Chris Mann - Hallelujah (live from Sony Studios)

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Chris Mann

Chris Mann

Hace 3 años

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Richard Hybels
Richard Hybels Hace 4 días
I never heard of him until tonight when I watched the David Foster doc. Never heard of David Foster until tonight either. Been under a rock.
cuddles4283 Hace 8 días
There are so many covers of this, and not many live up to the original for me. You are right up there in my top 5 - you have an absolutely amazing voice!
Elva Garcia
Elva Garcia Hace 16 días
I love this style of Chris Mann , i know there is more to him, he is funny, but I find this style of music he does the best for me.
john mark gordon
john mark gordon Hace 22 días
I am here because he was the Phantom :)
Kass Arthur
Kass Arthur Hace 27 días
DARC E Hace un mes
This song would be amazing but you can barely hear it. The recording is so echoey. Please do this again in your studio!!! PleASSSSSE!!
Deb Macie
Deb Macie Hace un mes
He has a nice voice, but this is not his song. Listen to the version by Espen, Holm and Fuentes. It blew me away. Their voices are amazing.
Robin Reade
Robin Reade Hace un mes
Why aren't you a superstar already... your voice is amazing
Constance Bowman
Constance Bowman Hace un mes
The parody songs and his beautiful eyes.
Carol Plante
Carol Plante Hace un mes
Nancy Kissinger
Nancy Kissinger Hace un mes
Chris would be an amazing Joseph in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"!!!
Trish Hart
Trish Hart Hace un mes
I love Chris Mann. I love this song and I love Jesus Christ! Unashamedly!
one0nine Hace un mes
Nothing and no one will ever top k.d.lang's performance of this song at the 2010 Winter Olympics... but you, sir, have come closer than anyone else. Yours is a truly exquisite performance.
ann ray
ann ray Hace un mes
Stuck at home I found Chris from his parody of Adele’s, Hello from the Inside.... He is amazing opera singer
Tim Gamblin
Tim Gamblin Hace un mes
He is great!
Dark Walker
Dark Walker Hace un mes
He sounds so beautiful I feel like I am about to cry every time I hear him sing this song
John Abreu
John Abreu Hace 2 meses
This performance I watched it with tears In my eyes love this song , and I will make a cover I am sad 😔 still my grandma went to heaven 2 weeks ago
John Abreu
John Abreu Hace un mes
Big World thank you so much
Big World
Big World Hace un mes
Soory, i send my condolences 😔🌸
I Nickels
I Nickels Hace 2 meses
Me too, Discovered covid parody songs and then find out about a singer with broad a range of performances
Nyb Hace 2 meses
How did he not win The Voice???? 🤔
Marva Witter
Marva Witter Hace 2 meses
Sooooo goood
NR ZAAI Hace 2 meses
Rosey Hace 2 meses
Hi Chris, I sang this song too on ESwomen check out roseva Hoolan hallelujah, I would love to do a duet with you! Your such an amazing talent! I ghost write for several celebrity clients, and you have that way about you, that you can just tell, your a natural born star! Your career is going to soar just like an eagle!
Miss Kara
Miss Kara Hace 2 meses
I love this song!!! You voice honored the song. Thank you.
amie a
amie a Hace 2 meses
My goodness you are good!
SMG Hace 2 meses
Leonard would have loved this :)
sftraub Hace 2 meses
This you have filled the lonely nights with song and laughter and you will never know how much it means to me, but thank you so much! I miss my family, friends and my boyfriend who is recovering at his home away from me.
Jonquil Hace 2 meses
Yes, I came here after the funny songs!!!! So glad I found this beautiful voice to listen to.....thank you!!!!( from a new fan in Australia!)........:)
Susan MacDonald
Susan MacDonald Hace 2 meses
One of my favorite songs! I too went from his parody’s to here
Luanne Harrell
Luanne Harrell Hace 2 meses
You are exactly what we need right now
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke Hace 2 meses
I only found this guy through his parodies in this self isolation this guy has such a far reach of vocals he is just wow.
Dawn Redfield
Dawn Redfield Hace 2 meses
Damn...... amazing. Best version I’ve ever heard. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 New Chris fan here! Def gonna check out his serious work! Love the parodies! Thank You for the giggles!
OsakaRose Hace 2 meses
*Here because I was watching his coronavirus parody songs. He's a really great singer and I had loved how he rewrote the lyrics to popular songs and made them fit the melody. This is one of my favorite Cohen songs and he did it justice! Love his singing! :)*
Maureen Tornetta
Maureen Tornetta Hace 2 meses
What an amazing talent. A voice of of an angel and a humor of Robin. Thank you.
Regena Ozeryansky
Regena Ozeryansky Hace 2 meses
Damn YOU ARE GOOD!!!! Love your music & humor. Thank you!
The Admiral's Rebelyn
The Admiral's Rebelyn Hace 2 meses
like others, i found you through your awesome parodies. this song is one of my all time faves. there's a few parts i look for when listening to a cover and you NAILED THEM!! "goes like this the 4th, the 5th.. the minor fall and the major lift" being the most significant and you just crushed it! BEAUTIFUL!!!
Laraine England
Laraine England Hace 2 meses
Your voice is incredible Chris, best rendition I have heard of this beautiful song
Fi Walker
Fi Walker Hace 2 meses
Thank you Chris you rock guy x
Katrina Hace 2 meses
Found you because of your parody songs for Corona but OMG now I hear this and I am a Huge Fan! This video gave me back hope.
Nikki S
Nikki S Hace 2 meses
Just beautiful!
Jessica Obert
Jessica Obert Hace 2 meses
Beautiful. I have to confess I first heard your parodies, which are great, but this performance...It's moved me to tears.
Lee Ann Rooney
Lee Ann Rooney Hace 2 meses
Amazing Chris! your voice is stunning. Thank you!
Angel Wright
Angel Wright Hace 2 meses
Speechless, your voice is unbelievable ❤❤❤
Beth Liskow
Beth Liskow Hace 2 meses
Blown away! You are amazing, Chris! Thanks for sharing your talent!
Roxy DownUnder
Roxy DownUnder Hace 2 meses
Nicollete Langdon
Nicollete Langdon Hace 2 meses
I saw him as the Phantom in the touring production. I fell in love with his performance. It was super cute. His mannerisms had me laughing while he performed.I don't know if his suit was tight or what was going on during that performance but I loved the Phantom ever since. It had never been one of my favorites, but my friends like it. I'm glad I got to witness his talent live.
Angela Sedgwick
Angela Sedgwick Hace 2 meses
Vikinggirl Hace 2 meses
Chris needs to make a video this song for our current situation.
Camille Lewis
Camille Lewis Hace 2 meses
From laughing at a parody to listening to you sing "Hallelujah." and weeping. What a range of emotion I felt today. Thank you Chris. You are wonderful!
David R in KC
David R in KC Hace 2 meses
remarkable performance. absolutely beautiful.
Otaku fujoshi54
Otaku fujoshi54 Hace 2 meses
Hi im from Vietnam. I see ur video in News from my country. And now I find u in youtube. Thank u give everybody the song so funny and beautiful song like that :3. I'm ur fan now from Vietnam. I'm verry glad and happy when I can find u in youtube and find ur
Lissa T
Lissa T Hace 2 meses
Bloody hell..........who is this man??!!!!
Kelly Curtis
Kelly Curtis Hace 2 meses
He's truly amazing. Wow! Compassionate, levelheaded, Gifted. I'm impressed and that's hard to do.
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson Hace 3 meses
I came to Chris Mann very recently through his Coronavirus parody songs but quickly realised what an amazingly talented guy he is. I have now downloaded all of his music and am enjoying it immensely. Thank you Chris for your fun and wonderful voice. 💝
Adam Pecore
Adam Pecore Hace 3 meses
Incredibly talented. Had never heard of him before his Covid parodies. Thank you for this.
Tangerine Hace 3 meses
I love this song so much and you sung it beautifully
Carolyn Thornber
Carolyn Thornber Hace 3 meses
Same here 😷😍😃 chris mann is amazing and so funny as well as having an outstanding voice 😘😘😘 xxx
The Original EB
The Original EB Hace 3 meses
Ann S
Ann S Hace 3 meses
Amazing how much good can come from something so bad. I never knew of this guy before and now here I am along with so many others listening to his beautiful voice singing one of my favorite songs. Thank you Lord for bringing us together during a time when we need to stay apart. And thank you Chris Mann for being a light in the darkness. Praying everyone is safe and well. God bless!!
Margaret Briefs
Margaret Briefs Hace 3 meses
Man, that was PRETTY
Kevin Taman
Kevin Taman Hace 3 meses
Incredible vocalist! Wow, wow!
Darlene Hace 3 meses
SO good!!!! 😍
Dorothy Ryan
Dorothy Ryan Hace 3 meses
1carolec Hace 3 meses
He is so amazing. I love that he is as funny as he is talented.
Jason Brinkman
Jason Brinkman Hace 3 meses
Covid-19 helped me to discover Chris Mann.. thank you harmless virus!
Sabrina Luis
Sabrina Luis Hace 3 meses
Just Beautiful
Cataldo Leone
Cataldo Leone Hace 3 meses
This "mann" was sent to me thanks to quarantine. I don't think I would have ever known about him and his glorious past experience if it wasn't for a laugh-out-loud funny parody video I saw only today. Needless to say, I've just completed my 12th video of his things and I understand I am in the presence of greatness.
Nancy Jordan
Nancy Jordan Hace 3 meses
Yes... I am so glad I found this guy. Posting parodies today to make everyone (me) feel better.
Dee Hace 3 meses
And He’s Wearing a suit.......
Monique v. Jaarsveld
Monique v. Jaarsveld Hace 3 meses
Beauthiful voice.Thx for sharing.
BFITness Hace 3 meses
Ummm so got sent link to the "hello" corona parody and was like 😂 but omg Hallelujah for going down the Chris Mann You tube rabbit hole. This dude is seriously good 🙌
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