Chris Paul is a ‘perfect fit’ with LeBron & Anthony Davis on the Lakers - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Max Kellerman breaks down why the Los Angeles Lakers are a perfect landing spot for Chris Paul as the Oklahoma City Thunder continue to look for trade options for CP3.
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Ray 11
Ray 11 Hace 9 días
Brian is making Max look smart
Papa Lane
Papa Lane Hace 17 días
Max can’t be a MIT graduate 🤦🏽‍♂️ he’s borderline retarded sometimes lol a smart dumb MF!!!
Reezy_Bad Hace 22 días
Not for the max contract that CP3 is looking for
jamel edwards
jamel edwards Hace 24 días
Ryan Hollins is a hard watch!
Ryan Hollins is the worst ESPN analyst ever. The dude REALLY doesn't know what he is talking about and it's pathetic. My laughter has turned to anger 😂😂😂 😡😡😡😡😡😤😤
Kevin Watson
Kevin Watson Hace 25 días
The thing is would CP3 take a massive pay cut
Has1b Hace 25 días
ESPN always fantasizing about impossible scenarios that will help lebron get 2 superstars knowing he cant win shit without 2 stars
Stevie Wondering
Stevie Wondering Hace 25 días
KingOwens 3
KingOwens 3 Hace 26 días
Rondo doesn’t get injured when you need him.( I’m not throwing shade at cp3)
stephen joseph
stephen joseph Hace 26 días
Cruso was the best point guard for Lakers last year.
KearnelB Hace 27 días
35 15 and 8 ????
Trey Diddy
Trey Diddy Hace 27 días
Imma stop watching first take because i can't stand to watch hollins
steven diaz
steven diaz Hace 28 días
What if Chris Paul went to the sixers? Would that be better for the league?
erik puka
erik puka Hace 28 días
Tobias Harris cant guard Wade today
erik puka
erik puka Hace 28 días
Rondo is washed up since 2014
Deontae Thomas
Deontae Thomas Hace un mes
Wtf is cousins not a elite big man no more 🤨🤨
Rama Das
Rama Das Hace un mes
What about Paul’s salary 37 mil, they would have to trade 3-4 players
Marvin Rawls
Marvin Rawls Hace un mes
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia Hace un mes
Listening to Molly is one thing but now this Clown smh
Fabian Alcala
Fabian Alcala Hace un mes
That guy ryan is an idiot🤬🤬🤬...what happened to the other guy that was there bring him back
eSe PayaSo
eSe PayaSo Hace un mes
😒😒 as long as Rondo is with the Lakers , he (Chris P) should look the other way not to mention Kuz is an upcoming Super Star! 💪💪
Dartblock stang
Dartblock stang Hace un mes
The nobody all the way on the left needs to go no one likrs him. Says things that are ridiculously incorrect.
Gregor S
Gregor S Hace un mes
Rondo is by far a better Player
william Hace un mes
Would the league even allow the lakers to buy out a 158 million dollar contract of Chris Paul's and sign him for the league minimum or does the league have no decision in the matter?The only other think if I read right is Chris Paul can forfeit some or all of his money on the buyout and sign with the lakers but why would he do that?It is said on a player per player basis so kind of confusing.
Michael Werner
Michael Werner Hace un mes
I bet Ryan Hollins smells bad
Füćč Ñï99å
Füćč Ñï99å Hace un mes
Johnathan Barris
Johnathan Barris Hace un mes
I feel bad that Max Kettleman has to argue with Ryan Hollins...
GloryHoggers Hace un mes
Max is a great debater, but his talking points have been hot garbage lately.
M A K O Hace un mes
god i wish i was 7'2". not to play in the NBA but just so i could punch hollins in the face without a ladder.
Marcuz Hace un mes
I feel you max. Hang in there lol
Etienne Scarbinski
Etienne Scarbinski Hace un mes
No way to fit that contract in
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Hace un mes
Wow not only could Ryan not play the game he dont know the game he don't even know what sport they are talking about! He's a fool!!!!!!!
mike tompson
mike tompson Hace un mes
ryan hollins has a punchable face
Joshua Mckoy
Joshua Mckoy Hace un mes
Ryan hollins is a goofy
Walt Baby
Walt Baby Hace un mes
Hollins is a nonFactorrrrrrrr
Low Down
Low Down Hace un mes
The Lakers should of grabbed Patrick Beverly
Low Down
Low Down Hace un mes
His best chance at a championship
NoobPlays Hace un mes
They already got rojon
rhino perez
rhino perez Hace un mes
Please for the love of God remove Ryan Hollins.. annoying guy
dankenkit Hace un mes
Anthony Davis trade, you have to add at a minimum Danny green and boogie cousins to the list of players the lakers get in trade. Because they don’t get those two players on the roster without AD recruiting. So it looks like lakers have the edge.
Adrianne Walden
Adrianne Walden Hace un mes
Rollins made no sense. Chris paul is so horrible in the locker room but he could mentor ben Simmons.
The Big Easy
The Big Easy Hace un mes
Ryan Hollins is 7 feet of WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I want to know who was the genius that finalized the decision to hire this dude. This shit don't make no fuckin sense. ESPN owes us an explanation. NOW!!!
Alex J
Alex J Hace un mes
I actually agree with Ryan. You don't need someone likely to upset your team and have injuries
Ruff Prophet Productions
Ruff Prophet Productions Hace un mes
Chris Paul looking like a proud gf in the thumbnail
Kenny Crucial
Kenny Crucial Hace un mes
Ryan Hollins is a moron. Trash NBA Player, even worse on ESPN.
Huracan Hace un mes
Please Stephen A & Max do something behind the scenes y'all have weight in ESPN when you talk...make this clown dissapeare.
Conversing With A Poet
Conversing With A Poet Hace un mes
What the heck is MK talking about Rondo all day!
Tmxney Taylor
Tmxney Taylor Hace un mes
Trust me LeBron gonna find a way to get rid of rondo for Chris Paul
Walter Farmer
Walter Farmer Hace un mes
Why is this even an argument???
Arnold C A
Arnold C A Hace un mes
Hollins - Stop it stop it.... just stop!! :) I love it!!!!
The Diary of a angry black man angry black man
The Diary of a angry black man angry black man Hace un mes
I'd rather have Chris Paul than rondo
amir Ratton
amir Ratton Hace un mes
Fg Talksikk
Fg Talksikk Hace un mes
Yet Chris Paul has no rings you can’t just go off stats it’s about winning the race and Paul just can’t seem to do it on any team smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Tyriek Richardson
Tyriek Richardson Hace un mes
Ryan Hollins is trash
Simon van-Ot
Simon van-Ot Hace un mes
Hollins has been experimented on in Area 51!
Anfernee Tomlinson
Anfernee Tomlinson Hace un mes
This show is trash!!!
Jabaar Dugan
Jabaar Dugan Hace un mes
Max Kellerman needs to stick to boxing. I'd keep Ryan and get rid of Max.
Hillary LeFrere Jr.
Hillary LeFrere Jr. Hace un mes
Hollins the clown back it again smh
Rell Andretti
Rell Andretti Hace un mes
Ill take Rondo over Cp3
Spencer Ryan
Spencer Ryan Hace un mes
Ryan you need to stop! Your opinion at this point is just rediculas.
Marc Pascal
Marc Pascal Hace un mes
I got to 11 seconds...
bryce trillo
bryce trillo Hace un mes
Does Hollins even know what a basketball is? He’s like a child who wonders into a theater...
Leon Cummings
Leon Cummings Hace un mes
Y'all be on ryan dick lol jus cause u disagree
Ng Khan Mein
Ng Khan Mein Hace un mes
Hell no! CP3 is poison.
P-Dashes Johnson
P-Dashes Johnson Hace un mes
I don’t ever agree with Ryan....BUT you just heard boogie and AD praising rondo and he personally recruited boogie to come to LA. How terrible would that be chemistry wise to kick that player for his arch rival? On paper I would too but the chemistry does play a huge part.
Diego Perez-Covarrubias
Diego Perez-Covarrubias Hace un mes
This was painful to watch... where’s Steven. A??? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ren Lebl
Ren Lebl Hace un mes
How the hell are u gonna have Rondo & CP3 on the same dam team..... Drug test this man!
Ren Lebl
Ren Lebl Hace un mes
Um no!
Adam Chen
Adam Chen Hace un mes
Chris Paul is aging and expensive stop sabotaging the Lakers.
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