Conan’s Statement On The Killing Of George Floyd - CONAN on TBS

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Conan responds to the needless death of George Floyd and our national crisis.
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shane michael
shane michael Hace 11 minutos
I want to give the microphone to my friend..."Black guy wearing glasses"
Tical Hotbox
Tical Hotbox Hace 30 minutos
Shut up conan Teddy boy will fire you if you didn't do this bit. Clown!
1911cal Hace 34 minutos
Congratulations George Kirby for 45 days drug free and sober!
Jack Burnsbaby
Jack Burnsbaby Hace 22 horas
Old bend a knee coco, can you hate yourself anymore?
そこらを見れば普通にいる人 Hace un día
I’m sorry for people that is serious about this topic, but I LOVE that guitar.
mike jones
mike jones Hace 2 días
Trump 2020!
Plug Hace 2 días
Stick to comedy douche
George Washington
George Washington Hace 3 días
​ I love all people. But BLM has a violent agenda. They have made anti christian, anti-family, anti america comments. They have admitted they are trained Marxists. They are using the current social issues as a front to push there Marxists agenda. Those aren't my words, that what their leaders are saying. Do black lives matter, YES, but this organization has other corrupted roots of hate. Do the lives of all the innocent children matter? BLM started out claiming they were for justice, then they violated all kinds of laws of Justice. BLM didn't even allow the Justice system to work. They seized the opportunity to divide more. I'm a student of history and we have come a long way, far enough, no. Before BLM and Antifa started being violent, the world was crying out in a unified way. But once the violence started within these two groups, any good person, would have separated themselves from them.
Dark_Toss EXE
Dark_Toss EXE Hace un día
justanotherguy Hace 3 días
Thank you Conan. Thank you for the empathy.
Angela Brown
Angela Brown Hace 3 días
Please make this message public . I feel like 2e need to hire black policeman a d every pair of partners have to be one white or Hispanic and one black. Z To see that this doesn't happen again I know myself and if I'd been there I would have said to hell with the mace and would have jumped and knocked him off of George.. I sick and disabled now and I still would've done it !! But yes two cops one white one black
Cliff C
Cliff C Hace 4 días
Maybe read autopsy report.
Bella The girl
Bella The girl Hace 4 días
Imagen if Conan were to comment on this?
TrumpAlwaysWins LearnToAcceptIt
TrumpAlwaysWins LearnToAcceptIt Hace 5 días
I am I couldn't care less.
SirGriefALot Hace 5 días
This wasn't funny at all. A rare miss for this guy, usually he's hilarious.
Anika Hace 3 días
SirGriefALot He’s not trying to be funny. This is a serious matter and he’s using his platform to spread awareness for it.
Pamela Gayle
Pamela Gayle Hace 5 días
This is a message to lawyers in this country who desire change. Network with each other, establish an llc including board of directors, and set up an iron clad bank trust to collect public funds for the sole purpose of lobbying for criminal justice reform (for all states and the national level): *Create a go-fund-me account and clearly state your role, salary requirement, and purpose for change. *Grant partnership to persons who make a donation supporting your role and purpose for change. *Partner with bipartisan criminal justice reform nonprofit(s) or a special interest group(s) and the public partners. *Host public forums to get precise information about the reform desired by partners. *Draft the bi-laws, mission statement and vision then share them with partners for final approval. *Create a website and give partners access to the entire process. *Maintain an open and honest dialogue with partners.
Steve B
Steve B Hace 6 días
Words mean nothing when you are rich and live in a gated mansion
John Sherman
John Sherman Hace 6 días
Just be funny. You are not a preacher.
J Sky
J Sky Hace 7 días
Wow Conan, the adrenochrone and and all that blood sucking is really starting to show signs on you.
2020vision Hace 7 días
at least its no secret he's pandering
Scott W.
Scott W. Hace 8 días
Conan? I thought it was Carrot Top.
gc1282 Hace 9 días
This is a month old, but, all I have to say is this.... be angry at how cops restrain people, but don't put up the image of a career criminal as if he was some hero...
Tom K
Tom K Hace 9 días
Who the F do these celebrities think they are.The guy makes jokes on tv .
Major Tom
Major Tom Hace 9 días
You and your cult of morons jump on the bandwagon because it is popular ---- where are you - Conan - when a policeman or other law enforcement members are killed?? Hypocrite --
Michael Brodie
Michael Brodie Hace 9 días
A criminal case is not tried in the streets or out of the mouths of interested observers.
Blackscarf Saber
Blackscarf Saber Hace 9 días
A man with untreated corona virus mixes meth and phentynol ,resists arrest and has a heart attack in police custody. How is it anyone's fault but Flloyds?
Dear Sal
Dear Sal Hace 10 días
comedians are not too stupid to talk about issues. actually we wanna hear it from them more than politicians and even journalists.
rousod Hace 8 días
ok jamal
Ree Anderson
Ree Anderson Hace 10 días
he is also an Ordained Minister.
Kurt Robertson
Kurt Robertson Hace 11 días
Always love and respect this man. He can make me laugh and also make me cry
Otto Nicator
Otto Nicator Hace 11 días
A better man and better off.......
Njabulo Ndlovu
Njabulo Ndlovu Hace 11 días
America is great again🤦🏿‍♂️
Alex Harsvik
Alex Harsvik Hace 11 días
The 4k dislikes are the salty rioters who wanted him to say something wrong so they can loot another target. Note I am aware that protesters and rioters are different so dont yell at me
George Zinn
George Zinn Hace 12 días
Why is Conan even funny in this vid? Laughed like crazy...😅
Daris Johnson
Daris Johnson Hace 12 días
Yes they did . a joke
Ebony Anderson
Ebony Anderson Hace 12 días
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Hace 12 días
Wow this fixed nothing
Sitting Duck
Sitting Duck Hace 12 días
He's just doing it for some likes he don't give a damn about coloreds
Octavio Marrero
Octavio Marrero Hace 13 días
Oh thank god I was wondering when this jack ass was going to speak about this.
blargin1234 Hace 13 días
You just lost a fan of 20+ years Conan
David Johnson
David Johnson Hace 13 días
Hey Conan: I am an American citizen, well versed in the Constitution. I have a Ph.D in a science. I want to ask you a question: Why is it that you far left wing idealogues in the media, and in show business, seem to think that your opinion on certain controversial topics is important...that somehow, your opinion is much wanted, and really matters? Can you explain that? Can you remind the country as to why, if you are on TV, you know what is best for our country, and that everyone who disagrees with you is just ignorant, and doesn't get it? You should watch that show 'preppers' because when the next civil war starts thanks to you leftist/anarchist/socialists, I'm guessing that you people who started it will be the initial targets of might want to start digging a hole to hide in.
Heather Gundry
Heather Gundry Hace 13 días
It has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with pigs and their piggy ways.
jeff deathrage
jeff deathrage Hace 13 días
Except the g floyd thing was FAKE. Conans GOTTA know it, too. Right?!?
Rohar Baconmoo
Rohar Baconmoo Hace 13 días
You still talked about your feelings while saying it was wrong to do so How vapid are these leftist morons
idont love
idont love Hace 13 días
PastafarianGamer Hace 13 días
Thank god I live in Canada!
dee stranger
dee stranger Hace 14 días
Who's asking this busted faced, washed-up, recluse has-been anything? One detestable criminal dies of an overdose in police custody and a sanctimonious Ivy League distortion of the facts in the case are supposed to have credibility over reality some how? Always remember this; George Floyd broke into a woman's house and robbed the pregnant woman by aiming the gun at her unborn child while demanding she tell him where the good were. That woman miscarried as a result of George Floyd assaulting her during the home invasion... this is your hero people... feel stupid yet? What would your opinion be of him if he were still alive? Would you still say, "he's getting his life back on track"? Getting his life back on track after killing a baby by being high on meth and fentanyl and stealing from a store? You care more about a dead criminal than the woman he victimized or the unborn baby he killed... how does it feel to be as corrupt,depraved, and despicable as you??????
Ok Then
Ok Then Hace 14 días
If somebody living under a rock watched this speech and then watches one of trump's they would think this is the president and Trumps the comedian Sad times
Jan Shiff
Jan Shiff Hace 14 días
God bless u .🤗💟
No Name
No Name Hace 14 días
Guess that's it - Conan was always apolitical or at least cracked some jokes. This is just politics where theres supposed to be comedy. This is highly disappointing.
Anthony Ford
Anthony Ford Hace 15 días
I was a fan of Conan in the 90s and that man is empty and shallow in the inside just look at his eyes now it's sad to see what Hollywood did to that man
Adnan Shahriar
Adnan Shahriar Hace 15 días
why's there 4k dislikes??!!
Foxtailedanimator Hace un día
They’re all racist douches who can’t stand the very concept of empathy.
Buster Wranks
Buster Wranks Hace 15 días
Next time maybe actually research the statistics so you don't look like a fool.
Lightfire LP
Lightfire LP Hace 15 días
Nice conan very cool
Fosty Hace 16 días
Okay but what does Ja Rule think of this?
Agent Washington
Agent Washington Hace 17 días
Of course, you HAD to mention that he's black. No need to, but you did.
Aezakmi Lp
Aezakmi Lp Hace 17 días
Millennial Comic
Millennial Comic Hace 18 días
Team Coco all the way
Yemi USA
Yemi USA Hace 18 días
Too gawd damn long. Sums it up right there for everyone.
Tino Trivino
Tino Trivino Hace 18 días
I respect you for that.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 18 días
Conan. Love ya, but it's beyond race. I am 53, Hispanic / white.Grew up in the bay area projects. Black , white , Mexican , Asian. We all grew up together. ( poor). We didn't see race. If we fought. It was because you had a personal problem with someone. It's a class thing, not a race thing. But, it's been mulipuated by media on the left and the right. " devide & Conquer"
Shonny Music
Shonny Music Hace 18 días
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez Hace 19 días
Harvard did not make Conan smart, he was smart before he set foot in Harvard Yard. Harvard just expanded his scope of knowledge.
fastguitar Hace 19 días
Apologize Conan apologize, shame ,shame on you
Gameboss NKB
Gameboss NKB Hace 19 días
No one asked ur opinion just saying...
8angst8 Hace 19 días
Who gives a flip what a minor celeb like Conan O'Brien says? Or any celebrity, for that matter. And he refers to Van Jones, of all generic, minor leftists. (AND, to top it off, Conan says his favorite writer is "Abraham Lincoln." Ha!!) Of all the phony, PC BS, this tops it.
Jose Hurtado
Jose Hurtado Hace 20 días
Who actually dislikes this?
Thom Dean
Thom Dean Hace 20 días
This is scripted so he can gain a better public image. Celebrities always go with popular opinion in fear of hurting their brand/image. Fraud ass guy here
Yemi USA
Yemi USA Hace 18 días
Not really, social consciousness is an important part of any business in the modern era. He has a brand to protect as society becomes morally conscious which is the case as violence continues to decline globally. A fact. All businesses are doing it including comedic entrepreneurs like Conan. Gen Z is turning out to be the most morally conscious group of any generation.
Common Man Tv
Common Man Tv Hace 20 días George Floyd Was A Criminal Or Innocent ? MUST WATCH press the link
Ramona Henegan
Ramona Henegan Hace 20 días
This has been going on for 400 years it didn't just start .our slavery has ended. The top will fall to the bottom .those at the bottom will rise to the top.THANK YAHUAH.
Antonio Novais
Antonio Novais Hace 20 días
Hei...Conan...fala igualmente de Tony Timpas.....
Jew Hunter
Jew Hunter Hace 20 días
Hey a criminal died - let’s freak out
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