Confinement Ep7: The Infinite IKEA (part 2 of 2)

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Lord Bung

Lord Bung

Hace 28 días

Look whose still alive
Say hello to my new co-animator, Thomas!
The very talented voice work:
Kyle Stover as Stanley Knife
Eddache as Tallboy
Pinely as Ottoman
Vonnie as Hope Chest
Emirichu as Stethoscope
Stealthy Zoroark as Hutch
The Volgun as Elder Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet
Kevin Lieber as Chief of the Pillow Tribe
Nerd City as the mean doctor
Moonstiee as Doctor Hilda Becker
Brock Baker as Doctor Fish & Ragneer
Akindalewar as Vulkan Soldier
AmaiMomo as The Boy in the Pitch Black Room
Chris Guerrero as The Priest of Vulkan
and say hello to Skott as the Facility Site Manager!
((Here's his channel, listen to his gorgeous voice read scary stories!! ))
The clever lads who edited my script:
Akindalewar -
Auxiliarysix -
The FANTASTIC musicians & their funky beats can be found here:
Ivory Rasmus:
Electric Nan:
The wonderful music listed in order:
The Boy in the Pitch Black Room OST by SingtoConley
Telephone by Electric Nan
I Can't Say Why by Bslick
The Boy in the Pitch Black Room by Ivory Rasmus
Demonic Journey by Trishums
Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay & the Americans
My Twitter:
My Patreon:
The anomaly in this video was inspired by SCP-3008 'The Infinite IKEA'
Characters and locations are directly from/inspired by the SCP Foundation Wiki, please check it out for spooky stuff (this is a non-canonical story) This video is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Jed aka Draycos number one Fan
Jed aka Draycos number one Fan Hace 32 minutos
No way one of the 05s is the father from the beginning
SCP 173
SCP 173 Hace 47 minutos
"That is bullshit"
A.M. Hace 3 horas
19:00 song Your welcome
LT.Ezekiel Hace 3 horas
What is the song at the end with a piano called
poor stanley...
that Connor is likeable from the beginning. he´s such greatly cute!
Connor Hace 6 horas
about time, i been stuck in ikea for 10 months
MarcLV Hace 8 horas
I'm sad that lots of hard work was poured in to the video and got only 1M views and not 3M views
Tanmang42 Hace 10 horas
That credit song is bomb holy fuck
Gem Ice
Gem Ice Hace 11 horas
I hate to drag you all away from the video but this is very important for the SCP community to know. Andrey Duskin has taken down the Russian Branch Media & Meme pages. He seeks to become admin of the Russian Branch and claim full copyright over the SCP Wiki as his own intellectual property to make into a franchise. He has bullied creators in our community and is taking down pages.
Damon Sweazy
Damon Sweazy Hace 11 horas
This is amazing
Greeny314 Hace 12 horas
"Aaawww that's fucking red"
bop god
bop god Hace 14 horas
I love how this series effectively turns the SCP universe from one of the scariest and darkest universes ever written, into an Adult Swim comedy show. I love it.
Shogun Plays
Shogun Plays Hace 16 horas
Finally a new episode
jorge valles
jorge valles Hace 17 horas
i really love this series, nooow to wait for the next episode!
Johnny Zheng
Johnny Zheng Hace 18 horas
So, I'm guessing Connor has a medieval demon in his body and thats why he is immortal.
aiden keith
aiden keith Hace 18 horas
R3DLUIS MX :v Hace 19 horas
10/10 👍👌♥️👍♥️
Devela Powers
Devela Powers Hace 19 horas
Where can I buy SCP musume?
Kai Nagakami
Kai Nagakami Hace 19 horas
More please Bung!
Jose R
Jose R Hace 20 horas
This makes no sense, this ESwomenr gets more then a million views on this video but he only has 747k subscribers? They deserve better.
Corey Ross
Corey Ross Hace 20 horas
This is amazing well done I hope to see more soon
Amrith Krishna Chanakya Nadendla
Amrith Krishna Chanakya Nadendla Hace 22 horas
any thoughts about the ending?
Vadi Esir Lesdieva
Vadi Esir Lesdieva Hace 22 horas
Legenda onegai
Simonmymans12 12
Simonmymans12 12 Hace un día
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez Hace un día
Anyone know the outro song
Brendan Novak
Brendan Novak Hace un día
“Anyway, this is getting uncomfortable, so I’m going to stand over there.” Why is Elder free standing bathroom cabinet the most relatable character in this series?
Assassin y Herobrine
Assassin y Herobrine Hace un día
Пажелой Шпигун
Пажелой Шпигун Hace un día
#StandWithSCPRU Russian branch of the SCP-Foundation, we write to you today because we can no longer remain silent, considering recent developments. We have been aware of Andrej Duksin’s doings from the start, and know very well what he did, but have preferred to remain in the background, in agreement with and supporting your staff all we could, but not making a bigger fuss than necessary. However, the situation has changed. As you know, not only has he illegitimately acquired a trademark on the SCP logo and name, and has forced merchandise sellers out of business or to pay him a fee. After laying low for a while, he resumed proceeding against sellers. He took down several VK groups, using the trademark he has no right to possess. Of course, VK can do nothing but obey his claims, as it is not up to them to check the legitimacy of his possession of said trademark. We know he aims to get control over the Russian branch. We know he threatens Dimitry Zelten (Osobist) personally. We know he is after his financial wellbeing. We know of the threats, of the ultimatums, of the extortion attempts. We know everything. And we are speechless. He not only threatens the very existence of the Russian branch and community. He threatens the integrity of the SCP-Foundation and the community as a whole, worldwide, and for reasons we do not understand, the financial wellbeing of one of your admins. But we will not succumb, nor will we give in. The SCP-Foundation has faced several dramas, several crises over the years. This is, by far, the most extreme, the most threatening, and most serious. And not comparable to anything before, and hopefully the last of its kind. Yet, we stand by you, Russian branch, and by your admins. We will do everything in our power to avert this threat, to find back to normalcy, and we will never stop to stand together. And we stand by his victims, by those he forced to pay him, or lost their business because of his doings. We wish them to get justice and the money back he cost them. And even if he would find a way to become administrator of the Russian wiki, we will never accept a wiki with him as admin and will unofficialize such a wiki, making it worthless for him. However, even that would not be the end of the Russian branch; rest assured that we have a backup plan for that case. His registration of the trademark is a violation of the Russian Civil Code 1483 paragraph 9 part 1, Russian Civil Code 1512 paragraph 2 part 1, and the Berne Convention, and will not persist. We are currently preparing to put him on trial; an extreme measure, which we normally would try to avoid due to the high costs. When his doings were brought to light earlier this year, many people asked if they could donate to sue him. Back then, we declined, and tried to solve the situation by diplomacy and through bureaucracy. But since things have changed, the answer is yes. We are preparing a crowd-funding which will be available in a few days. We will keep you updated. He believes he soon will have won. But it has just begun, you will see. The English, Korean, Chinese, French, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Portuguese and Czech branch. #StandWithSCPRU
4Z7U Hace un día
Oh no im late
GusGamer 61
GusGamer 61 Hace un día
This isn't the last chapter, right?
Lil Cloud
Lil Cloud Hace un día
Plz roll out Ep. 8 asap. Waited on this one for a min already
Rocket36 Hace un día
what is the publishing schedule we can expect
Brandywine Ben
Brandywine Ben Hace un día
where can i find the full version of the end credit music?
Frankie Roth
Frankie Roth Hace un día
I'mma be honest, I thought you died
pirate fox
pirate fox Hace un día
Hello Thomas :^p
The Gadsden Man
The Gadsden Man Hace un día
Hey Lord bung the scp community needs you're help as the scp community is in danger by one name d Andrew lutskin a Russian who falsely calmed the scp license in Russia so please #StandwithScpRu and make a short video or something anything please
Mateiama Hace un día
*How to use drones for dip shit* 10:46 i love that
Tplay347 B
Tplay347 B Hace un día
When new series
Jin Esteven
Jin Esteven Hace un día
It was worth the wait :D
Chug Chug
Chug Chug Hace un día
Bee poster: exists Me: WAITAMINUTE
IRIS Corporation
IRIS Corporation Hace un día
I think 610 (flesh that hates) would make a great story.
Phantom Xavier
Phantom Xavier Hace un día
you need to try to get signed with a subscription service, If I can binge 7 episodes like this then you can sure as hell bet other 20 somethings will even if they know nothing about scps
Christopher Simon Mejos
Christopher Simon Mejos Hace un día
Love it
Joshua McCheeseburger
Joshua McCheeseburger Hace un día
Came across something semi-interesting, 15:37 sorta resembles the monstrosity at the bad end of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Still think this will be the one haunting my dreams tonight though, love this series.
stitchy scapes
stitchy scapes Hace un día
Man i just figured out that this new episode exists!!
Mitchell Julius
Mitchell Julius Hace un día
SCP Musume!!! Oh god!! I love this series so much!!
Mitchell Julius
Mitchell Julius Hace un día
14:27 OwO face haha
Mitchell Julius
Mitchell Julius Hace un día
Fucking bullshit this was almost out for a whole month and I'm just NOW watching it!!! Ily bb!! Keep up the good work team!
Thegn P.
Thegn P. Hace un día
Just realized Ian is cimmerian
Choco-chip Icy
Choco-chip Icy Hace un día
I'm a bit late, but gotta say love this series. And thank you for making it, I can't wait for whats instore.
esqueletos samurais
esqueletos samurais Hace un día
Legenda em português logo essa po#@
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter Hace un día
long time in the making awesome job, dude!
[redacted] Hace un día
Now we wait
Salty Meatballzzz
Salty Meatballzzz Hace un día
I swear this series is over 10x better than 99.99% of tv shows.
SOME Guy Hace un día
Petition for Papa Franku(JOJI) to voice Dr. BRIGHT (if dr bright will appear in the future)
Future Dig
Future Dig Hace 2 días
My headphones exploded when the the ending music played but wow this was worth the wait
Appollo Merc. Creed
Appollo Merc. Creed Hace 2 días
Can someone tell me who is playing the end of this episode?
sysco76 Hace 22 horas
like the outro music cause i want to now to
Lenfire 849
Lenfire 849 Hace 2 días
Antonio Florencio
Antonio Florencio Hace 2 días
Anyone knows the name of the music that starts at 18:46? It plays for just a few seconds and doesn't seem to be in the list of the description
Antonio Florencio
Antonio Florencio Hace 2 días
@SilentEMPR Thanks, found it there. It's "Gilbert's Song - Ivory Rasmus"
SilentEMPR Hace 2 días
I dont know the name but the song is also in the confinement special its only us
bop god
bop god Hace 2 días
The teleporter staple gun also has the side effect of "stapling" together people who teleport in groups. That's literally such big brain writing lmao
ICHIGOZIN Hace 2 días
better than netflix originals
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher Hace 2 días
18:39 love that SCP musume poster
Epic Gork Dirk Mork
Epic Gork Dirk Mork Hace 2 días
Next up, SCP 3497088-J.
Nguyen Chu1970
Nguyen Chu1970 Hace 2 días
conner is the charater we play in the scp game
Charlie Livaditis
Charlie Livaditis Hace 2 días
Anyone else notice how the spike in his head kind of looks like the foundation symbol 9:28
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 2 días
Yo if you don’t get this all the time you should this is amazing your story telling and animation is fantastic. You’ve made a work of art out of scp.
David Hace 2 días
PizzaManLufi Hace 2 días
Viceroy Hace 2 días
I really love how come a little closer is Ian's unofficial theme song
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