Comparing MORE NFL Stars to their Dads

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Here is episode 2 in this series. The list of NFL dads and sons is short. In this video, I look at a handful of NFL Stars and compare them to their dads who also played in the NFL. Some are similar, some are completely different.
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Outro- "The Fix" by Aldous Young

comparingmorenfl starsto their dads

Wayne Jerm Blake
Wayne Jerm Blake Hace 4 días
1.6% bodyfat and he'd literally be dead
Aaron Henshaw
Aaron Henshaw Hace 5 días
No Ed and Christen McCaffrey? I mean Ed McCaffrey is a three time super bowl champion and a pro bowler. Christen McCaffrey is arguably the best running back in the NFL today.
I main Hibana
I main Hibana Hace 5 días
Make a video about if Eli stayed in San Diego
TheDirtyDirtMcGirt Hace 9 días
Mark Sr. shook Kelso outta his shoes.
Aidan 419
Aidan 419 Hace 10 días
Congrats on 500k subscribers
Lockdown DB
Lockdown DB Hace 13 días
KTO, how could you not mention the McCaffery's, they are set to have the most dominant dynasty in NFL history
LockDown The Bounty Hunter
LockDown The Bounty Hunter Hace 15 días
you guys forgot the bosas
SnapGam!ng Hace 15 días
All fathers should want their sons to be BETTER than they were.
Jay Dail
Jay Dail Hace 16 días
Thats crazy jack Youngblood is my friends grandpa
D L Hace 18 días
NFL network can’t compete with these vids. Well done
Hitr Wrestling
Hitr Wrestling Hace 20 días
Good ole fake spike
Gucci Black
Gucci Black Hace 21 un día
Kindergarten 😭?
Luke Rea
Luke Rea Hace 23 días
I love how they go from super athlete DK Metcalf to the Mannings
Markavious Faulkner
Markavious Faulkner Hace 23 días
DK dunked on my entire schools basketball team once
GrindTime TV
GrindTime TV Hace 24 días
2005-6 season is when the bears went 😒. Peyton destroyed us
Mclovin 2018
Mclovin 2018 Hace 24 días
If you dont think Dk is juicing your dillusional.The mannings are clearley not juicing did you see they were nubes or pubes..ha ha .
T U Hace 24 días
Damn! Dan Marino had an Arm on him!
Mason Mejia
Mason Mejia Hace 25 días
That Miami game at tha end was really humbling. Ingram wuz tha underdog by far but surprised everyone
Madwrestler 145
Madwrestler 145 Hace 25 días
If your under 2 % body fat. Your muscles will start feeding your body. I lost over 20 pounds a week for wrestling and I was still a little under 5%
Zaykia King
Zaykia King Hace 25 días
Dk metcalf grandfather was my highschool coach he played in the nfl was 5'7 160 lbs runningback terry metcalf
garry arganis
garry arganis Hace 25 días
a person can have 2% or less bodyfat, cristiano ronaldo does , sport models have around 4% on avg . why no that guy ?
Texaco GotGas
Texaco GotGas Hace 25 días
D.k. only benching 275
Harvis Moon
Harvis Moon Hace 26 días
DK bench press was kind of low in hs for his squat and deadlift to be that high.
Thomas O'Neill
Thomas O'Neill Hace 26 días
Do you mean mark Ingram Jr.
DTOX Nitro
DTOX Nitro Hace 26 días
Imagine saquons kids
Aj Lara
Aj Lara Hace 27 días
Lmao Peyton and Eli playing basketball was great 😂😂
D Peach
D Peach Hace 27 días
What about the Bosas
Blake Abbey
Blake Abbey Hace 27 días
My fav team is the bills watching that hurt dude like we lost 4 in a row that’s not ok
Devan Gonzalez
Devan Gonzalez Hace 27 días
I am a dolphin fan and man am I glad you showed the fake spike game
Mat Hamilton
Mat Hamilton Hace 28 días
Geno Atkins????!
Jrock Hace 28 días
The mannings are goats
Robin Rodriguez
Robin Rodriguez Hace 28 días
Unbelievable if the bills stop Ingram thats game and there first super bowl!!! WOW!! What a play!!
Jaden Hace 28 días
Been watching your channel for a long time still can’t believe you don’t even have 500k subs
Jay Lew
Jay Lew Hace 28 días
I think Marlons dad probably switched him so he couldn't be dethroned as the best running back in the family. Dude seems pretty vain and full of himself so it doesn't seem that it would be too far off
MSAMan 9
MSAMan 9 Hace 29 días
Bruh where is Orlando Brown Jr and Zeus Brown????
JoeCnNd Hace 29 días
Archie wasn't more athletic than Cooper.
Conlyn Hace un mes
A 6,5 receiver run a 4.35
Conlyn Hace un mes
I’m not roasting u just dk I’ve seen a Z
zarcangel Hace un mes
Come on, half of these felons never met their dad.
Jon Murray
Jon Murray Hace un mes
Reminds me why I always respected Marino. Guy was uncanny good in his prime. Great memories of watching him play.
MaddenMobile415 Hace un mes
dk went into the seahawks office shirtless before he was drafted, that was the first time he had met with the front office and pete carrol
Tramaine Burras
Tramaine Burras Hace un mes
at 12 i can barely bench 65 and dk benched 50 in kindergarten smh
pablo Hace un mes
Albert Einstein had an IQ of about 160. A 12-year-old girl in Cheshire County, England, has scored 162 on an IQ test, putting her in the top 99.998 percentile of test takers.
Tow3l Head
Tow3l Head Hace un mes
Where’s the Long family
Abraham Anthony
Abraham Anthony Hace un mes
What about the Heywards
IonizedWolfGaming Hace un mes
Well mark ingram is abt to win a Super Bowl next year
brendon mcmillan
brendon mcmillan Hace un mes
That picture that went viral of DK was fake dude is huge, yes but that photo of him was definitely fake. you can compare that photo of him to him during the full nfl season or even the combine and the dude wasn't even that big as that photo suggest and he is a big dude.
Graham Davis
Graham Davis Hace un mes
DK is adopted
Adam Niewiadomski
Adam Niewiadomski Hace un mes
Impossible to have 1.6 body fat
King Denominator
King Denominator Hace un mes
Could you do a video on the GFL (German Football League)? It's allegedly the 3rd best Gridiron-style football league in the world (aside from the NFL and CFL). From what I've seen the play is akin to Division 3 college football games.
Buddy Essen
Buddy Essen Hace un mes
Can you do what if the Rams won Super Bowl 36. Do you think they would have done what they did and go 7-9 until they relocate?
Adrian Singleton
Adrian Singleton Hace un mes
Mark Ingram II makes him the junior lol and Ravens RB Mark Ingram III (the 3rd)
Quin McCaffrey
Quin McCaffrey Hace un mes
Where the fuck is Christian McCaffrey and Ed McCaffrey
James Stout
James Stout Hace un mes
Great video
Grxpe Huh
Grxpe Huh Hace un mes
Look at Bobby homphrey shoulder pads 😂😂😂
Anthony Graham
Anthony Graham Hace un mes
What's weird about the manning's. Archie's was a great athlete. He was a option qb. He was actually a dual threat. Then you see the video of the boys playing basketball. Lol, damn, I guess that's why McCaffrey married a all American track star. Cuz, the manning's mom must be unathletic.
Anthony Graham
Anthony Graham Hace un mes
Rex Grossman. Whew.... lol
Kenny Davis
Kenny Davis Hace un mes
The next manning is going to be insane... he is literally all the Manning's in one
Jake Hodges
Jake Hodges Hace un mes
Forgot about the adams’
Tim Nagy
Tim Nagy Hace un mes
Can you do a video on Greg McElroy? I just love that he was the QB to lead the Crimson Tide to their first national title with Saban. He had Julio Jones and Mark Ingram with him, who have had hugely successful NFL careers. McElroy retired after 2 years with the Jets.
Byrdman 51/50
Byrdman 51/50 Hace un mes
That 2 pt play was insane!! Lmao!!
Marco Romero
Marco Romero Hace un mes
The kupp family
Manny Davis
Manny Davis Hace un mes
KTO do head coach Knute Rockne
Seamus Devine
Seamus Devine Hace un mes
Hey KTO I'm doing a school project about football, the effects it has on the human body and mental health. I was wondering if you could help me
Chunk the funk
Chunk the funk Hace un mes
50 pounds is not that good I’m in 5th and I can bench 100
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO Hace un mes
Bobby was stupid lol
max morrison
max morrison Hace un mes
Lol SeatGeek rates on a 1-10 scale now
Spade_ Connor
Spade_ Connor Hace un mes
No watt bro’s?
thechin024 Hace un mes
Jamal Adams
mrstanbmw Hace un mes
how about Terry Metcalf the great running back whose son Eric Metcalf had a great career also.
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