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Just Vic Is Fine
Just Vic Is Fine Hace 5 días
Please ask these questions : Why certain media,if they feel targeted & unfairly labeled as “enemy of the people”, do they accuse ALL police of being racist ? Why do they work so hard to convince the public that police ARE the “enemy of the ppl”? Shouldn’t they be the first to understand what it’s like to be unfairly generalized or is Chris Hayes saying some journalists, who he feels lie deserve to be hated? That violence is warranted? Should we just believe All media or only the ones we’re told to ... by certain media? Compare the war on Law Enforcement & “the war on media”. Show me the murdered journalists,rioting,thieving, burning of biz, citizens killed in America bcz of ppl fed up with being lied to by media & speaking out about how angry we are? No apply the same to the narrative that media & politicians are pushing that LEO are racist & kill black ppl bcz of their skin. Chris Hayes has private security,all these ppl do. The reporter arrested was interfering in their ability to move forward. He did that to make a story. These ppl aren’t being ambushed sitting in their cars or in the studio while at work. Exaggerating has become their job instead of truth. It’s getting ppl killed. Ask why there are so many black officers? Are they racist? If you believe Chris Hayes & other radical thinkers, then answer me why is there never a story about white OR black officers interaction with a white suspect resulting in death by accident or intentional ? It’s not because it doesn’t happen. It does, they want you to feel afraid, of being a certain skin color, not of breaking laws. I know personally. That there are some dick cops. I would say corrupt in my small town. A hand full means weed them out & raise standards. The same should go with ppl who are so full of themselves,look you in the eye every night & lie to you. Why are they untouchable for causing so much harm? The truth is bad enough, why do they edit clip & flat out tell lies? To keep you watching,ratings & money.
charles gross
everybodylovesdevin Hace 8 días
Stephen Colbert "Enemy of the Funny".
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 8 días
It's a shame people are in danger because idiots listen to Trump's sewage spilling mouth. Trump is the enemy! What the hell has to happen! Breathing in nuclear radiation if the orange fart decides to let loose a nuclear war to retaliate in a delusion? He's already killed thousands by this covid mismanagemt! If the Press is harmed and hopefully morons won't do anything will even that change people against Trump? Only when Trump personally affect them do they give a damn! Had this mismanaged pandemic not happened people would STILL make excuses for Trump! Russia has put bounties on our soldiers and Trump has done nothing. I see no outrage!
john Hace 28 días
Manuel Hace un mes
The two dumbest people on TV
Aural Angst
Aural Angst Hace un mes
What's the politics behind Stephen's shitty attitude to Chris Hayes?
Carol Hace un mes
Trumps last 100 days 108,000 Americans lost to Covid-19 40% of US deaths are nursing homes, 40,000 people Last week Columbia University's report, had Trump acted 7days earlier 40,000 US LIVES could have been saved The same week, the President said he wouldn't have done anything differently to combat covid-19. COVID-19 DEATHS IN THE USA FIRST DEATH. FEB 6 1k. MARCH 26 5K. APRIL 2 10K. APRIL 6 20K. APRIL 11 30K. APRIL 16 40K. APRIL 22 50K. APRIL 24 60K. APRIL 29 70K. MAY 5 80K. MAY 11 90K. MAY 16 100K. MAY 27 110K. JUNE 4. ESTIMATE 147K. AUGUST 4. PROJECTION
Carol Hace un mes
Vote Trump out WHY did he need to cheat? Trump lost the Pop. Vote by almost 3mil votes TRUMP won the Electorial College Vote by about 70,000 votes in 3 states TRUMP GAMED THE SYSTEM using Weapons grade AI software, "Cambridge Analytica " and stolen data from 87mil AMERICAN'S Facebook accounts. "THE GREAT HACK" Trump spent $1mil/day on FACEBOOK bombard viewers that they should vote trump Trump has spent his Presidency Tweeting, over 11,000x How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11,000 Tweets Cambridge Analytica a $ billion company went bankrupt after governments investigated there tactics, VP Steve Bannon was also TRUMPS Campaign Strategists. Also from Breitbart
mark de pena
mark de pena Hace un mes
I CAN'T BREATHE In a nation gone mad He took his last breath In a country gone bad so much looting after death Not peaceful protests or easy arrests Anarchy taken over in a country once blessed Cannot believe, just cannot perceive Just what all this has manifested Across the world, this anger now held Racism protests have festered The world's going crazy and what we are seeing Is a backlash across our Earth Anger and anarchy and police agreeing We need unity for all that it's worth And where is Trump ?This fat fucking frump Hiding in the house that is white A cowardice act with a man with no tact Just twitters that everything's right dip
Rae Lynn
Rae Lynn Hace un mes
There is a simple litmus test for all future officers of the law. If you ever supported trump you're clearly not actually interested in supporting the constitution or the law.
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien Hace un mes
Defund the police!
blendonator Hace un mes
Good interview from Chris Hayes, seen here giving his best John Belushi impression 😁
J London
J London Hace un mes
Many of the commenters are Chinese trolls. They get paid 50 jiao for each comment .. hence .. " The 50 Cent Army " Most of the rest .. are just gullible . Colbert on the other hand .. is a con artist.
Suzi Bikerbabe
Suzi Bikerbabe Hace un mes
But there is a difference when cops attack the press. When they attack an individual it's to stop one and intimidate others. Atracking one press (person or group) stops the facts from getting to thousands, tens of thousands and sends the message that cops will violate rights without fear right on camera. Same mentality when the cop murdered Floyd; on camera with no fear, sent a message that cops have no real restictions, and that no one in the system on up to president will condemn or allow action against them. Attacking citizens is alarming, attacking press is full on facsim.
Francois Gauvin
Francois Gauvin Hace un mes
1930´s germany all over
Bob Leonard
Bob Leonard Hace un mes
When Justin Trudeau was asked to comment about Trump's current behavior, he paused for 22 seconds before responding.
Benjamin von Sück
Benjamin von Sück Hace un mes
Stephen Two Days Ago: "America needs moral leadership" Stephen One Day Ago: "Drumpf sics military on peaceful protesters and clergy" Hmmm...
Sacred Prime
Sacred Prime Hace un mes
When Stephen Colbert makes fun of someone for being sober XD
Joseph Chamberlain
Joseph Chamberlain Hace un mes
"Up" and "Why is this Happening?" are Chris Hayes' best work. All In is... ok.
Supreme Hace un mes
Obama's biggest failure: we missed the moment in 2014 after ferguson
Adam Walters
Adam Walters Hace un mes
Pumping venom for only 3 years? The Republican Party has been pushing this kind of politics all my living life. The only person they have taught me to hate is them.
Anthony Algorithm
Anthony Algorithm Hace un mes
WE all look forward to a touch more sobriety. Just the chance will do.
clark cimmerian
clark cimmerian Hace un mes
emanym Hace un mes
Civil war two is on its way. God help us all.
M Murase
M Murase Hace un mes
Look at the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation. Led by a Trumpette and defiant racist vying for Joe Arpaio's place as America's most disgraced LEO. When mayors, police chiefs, and prosecutors became advocates for reform, the officers circled the wagons. By doing so they have shown that the only thing they improved since Jim Crow and Rodney King is their arsenal. Organizationally, they are, as Jesus so eloquently put it, "Whitewashed tombs" and "brood of vipers".
HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
HiSomebody TrackingMuch? Hace un mes
ACLU is, again, taking up the mantle.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Mrs. Arthur Morgan Hace un mes
America is NOT the personal possession of the 1%! They really think they own the country and the people!!! Prove them wrong or it won't stop at just black and brown people!
Thomas Tamir
Thomas Tamir Hace un mes
The media is demonizing democracy and promoting communism. A lot of opinions, very little, if any truth. And a lot of twisting words and shouting propaganda. The press are trouble making instigators.
Terry Hildrum
Terry Hildrum Hace un mes
PRESIDENT BERNIE SANDERS 2020. It's not too late. Lying corrupt racist addle-brained perverts Trump AND Biden have got to go.
Great show, interesting and important discussions. Informed guests. You aced it tonight, Mr. Colbert!
e schwarz
e schwarz Hace un mes
"..a lot of what this moment is about is tRump pumping a certain toxin into the body politic for over 3 years; and that poison seeping through the system." exactly
Virginia Baker
Virginia Baker Hace un mes
You fellows are doing Gods work, bless you!
Jean Engstrom
Jean Engstrom Hace un mes
Cops don't even give each other any slack. They sneer at their own who are in need of psychological care. In the name of comraderie, they give each other nasty nicknames. They won't snitch on their own, or if they do, do so at great risk. And we're gonna try to TWEAK this culture to be kinder, gentler, de-escalators? Good luck with that! 😢
Rose Harvey
Rose Harvey Hace un mes
Why did Trump call Putin the other day?
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick Hace un mes
Here's the best part, EVERYONE is the press now. Bring it on. Not to echo Dubya, if anyone even remembers what I'm referring to. You know, I will say George W. in light of him being more articulate and human very recently than this "president."
cjs maan
cjs maan Hace un mes
Trump is evil incarnate-Satan himself; He lies obsessively,leads astray (esp. so called religious people like Evilangelists) ,and revels in doing evil.
Nitsuj Newbie
Nitsuj Newbie Hace un mes
Colbert is the only late night guy i can stomach.
DABIGDAWG001 Hace un mes
A government can only do what the people allow it to do. This is on Americans.
Deborah Walker
Deborah Walker Hace un mes
All the rioting, etc., reminds me of the Ghostbusters movie where they had the evil goo taking over NY city. We need a modern age ghostbusters team.
HedgeOwl Invest
HedgeOwl Invest Hace un mes
Trump is the "Enemy Of The People"
Michelle Tait
Michelle Tait Hace un mes
America your Covid response was pathetic. Our lockdown was done a month ago, and barely any dead. Great job on killing the innocent to protect the rich. Now more unarmed black male sickening deaths causing violent riots. It's so over for America, those that survive anyway. We are witnessing the fall of Rome. Completely preventable too. So sad to say good riddance, but it's the truth
arthurneddysmith Hace un mes
Your "public servants" have been caught, on camera, *BEATING* foreign journalists. What stops this? Firing violent officers immediately after the event and making all officers personally liable for their professional actions. Outside of both of those measures, or radical societal change, you have no hope. Your politicians, legal precedents, and courts have failed you and so you are stuck with the consequences of your voting patterns, your society's lack of education, and your public's inability to exercise critical thought.
Jan truitt
Jan truitt Hace un mes
😢🇺🇸😢🇺🇸😢 Police should be better than that! 😢😪😢 The very first person I met by myself was a cop, I was most all 4 years old, and he bought me an ice cream and walked me home..... (I had remembered the address, 5018 North 22nd Street, Omaha Nebraska!) I kinda sorta wonder if the old house is still there... probably not! 😢🥴😢 ... so every time I wanted some ice cream I would just run away and find him and.... walla, lemon ice cream and a great walk home! My mother finally just gave him a couple of dollars a week for his goodness! 🥴 Damn I was such a rouge.... 😂🤣🥴 The man was such a great cop. For the rest of my life I always thought that that was the way it was. I found out in the’80’s that nope... some people are total dicks.... I turned in an idiot in Redding Ca. and then quickly left the state for a few years! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Ain’t life fun..... I don’t know about you but I loved it......
Preview43 Hace un mes
Republicans are literally THAT person who thinks they are right and the whole damned universe is wrong. Everyone else on the outside looking in can see how he is trying to become another wannabe dictator with absolute power over the country but not those clever Republicans. All THEY see is a great guy shaking things up a little. Insanity!
OwlNation Legal
OwlNation Legal Hace un mes
Trump thinks religion is a great big beautiful brand, and just like Satan, Don simply wants to help God organize it.
FOZZ ROSS Hace un mes
trump is a typical dictator, that is why he does not like criticism.
crimson 5k
crimson 5k Hace un mes
Chris Hayes is always spot on. Thank you Chris!
Tim Allen
Tim Allen Hace un mes
Do they not screen police officers in America. or just give any YE-HA a badge and a gun
Darryl Simpson
Darryl Simpson Hace un mes
shelby nickella
shelby nickella Hace un mes
George Viau
George Viau Hace un mes talks...
BirdValiant Hace un mes
Any other country that exhibited these anti-democratic behaviors would be subject to international sanctions. I think it's time that countries around the world begin enacting sanctions against the US. They can't be complicit in the behavior of their once-ally.
Rachel Baker
Rachel Baker Hace un mes
What has to happen? Outrageous, poisonous and unconscionable!
Rachel Baker
Rachel Baker Hace un mes
We need regime change. Pray for Biden to be a strong reasonable leader.
Bruce B
Bruce B Hace un mes
Come November, VOTE!
Shmuel D.
Shmuel D. Hace un mes
Shut Up! Stephen Colbert! Stop Making disrespecting our President!
Nan ‘59
Nan ‘59 Hace un mes
ROCKTHEVOTE.ORG Please, now is the time to start voting, if you are not a voter!!! It’s not scary! The more people that we can get to turn out the better but you have to REGISTER to vote roughly a month before voting day!!! So the deal is you have to register soon! You can Google how do I register to vote with your ZIP Code and all your link should pop up for your local voting authorities!! Have a great day friends! We can do this!
Cassie Banks
Cassie Banks Hace un mes
I liked finally seeing the band on my All Access at the end of the show. What gives? It's not in this video.
Spyderhead Hace un mes
Diego Kiwi
Diego Kiwi Hace un mes
People don't like riots, but it brings change.
AnStef Hace un mes
I think the time has come to stop using euphemisms, pretty expressions to describe this fact... there is a Moron in the White House, he has no judgment and is crazy. He is doing more than pushing "toxins in the body politic"; he is fucking up the USA and the world - because of the importance the USA has had with world institutions and trade. You cannot get rid of that Moron soon enough. The damage he has done and will continue to do is incalculable.
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band Hace un mes
The media needs to change the narrative and continually remind the people that it is Donald Trump who is the true enemy of the people and offer proof as to why he is the true enemy of the people. There is LOTS of proof.
Aarish Hace un mes
Shameless presstitute whining about being called 'Enemy of the People' all the while slandering the policemen who ensure that he and his family sleep well at night.
Tiff Hitz
Tiff Hitz Hace un mes
Had some tones of Bryan Stevenson 😋
Portia Adams
Portia Adams Hace un mes
Chris has difficulty talking about race.
The Google Discovery Channel
The Google Discovery Channel Hace un mes
Loft Killa
Loft Killa Hace un mes
We will never have peace as long as we have police unions... police unions are criminal groups and should be illegal
Geno Mitchalinni
Geno Mitchalinni Hace un mes
Befoe Trump talked to our governors, he made a call to Putin for advice.#advocate. He said Putin's words for our governors. "You are weak! DOMINATE!!!".
Jeanne Marie Ashman
Jeanne Marie Ashman Hace un mes
Just read DJT’s post it clearly sent a message. From a few days ago.
LA Slim
LA Slim Hace un mes
How can they arrest hundreds of people so quickly. But three cops take so long?
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