 8 horas
Ryland Garret and Morgan are my last 3 brain cells omg i love them so much HAHAH
Lucy Rios
Lucy Rios Hace 9 horas
am so scard wan i moved in my home i felt wact and I hear noises
Suzanne Hace 10 horas
WHERE IS THE FUCKING ICE CREAM??????????????????????????????????????????/
Suzanne Hace 10 horas
Lita Freitag
Lita Freitag Hace 10 horas
I used to work at McDonald's. so.. why the ice cream machine always is broken? for the restaurant I worked at in particular, employees always switched the handle that made the ice cream come out upside down, making it come out faster so they can pump out more orders, which constantly overheats the machine, causing it to temporarily stop. or if you're getting McDonald's at a later time its pretty common for workers to just say it's broken because someone just cleaned the Mcflurry machine and don't want to re-clean it.
Lily Vanwagoner
Lily Vanwagoner Hace 10 horas
loved it shane!
Sarah Mondak
Sarah Mondak Hace 10 horas
I work at McDonald’s and it’s not complicated to make, the store I work at it’s never down and we sell all the time so drop by lol
Skyyy OwO
Skyyy OwO Hace 10 horas
1:52 she’s definitely a taurus
Safiah ajer
Safiah ajer Hace 10 horas
Gladly in Malaysia they always have ice cream if you don't get any ice cream that means the ice cream is not frozen yet
Mini Player
Mini Player Hace 11 horas
I just got cameras recently OMG
Hannah _ angel
Hannah _ angel Hace 11 horas
I am laying in bed and now I can’t fucking sleep after watching this 😭😭
Zakiya Mercedes
Zakiya Mercedes Hace 11 horas
I need to stop watching these at night 😂😭
Aleisha Isalive
Aleisha Isalive Hace 11 horas
Omfg Garret I missed him!!!
Charlie DOHERTY Hace 11 horas
I feel bad for all the people who might have seen me run around the hotel like a chicken bahahahah
Billy Mays
Billy Mays Hace 10 horas
Carmen Morales
Carmen Morales Hace 11 horas
Shane: fire alarms have cameras Me:*looks at my fire alarms suspiciously *👀
Dan Uh
Dan Uh Hace 11 horas
Y’all can come to my town our ice cream machine always works *knocks on wood*
Amy Fair
Amy Fair Hace 12 horas
To be fair, there are also people who rent Airbnb and mess up the owner's home. So, I can understand why some wants security cameras. There are sick intentions and safe intentions 🙂🙃
olivia fowler
olivia fowler Hace 12 horas
Diana Zambrano
Diana Zambrano Hace 12 horas
brooooo the ice cream thing is true I work there sometimes we say it aint work because then we have to clean it all over again
Abygail Gomez
Abygail Gomez Hace 12 horas
sorry I can't donate I feel so bad..
jocelyn !
jocelyn ! Hace 13 horas
thanks for scaring the fuck out of me
Inconito Bweno
Inconito Bweno Hace 13 horas
What if he left one of the hidden cameras there and is lowkey now watching someone borrowing this hotel room?!
19. 81
19. 81 Hace 13 horas
woah crying over ice cream.
Makayla McGrath
Makayla McGrath Hace 14 horas
i can imagine shanes next vid is going to be him freaking out about the fundraiser
rick Es
rick Es Hace 14 horas
Go to Dairy Queen for ice cream instead big babies.
dosijournal Hace 14 horas
Wait I used the living room as my bedroom...... I changed, slept... Oh shoot
Madison Lane
Madison Lane Hace 14 horas
Dang it’s just some ice cream 😂
Clodagh D
Clodagh D Hace 14 horas
GTF i feel so sick rn
Rocket Skates
Rocket Skates Hace 14 horas
Now, I worked in a MacDonalds in the UK, we never had any of this shit.
Lupe Gomez
Lupe Gomez Hace 14 horas
No we are not being lazy. I love to make sundaes. I work at Mcdonalds. The machine is super sensitive and requires a lot of maintenence, and if you have a careless staff that does not provide the proper care it needs, it will not work properly.
Layla Rank
Layla Rank Hace 15 horas
Ba da ba ba ba fix the bitch
Eli Bane
Eli Bane Hace 15 horas
In my local McDonald's they have the icecream machine is facing u and when i want an ice-cream he pull the handle and guess what. IT'S BROKEN but they always try their best to make it work but rarely it does
Alexandra Dulberg
Alexandra Dulberg Hace 15 horas
Oh my god! GARRETT!🥺❤️
s l o w e d. s o n g s
s l o w e d. s o n g s Hace 15 horas
When the hidden camera has better quality then ur phone
Stephanie Nayotl
Stephanie Nayotl Hace 15 horas
Shane’s intro for conspiracy theory is fkn scary 😂😖
Okami Senpai
Okami Senpai Hace 15 horas
“You could be watched in your own home” damn hope I look good
Norah Morrow
Norah Morrow Hace 15 horas
oh my god im in a airbnb right now and im about to search my entire room lol
Jackie Lortz
Jackie Lortz Hace 16 horas
oh my goodness i've missed garrett so much (i've missed all of you of course. andrew's laugh brings so much light into this world. shane and ryland are amazing and warm as always). i just have such a special place in my heart for garrett.
How you doing
How you doing Hace 16 horas
A year 11 boy at my school put a Camera in the changing rooms and a year nine found it and then he got expelled and went to jail. It was a horrible experience
Ruby davies
Ruby davies Hace 16 horas
‘7 month year old’
Umay Türk
Umay Türk Hace 16 horas
Literally tho I know a McDonald’s near my house that literally faked their ice cream machine being broken for almost 2 years wtf
강은주 Hace 16 horas
guys please let Shane know that he should know about a government tool that is still being used today. it is called *MK-Ultra* and something that will control us if they can figure it out.
Riley Montoya
Riley Montoya Hace 16 horas
during this quarantine thing they should be fixing all the ice cream machines
pol guro
pol guro Hace 16 horas
why tf would u cry over ice cream like fckin grow up bro its legit unhealthy cancer causing ice cream and ur better off without it anyways so stop crying there are millions of places
Mairead OReilly
Mairead OReilly Hace 17 horas
The ice cream machine in mc Donald’s in Ireland are always working
jasmine Hoang
jasmine Hoang Hace 17 horas
Shane your the best please keep posting I love watching this stuff
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