Colin Cowherd fills out a potential 16-team NBA playoff bracket | THE HERD

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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On today's Best for Last, Colin Cowherd fills out a bracket for the NBA playoffs with one of the reportedly proposed ways to resume the season. See how he thinks playoffs would unfold if each team was ranked 1-16 regardless of conference.
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About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
Colin Cowherd fills out a potential 16-team NBA playoff bracket | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd Hace un mes
Who will win the NBA title this season if play resumes?
Rizaldy Saul
Rizaldy Saul Hace 22 días
Miami Heat
Sarah Hace 27 días
I'm going with an underdog #6 Denver Nuggets
AJAY NA 0 Hace un mes
Happy Singh
Happy Singh Hace un mes
Ransom Ballard
Ransom Ballard Hace un mes
@Warriors Dynasty #3x Championships #Swept LeBron We'll see.
Nalu_boyy Hace 5 días
Everyone rooting for the clippers
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph Hace 17 días
Lebron will win his next Championship this yr.
Rowel Fruelda
Rowel Fruelda Hace 19 días
iyot mo uypot k
Mvp Shooter
Mvp Shooter Hace 24 días
The nuggets will not even get out of round 1 and clippers are not beating the lakers
Leafgirl99 Hace 24 días
How these ‘predictions’ can even be made at this point is beyond me. First, who knows what kind of shape these guys are in when they haven’t played in over 3 months. When they do start playing together again, what will the team chemistry be like? Will there be players that opt out due to safety concerns? There are a lot of unknowns here.
Biggie Doucett
Biggie Doucett Hace 25 días
Luca De Santis
Luca De Santis Hace 28 días
I’m sorry did he just say the raptors are the best defensive team. Thank you bro but not even the Bucks?
Brad Brown
Brad Brown Hace 29 días
Anyone explain why there doing the playoffs like this instead of west plays west and east plays east until the finals ?
KUWAR SIDHU Hace 29 días
76rs are “ weird “ lo
Bennett Bong
Bennett Bong Hace 29 días
Wait whattttt..... 76ers weird?😂
Xx Xxx
Xx Xxx Hace un mes
Agree 100%
Da Boi
Da Boi Hace un mes
I dont think the Clippers can beat the Bucks... "They are so great jaadhi daaadi" i didnt see anything that shows me this "greatness"
raynard kamlan
raynard kamlan Hace un mes
We’ll see collin
Chris P
Chris P Hace un mes
I don’t see the clippers beating the lakers only cuz they will struggle down low with their big guys. Lakers will out rebound them that’s the only difference everything else is mostly even .
Hermitcraft 7
Hermitcraft 7 Hace un mes
"Believe it or not the Raptors are the #1 defense" Bucks: am I a joke to you?
Mystique Portal
Mystique Portal Hace un mes
Lil B from 094 Princeton
Lil B from 094 Princeton Hace un mes
All this Harden and Westbrook hate smh y’all better hope they don’t get to a second seed in 8 games
Danny Xu
Danny Xu Hace un mes
Celtics r winning the championship
chris wong
chris wong Hace un mes
Nuggets are actually scary for the Raptors. Those guys have double lungs up in Denver. They don’t get tired.
Ken88 Hace un mes
Lakers over Bucks in 7
Shir Waziri
Shir Waziri Hace un mes
Collins is good at understanding basketball I like his seeding, football not so much
matthew riggs
matthew riggs Hace un mes
Mavs knock off Clips in 7 after Luka puts the team on his back. Then his base rookie cards explode on ebay
Mutant Cypher
Mutant Cypher Hace un mes
It wont be no damn 16 playoff it will be the norm east conference west conference format
Prodigy C
Prodigy C Hace un mes
I actually agreed with him for the first time
Vince Ravindran
Vince Ravindran Hace un mes
I wanted to throw a chair at Colin when he said Nuggets over Raptors
Paulo John
Paulo John Hace un mes
Don’t disrespect Philadelphia
Robert Weaver
Robert Weaver Hace un mes
I think Joker will do Gannis!!!
thoes dielen
thoes dielen Hace un mes
I want to see lebron in any game 7
Spanna Banna
Spanna Banna Hace un mes
Lol..Gasol cancels out Jokic with Defense and IQ...and the the rest of the Raptors overwhelm the Nuggets
Joseph Francisco
Joseph Francisco Hace un mes
i cant believe that the warriors is not in 😭😭😭
A Reitz
A Reitz Hace un mes
Predicting playoff results when teams haven't played in 2 months...yikes.
ranchosdelnorte Hace un mes
As a Nuggets fan I would love this, having to go through only East teams until the finals. Pacers and Raptors are solid teams, this makes the Nuggets take them seriously and play them hard. And against a top team like the Bucks it will be turned up another level again to give them a chance. The west is just so dangerous since it has the Jazz, Mavs, Rockets and Thunder, all of which have the potential to get hot and knock out any team unexpectedly.
Karl Auguste
Karl Auguste Hace un mes
Bogus predictions but thank you, the west would have more teams than the East
Yung Chris
Yung Chris Hace un mes
semifinals is gonna be bucks and raps
Icey FN
Icey FN Hace un mes
This was rlly good
Justin’s Reality
Justin’s Reality Hace un mes
Why does everyone forget Lebron turns on 99 sliders in the playoffs like he can’t beat teams
curtis pringle1999
curtis pringle1999 Hace un mes
So who will play against who in round 2 after the first round is over?
curtis pringle1999
curtis pringle1999 Hace un mes
I just want my Sixers to lose in the first round so Brett brown can get fired
Survival Hace un mes
My prediction is Bucks vs Lakers and I think the Lakers would win in 6. FIGHT ME lol
StoyacLegend Hace un mes
Celtics all the way
Waffle Whale
Waffle Whale Hace un mes
Even if the Jazz have Bogey they would still lose to the Rockets
S Chao
S Chao Hace un mes
This playoff format would be interesting if it turned out this way..
Blackout Gaming
Blackout Gaming Hace un mes
Jazz never lost Bogdanovic😂 pacers did.
Waffle Whale
Waffle Whale Hace un mes
He underwent a season ending wrist surgery
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 Hace un mes
Forget these matchup
J Florce
J Florce Hace un mes
Lakers in 4 🏆
Ethan Kispert
Ethan Kispert Hace un mes
From what I've watched, I got the Thunder beating Miami. They've improved a lot on the defense with the addition of Dort.
Styner's Studio Universe
Styner's Studio Universe Hace un mes
I can honestly say I like his decision
Heat Seeking Soundtracks
Heat Seeking Soundtracks Hace un mes
Where Colin Was Wrong postseason edition cooking nicely right about now.
Kweisi B
Kweisi B Hace un mes
If KD and Kyrie play the lakers going to lose
Sneaker Prodigy98
Sneaker Prodigy98 Hace un mes
said clippers have best chemistry 😂
JimboGames Hace un mes
Don't like the reseeding after every round, Lakers aren't losing to the Clips
Hiam Haj
Hiam Haj Hace un mes
raptors better than denver
kyle Benvenuto
kyle Benvenuto Hace un mes
Best sport talk show guy in the bis. Only one who doesn’t give me a headache from screaming the entire show
jakethesnake68 Hace un mes
Lakers gonna win it all
Ayo_ Ocho
Ayo_ Ocho Hace un mes
Stupid taking nugget over raptors. Raptors have a better defence and more player with playoff experience not to mention Murray isn’t consistent and joker not as good at defence as gasol or ibaka and I might also say boucher is better at defence don’t get me wrong I like the nuggets but they took 7 games to beat a spur team that was way past it’s prime
Shin Chan
Shin Chan Hace un mes
What's Paul George playoff experience? Being the illegitimate son of Jingling Joe Daddy Ingles?
Sheree Wilkins
Sheree Wilkins Hace un mes
Colin is secretly a Clippers fan
JustmejustRey Hace un mes
Lakers cuz look at the Lakers playbook
Gooby Pls
Gooby Pls Hace un mes
Still sleeping on Raptors, when will they learn
Raphael A-R
Raphael A-R Hace un mes
Lebron beats the easy East his entire career, moves out West and doesn't make the playoffs, is given a top 5 player and talent in AD who leads Lebron in everything outside of passing and looks to have a tough West to go through... NBA makes it 1-16 seeding for him to play East teams again lmao, pathetic.
Harvey Gaming
Harvey Gaming Hace un mes
Colin Cowherd your Racist
J Carroll
J Carroll Hace un mes
Bro loved what you said about lebron for sure mvp. but he aslo the champ this year
Zoosh.HoneyMoon Hace un mes
Hello everyone this is my my playoff prediction if each team was ranked 1-16 so lets do this. (First round) Bucks vs Magic Bucks win 4-1. Lakers vs nets Lakers win 4-1. Raptors vs grizzlies Raptors win 4-0. Clippers vs Mavericks Clippers win 4-3. Celtics vs 76ers Celtics win 4-3. Nuggest vs Pacers Nuggets win 4-3. Rockets vs Jazz Rockets win 4-3. Heat vs Thunder Heat win 4-3. (Second round) Bucks vs Rockets Bucks win 4-3. Lakers vs Heat Lakers win 4-2. Raptors vs Nuggets Raptors win 4-2. Clippers vs Celtics Clippers win 4-3. (Third round) Bucks vs Raptors Bucks win 4-3. Lakers vs Clippers Clippers win 4-3. (Finals) Bucks vs Clippers Clippers win 4-1. That is my playoff prediction. Hopefully you guys enjoyed, if you did give it a Like. Stay home & stay healthy!
Tsu Reacts
Tsu Reacts Hace un mes
Even with KD there we all know what happens to KD when he don’t got the best back court in history 🤷🏾‍♂️ Lebron & AD slapping KD & kyrie
Arce Yap
Arce Yap Hace un mes
Colin is accurate tho
Derek Youngman
Derek Youngman Hace un mes
Raptors would beat nuggets but other than that he was a lot less dumb than usual
SupremeSulay Hace un mes
If Nets vs lakers play. I can see kd and kyrie coming back
Janan Meena
Janan Meena Hace un mes
Colin cowherd is low key motivating Lebron to bring his A game facing the clippers 😈👏🏻
jeremy stevenson
jeremy stevenson Hace un mes
Sorry, raps beat nuggets
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