Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show

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Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch

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Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show
And then it gets weird.
Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.
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A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.
Intro animation by Tony Celano of Tomorrow's Nobody

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Stand up comedian Drew Lynch from America's Got Talent and his service dog Stella vlog about stories from their day to day life. He has a stutter, she has captions.
Join us for new episodes of Dog Vlog every Monday and Thursday, and our animated comedy "Therapy Dog" every other Saturday!

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Bunni boi
Bunni boi Hace 3 horas
"Invest and Incest" 😂
Pandagamsquad Hace 3 horas
Girl:We’re cousins Me:SWEET HOME ALABAMA
Vick !
Vick ! Hace 6 horas
I cracked a tooth once and now I'm gay. Eat your homework, kids.
Connie Hace 13 horas
It’s called a dramity
WolfMoon 5123
WolfMoon 5123 Hace 13 horas
I love his laugh!
TheShadowBoss72 Hace un día
While watching this I got an ad for an orthodontist.
Crazy Mac
Crazy Mac Hace un día
Everytime i watch his video my depression is going away
Onydeo Hace un día
Come on, not comedy drama, COMETEA
Abishiree Steyne
Abishiree Steyne Hace un día
Come do a show near Philly!! Pittsburgh is like a whole other state haha
finalplot finalplot
finalplot finalplot Hace un día
Drew: ... after she cracks a tooth you should scissor "carrie": We're cousins Drew: *for legal reasons thats a joke*
Skullduggery Playz
Skullduggery Playz Hace un día
What happened to stella
Earelle Reckley
Earelle Reckley Hace un día
Wait a minute where's long was I gone....
Destiny Spencer
Destiny Spencer Hace un día
I think whenever he said that the tooth was a dude that's why she said "Maybe that's why she likes vagina"
Kawaii Corps Cosplay
Kawaii Corps Cosplay Hace un día
So if breaking your tooth makes you gay. Does breaking a fake tooth make you bisexual. (I can confirm this if it is true)
Krazeyy Hace un día
It’s dramaedy drew
Margarita Rulova
Margarita Rulova Hace 2 días
He laughs at his own jokes
Linette Xie
Linette Xie Hace 3 días
Carrie does deserve a punch in the mouth.
sickquill 25
sickquill 25 Hace 3 días
Yo the dog did not blink once
Bacon taco 07kevin
Bacon taco 07kevin Hace 3 días
Where’s Stella
gronkhs_ tochter
gronkhs_ tochter Hace 3 días
Where's Stella? Am I missing something?
Echo Hace 3 días
I can't tell if that's a plushie or an extremely paralysed dog
Pr0 GengOo
Pr0 GengOo Hace 3 días
ME : *Starts laughing...feels an empty space between teeth* Dammit, well - I guess I like c**ks now
Ella Studios
Ella Studios Hace 4 días
I like how he laughs at his own joke
Locus Cades
Locus Cades Hace 4 días
"We need to keep it together." The wit.
R scott
R scott Hace 4 días
Bruh.. I just watch an Orthodontist commercial before this..
* Marsthebunny1 *
* Marsthebunny1 * Hace 4 días
It took me a while to find out that dog was fake
Elim Gamin109
Elim Gamin109 Hace 5 días
Less teeth = less “red tape” = more pussy. It adds up, the math is all there.
space pidgeon
space pidgeon Hace 5 días
He weirdly reminds me of Dylan o'brien
GayIsYay XoX
GayIsYay XoX Hace 5 días
*You Cracked A Tooth?” “Well It Sounds Like You Need More Teeth” *LOGIC*
You Offended?
You Offended? Hace 15 minutos
@N. Val 😂
JANKZ PLAYZ Hace un hora
GayIsYay XoX then stop
GayIsYay XoX
GayIsYay XoX Hace 8 horas
jacob Super Yes! I’m not gay either but I support LGBTQ+! 😁
GayIsYay XoX
GayIsYay XoX Hace 8 horas
N. Val Bastard.
jacob Super
jacob Super Hace 13 horas
N. Val rude asf I’m not gay but calling gays non human like they don’t have feelings and aren’t unique is just uncalled for
Cinehotties Productions
Cinehotties Productions Hace 6 días
You are really cute!
Skate_row Gaming
Skate_row Gaming Hace 6 días
Bro you made me develop a stutter
Doll Tears
Doll Tears Hace 6 días
0:14 just realized that’s not his actual dog
PaintedSiberian Husky
PaintedSiberian Husky Hace 6 días
It took me a moment to realize that the dog wasn't really Stella.
Sweet Sunflower
Sweet Sunflower Hace 7 días
"When you tiny no one respects you" I felt that shiiii-
Robert Neuzil
Robert Neuzil Hace 7 días
Joe Hill
Joe Hill Hace 7 días
"We're. Cousins!" Me With a microphone: *SWEET HOME ALABAMA*
Carly Brooks
Carly Brooks Hace 9 días
You are HILARIOUS!!! You said "WELCOME TO HOUSTON" 😂😂😂😂
angelica rojas
angelica rojas Hace 10 días
WHD PHD Hace 10 días
sapientia_potentia_ est
sapientia_potentia_ est Hace 11 días
Your so funny. Your such a good comedian.
ParadoxicallySweet Hace 13 días
There was a Houston show and I missed it?!!!!
Chiefrunongrass Kushington
Chiefrunongrass Kushington Hace 14 días
What happened to stella?!
chaimaa chaimaaa
chaimaa chaimaaa Hace 15 días
Can anyone explain to me what is the reference what did you say carrie
Agent Triclops 1892
Agent Triclops 1892 Hace 16 días
Were stella
Kikon Hace 18 días
man he cracks me up
Sara Kate
Sara Kate Hace 22 días
I really never LOL when watching stand up online and I've never been to a comedy show but THESEEE PEOPLE SEEM TO BE HAVING A FREAKING BLASSST! So I think I gotta go check it out! I'm sure like.. when you have a whole room of people cracking TF up it just makes everything more funny for EVERYONE!! YEP! Andd I bet comedians bet on that too. Also priv why so many laugh along with/at their OWN jokes! (HiS laugh seems to be pretty genuine however and it's also kind of annoying lol)
Hawk Davison
Hawk Davison Hace 22 días
Love ya kid.
camille sylvester
camille sylvester Hace 22 días
Omg hilarious
Luke Salazar
Luke Salazar Hace 22 días
Aanndd Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself
Hayaotaku Hace 23 días
I'm torn between wanting Drew to have his own Netflix Original but at the same time not wanting him to be on Netflix because season 2 would take 8 years to be released.
Mandy’s Messed-up Mind aka Edie & Allie
Mandy’s Messed-up Mind aka Edie & Allie Hace 24 días
Love you, Drew!
Jezriel Santiago
Jezriel Santiago Hace 27 días
I love this guy.
GiuTube Hace 27 días
I think it's tragicomedy
mf11593 Legionnaires of Ragnarok
mf11593 Legionnaires of Ragnarok Hace 28 días
I literally have watched all of the videos just for the beginning bit
Thore Wagner
Thore Wagner Hace 29 días
Please. Leave the intros!
Noah Kearns
Noah Kearns Hace 29 días
You should go back to America got talent
Paris shine
Paris shine Hace un mes
Does anyone else notice that a plusse of Stella
Jayden N
Jayden N Hace un mes
I love you not gay
Phantom_ASSASS1N Hace un mes
"What's comedy and drama called?" Coma
The Monk - الراهب
The Monk - الراهب Hace un mes
u lost a teeth ur gay sense 😅
JiuJiu Playz
JiuJiu Playz Hace un mes
I love this mans laugh
crazy owl
crazy owl Hace un mes
I was performing in the south Very french voice: not France
Jerry Fox
Jerry Fox Hace un mes
It took me 14 seconds to realize that the dog was not real
Hulda Andersson
Hulda Andersson Hace un mes
This stutter and laughter all in one is prob the greatest thing about the comedy, it makes it so unique. I love it
Sloth Boi
Sloth Boi Hace un mes
Fun fact: there is a Houston Texas and a Houston BC
Jasten Isaiah Cabacungan
Jasten Isaiah Cabacungan Hace un mes
Woah there bud 😂
Fatalpatronus18 Hace un mes
You’re telling me that if I crack a tooth I get more pussy in my face Me: where’s the hammer? Where’s the hammer!?
Dean T
Dean T Hace un mes
What happened to Stella,is she mad at you?
It's Not Me btw
It's Not Me btw Hace un mes
I like your stutter, I have one to, but not as bad. But I still like your stutter Makes it funnier
El NOOBIS Hace un mes
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