Witnessing China's new 'fortress' against coronavirus

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Sky News' Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire raced to get back into China before borders closed to foreigners see how the country is building a 'fortress' to make sure coronavirus is now a foreign menace.
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bobby bobby
bobby bobby Hace 12 días
China explain Corona virus Chinese are zombie💀💀 8 I hate 😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿
Steve Nicholls
Steve Nicholls Hace 28 días
It's May now. How come we haven't seen any reports from these guys yet?
Propa ganda
Propa ganda Hace un mes
Good job
Mark Dragneel
Mark Dragneel Hace un mes
The nerve banning foreigners into their country even though they are the origin of the virus they fear of. CHINA virus not Covid19.
Calvin Well
Calvin Well Hace un mes
Well done China. Meanwihle doctors and nurses in Australia are still not allowed to wear masks and PPE to protect themselves.
china194910 Hace un mes
OK...it’s not Sky News Australia.
jxblaze Hace un mes
Cabin crew more gear than healthcare workers in the US lmao. So sad
Jerry Hace un mes
first thing I saw Sky News not nagtive about China
Kejian Shi
Kejian Shi Hace un mes
sky news with positive content about China? I mma get a lottery today
Silun Yang
Silun Yang Hace un mes
while just telling some normal and common daily truth about China, the comments are like finding a new land. China built a wall, but which side is the real OUTSIDE world?
lizard450 Hace un mes
Congratulations China! Bringing back real racism by kicking Africans out of their homes to the street.
tony ng
tony ng Hace un mes
Now chinese take seriously....they should realise before..i hate china ccp and xi jinping
kl wies
kl wies Hace un mes
i truly pity the Italians. When they were in lock down and asked for help from EU every single country kept silent. Not only that Germany and France pioneered export ban on medical equipment. And today Spain and Italy got screwed again because EU refuses corona bond to help deal with this disaster. By now every single european country should wake up that the Euro is created for Germany and not for everyone else. Solidarity is just a pretty word devoid of any meaning.
PseuDo Hace un mes
Wow, western media's got something positive to say 'bout China. That's impressive
Soumya Hace un mes
China sud be punished for this pandemic
Rudy Alfonsus
Rudy Alfonsus Hace un mes
CNN/BBC/FOX NEWS : A team of reporter detained for 14 days by ccp , making up a corona issue for the reason
Simons Douglas
Simons Douglas Hace un mes
Korea and Singapore and Taiwan are doing well against the virus. Why not the west?
Борис Александр
Борис Александр Hace un mes
Some hypocritical and arrogant people can't believe that their democratic country doesn't care about people's life and death as much as China does But China's number would better be true Because if China's numbers are not true, it means that when severe measures like China can't defeat the virus, people in your country can basically wait to die
Charon Tum
Charon Tum Hace un mes
That’s how the professional taking care of business, meanwhile in America ppl still debating whether to wear masks or not. Their downfall is spectacularly surreal
咚咚豆 Hace un mes
Finally someone tells the truth
H0t5p0t Victor
H0t5p0t Victor Hace un mes
Y don't u sky news let ppl in china speak instead of u creating this narrative and its fucked up narrative no one believes u!!! They obviously cover up ppl are foreigner in china! And speak on their behalf!!! Wtf was that!?
sucks thisworld
sucks thisworld Hace un mes
that's why virus is disappearing in china and engulfing in western. shame on those stupid governments!
mahchymk93 Hace un mes
China, #HugAnItalian now?
ZOE ZHOU Hace un mes
God, it seems that the only.way I can get tested is flying to China!
Jason Yang
Jason Yang Hace un mes
The reporter landed to my home city in China, Dalian. It is lovely city and enjoy the next 14 days.
Veneficarius 93
Veneficarius 93 Hace un mes
they dont want it to return home :(
Santi Ago
Santi Ago Hace un mes
China-Home of apocalyptic diseases and fireworks. Come, bring the family. Now at a discounted price.
Adobo Those
Adobo Those Hace un mes
Look at how US did when they had H1N1 .. thank god, this time. China used its lockdown to save the world z
叶jack Hace un mes
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Hace un mes
Does somebody still think the numbers from China is wrong?
Santi Ago
Santi Ago Hace un mes
Yes, they're more than wrong. The numbers are a LIE.
dominicwarrenable Hace un mes
It was going so well, then he called it "a foreign menace'... when with Western Companies wise up and realise that EVERYTHING in china is run by the CCP and self-proclaimed 'Leader For Life' Xi JingPing? Why is an obsession for the Chinese market costing us the values that our civilisation was built on...? Shameful and disappointing journalism. Looks like the CCP got to Murdochs pockets.
Raven S. L
Raven S. L Hace un mes
We need this in the United States! Both the protective gears and the screening methods.
Leon H
Leon H Hace un mes
Trump is too busy with blaming democrats and Obama
Treyvon Kordell
Treyvon Kordell Hace un mes
The UK should have done this to everyone coming into the country and the NHS should have same protective gear.
Epic Gammer 2150
Epic Gammer 2150 Hace un mes
Well done China 🇨🇳 👍👍Uk is not doing even 1% of all this.
Tingyi Yan
Tingyi Yan Hace un mes
They did the clapping bit for NHS...
Odin Gungnir
Odin Gungnir Hace un mes
lol no wonder my country is still in lockdown and there is no end in sight. They are totally lacks compared to what the chinese are doing
Gopper Hace un mes
They want to re-open the US in 18 days, we're fucked here. All they care about is DOW points and oil prices zero value for human life.
venomTang Hace un mes
where, Turkey?
dblf Hace un mes
This . Is what other countries should be doing
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Hace un mes
He had to mention 'cover-ups' and 'inaction' but he is from Sky news-- in fact, China gave early warnings to the world.
ganlinxia Hace un mes
Compared with other Western and Indian anti-Chinese media, this is pretty good!
Andy L.k
Andy L.k Hace un mes
Stay positive. Put down politics. Together we will overcome this darkness, sun shine will be ahead. 大家加油!
Ming Li Hua
Ming Li Hua Hace un mes
alextjflorida Hace un mes
From the comments below, I can see that some people are sick. They are completely ignorant and brainwashed by the mainstream Western media.
guodunniu Hace un mes
Dalian? That's my hometown
jia ma
jia ma Hace un mes
Sky says something positive about China? Damn. Not a good thing . Only means something is going terribly wrong.
Po Yee Pauline Ma
Po Yee Pauline Ma Hace un mes
For sincere truth seekers, look at how fake news produce wild rumors infecting people's perception: observers.france24.com/en/20200203-china-coronavirus-bat-soup-debunk-videos-viral-palau-indonesia. Rumors are more deadly than virus, they darken the hearts and minds.
R Hace un mes
This is like the best commercial for China ever! Thanks Sky news, whoever made this video should get a pay rise 😂
Po Yee Pauline Ma
Po Yee Pauline Ma Hace un mes
For sincere truth seekers, look at how fake news produce wild rumors infecting people's perception: observers.france24.com/en/20200203-china-coronavirus-bat-soup-debunk-videos-viral-palau-indonesia. Rumors are more deadly than virus, they darken the hearts and minds.
Yiqing Wang
Yiqing Wang Hace un mes
Dalian is not a small city at all. All the testings and precautions took place in Dalian are not to save the capital Beijing. It is to save people living in Dalian as well as other travellers.
Sarcastic stiffler
Sarcastic stiffler Hace un mes
Some how I don't think this was created by eating animals
Sarcastic stiffler
Sarcastic stiffler Hace un mes
@JH826 W man made virus again bio weapon , I can't point the finger at who created covid19 but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Chinese
JH826 W
JH826 W Hace un mes
South East Asian countries have a lot of bat cuisines served as their “specialty food” 😂 and they never had some virus like this 🙂🙂🙂
Brill Smith
Brill Smith Hace un mes
how come westerners in china seem to have n95 masks. are they easier to buy still out there?
星辰大海 Hace un mes
Yes, masks can be bought in stock since about two weeks ago, but they can't be bought at all before that.
vain_jane Hace un mes
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-NPT64wIznLQ.html Interesting video about 5G Too many coincidences for me...
Real Footwear Reviews
Real Footwear Reviews Hace un mes
My friend is a taxi driver and in January or February he picked up a chinese lady. My friends taxi is a 9 seater van and it was requested specifically. This Chinese lady drove around Newport and Cardiff went to every bandq screwfix wickes boots and every other store that sells masks and bought them and put them in black bin bags. No one had limits on these yet. She filled up his van he had 100+ full black bags by the end of the day and she racked up a £200+ taxi fare. She said she was sending them to China when he asked her.
康林飞 Hace un mes
Back then China needed those masks...now the situation is different
David Liggins
David Liggins Hace un mes
China started this 💀🤮 🦠it comes from animals apparently they are killed for their meat in some areas...😡🤮🦠💀⚰️..now the World is paying the price..Ban this barbaric behaviour before it wipes out the Human Race???..🇬🇧👎🏻
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Hace un mes
Awesome video Mr. Wig. Is here to Lol.
Colin R
Colin R Hace un mes
China owes the world a grave apology for what they have caused with the disgusting animal markets. They also caused Sars. They also owe the world trillions. If they do not pay the rest of the world should stop trade with China.
Renee Cheung
Renee Cheung Hace un mes
Colin R Africa owes the world 32 millions lives because AIDZ originated there. America owes the world 203,000 lives (conservative estimate) because H1N1 broke out from there.
andylaauk Hace un mes
BBC - Hey look we are China's favourite propaganda outlet. SkyNews - Hold my Corona. This is irresponsible, everyone in multiple countries are forced to stay indoors, and these clowns are flying into China and then no doubt back the the UK. #ccpvirus #chinesevirus #chinesecoronavirus #covid19 #fakenews
康林飞 Hace un mes
Now these"clowns" may still be quarantined...
Camz C
Camz C Hace un mes
I’m surprised still that air travel is still being allowed. Recycled air, pressurised cabins, small seating with other people. This virus has had a field day since it got out of Wuhan in November
Karl Winn
Karl Winn Hace un mes
This is typical China BS. If China has another Covid-19 outbreak chances are it'll come from one of its own regions. The eating habits of the Chinese who'll eat anything that crawls, flys, slithers, or barks hasn't changed, and the smuggling of wildlife and Ivory from Africa will continue. If its wasn't for the Chinese market African elephants and other animals wouldn't be an endangered species.
BSPBuilder Hace un mes
Mad Cow Disease?
rsiow2 Hace un mes
Wait a minute.... what are these western journalists doing in Beijing? Oh wait... this is Sky News, not the NYT, Wapo or NYT. Huh, I guess there are other journalists inside China reporting on the situation on the ground.
Rodrigo Antônio
Rodrigo Antônio Hace un mes
Hello everyone. I made a small report here, crossing some real data and some that can be in this world "chess". 1 - China warned the Russians (number 1 allies in trade, defense etc., today Russia even with a population of more than 150 million people only has approximately 2,000 infected and 27 deaths), a country with low temperature prone to worsening the infestation of the virus, Moscow has a huge population and very large tourism. 2 - China installed in Iran (precisely the enemy country of the Americans, in a current tense crisis the virus, "only Iran today has more contaminated and deaths than all the Middle East combined", thus managing to play the United States against Iran and vice versa, as we saw the Iranians accusing the Americans, and thus, with this focus of friction between them, taking advantage of the situation between the two countries and thus having time to continue increasing the artificial islands in full swing, militarizing them, increasing and modernizing.) 3 - Installed the virus in the main industrialized countries of Europe, France, Germany, Italy, England (United Kingdom), etc., thus weakening the EU and automatically NATO, gaining strength over the chaos in the most industrialized countries there, and momentarily the hegemony in the world. 4 - China did not want to accept the separation from Hong Kong and the protests were very serious even with the population itself asking for intervention by American aid and its former English colonizers, and with the epidemic chaos ceasing and not needing to use the force that it would be condemned by the UN and perhaps cause something serious globally. Taiwan, for its part, stopped receiving military aid, and stops of American vessels among other things that they (mainland China) did not accept) 5 - The United States is paralyzed in a large part of the largest financial machine in the world, deteriorating every day and without a light at the end of the tunnel in the face of the real situation, having to fight an invisible war and already with 25% of all cases of the world, everything Beijing wants. 6- China with a billion 360 million people would not have practically ended an outbreak without already having the antidote before the biological attack, there is no plausible or true logic, it only concludes in a whole an attack that she committed that she unleashed, implanted. 7- Everyone knows that journalists, doctors, specialists were killed by the Chinese Communist Party and so many others who wanted to warn the world of the seriousness of the situation. 8- China is selling medicines, equipment and in a very short time, using its cheap slave labor, replenishing stocks like never before and selling like it never sold to the world, almost reaching hundreds of billions of dollars. And note: Chinese, Shanghai and other exchanges did not have the same loss as Western ones, especially North American ones.
Violet Brown
Violet Brown Hace un mes
Lier keep going 🤮
Y T Hace un mes
Hollywood movie lol..........
Просто Царь
Просто Царь Hace un mes
А нам в России не страшен коронавирус...)))
Lodzio Miodzio
Lodzio Miodzio Hace un mes
Corona virus👉 eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-cngKdLXxhBI.html
eaStudio HD
eaStudio HD Hace un mes
Why didn't western countries do this? Their leaders should be in jail for negligence
张张全 Hace un mes
We need to understand the definition of human rights. the most important part is right to survive. Survival take priority when catastrophe happen
Santi Ago
Santi Ago Hace un mes
The right to eat bats.
J Studios
J Studios Hace un mes
Great work by china against corona Watch our video on how china fought against Corona Virus eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-fU6pPUuu7uM.html
Globe Dance
Globe Dance Hace un mes
Please protest yourself , stay home And enjoy with this video. Click here. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-D1j5EthLks4.html Keep watvhing.....
Dhirendra Kare
Dhirendra Kare Hace un mes
Ironic firstly china say no need to screening in a flights and no need to ban overseas flight. And spread corona virus all over the world. Now they control corona virus and ban flights and screening 3 4 times per flights. And even selling 3rd class health products and does not provide full details to corona virus. Ha call me racist 🤧
Marie Rose
Marie Rose Hace un mes
Learn how to use toilet before commenting
chaodjj1 Hace un mes
They’re geared much better than me who is working in the hospital
Æthelwulf Eoforlic
Æthelwulf Eoforlic Hace un mes
Each and every individual should eMail EVERY contact in their local Chinese embassy calling for the indictment of Xi Jinping for mass manslaughter following Covid19; they won’t listen to global governments but they might just listen to the global population
varun kumar
varun kumar Hace un mes
Wow. China is taking excellent measures. Just came through us customs in Newark, it is not even 10% of what we see here in the videos.
Tom Goddard
Tom Goddard Hace un mes
CCP (COMMUNIST CORONA PATHOGEN) 19+. update The politically correct term for the new Virus please !
The uk people need to use gloves and masks hell alot more ..... every shop i go too people dont have them on what a joke ...
Jim Hace un mes
Why are western news agencies parroting Chinese propaganda?
Dipali Pandya
Dipali Pandya Hace un mes
R u ok, how is u r health?
Kerwin Hope
Kerwin Hope Hace un mes
Some leaders talk too much but do a little,see how Chinese contain the virus pandemic!
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