Confronting My Strange Addiction

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Today I discuss my biggest obsession which has controlled my life for the last 3 years…. BLING.
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Shanedawsonshane dawsonjeffree

ShaneGlossin Hace un mes
Hope u guys like part 1 of this weird 2 part series! :)))
꧁ʕ•ᴥ•ʔBellamanates 2007ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂
꧁ʕ•ᴥ•ʔBellamanates 2007ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂ Hace 16 días
ShaneGlossin Yes uwu
Kenzee Taylor
Kenzee Taylor Hace 18 días
Please make more conspiracy Theory’s
my life sucks
my life sucks Hace un mes
This Is on my birthday...😂😂😂😂
KINGPASTOR Hace un mes
FUGDE PACKERS 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Bates
Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Bates Hace un mes
ShaneGlossin can’t wait for part two!!!!
delaney c
delaney c Hace 32 minutos
I've never wanted to like a video so many times over and over again. I love Shane and his Bling Gang 💜😂🤣
Addison Greer
Addison Greer Hace un hora
3:52-4:03 was such a mood
Savana Lange
Savana Lange Hace 2 horas
Who can watch these with a straight face
Ana Maria Cratib
Ana Maria Cratib Hace 5 horas
Ok like the etsy thing seemed legit.. You cant just sell stuff with logos on that you dont own rights to.. Or a license.
Gabriella Matias
Gabriella Matias Hace 5 horas
Kaelah Williams
Kaelah Williams Hace 5 horas
I love how chaotic this is
Hayk Vardanyan
Hayk Vardanyan Hace 6 horas
Fuck you for dissing Jame’s palette🖕🏻
• Lara Cox •
• Lara Cox • Hace 6 horas
Video title: Confronting MY Strange Addiction First clip: Cheeto Me: 0h no-
rottendisturbed GAMING
rottendisturbed GAMING Hace 7 horas
This is so pointless and trashy.
Crystal Hace 7 horas
ok hear me out, blinged-out nuse, if I'm going out I may as well go out with a bling
Eva Percival
Eva Percival Hace 9 horas
take a shot every time Shane says ‘bling’
mexican, jasmine
mexican, jasmine Hace 10 horas
Do a coronavirus Conspiracy ‼‼
Dia Animations
Dia Animations Hace 10 horas
'' make sure you turn on your.. '' *"b l i n g - k e r"*
Mikhaila Anulao
Mikhaila Anulao Hace 10 horas
Okay so I need the title of the song that played when Tiffany was leaving
A1rxw Hace 10 horas
this feels like gravity falls
Jean Val Jean
Jean Val Jean Hace 10 horas
So, i have really bad insomnia, and I decided to put on shanes videos to try to sleep because i find him really chill and calming as a person. But he’s so funny and i got too invested lmao. Its currently 5:52am.
Esmes Dominguez
Esmes Dominguez Hace 11 horas
I honestly want to organize Shane’s make up, I would love that
lil_happyhippie Hace 11 horas
Shane this video is a visual representation of me getting through school this semester 😂
Ashton Powers
Ashton Powers Hace 11 horas
If you had a ping pong table and blinged the ball?? Bling pong
Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum Hace 12 horas
This video was amazbling
HottieTobby Hace 12 horas
Adam Ex
Adam Ex Hace 12 horas
Hi Shane, I’m a really big admirer of your work and you inspire me. What program do you use to edit your ESwomen videos??? Thank you. Much love and support...Adam Ex
joonie Hace 13 horas
theres just that one person who was first to the video but doesnt comment they were first and i *respect* you
ellen ramon
ellen ramon Hace 15 horas
I have that same rock light in the background 6:11
Sara Naddaf
Sara Naddaf Hace 15 horas
is anyone else wondering what glue she uses
Just.Call.Me.Persephone Hace 15 horas
Damn hes going to go into a crystal coma when he gets his bling
Tori Snider
Tori Snider Hace 15 horas
i luv you Shane, your videos saved me🥺
38skate masturbate
38skate masturbate Hace 16 horas
Did they just become bling, I mean best friends?!
Megan Scott
Megan Scott Hace 16 horas
when the FUCK am i gonna get a pig robe
Honey Bear
Honey Bear Hace 16 horas
If he gets his golf cart blinged he should get the pig logo in bling in the front of it
38skate masturbate
38skate masturbate Hace 16 horas
Girl your beauty room puts friggin james shitser Charles to shame!
Faith Getty
Faith Getty Hace 17 horas
when you said "i have an obsession and its bedazzling" i got major nostalgia from when i watched that shanaynay video of you bringing her to meet your family lmaaao
trinity eells
trinity eells Hace 17 horas
Love this channel!!!!! I love u shane
Well that’s Just great
Well that’s Just great Hace 17 horas
Shane: WHO THE F U C K IS THAT- Oh it’s just the gardener
Tristan Kiley
Tristan Kiley Hace 17 horas
shane should just bling his whole body
Squiddy Boi
Squiddy Boi Hace 17 horas
𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐝 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐫 😲
Arielle Mccaul elizabeth
Arielle Mccaul elizabeth Hace 17 horas
omg I love your content it is so funny keep being yourself :)
Kaleigh Adkins
Kaleigh Adkins Hace 17 horas
Bling cheeto😭🤣
Danielle Hansen
Danielle Hansen Hace 18 horas
Shane do the kitchen sink faucet
Sigma 3 Survival
Sigma 3 Survival Hace 19 horas
shane im not even joking. if the wolf wasnt my spirit animal you would totally be my spirit animal bro
Makayla Yo girl
Makayla Yo girl Hace 19 horas
Justine Stewart
Justine Stewart Hace 19 horas
The first ten minutes of this is just quality Shane time😂
Mollie Ginn
Mollie Ginn Hace 19 horas
When is part 2 coming out
Paige Derhammer
Paige Derhammer Hace 20 horas
I watch this and try telling myself that it’s okay to have a melt down.
Fykis Hace 20 horas
I vote Shane keeps making these videos. Expose the greedy and corrupt.
r o s e l y n :0
r o s e l y n :0 Hace 21 un hora
ik im late as heck but I LOVE this intro. :D
Julia Simmons
Julia Simmons Hace 21 un hora
how are there comments on here from a month ago when it was posted 2 days ago
Dannie Sweeper
Dannie Sweeper Hace 22 horas
I love this
Maya .-.
Maya .-. Hace 22 horas
The amount of bling puns in this- I can’t-
DecemberUnDead Hace 22 horas
"Well maybe you shouldn't go to the fuckin' gym!" KILLED me omg hahaha
Nojus B
Nojus B Hace 22 horas
I cant find the gardeners info Shane promised to put in the description😔
Single Pringle
Single Pringle Hace un día
You know it’s bad when bearie has more money than I ever will lil
TheNerdyVixen Hace un día
Shane, honey, stop buying makeup wipes. They’re bad bad bad.
Ki Bee
Ki Bee Hace un día
I love Cheeto with a passion
Alexandra Robertson
Alexandra Robertson Hace un día
I felt so sad before watching this video and by the end I was just laughing and I feel perfectly fine now. Thank you Shane! Love you Queen
Megan Clapham
Megan Clapham Hace un día
Omg shane bling your ESwomen plaquessss!!!!!!
What the hell we gon do now?
What the hell we gon do now? Hace un día
HOW DOES HE HAVE SO MUCH MAKEUPPPPPPP moneyyyyy, and he says he can’t afford things lol
Alex Lawton
Alex Lawton Hace un día
Wearing black being nervous causing the sweat
Lara Correia
Lara Correia Hace un día
etsy IS pretty fucked up actually, they do some shady shit
Jacinta Caspersz
Jacinta Caspersz Hace un día
Eliana Harden
Eliana Harden Hace un día
the golf cart would fucken blind people
kayhla turner
kayhla turner Hace un día
samantha austin
samantha austin Hace un día
Because of the intro my favorite coulor is now green
Galaxy Betta
Galaxy Betta Hace un día
Why tf do people fat shame people for no reason? If you assume someone's life off camera go fuck yourself. Anyways, HOW CAN YOU EVEN CALL SHANE FAT HES NOT FAT!! Hes literally skinny.
Tabitha Oofergang
Tabitha Oofergang Hace un día
It's funny how I always forgot that ryland is a guy because of how much he acts so feminine , but its iconic
Tabitha Oofergang
Tabitha Oofergang Hace un día
@Renoir Kim I'm not saying it's a bad thing I'm just saying as a guy he has such a girl voice which is completely fine , and I support him being gay as well
Renoir Kim
Renoir Kim Hace un día
Tabitha Oofergang i understand what your saying but i always saw him as a guy him being gay never changed that he is a guy but openly more feminine than most men because all men have a feminine side and you cant act gay but its ok to say tht because we know what others are saying
JustMonse Hace un día
lov lov lovvvv sub to me plsss
Phil Morton
Phil Morton Hace un día
Shane is totally gay now!
Michell Delgado
Michell Delgado Hace un día
Shane and his shoes said “Billie eilish dont know her” 😂😂 be careful Billie Shane is coming for your brand 😂😂. P.S. know that this is a joke cause Billie fans are gonna come at Shane lol I happen to be on lol. Also at the end I was thinking when Shane is in his coffin the coffin should be blinged up 😂😂 this got dark.
Randi Russell
Randi Russell Hace un día
This entire video is so chaotic and I'm living for it 😂😂
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