Confinement Ep7: The Infinite IKEA (part 2 of 2)

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Lord Bung

Lord Bung

Hace 7 meses

Look whose still alive
Say hello to my new co-animator, Thomas!
The very talented voice work:
Kyle Stover as Stanley Knife
Eddache as Tallboy
Pinely as Ottoman
Vonnie as Hope Chest
Emirichu as Stethoscope
Stealthy Zoroark as Hutch
The Volgun as Elder Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet
Kevin Lieber as Chief of the Pillow Tribe
Nerd City as the mean doctor
GhxstCult as Doctor Hilda Becker
Brock Baker as Doctor Fish & Ragneer
Akindalewar as Vulkan Soldier
AmaiMomo as The Boy in the Pitch Black Room
Chris Guerrero as The Priest of Vulkan
and say hello to Skott as the Facility Site Manager!
((Here's his channel, listen to his gorgeous voice read scary stories!! ))
The clever lads who edited my script:
Akindalewar -
Auxiliarysix -
The FANTASTIC musicians & their funky beats can be found here:
Ivory Rasmus:
Electric Nan:
The wonderful music listed in order:
The Boy in the Pitch Black Room OST by SingtoConley
Telephone by Electric Nan
I Can't Say Why by Bslick
The Boy in the Pitch Black Room by Ivory Rasmus
Demonic Journey by Trishums
Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay & the Americans
My Twitter:
My Patreon:
The anomaly in this video was inspired by SCP-3008 'The Infinite IKEA'
Characters and locations are directly from/inspired by the SCP Foundation Wiki, please check it out for spooky stuff (this is a non-canonical story) This video is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

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One Dumb Potato
One Dumb Potato Hace 52 minutos
Mr.Puppingson Hace 10 horas
It's ends with him in infinite Ikea with lost memory.NO.
Mr.Puppingson Hace 10 horas
Rafael Carvalho
Rafael Carvalho Hace 12 horas
i lost it at SCP musume
Spidermanfan 2020
Spidermanfan 2020 Hace 13 horas
Can u make a video about conners power like how he got it and why he’s basically a demon or something
C4 Kylle
C4 Kylle Hace 14 horas
Who thinks Connor is D9341
Becca Baumhover
Becca Baumhover Hace 16 horas
Fat siren head?
the BronX
the BronX Hace 16 horas
Please make more animation
Matys Hace 18 horas
Wait *is Ian voiced by Dr.Cimmerian?*
Music Player
Music Player Hace un día
To close for comfort in the shower
DemonWolfKeithYT Hace un día
A little confinement meme for ya. Connor:*has a really bad pain in his neck* Foundation:*tests Connor with SCP - 173* Connor:*happy noises*
Adam Hafizuddin
Adam Hafizuddin Hace un día
18:31 I cracked when i saw “SCP Musume” Would watch that thou
Level 1
Level 1 Hace un día
While you were talking about eggs, I studied the blade.
Statton Redding
Statton Redding Hace un día
When will more episodes come out
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 Hace un día
11:37 wait, why’s his name Stanley?
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 Hace un día
9:52 What the fuck is the realm of... whatever he said?
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 Hace un día
I know everyone’s saying this, but it’s a cool detail that the thorn mark is part of the SCP logo. Also is it me or does the line and dots in the mark look like a smiley face?
KT Hace un día
why is he called stanley?
Optical Hace un día
Do you guys like CORN 🌽?
Madrabbit Madr
Madrabbit Madr Hace 2 días
Данное творчество автора, сомнительно. Но финальная сцена прекрасна. This creativity of the author is doubtful. But the final scene is beautiful.
kacper cat
kacper cat Hace 2 días
When's e8 comin out?
Dartnut Hace 2 días
Majestic Orca
Majestic Orca Hace 2 días
Scp musume 👀
Patrick Montoya
Patrick Montoya Hace 2 días
Question would there ever be chance that u can SCP 01249 aka Bloody Trick?
Nicolai Andre Johansen
Nicolai Andre Johansen Hace 2 días
Why dose conner have Diamond eyes
Waluigus Christ
Waluigus Christ Hace 2 días
18:36 holy shit she has a poster of scp musme
Arsenal. Gaming
Arsenal. Gaming Hace 2 días
When is episode 8 coming out I love this series
Feil Saleh
Feil Saleh Hace 3 días
PLS more episodes :D this series is epic
Abigail Rush
Abigail Rush Hace 3 días
This needs to be a tv show or something or I'm going to go crazy I need more of this
EVlL MORTY Hace 3 días
will there be another
Nathaniel Sexton
Nathaniel Sexton Hace 3 días
4:10 if you notice. you notice.
Bridgette Wagner
Bridgette Wagner Hace 3 días
whhhyyyyyyyyyyy did it take so long?
TheHoGreat Hace 3 días
Bonjour ! Pour les français qui passent par ici, merci de passer valider les sous-titres FR dans la section "transcription", à coté du bouton enregistrer dans la playlist (PC) merci !
Michael Dickson
Michael Dickson Hace 3 días
10:46 “How To Use Drones For Dipshits”
julian bernhardt
julian bernhardt Hace 3 días
da fuq was that beginning tho...
Caleb Brunnenmeyer
Caleb Brunnenmeyer Hace 3 días
At least they know what incest is
K V2008
K V2008 Hace 3 días
The infinite IKEA is like the backrooms
Ezequiel Bonal
Ezequiel Bonal Hace 3 días
14:24 HIS EYES
julian bernhardt
julian bernhardt Hace 3 días
Gui-Gon Luke
Gui-Gon Luke Hace 3 días
2:54 this man looks like hes gonna teleport across space time and tell puns, also a bad time.... or maybe hes just the sales man
Arsenal. Gaming
Arsenal. Gaming Hace 3 días
4:10 camrra
Orka Hace 3 días
You’re a glorified crash test dummy That hit hard
LazyDinosaur Gaming
LazyDinosaur Gaming Hace 3 días
Was that Connor as the giant being in the background at 3:39 that destroyed the entire village with a laser or was that the thing that lives inside of his soul and being.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Hace 3 días
"Feel like an egg" -Conner
Jay_boi09 thefunny
Jay_boi09 thefunny Hace 4 días
Somebody just kill him he'll be back
James Eastwood
James Eastwood Hace 4 días
It’s kinda funny how stethoscope said that her and Conner were going to become conjoined twins and at the end they were literally conjoined
LazyCouchPotato Hace 4 días
18:30 theres a poster of SCP musume on the top right part of the back round.
Zomb1ekill3r2014 Hace 4 días
Isle 34 huh... 🤔HMMMMM......
Newbodie Hace 3 días
sten fun
sten fun Hace 4 días
4th time watching the sires still hasint gotten old somehow and i even knew some of the parts word for word for some reason really hopeing for a new episode soon keep up the good work
totallybloxxy Hace 4 días
Lord bung pls make more episodes for this series many people like this series
Austin White
Austin White Hace 4 días
I recognized that Nature's Temper voice instantly!
TxScullCrusher Hace 4 días
17:47 "wHaT tHaT Is BuLl SHiT I aM BrAiN DocTOR"
Sans undertale
Sans undertale Hace 4 días
I feel like an....egg....I feel like wet toilet paper
Sans undertale
Sans undertale Hace 4 días
5:54 to 5:56 I was crying of laughter. By the way what's his problem? What was he thinking about?
Sans undertale
Sans undertale Hace 4 días
TEAMWORK! teamwork! *whispers* ţ ę å m _ w ø ŕ ķ
Cole Hilbun
Cole Hilbun Hace 4 días
The Next Chapter :connors cygologist/therapist, gets fired and conner has to say goodbye and foking kill himself every SINGLE DAY. or he trys to escape the facility with all of the other scp's either way Fok off
Dragon Of Hope
Dragon Of Hope Hace 4 días
If you pause perfectly at 6:17 Connor has no eyes
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh Hace 4 días
Can I ask what is SCP masumune
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Hace 4 días
weres the next ep????
No Name
No Name Hace 4 días
Get this on Netflix asap
Skyler Davis
Skyler Davis Hace 4 días
After this
Skyler Davis
Skyler Davis Hace 4 días
Are there anymore episodes i cant seem to find any more
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_ Hace 4 días
This is getting really interesting!
PyBro Maniac
PyBro Maniac Hace 4 días
Their bodies are much bigger than their arms and that’s not good
Max Pi
Max Pi Hace 4 días
it is my fav voice actor! general ivan! aka Cooler, Dr. Gerfo from DBZA and official Ainz from Overlord!
starchac Hace 4 días
LOL I JUST SEE SCP MUSUME IN THE BACK XDDDDD 18:31 damn they really just stole monster musumes name XD
Murkeee Hace 4 días
the fuck is that picture 18:05
Jackson Roberts
Jackson Roberts Hace 4 días
I completely understand what was going on in the first clip
gicu doi
gicu doi Hace 4 días
is it true is it done but i wanted more i saw the credits but i want more is there a manga for this
ItsNotSoEz Hace 4 días
snOns Hace 4 días
Nice reference in the upper right corner in 18:44
Helfire123 Hace 4 días
pls make ep soon
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