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Sorry for looking into the wrong camera this entire video. I'm an idiot. Also, I tried my very best to find some fun tik toks this time, it's definitely not as easy to laugh right now but I'm trying my very best and I hope you are too. Sending you lots of love and support right now.
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Amber Leveque
Amber Leveque Hace 9 horas
I speak for everyone. Please Jenna, Make more of these videos
Leslie V
Leslie V Hace 16 horas
I specifically watched this so I could laugh at the crop top tik tok
Brendon Bialas
Brendon Bialas Hace 16 horas
Where is cermit
Nathalie Santos
Nathalie Santos Hace 17 horas
I’m watching this cuz I need some good vibes rn and need to get distracted
Lillie Michelle
Lillie Michelle Hace 19 horas
why raymond BUILT LIKE THAT
Lillie Michelle
Lillie Michelle Hace 19 horas
major underboob with that crop top
Lillie Michelle
Lillie Michelle Hace 19 horas
when my friend starts crying about whatever tf i now will blast shakiras africa song and dance in her face
j9heon Hace 20 horas
my little guy used to thump aswell (his name was button and he was such an angry bunny i miss him)
Lisa Lilac
Lisa Lilac Hace 23 horas
THEES fish got beef with THEES fish
Sara Amaya
Sara Amaya Hace un día
Jenna and I have such similar tastes I thought she had reposted a video, I was so confused.
SS SS - The Pomu
SS SS - The Pomu Hace un día
Is Kermit an Italian Greyhound? So cute, I want to get one. 😀
stacey Hace un día
You could do these once a week and I would watch every single one
Eliza Harry
Eliza Harry Hace un día
I double tapped like twenty times just trying to like the video but then I realize...... it’s ESwomen...........
Lance Isthename
Lance Isthename Hace un día
idk why i enjoyed that Anne Boleyn tiktok 😂😂😂😂
Jake Gordy
Jake Gordy Hace 2 días
Stevie Chavarria
Stevie Chavarria Hace 2 días
Haha legit was getting upset bout the ketchup and relish bottles not looking right so when she called out Virgos I've never felt so attacked 😂😂💀
the chanel with a lot of weird stuff
the chanel with a lot of weird stuff Hace 2 días
MaryJayne Barber
MaryJayne Barber Hace 2 días
Jenna! Please make more videos of your favorite tik toks❤️ I don't even care if there's ads, they're still better than the tiktok ads
L6901Malice Hace 2 días
Where you find all these top toks???
Rubi Miranda
Rubi Miranda Hace 2 días
The reference to the half time show tiktok in the first tiktok video tho at 4:32
Amberlyn Ponce
Amberlyn Ponce Hace 3 días
I love when you do these! So friggin hilarious!!! 🤣😂🤣😂 I think my fav was the guy that ate the plant and his mom was like “you’re so fucking weird”
kcouch1986 Hace 3 días
Damn you in trump cosplay, with your orange face!
wiggle- ninja
wiggle- ninja Hace 3 días
This was so fkn funny dude. GOTTAMN. I don’t have a drunk uncle but I have a friend I can summon with a song xD
Rachel Coulter
Rachel Coulter Hace 3 días
im an aries, and the relish thing made me want to burn my house down, damn.
Alicia Swanepoel
Alicia Swanepoel Hace 3 días
Who else needs part 4? 😂
heather wheeler
heather wheeler Hace 3 días
I think that the dog Raymond has the rare syndrome , Short Spine Syndrome
Riseley Warren
Riseley Warren Hace 3 días
3:46 the way his head FLYS back is so funny oh my god his whole body just shakes when he hits the snow
Trish Mro
Trish Mro Hace 3 días
I CANNOT stop laughing at "Jeses Crust" and the dog in the bath
Madelyn Hole
Madelyn Hole Hace 3 días
Like this so we can get Julien a chair!
Julio Villarreal
Julio Villarreal Hace 3 días
The one with the Mexican song SENT ME!!!!
Brianna Rood
Brianna Rood Hace 3 días
julien violently clapping along to the tio lost at the fair tiktok screams secret hispanic ancestry.
Mckayla Arroyo
Mckayla Arroyo Hace 3 días
Need more 😭😂😂
z o d y r o s e
z o d y r o s e Hace 3 días
Julien and Jenna are my sun and moon signs talking to each other
Xavier Castaneda
Xavier Castaneda Hace 4 días
if jenna never mentioned that she looked into the wrong camera i would never have noticed 😳
Lyssa Pruitt
Lyssa Pruitt Hace 4 días
I absolutely lost it at the lacroix one. I could not stop rewatching it. 🤣🤣🤣
Kate Larsen
Kate Larsen Hace 4 días
More tik tok videos please
iwatchedbobsburgerswaytoomanytimes oof
iwatchedbobsburgerswaytoomanytimes oof Hace 4 días
13:02 he sounds like one of the try guys but I can’t remember his name right now
19:11 looks exactly like reaction time
Midori Hace 4 días
Part 4. ...please?
mtyl123 Hace 4 días
Aidan Shaulis
Aidan Shaulis Hace 4 días
Jenna: Yeah the fish fight sometimes Me: hay have you seen Gary? Him who’s Gary? Me:Gary the fish. Him: ough yeah he dead Me:what!? How’d he die? Him:The weird fish with the big head ate him. Me:ahh crap.
Mary Fouquet
Mary Fouquet Hace 4 días
I'm sitting here laughing and crying so hard cuz Jenna's laughter when she just starts screaming. Her laughing is contagious lol! I heart you guys so much lol!!
KindOfEmo ButNotReally
KindOfEmo ButNotReally Hace 5 días
The dog at 14:46 is probably a basenji yodeling dog lmao
Sofa King
Sofa King Hace 5 días
If you're that bothered about a label you can just remove and still easily know whats in the clear bottle. You don't just have OCD, you have a confirmed case of donkey brains.
Giselle Preciado
Giselle Preciado Hace 5 días
jeses crust
Shelby Dively
Shelby Dively Hace 5 días
4:17 Everyone who has watched 13 reasons why: 🤧
St ar
St ar Hace 5 días
Drunk uncle? No Drunk aunt? YES BEECH
Steven L.
Steven L. Hace 5 días
Somebody pls alert jenna that youtube is running Trump ads before her videos
KrystalKat LuvsCreepyPasta
KrystalKat LuvsCreepyPasta Hace 5 días
19:46 Julian gained a doggo.
SCIDIDIDI Hace 6 días
18:14 basically me being bored so getting entertained by stupid shit
Hunnybunny456 Lol
Hunnybunny456 Lol Hace 6 días
21:16 why is kermits neck so long
Cameron Anesini
Cameron Anesini Hace 6 días
Jenna why am I getting Trump ads before your videos ok don't think it's ur doing but what's up
Zed R
Zed R Hace 6 días
14:40 i used to work at a dog daycare,can confirm shibes just sound like that
Emma Schneider
Emma Schneider Hace 6 días
So I was rewatching this video, and I showed my parents the dog with no neck after I was crying laughing, and they did not think it was funny. Their response: "That's an odd looking dog, interesting".....
Kendra Swann
Kendra Swann Hace 6 días
The neighbours dog had me crying 😂 I can not stop laughing WHY
Can I Get a Doki-Doki
Can I Get a Doki-Doki Hace 6 días
It's been a couple of months now, but I just need to thank Jenna for showing me "My Neighbor's Dog Raymond." That video will get me to cry from laughing so hard every single time.
1102Ada Hace 6 días
Jenna is the reason why i downloaded tik tok and now im waiting for next part to check if we have the same likes
Ay Hace 7 días
Waiting for another one of these videos
Crazy Daniel
Crazy Daniel Hace 7 días
Scream laughing at 4 am with the last one
Lexie Durick
Lexie Durick Hace 7 días
Jenna scream laughing is everything
Leah Winters
Leah Winters Hace 7 días
this video made me genuinely laugh for the first time in three months can you PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER I BEG OF YOU
Awkward_lil_ potter head
Awkward_lil_ potter head Hace 7 días
9:00 whys this literally the human embodiment of peach and kermit😂😭
Amber Strayer
Amber Strayer Hace 7 días
twentyøne des
twentyøne des Hace 7 días
why is raymond the dog kk slider tho 👀
Weird Person
Weird Person Hace 8 días
Me reacting to big ed: 17:56
Helen Bram Reyer
Helen Bram Reyer Hace 8 días
Two things: The Dad who was excited about family lunch and walk! has big Ned from Try Guys energy and Raymond looks like he has short spine syndrome!
Caitlyn Snavely
Caitlyn Snavely Hace 8 días
Tiktok doesn’t load on my phone but yt does so here I am. Also ily
Melissa C
Melissa C Hace 8 días
Im a dog groomer and i swear to god i felt that in my soul
exodus Hace 8 días
raymond gave me a literal stitch
n l
n l Hace 8 días
i prefer deep voiced jenna, please do all videos deep voiced the whole time
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