Chris Webby - High Grade (feat. Dizzy Wright & Alandon) [prod. JP On Da Track & Nox Beatz]

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Hace 4 meses

Music video by Chris Webby performing High Grade (Audio). © 2019 EightyHD
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Amit Benshoshan
Amit Benshoshan Hace 2 días
Y can’t u find the instrumental for this anywhere
David Wright
David Wright Hace 2 días
No webby tom macdonald and ryan careveo
Mr. Jackson
Mr. Jackson Hace 7 días
My new Anthem Dis. Ah Big Big CHUNE!!!! BoOm ShOtS.........
Joshua putman
Joshua putman Hace 9 días
Yo , I'm a big fan. I like a lot of the features you've been doing lately. Especially with merk. I'm waiting on one with russ. I feel your both really self sufficient artists ,and would be able to make a bomb track together.
Erik Santoyo
Erik Santoyo Hace 11 días
This nigga dizzy wright really use the made up word (SATIVACAS) just to rhyme with (INDICAS )lmfao ok now im done with his music that was disrespectful lololololol out here sounding like POOPITY SCOOP 😂
SneakZilla 519
SneakZilla 519 Hace 11 días
Fat Freddy’s Drop Best Be getting a cheque for this pure sample jack! Lol 😂
Coty Stanford
Coty Stanford Hace 11 días
ESwomen’s new update is bull
Albert Salas Antorán
Albert Salas Antorán Hace 12 días
Romain Martial
Romain Martial Hace 13 días
Litttttttt well sampled ! Smooth vocal smooth flow
Gorpmeat Hace 18 días
Chaz Cantrell
Chaz Cantrell Hace un mes
High high high high high grade marijuana smokin
Shaka Zhulu
Shaka Zhulu Hace un mes
Shaka Zhulu
Shaka Zhulu Hace un mes
c Cruz
c Cruz Hace un mes
Flows like these. On Point for the Westcoast.
Gnarly Chaplin
Gnarly Chaplin Hace un mes
Honestly how many other white independent rappers have 1 mil Spotify followers webby is a boss
Gabriel C
Gabriel C Hace un mes
This is one of the best smoke anthem songs ive heard in a long while
Harley Ritai
Harley Ritai Hace un mes
that fat freddys sample is fireeee
918 Soonerdude
918 Soonerdude Hace un mes
Good to hear Webby AND Dizzy again. Make a whole ass album together!!!!! Itll be GOLD EASY!
Haimona Rameka-Tupe
Haimona Rameka-Tupe Hace un mes
Fat Freddys Drop Ernie??
Modern Day Jack The Ripper
Modern Day Jack The Ripper Hace un mes
God being a pothead and webby being the best rapper alive makes smoking weed to this just amazing
Alissa Beerthuis
Alissa Beerthuis Hace un mes
I love the flow, so chill😍😍😍
Anthony Cooks
Anthony Cooks Hace un mes
He got the his timing down?
Thomas Hundley
Thomas Hundley Hace un mes
Bars > Melody
1994smo Hace 2 meses
Dizzy mother fuckin Wright!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isiah Martin
Isiah Martin Hace 2 meses
True art...and talent Webby...mumble ain't the category
Oldschool New rap
Oldschool New rap Hace 2 meses
I don't even like dizzy but there could not have been a better feature for this
White Carnage
White Carnage Hace 2 meses
Is nobody gonna talk about how dizzy says "I got sativicas" like it's a real thing?
Joachim Hannah
Joachim Hannah Hace 2 meses
Dizzy sings : "No hate in my heart, I let hate go" love that lyric. grass does that too you.
Joachim Hannah
Joachim Hannah Hace 2 meses
great song Chris smooth, flowing, mellow, smoke like.hypnotic, fantastic. and the band wow!
Dr. Gerhard
Dr. Gerhard Hace 2 meses
Listening while smoking weed and drinking penis size growning drink buy it from
NightCoreReptiles Hace 2 meses
Florida 2020 Recreational is comin
Fa Man
Fa Man Hace 2 meses
Great vibe to burn the maryjane
Krupa G
Krupa G Hace 2 meses
The chorus is absolutely horrible. But not bad all in all.
Jackatire01 Hace 2 meses
Holy FUCK this go hard
Ben L
Ben L Hace 2 meses
This needs a vid man!!
Dre Acfalle
Dre Acfalle Hace 2 meses
Who noticed this song is 4:20 long
Patrick Keeley
Patrick Keeley Hace 2 meses
YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS just gets better and better
nabilaatiqah Hace 2 meses
damn nice flow man , lookalike JID voice tho
audiblesilence Hace 2 meses
Wow, just wow
Wimmel v. Neevenlaad
Wimmel v. Neevenlaad Hace 2 meses
That sample he's using, that's Fat Freddy's Drop.. F'ing awesome dude!
Krista Z
Krista Z Hace 2 meses
Fiiiiiiirrreeeeeeeeeee !! Sexy weed song... ahmazing! WEBBY ♤♤♤
MAYHEM MUSIC Hace 2 meses
That's some feel good music my g's much love and respect
evchamo2 Hace 2 meses
I THOUGHT the chorus was saying "I crave marijuana smoking" - the title might have had something to do with my change of thought
Adhdkidzzz Hace 2 meses
fuck that 268 that disliked this.
Golden X guns
Golden X guns Hace 2 meses
Chris Webby with that flow 👏
Jaro Delaroca
Jaro Delaroca Hace 2 meses
Phone Only
Phone Only Hace 2 meses
Chris, give me a topic to rhyme about. If what I write impresses you then we collab.
Shelley Longley
Shelley Longley Hace 2 meses
that's dope. the o.g track from fat freddy's drop. there from Aotearoa new Zealand.
Phaninder Kumar
Phaninder Kumar Hace 3 meses
LYRICS Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Yeah Smoking on Indo (yeah man) So put down the Coke and the Benzo's No Opiate choking your mental Let your stress go, no dress code Just breathe it and feel it And if you can find it And need some I'll get it Got peoples who flip it Believe me they putting more trees On the street than the week After Christmas, hah Only need that shit that grow from out the ground Got the plug from Collie Buddz And then we cop it by the pound yeah Dispensaries are popping up all over town No more law to stop me now it's going down Yeah, no longer do we gotta hide it Or only smoke up when in private In this recreational climate No Five-O be looking through my whip Smelling like bud at the function No worries about your assumptions No worries about people's judgement And if they judge then fuck them, we puffing Start the ganja party like we Tasha Marley Rastafari, eating calamari, too much pot to carry I be on some other shit, roll another spliff Blast off into outer space on the mother ship Fucking loving it, yeah High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (high grade, high grade) (oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) Spliff on the tip of me tongue Marijuana smoke full up my lungs Water bowl with the chalice ah bun Tell the farmer fi carry a tonne Cross the border we have it a run Like Jimmy Cliff, ah di harder they come Lighting a spliff with a spark of me gun Highest of grades under di the sun, yeah Smoking my own strain I got Sativa 'cause Indica's hype I been doing my own thing Minding my business and twisting my fire And suddenly, I see my phone rang I keep it Dizzy Wright Me and Webby make you feel like you in the wrong lane Turned up, living through the stone age Take you to a higher place bro This shit's wonderful if I can say so No hate in my heart, I let hate go I'm on the legal marijuana payroll Can't believe this my reality, right? I know you wanna be mad at me But it get hard when you finding them flavors you like You know it's fire if them haters get right You assuming it correctly More flavors, I'm great in the night You can tell I'm wavy, like I'm on a jet-ski I keep all the players in sight Giving them choices and she think it's sexy I'm keeping it G if I'm saying it right Would you like to smoke, come impress me? They dizzy dreaming, Durban poison And I got that strawberry cough going Wesley (yeah) Rocking my shades like Blade Bitch, I'm still moving you suckers can't catch me (woah) Handle my business I tell 'em I want them to send me the money directly Fuck all them people that tried to convince all my stoners that this shit was deadly (right) Dizzy hippie only fucking with it if it's heavy 'cause man High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (high grade, high grade)(oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Spliff on the tip of me tongue Marijuana smoke full up my lungs Water bowl with the chalice ah bun Tell the farmer fi carry a tonne Cross the border we have it a run Like Jimmy Cliff, ah di harder they come Lighting a spliff with a spark of me gun Highest of grades under di the sun, yeah No bush weed, no bush weed Songwriters: Brian Eisner / La'Reonte Wright / Alan Lynfatt / Christian Webster High Grade lyrics © Ultra Tunes
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit Hace 3 meses
Dizzy kills this too tho🔥 fr
jackie liuk
jackie liuk Hace 3 meses
This got a Bob Marley sound to it. I love it!! Nice job webby!
thefallensaint 420
thefallensaint 420 Hace 3 meses
I'm glad this song is 4:20 long😂
casablancakisich Hace 3 meses
Freddy's Fat Drop sample. Gahhh melting. This is dope!
Patrick Roscher
Patrick Roscher Hace 3 meses
jah bless 🙏
XxSeR1oUs C0mBaTxX
XxSeR1oUs C0mBaTxX Hace 3 meses
229 people were like wait he's not mumbling about lean
Aaron French
Aaron French Hace 3 meses
Those keys sampled from NewZealand band Fat freddy's drop -ernie?🔥🔥🔥
casablancakisich Hace 3 meses
For sure it is!
Adrian Kossakowski
Adrian Kossakowski Hace 3 meses
Not bad 😁
Jannes J
Jannes J Hace 3 meses
original beat from
Zkiller 108
Zkiller 108 Hace 3 meses
Webby I love this shit I'm a county boy and your the only rapper I listen to
Bryton Strawberry
Bryton Strawberry Hace 3 meses
Killa Poptart16
Killa Poptart16 Hace 3 meses
Happy 420💨💨💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Jamison
Matthew Jamison Hace 3 meses
Chris webby at it again 💯💯💯
Lo D
Lo D Hace 3 meses
Marijuana fill up my lungs
Bennie Jackson
Bennie Jackson Hace 3 meses
This sucks
Kristopher Saunders
Kristopher Saunders Hace 3 meses
Comment 1,000
nino blum
nino blum Hace 3 meses
da boooooommmmBBBB
Merovech2018 Gremly
Merovech2018 Gremly Hace 3 meses
They keep claiming it causes cancer lol
Yua-vtuv King
Yua-vtuv King Hace 3 meses
Webby you murder every beat!! Keep up these fire ass flows brother!!
Chris Bertrand
Chris Bertrand Hace 3 meses
Fat Freddys Drop Raaa!
Kayla Logan
Kayla Logan Hace 3 meses
This songs 4:20 long, was that intentional?😂
Brandon Zukowski
Brandon Zukowski Hace 3 meses
🔥 🔥 🔥
Andrew Hace 3 meses
Yup, this shyt ryght hur
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