Cleaning Hacks for a Lazy GENIUS (@AzzyLand)

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Azzyland and I are ready, set, and 123 Go'ing our way to a cleaner, healthier, happier life. We're lazy but someones gotta take out the trash and do these chores otherwise we'll end up living in a trashcan. Some of these actually work and are pretty funny, others take more effort than just taking out a mop.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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Emilie Charlebois
Emilie Charlebois Hace 38 minutos
Kassie: want some more Me:don’t be shy put some more
MLP Wolf
MLP Wolf Hace 10 horas
No one is going to talk about how cute Azzy’s heart pants are.
Emmanuel Rusega
Emmanuel Rusega Hace 13 horas
Simon Huynh
Simon Huynh Hace 13 horas
Kawi Girl8 Cas
Kawi Girl8 Cas Hace 17 horas
Sooooo who putting trash bag on their head? Me: Uhm is azzy now trash?????
Caira Shuler
Caira Shuler Hace 20 horas
Kassie: this is the only garbage bag I have besides myself. Me: wait a minute what did she just say.
Ayden Stewart
Ayden Stewart Hace 23 horas
Y'all giving me a headache... With how amazing and funny you are 😊❤️😂
Jashley Nicole Albaytar
Jashley Nicole Albaytar Hace un día
I’m lazy too
Faith Lynn
Faith Lynn Hace un día
you could just fut tinfoil on the plate or a paper towel
Huda Alneaimi
Huda Alneaimi Hace un día
i love you Azzy and Caisy i am a kid i am 7 amd a half my name is AL hatoon
Blayde Faulkner
Blayde Faulkner Hace un día
XxUwU.Xx**GGIRL YEA**xX. :p GJ
XxUwU.Xx**GGIRL YEA**xX. :p GJ Hace un día
Can I ask we’re did you get your belt azzy XD I just like the design of it
Regina Smith
Regina Smith Hace un día
What does bs mean?
Rainbowcornge YTkkhjjuh
Rainbowcornge YTkkhjjuh Hace un día
I love you You're the best youtuber in the world
Jacaree Morris
Jacaree Morris Hace 2 días
I love u so much
rama thaer
rama thaer Hace 2 días
Azzys pants tho 🤩
Hayley Ng
Hayley Ng Hace 3 días
Waste of popcorn I would rather sweep it
Chloe Cheung
Chloe Cheung Hace 3 días
Imma get lazzzzzy!!!!
Cat Collecter
Cat Collecter Hace 4 días
They both are wearing turtle neck lol
Briella Krause
Briella Krause Hace 4 días
When I put the bag in the 🗑 I stand in it then get out and it’s down
Angie Siver
Angie Siver Hace 4 días
I have made that bear before. You guy's are the best at life hacks you never ever mess them up.
Epiphany Grigsby
Epiphany Grigsby Hace 4 días
I am so not lazy. I just cleaned my room.🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🍩🍩🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
TheA_ Gamer
TheA_ Gamer Hace 4 días
Azzy: dont take out the trash yet Me: I know I'm waiting for quarintine to end so I can go to the movies
Ramona Riley
Ramona Riley Hace 4 días
Can’t the fing gal just use a paper plate
Bev Bova
Bev Bova Hace 4 días
Lovely Animals
Lovely Animals Hace 4 días
Gloom: OK don’t mess this up Azzy: dudbxshbsnsin Gloom: this is the only garbage can I have Gloom: beside myself Me: how did Azzy not notice 😂😂😂😂😂
Willow Clarke
Willow Clarke Hace 5 días
11:00 the sharpie in the back and azzys face when she sees it heheh
Willow Clarke
Willow Clarke Hace 5 días
azzy: this is why i dont drive cars huys. me: how did you get there then?!?!?
yesha's thelittledreamer
yesha's thelittledreamer Hace 5 días
Cassie you are not lazy because azzy is the lazy
Keily Ruiz
Keily Ruiz Hace 5 días
Save the turtle 🐢 sk sk sk sk sk sk sk visco girl
J Latorre
J Latorre Hace 5 días
What are you doing gloom
jazlynn wimbush
jazlynn wimbush Hace 5 días
Ruvani Adhihetty
Ruvani Adhihetty Hace 5 días
Kassie:what waiter- Me:but we are the waiter...we wait,they serve..... And why did I read lazy from the title kazzy?????
Madeleine Banner
Madeleine Banner Hace 5 días
When Kassie said that she had a better idea i thought she going to put the plate in a dishwasher....But if you don't have a dishwasher i understand😂
Tatiana Padilla
Tatiana Padilla Hace 5 días
They’re wearing the same shirt but in different colors
yara marwan
yara marwan Hace 5 días
Taht was the only trash bag I have besides my slef Relatable.-.
xxxTedd0 xxx
xxxTedd0 xxx Hace 6 días
Lazzy Land and lassie
Madison Springer
Madison Springer Hace 6 días
Don’t mess this one up it’s my only one besIdEs Me oofffffff
Madison Springer
Madison Springer Hace 18 horas
My fav channel is fun fu-
Aaron. Jonathan.
Aaron. Jonathan. Hace 6 días
follow @Chad Wild Clay
amira TV
amira TV Hace 6 días
my little channel is k. . me:little GLOOM
Genovieve Georgakakis
Genovieve Georgakakis Hace 6 días
I would have attain those noodles
Pratiti Majumdar
Pratiti Majumdar Hace 6 días
5:15 imagine if Kassie's mom comes home from work and she hears screaming but Azzy and Kassie are "cleaning" oh wait but she did
Gacha Cookie 777
Gacha Cookie 777 Hace 6 días
I’m lazy
laura smith
laura smith Hace 6 días
AC/DClover Hace 6 días
She got the ribbon from the flower vase and I luv your channel you too azzy
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson Hace 6 días
They both be vibin with them turtle necks
Atley Whitworth
Atley Whitworth Hace 6 días
And hair
Atley Whitworth
Atley Whitworth Hace 6 días
I love cassies pants and shirt
Atley Whitworth
Atley Whitworth Hace 6 días
What is that for
Atley Whitworth
Atley Whitworth Hace 6 días
I love your painting videos
Kk Morgan
Kk Morgan Hace 6 días
Me: drops popcorn on the floor Azzy :drops popcorn Me: ok...umm...imma just get a broom and sweep before anybody relies Azzy: I’m lazy so imma get my car and sweep Me: still makes a mess Azzy: makes a bigger mess
Hagar Ghabar
Hagar Ghabar Hace 6 días
I love your vids! they are the best vids ever
Gilė Gad
Gilė Gad Hace 6 días
7:03 save the turtle!
Ramil Charles
Ramil Charles Hace 6 días
i love you so much gloom and assy💕
zjadlabymtosta Hace 7 días
I personally wouldn't hate getting a towel but I don't like getting stuffed animals...
Anya Diaconu
Anya Diaconu Hace 7 días
i love glooms t- shirt it’s cute
Anya Diaconu
Anya Diaconu Hace 7 días
wow that was awesome
Miriam Colon
Miriam Colon Hace 7 días
i think the car hack to clean the popcorn did not clean it it just mad a bigger mess lol
Totally Bear
Totally Bear Hace 7 días
i tried the towl hack and my brother didnt notice it was a towl
Zolan Smith
Zolan Smith Hace 7 días
Gloom I hate you
Esther Murphy
Esther Murphy Hace 7 días
im so lazy that i cant be bothered to do the hacks lol
Esther Murphy
Esther Murphy Hace 7 días
Animal lover!
Animal lover! Hace 7 días
I know a nother hack for puting a bag in the trash can.First put your feet in the bag. last get your trash can and jump on it. Now your bag is in the trash can :D Hack or a Wack?
CrazyKoala 646
CrazyKoala 646 Hace 7 días
At first on the thumbnail i thought that rc car was smearing peanutbutter on a carpet.
sydney aglio
sydney aglio Hace 7 días
Im lazy too hahahahahahaha
eva taylor
eva taylor Hace 8 días
Norsa Mae
Norsa Mae Hace 8 días
I just watch 123go before this video.
ASIABING Hace 8 días
Im lazy so much
robert Gonzalez
robert Gonzalez Hace 8 días
I tried the teddy bear hack, it worked but mine looked terrible
KENZ Hace 8 días
This is what people should do when they are quarantined
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