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Hace 25 días
We recently hit 100K subscribers!
To say thanks, we gave away a trip to Thailand + spending money.
Chunkz and Filly turned up at the winner’s door shortly after and played a bit of FIFA.
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Annabelle h
Annabelle h Hace 8 días
he missed the door ahahaha
sparkles jam
sparkles jam Hace 19 días
Filly’s so open and sociable man. Made me whose watching from home feel like I’ve been best friends with him for years, that’s his best attribute aside from the fact that he’s hilarious 😂 That he’s warm. Get him doing this typa stuff more 🤣🤞🏾
These two are the madddest 😂😂💯💯
Sarah Kilani
Sarah Kilani Hace 22 días
Nah but why is This guy so ungrateful the way he like Yh I know when he gave him the envelope 🙄😂 eww wtf
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace 22 días
How did chunks leave his rolex home incase he gets robbed 😂😂😂😂
ErikBA Hace 22 días
Saj Saleem
Saj Saleem Hace 22 días
Man said two nil aaaaahhhhhhh Lool
Neil Johnson
Neil Johnson Hace 23 días
Is here the. Dates
M _04
M _04 Hace 23 días
Reply if your better than JD😂
russell ward
russell ward Hace 23 días
can we do it?
russell ward
russell ward Hace 23 días
this is jokes uno
daza matamba b
daza matamba b Hace 24 días
Filly deffo spat on his lip near the start
Anas Hussain
Anas Hussain Hace 24 días
Also hate the feeling when your glasses fog up on the corner bits..
Millie Xx
Millie Xx Hace 24 días
Hope they’re not going through Thomas cook😂🤣😭
Funny ViralVideos
Funny ViralVideos Hace 24 días
I'm glad this guy won because his yards dead his TVs from 2002 fam
Rhyanne Woodbine
Rhyanne Woodbine Hace 24 días
Winning that contest would have been MUAD.......him lucky🙌🏾
Cory Defoe
Cory Defoe Hace 24 días
Underated youtuber
King Sirus
King Sirus Hace 25 días
The guy couldn't of been happier could he over the moon jumping for joy 😂🤣
Slender Hace 25 días
baiting out this mans entire location
Rio Mccalla
Rio Mccalla Hace 25 días
They had too much energy for Daniel 😂
N G Hace 25 días
Chunkz and filly should roll to Thailand with him.
MT100 0
MT100 0 Hace 25 días
Young filly is hench wth😂
Alex 'The Coworking Guy' Ahom
Alex 'The Coworking Guy' Ahom Hace 25 días
Couldn't get a trim no?
Cookie E
Cookie E Hace 25 días
Is filly like 13 years old , why’s he so small
mehmet Hace 25 días
Yung Filly forever overdoing it... he acc needs to pattern now
O .S9693
O .S9693 Hace 25 días
Couldn’t have been a more boring geezer to win 😂😂 Congrats though
LilDxnny Hace 25 días
In tiya halb
Louis Wedderburn
Louis Wedderburn Hace 25 días
Daniel with the knacks trim
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
Louis Wedderburn 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️💨
Louis Wedderburn
Louis Wedderburn Hace 25 días
Daniel Brown ayyy buss me some of the p G 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
Louis Wedderburn 🤣🤣 Safe
beverley montanaz brown
beverley montanaz brown Hace 25 días
"Your dead tho" 😂😂😂😂
Keith Appolis
Keith Appolis Hace 25 días
Why no winners here in South Africa???
prince singh
prince singh Hace 25 días
This guys hospitality skills is close to non existent
Kamilla Costa
Kamilla Costa Hace 25 días
I don’t know anything about this fifa ting but as soon as I see filly I click on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
omar Hace 25 días
Footasylum Leave our brothers filly and chunkz they have to go back there own channels we tired 😴 to follow every where plz respect
Akhi SpeX
Akhi SpeX Hace 25 días
Chunkz active on every other ESwomen channel except his own lmao
Dark_Matter 061
Dark_Matter 061 Hace 25 días
Footasylum and pro direct sports are at war here😂
LyNx Hace 22 días
Dark_Matter 061 crepsource: am I a joke to u
Mobstxr Xx
Mobstxr Xx Hace 25 días
Na bless the black guy he was defo camera shy 🤣
Zyro Glowz
Zyro Glowz Hace 25 días
@Daniel Brown congratz bro!
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
Mobstxr Xx yep I was 😅
Josh Waters
Josh Waters Hace 25 días
That Daniel guy is a joke man
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
Josh Waters Thanks 🤣
J Hace 25 días
these guys are so annoying that’s more like a punishment than a giveaway
Mobstxr Xx
Mobstxr Xx Hace 25 días
Lool this black guy looked like he was constipated 😂😂 no cap
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
Mobstxr Xx it’s a different story when they’re right there in front of you, you don’t know what to say, or do, so 🤷🏾‍♂️
will turner
will turner Hace 25 días
Ay my brudda Daniel una gang way
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
will turner jhheeezzeee
seonn ashton
seonn ashton Hace 25 días
Shouting in the mans yard like it’s a bando 😂
Yung Kuzan
Yung Kuzan Hace 25 días
What happened with LV and Filly. Are they beefing ?
Firell Parker
Firell Parker Hace 25 días
They ain't kl like that anymore
Constructive not entertainment
Constructive not entertainment Hace 25 días
congratz to my man and big up filly and chunkz
Footasylum Hace 25 días
Uzzy_ R6
Uzzy_ R6 Hace 25 días
The second they saw the Xbox, tickets should have been taken bck.
ITZRAYYAN Hace 24 días
Footasylum Hace 25 días
Zenith Hace 25 días
How did filly get injured in Thailand
Yasmin Musa
Yasmin Musa Hace 25 días
I am hence why i know what happened to him☺️
Zenith Hace 25 días
Yasmin Musa Woooow you’re a true fan how cute 😳
Yasmin Musa
Yasmin Musa Hace 25 días
Loool your not a true fan. Watch them travelling to Thailand
Amanda Connolly
Amanda Connolly Hace 25 días
Love these sooooooo much would just love to get to chill with them never mind the prize just chillin with them would be lit ❤❤❤
Danieltheepic Hace 25 días
7:26 same name as me 😭😭🔥🔥🔥
Jason Hace 25 días
Nahhh when Chunkz missed the handle at the start, it finishedddd me
Footasylum Hace 25 días
RIRI Hace 25 días
When was this giveaway @Footasylum?? I’m fully offended that I didn’t hear bout this😂You’re at 200k now what’s poppin??
RIRI Hace 24 días
Footasylum lool how can you say that😂Alright then boom next one I’m on it
Footasylum Hace 25 días
You snooze you lose man 🤣🤣 Keep an eye out for any future competitions!
Danieltheepic Hace 25 días
1:00 the sirens were perfect timing 😂😂
Fuegø Jr.
Fuegø Jr. Hace 25 días
Hey Chunkz, I'm you're biggest fan and I wanted to tell you something since you can relate. I'm from Ethiopia, a country that shares a boarder with Somalia and I love football, it's the most important thing in my life. I love playing fifa as well but it's not as easy as you think getting a chance to own a console. Years ago my parents bought me a ps3 console because of my grades, I've been getting good grades all my life and they got me one when I was old enough to ask for it. But it hasn't been working for 2 years and I've wanted the PS4 since it came but couldn't ask for one since I had the ps3. Please Chunkz, please help me out by getting me the PS4, I started saving money for fifa 20 last year but I don't have the PS4, if I get one I'll get a loan and get fifa 20. Please chunkz, I'm your biggest fan. #Amin's biggest fan #beta squad!!!
Hafsa Ali
Hafsa Ali Hace 25 días
Congrats on 200k❤️
Alex Hace 25 días
That guy looks boring man. He doesn’t deserve that ticket. Kmt
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 25 días
Alex jealous???
Prince William
Prince William Hace 25 días
Lool So Filly Came In With A Jacket & Left Without One.😂
Taonashe Nyanhete
Taonashe Nyanhete Hace 24 días
Have you seen what I done came with a jacket left without one
Footasylum Hace 25 días
That's a very good spot 🤣🤣
EstateBanter Hace 25 días
should do more footasylum unlocked bare new fire shoes came out
Captain FN
Captain FN Hace 25 días
How come the winner live in London?
KETEATA BTS Hace 25 días
Captain FN ?
Aimless Hace 25 días
Nobody :This video I'm a fortnite guy
Streaming Ksi vs Logan Paul 2 For Free
Streaming Ksi vs Logan Paul 2 For Free Hace 25 días
Who do you think is going to win Like for ksi Comment for Logan Paul Going to stream the fight for free like last time so turn on my notification bell
EE WIFI Hace 24 días
Streaming Ksi vs Logan 2 For Free shuuush
Streaming Ksi vs Logan Paul 2 For Free
Streaming Ksi vs Logan Paul 2 For Free Hace 24 días
@EE WIFI loool
EE WIFI Hace 24 días
Streaming Ksi vs Logan 2 For Free I’m sure a lot of ppl just liked cos they couldn’t be arsed to comment
Kausar Chowdhury
Kausar Chowdhury Hace 25 días
200k subs
SKTheGreat Hace 25 días
Y is no one talking abt how Chunkz stole LV’s best friend
Harry Hercury
Harry Hercury Hace 23 días
arsenal fc he didn’t used to
M U Hace 23 días
Harry Hercury lol he does follow chunkz
Harry Hercury
Harry Hercury Hace 24 días
iamonlybetty eats filly don’t follow chunks on insta either it don’t mean anything
iamonlybetty eats
iamonlybetty eats Hace 25 días
@Firell Parker I didn't know about that... it's sad cause they were so dynamic together
Firell Parker
Firell Parker Hace 25 días
@Luqman I mean people have been saying for a while they fell out
Ibrahim Abshir
Ibrahim Abshir Hace 25 días
who else reckons they could beat chunkz and filly at fifa
Footasylum Hace 25 días
CAHI Hace 25 días
100k what??
Jayden Cazley
Jayden Cazley Hace 25 días
Chunkz got the wrong number don’t get it twisted😂
B 14
B 14 Hace 25 días
Nah Filly's got played worse than chunkz
Sparks Hace 25 días
santhosh JR10SKILLS
santhosh JR10SKILLS Hace 25 días
200k yesssssss love this channel
Bruno Lopes
Bruno Lopes Hace 25 días
They are so jokes man can’t lie make sure you subscribe to my channel will be posting soon got inspired by chunkz to start this channel coz he posts good content.
Kane Will
Kane Will Hace 25 días
Chunkz & filly best duo on ESwomen
Castor Troy
Castor Troy Hace 25 días
i always thought Yung Filly was taller
jeremy Hace 25 días
this is how many people who say this is how many people 👇
Nia Hace 25 días
jeremy didn’t bang
Bomi Komolafe
Bomi Komolafe Hace 25 días
Now ur at 200K!
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