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KFC founder Colonel Sanders was once just a young lawyer by the name of Harland David Sanders - until fate intervened. Video brought to you by KFC.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp Hace 3 horas
Not even close to historically accurate
Gooch Luber
Gooch Luber Hace 3 horas
he certainly stole his recipe from black folk, but this video is sponsored by kfc, so we're not gonna learn that here.
Eva Weinel
Eva Weinel Hace 3 días
When your from Kentucky-
Jesse Knox
Jesse Knox Hace 13 días
From the comments... it seems they missed ALOT of ol Colonel Sanders we need to know the whole story
Tam Wiggins
Tam Wiggins Hace 15 días
You forgot about the part where he STOLE the original recipe from a black woman named Miss Childress
Speedy Jefferson
Speedy Jefferson Hace 13 días
Cory Prior
Cory Prior Hace 18 días
that was really incomplete and lame he helped create the pressure cookers, and he shot a guy in the arm in the rival lost opportunity here, redo!
Alex Delarge
Alex Delarge Hace 20 días
Then he said the N-word.
979 Williams
979 Williams Hace 24 días
How about the part where he ripped off the black lady for the recipe?
D. Soundz
D. Soundz Hace un mes
U forgot the part about the recipe being stolen from a black person
979 Williams
979 Williams Hace 24 días
Hell yea facts
loic adande
loic adande Hace un mes
So no inspiration from black cuisine ?
Gil Rivera
Gil Rivera Hace un mes
Damn this was one of the worst ones they've done. Literally skipped over most of the actually interesting parts of his life lol also there was nothing funny besides maybe the guy burping in the middle of his sentences.
t3 up
t3 up Hace 2 meses
This is kinda accurate.
Alice Tibbetts
Alice Tibbetts Hace 2 meses
I love when they leave in the hiccups and burps and the actors lipsync them
Cole McDonough
Cole McDonough Hace 2 meses
What about his stolen valor?
zact lee
zact lee Hace 2 meses
Now i feel like eating some kfc.
Fernando Erazo
Fernando Erazo Hace 2 meses
didn't he almost kill himself?
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni Hace 2 meses
Popeyes for life
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni Hace 2 meses
I was actually just thinking about this yesterday, has ESwomen and Google gone from Spying on my phone to reading my mind?
Joey van Leeuwen
Joey van Leeuwen Hace 2 meses
This is all wrong. Leon Trotsky after faking being assassinated by agents of the Stalinist USSR fled to America where he took on the pseudonym Colonel Sanders and built a chicken empire to rival that of his former colleague turned nemesis. It's so obvious, just look at the pictures.
the zimra
the zimra Hace 2 meses
sponsored by KFC? really .......?? do kfc sell booze in murica? cause they do in EU
Eric J
Eric J Hace 3 meses
I guess it being sponsored is why you left out how he once gunned down a business rival in a shootout? (He was never convicted - multiple witnesses testified the other guy drew first so it was ruled self-defense - it's still a good story though)
DonVR 19
DonVR 19 Hace 3 meses
Hey wait a minute they left out all the parts when he sued KFC (and won) shit on the new chicken, and how the new recipe is waaaaaaay different from the original. Oh wait.... it’s sponsored by KFC
Chris Ranz
Chris Ranz Hace 3 meses
When we were kids we actually had great respect revered with Colonel Sanders he was a very smart and he was one cool dude most of the commercials make him look like a buffoon we really looked up to him y'all have a great day now
Miss B
Miss B Hace 3 meses
Binge-watching drunk history during quarantine is the best especially because I love to drink 🍺🍻🥂🍾🍷🥃🍸🍹
EM 3
EM 3 Hace 3 meses
Travis McElroy looks different without purple hair
KagomeHHaruhiF Hace 4 meses
He also had his image stolen and tried to sue to get it back.
Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly Hace 4 meses
How about when he shot that guy?
Kwispee Kweem
Kwispee Kweem Hace 5 meses
what about the shoot out?
Isabel Martins
Isabel Martins Hace 5 meses
What does he reply to 'do you have any booze?' can't understand it
Hand Channel
Hand Channel Hace 6 meses
2:14 this is Kentucky fried chicken
Xoco World
Xoco World Hace 6 meses
Every time I log into youtube for something I always end up here
William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson Hace 6 meses
Good ole Corbin Kentucky that restaurant still stands there I pass by it daily to go to work
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles Hace 7 meses
Kind of a let down here. Colonel Sanders story doesn't just end there.. Why leave out all his charitable acts? Like him giving the entire KFC Canada branch to charity. Honestly you guys did Sanders dirty.
The Guy
The Guy Hace 7 meses
White people seasoning chicken?! I call bullshit.
Emperor Bartu
Emperor Bartu Hace 7 meses
I always thought he was a slave owner
josh656 Hace 7 meses
Amateur obstetrician = not the most lucrative profession, but good experience for a resume.
deathstar11 Hace 7 meses
Miss Sarah
Miss Sarah Hace 7 meses
"At 13" shows middle aged man
Miss B
Miss B Hace 3 meses
CJihoo Hace 7 meses
This video is sponsored by KFC, so they have to protect the image of their brand which means keeping the world aware of their whitewashed version of history. Can't have people canceling Sanders if they knew the truth about his real life follies.
Talin Murphey
Talin Murphey Hace 7 meses
love when people say they got all this shit on someone but share none of it
Peter Jones
Peter Jones Hace 7 meses
They didn't mention about how the first KFC was actually in Salt Lake City.
Bruno Hace 8 meses
Finally, a narrator who's properly drunk.
Crispykett Hace 4 meses
You should take a look at this narrator lol he is absolutely HAMMERED
Dejion Jon
Dejion Jon Hace 8 meses
Colonel Sanders was also a racist and a womanizer. All around, kind of a shitty guy... But I guess that was kind of the norm back then XD
Liz Vic
Liz Vic Hace 8 meses
What DH left out is that Coronel Sanders was old and almost destitute because no one wanted to buy into his recipe.
Garrison Nichols
Garrison Nichols Hace 8 meses
What about the shootout he was involved in at his gas station? There's so many stories about this guy. They have alot to work with here! I heard he would go ape shit on his employees if they screwed up his chicken recipe. Like seriously APE SHIT!
Avishaa S.
Avishaa S. Hace 8 meses
The judge is burping, lawyer is burping...the whole courtroom is
TheHutchy01 Hace 8 meses
The lesson here is don't punch your clients
Daniel Hance
Daniel Hance Hace 9 meses
Man Derrick waters could easily play a hobbit! Lol
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo Hace 9 meses
Fried chicken exist before ww1. it is just American make it a brand and sell it.
Dayangku Mirsha Khaleeda Ag Mohd Faizal
Dayangku Mirsha Khaleeda Ag Mohd Faizal Hace 9 meses
He kinda sounds like Jonah from the Vlogsquad lmao🤪
Kate H
Kate H Hace 9 meses
Did not know Colonel Sanders was a real dude
Yes Hace 9 meses
The dude in the modern day commercials isn’t the real colonel sanders.
Sam Grig
Sam Grig Hace 10 meses
They left out a ton of stuff like his restaurant burning down.
irreplaceable02 Hace 10 meses
derek bouncing around celebrating after they win is the fucking funniest thing it got me laughing my ass off
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Hace 10 meses
since this was sponsored by KFC i assume it doesn't mention where Colonel Sanders went into a KFC unnanounced, ordered, and pushed that shit on the floor saying it tasted like cardboard and how disgusted he was but the state of things
Rhino546 Hace 10 meses
You forgot the part where he shot a guy
joey04ryan07 Hace 10 meses
there's a good chance there's someone alive who was delivered by colonel sanders then
Gido Hace 10 meses
10 seconds in, and I already love it.
Toughen Up, Fluffy
Toughen Up, Fluffy Hace 11 meses
Hello, you need to have a body. Habeas corpus, sellouts.
P V Hace 11 meses
wholly wtf is that a stunt double? omfg u need a stunt double for non stunt videos???......looollll
P V Hace 11 meses
@Brianna Dozark i know i was just exclamating
Brianna Dozark
Brianna Dozark Hace 11 meses
It was a joke. They did it super obviously on purpose, that's why he over dramatically stumbled off screen, and back on, for the body double switch. Lol
Dun Hace 11 meses
So Colonel was his Name? I thought i always thought he was in the military.
Dun Hace 11 meses
@Real Chestro Then this was really a drunk history.. Wasn't informative
Real Chestro
Real Chestro Hace 11 meses
Harland David Sanders. I think he worked on a ship or something, not quite sure.
aitrus21 Hace 11 meses
The funny thing is Colonel Sanders was a notorious drunk, so this depiction of him is probably pretty accurate.
Kahlil Brown
Kahlil Brown Hace 3 meses
So the quote from Talladega Nights was probably accurate, lol "I'm too drunk, to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders
Emily Schulte-Slifkin
Emily Schulte-Slifkin Hace 6 meses
Toughen Up, Fluffy he was notorious for drinking
Toughen Up, Fluffy
Toughen Up, Fluffy Hace 11 meses
You mean he drank for the notoriety? He got famous drinking?
Gwen Honra
Gwen Honra Hace 11 meses
I have to admit, I thought this was an advertistment from KFC
Sloth Bro
Sloth Bro Hace 11 meses
Sponsored by KFC so they left out the part were Kernel Sanders called the new fried chicken disgusting on an interview, and KFC tried to sew him
Violet Brown
Violet Brown Hace un mes
Well he sold it, so the new owners removed the original "secret" 11 herbs and spices, and replaced it with a fuckton of MSG which is yummy when your drunk, not so much when your sober.
T G Hace 6 meses
@Tomás Ó Treasaigh I think Sloth Bro is doing his own version of Drunk History.
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
Tomás Ó Treasaigh Hace 9 meses
Its 'Colonel' not 'Kernel' and 'sue' not 'sew'.
mastadon8215 Hace 11 meses
CrevsArt413 grammatical burn!
CEReacts Ent.
CEReacts Ent. Hace 11 meses
Did he need stitches?
mastadon8215 Hace 11 meses
Oooh I see.. I was wondering why you didn't say how after he sold it, and went back he hated it.. So much so he regretted his name being associated with it.. But yay sponsorship
Kevin Edwards
Kevin Edwards Hace 11 meses
mastadon8215 it’s like two fucking minutes long lol
May Flowers
May Flowers Hace un año
Representing Corbin ky!! Also the first kfc is still in business!
Mark Ajamu
Mark Ajamu Hace 4 meses
What's Up,Corbin??Lexington hea!!👊👊
Cliff Cadet
Cliff Cadet Hace un año
Them stunt doubles 🤣🤣
djfhhf jdjfb
djfhhf jdjfb Hace un año
Slave owner
varying-degrees Hace un año
Also he once got into a shootout with a rival gas station owner over a billboard.
Pancouver venguins
Pancouver venguins Hace 10 días
Gangster Sanders
Hessed3712 Hace 2 meses
varying-degrees Whoa!
Typhoid Mary
Typhoid Mary Hace 2 meses
There is a podcast episode about that on “The Way I Heard It” by Mike Roe. It’s pretty funny and interesting :D
The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster Hace un año
Herky jerky, baby.
Anthony Cleveland
Anthony Cleveland Hace un año
Colonel Sanders hated his chickenThat’s actually real fact
Jasmin Hace un año
Watching this on the way to KFC lol
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